60-Year-Old Woman Who Just Gave Birth To Twin Boys Says, "Age Has Been Redefined"

Frieda Birnbaum

The psychologist who gave birth to twin boys at age 60 said Thursday she was on a mission to let women know they have choices.

“It’s really basically about women and empowerment,” Frieda Birnbaum told NBC’s “Today” show.

Frieda Birnbaum, who underwent in-vitro fertilization last year at a South African clinic that specializes in older women, gave birth by Caesarean section on Tuesday at Hackensack University Medical Center.

“I don’t feel like I went through a lot of trauma during delivery or even through the process of being pregnant,” Frieda Birnbaum said.

The hospital said she was the nation’s oldest mother of twins.

“Age has been redefined,” Frieda Birnbaum said.

She and her husband, Ken, a New York City attorney, have been married for 38 years and have three other children — sons ages 33 and 6 and a daughter, 29.

The couple wanted another child closer in age to their youngest son, and Frieda Birnbaum’s husband said it was his idea for his wife to become pregnant instead of adopting.

“I couldn’t be happier about the way it worked out,” Ken Birnbaum told “Today.”

Their daughter has said she worries about Frieda Birnbaum taking care of the twins when they’re in their teens and she’s in her late 70s — concerns dismissed by Frieda Birnbaum on Thursday.

“I hope I’m a role model for my daughter, that when she gets older that she can make her own decisions based on who she is rather than what society dictates,” she said. (I think biology has something to do with it too…not just society!)

She said that people who consider new motherhood at her age inappropriate “need to get ready for what’s coming up in our society.”

The couple plan to take their sons home on Saturday.

(I may catch a lot of slack for this, but I think a woman choosing to have a child at 60 is incredibly selfish. I could see adopting at 60 a little differently, but for her to go out of her way to insist on having a child at 60 is bizarre. Sorry, but how is having children at 60 female empowerment!?  It is simply female insanity! Women are not meant to have children at 60, as her having to go to a South African clinic for in-vitro fertilization attests.)

Oh well…..congratulations!



  1. Debbie says

    Abraham was 100 years old when his wife Sarah (in her 90’s) gave birth to Isaac. Should be left in God’s hands of what his will is not everyone elses. There are alot of women that would like to have babies at an older age and some are granted that desire, others are not. My sister wanted children but didn’t have any, she has been blessed with lots of nieces and nephews and lots of children from their cousins that they have totally been a part of their lives. I am older and have been blessed with three children all grown and married and I would like to have another child. I had two friends that had grown children and they started all over with brand new babies, it might be a little harder but they view their children as blessings from God, I also would view my baby as a blessing from God (if it is God’s will).
    Genesis 21

  2. kittencharmer says

    It’s probably already been said somewhere on this page, but I’ll say it anyway, at the risk of being redundant:

    It’s abundantly clear that we live in a society that is geared toward the young. A 21 year old woman is considered “too old” to become a supermodel. Most of the vapid television programs involve people in their early 20s trying to “outsex” each other. Television commercials tout the age-rewinding properties of “you name it” cream, lotion, stick, whatever. And the woman in the commercial is about 30 years old! Give me a break!

    Getting older is scary. I turn 50 in November. I find myself thinking, “Holy cow, the NEXT 20 years aren’t going to be ANYTHING like the previous 20 years!” It’s funny and depressing all at once. I used to be a pretty young woman. I’ve taken care of myself and have stayed slim, but hey, how many times have I looked in the mirror and kind of pulled up the sides of my face? Wow! That looks a lot better! Too bad I can’t just leave my hands here all the time! =o) Maybe that’s why women get face lifts…they need to use their hands for other things!

    My point–and I do have one–is this: I was in my early 20s when my son and daughter were born. We have a WONDERFUL relationship. I’ve gone from being the mom to someone a bit more like a wise older sister, or maybe a saavy Auntie…not because I am regressing, but because they’re catching up. That said, I also feel like there’s still a 26 year old woman gawking through these eyes…eyes which rely on progressive lenses if I want to read anything up close. There is a young person very much alive inside of this body and mind of mine. Gravity and time may bicker the point, but my personality hasn’t sputtered out.

    And yeah, it is kind of sad that here we are at the pinnacle of our wisdom…our memories haven’t given out yet, and we have many, many lessons from which we’ve learned a LOT. We are very valuable to the world.

    But we aren’t young. If we find ourselves looking for a job, we find ourselves competing with younger applicants…who may or may not be more attractive, but I think the reason we sometimes get passed over could just as well be that no one wants an “old woman falling apart” at her desk…or wherever. If it’s an upscale women’s wear store, we seek to earn a living, we can kiss that idea goodbye.

    So…what’s the attraction to having a baby…besides Love? Hmmm. Well, I know that when I think back on my adult kids being babies, I am reminded of my own youth, and that feeling that the world was my oyster. I was young, even girlish in a way….but I was also a mother…that mysterious power to nurture a new life from within and bring it out to the world like an act of magic.

    Could it be then…you know…just possibly…that maybe some women have babies at a much older age because they long to go back to those days when everything was still so young? Perhaps could it also be that it might feel a bit more upbeat to think about our little bundle of joy starting kindergarten in a few years, rather than rushing to Denney’s for the Early Bird Special and insisting on our senior discount?

    I have a very difficult time believing that that isn’t going on somewhere in these womens’ minds. There are lots of ways to express and share love. At the risk of sounding like a nut, I must tell everyone that I positively adore my two cats…one of whom I reared from a 3-day old orphan, bottle-feeding him…he is now age two and a total clown…how he adds humor and brightness to my days!

    I don’t want to call anyone “right” or “wrong”. I’ll leave that to people who DO want to do that. I’m just sort of thinking aloud here, sharing my own perspective on what this late-life procreation thing means to me.

  3. Molly says

    Babydoll, I don’t agree with anything you say. First of all, although it is good of your friends to raise their grandchildren, they did not choose to have babies themselves, and probably they wouldn’t at their age. They are making the best of the situation, which is ofcourse very good. This woman however knowingly got pregnant and that I think is very selfish. Secondly, you talk about God. I’m sorry but I think people (doctors etc) have started playing for God themselves. God made sure women can’t have children past a certain age, and now they are trying to go against everything natural.

  4. says

    hey i think you are kinda old to have a baby not to be eman but you kinda are you are like 60 years old and i dont think that is good for the baby cause like when they are teenagers there mom will be like 80 and so they wont have there parents for that long so i think this was kinda a bad idea to have a baby now why didnt you have it befor that whold have been alot better!

    June 6,2007

  5. india says

    I have seen a 53 year old woman who gave birth recently to a health baby girl and to me was really a shock. But at the age of 60, I really don’t know.

  6. babydoll says

    I just wanted to tell all the people on this forum that even though most of you think that it is wrong for a woman to have a child as old as she did. I don’t think that it is wrong for a woman of this age to have children. I actually have two friends that are raising their own grandchildren because there older children aren’t responsible enough to raise their children. I have one friend that is 66 and she is raising her 4 granddaughters because one of her daughter is so messed up that she can’t keep herself off of heroin and the other daughter just can’t afford to keep her daughter. She is a great role model for these children and she won’t have to put her children in daycare, and she plays with her grandchildren and takes care of them. They know that they are loved, and they are going to miss her terribly when she is gone. The other friend is raising her daughters son and daughter because she actually killed herself doing drugs, and she has legally adopted them and they call her mommy. She is in her fifties, and she is also a great mom even though she already had children. I mean most grandparents even though they love their grandkids and the kids won’t take in their children’s children because they are sick or something. I feel more power to the people that can take care of their grandchildren, because at least they are getting raised by the family and not an orphanage.

    The other thing that I have to touch base on is if heavenly father didn’t think that these children wouldn’t be loved he wouldn’t have let this couple have these twins. I feel that they will be great parents to these two babies. I feel that even though they are older they shouldn’t be denied the chance to have more children if they wanted to. I mean I wouldn’t want to carry a children when I am that old, but if I had to and I was well enough to take care of my grandchildren I would jump at the chance to provide a good life for my grandbabies.

  7. says

    I think it is really selfish.. i mean I was 15 when my father died of cancer… so i know its hard but i mean imagine how hard it will be for those boys… their mom is getting close to the age that most people are dying at now. Also… how many parents freak out about little stuff like coming home late… and injuries… I mean she might give herself i freaking heart attack. Also the age difference for the mother and the children is crazy.. i mean she is old enough to be their grandma.. and I don’t know about you all but most grandma’s don’t understand things that are “cool” so yea… and what about the siblings… if or when they have children… they will be super close to the Uncle’s which is odd… i mean it happens some but thats mostly because they have children when they are young not because their parents are having children in their 60’s… this is just f*ck*d up! seriously…

  8. Zbella says

    Yes, Diane. I agree. One of my friends, her husband died at 32 of a heart attack. She has a 1 year old and was 5 months pregnant. Some die young, some old (like my grandma who had 12 kids – last at age 47 – and lived to be 97).

  9. Diane says

    There are no guarantees with any aspect of life. People often die at any age–unexpectedly. If this couple wanted to have a child and were able to accomplish this–then Bravo! Those of you who are bitter for having older parents are fortunate that you had them at all. Get over yourself–life is only a passage of time. It has never been a definitive. Enjoy it while you can. The mother looks spectacular–for any age. Congratulations!

  10. Beth says

    I just don’t get why anyone would WANT to have a baby at 60? And she has a 6 year old….why would you want to have a baby at 54 either? I can understand liking children…but you’re supposed to like your grandchildren at that age.

    I had a friend in high school who’s parents were older when they had her. Her father died around her junior year and he was in his upper 60s. She was extremely upset and spent most of her time at home after that spending time with her mom who was in her early 60s and had no one else.

    I think that children should take care of their parents when they become elderly. This girl had to deal with her father’s death (natural death) in high school and then had her teenage years taken from her because her mom didn’t want to be alone. She wasn’t allowed to go out much and had a ridiculously early curfew.

    That 60 year old lady might feel good now, but wait until she’s 70 with two 10 year old’s and a 16 year old….

  11. Veronica says

    To Naneika, this wasn’t a unplanned pregnancy and natural gift that was given to her. She choose to have these babies and yes it is wonderful that they all made it through healthy and well. Even if she lives to 100 she is still took that chance and I still do not agree. You don’t need to tell people to shut up when they are expressing an opinion. You can stand on your soap bpx too and we won’t throw things at you. (sorry because apparently Molly did)

  12. Molly says

    Analise, ofcourse she did not abort them…she went to a lot of trouble to get pregnant. She even went to Africa! I still don’t approve though.

  13. Analise says

    It’s not cute for any woman having kids that late. In fact it’s stupid, IMO for men and women. What are the odds they will live to see their kids grown? Okay, sure they may live to see them in their 20’s or even 30’s but will they RAISE them? I love babies, I love kids. I’m always happy when a baby enters the world, including this one. But, this sounds more like a women’s issue agenda than her simply wanting another child. Then again, she chose to have a baby instead of aborting it so there is something to be said I suppose. BUT, WHY is this on this site? She’s not a celeb mom. This is called babyrazzi, right?

  14. tricia says

    My father was 54 years old and my mom was 42 when I was born. It was great because it was like being raised by my grandparents and you all know how grandparents spoil kids! And did they have wisdom! not to mention they didnt have the financial problems young couples have. I was terribly saddened when my dad passed away at 79 when I was only 25 years old. I still needed him. I feel really sad for the twins – when they are 15 she will be 75.

  15. julie says

    well not everyone will agree, but who cares, here i go
    me feeling toward her having those babis is her decision!! these babie were meant to be born, if they won’t! there would be complications but thank god!! all is well!! god wanted these babies to be born even if it was in-vitro!! so i say to this parents good luck and enjoy it!! p.s. she could and she did, everyone has there own views about it!! in the olden days they had kids at that age or older!! thats my views!!

  16. tasia112 says

    How old is the daddy.good for her shes so lucky .I think if your able to have children over the age 35 you should.,

  17. diva says

    So its ok for julio wotshisname to have another baby in his 60’s but its not ok for a woman…..get real web mistress and stop being so discriminative. At least this woman has not got onto the adoption band wagon like so many people…ie celebrities

  18. Molly says

    Nanieka you are a stupid bitch! No, I would not have treatment at the age of 60. If I would have wanted children so badly, I would have adopted before then or with the help of a surrogate mother. There is nothing natural about this at all! Yes, it is good for women who have a childbearing age but cannot have children to be able to receive treatment. This women already had her chance…she had her three children when she could and did. This is just messing with nature for the sake of it!

  19. Nanieka says

    come on guys, this is ridiculouss!! Childrern are Gods Gift to us, andno matter what age the PARENTS are, the are still a blessing….so you mean to tell me, that if any one of you wanted a baby terribly and you couldnt have ne, but at the age of 59-60 you are able to get this treatment, to HELP, you wouldnt do it…..WRONG yes you would. and who are any of you to say that she may pass soon. i know people who Lived to 100 Obviously she was in good health to be able to carry these 2 not one 2 children so all you hater SHUT UP!!!

  20. Anonymous says

    I would rather have older loving parents than young irresponsible parents or to live in a children’s home.

  21. Granny says

    To be 60 and have a baby, I’m sure of only one thing. Sometimes just having my grandkids wears me completely out, I couldn’t do it. Not enough stamina.

  22. N says

    I feel if she wants to have a baby she should. More power to her. Congratulations on the “MIRACLES”…. which all babies are at any age their mom decides to have them.

  23. Veronica says

    I understand that it is this womans body and her right to choose what she wants to do with it.

    That being said I think she is completely wrong for choosing to bear 2 children at the age of 60.

    I was 8 years old when my mother passed away at the ripe old age of 39. I feel so badly for these children because most likely their parents will pass away when they are fairly young. (BTW I also disagree with 60 year old men having babies.)

    Some people have said that at least the children will be well cared for and financially cared for. Is that really the importance of a parent. I can tell you I would give up all my wordly possessions to have had my mom in my life.

    I am now 31 years old and have 2 small children myself. I couldn’t imaging not being a part of their lives for as long as possible. I obviously know that things happen and sometimes people die young, but these people conciously made the choice to have these kids knowing they may not have that much time with them.

    I applaud grandparents for raising their grandchildren, but that is a different situaltion than this. If they had so much love to give, there are millions of children out there that could use that love.

    I know I am being judgemental but I completely don’t agree. The advances we have made in fertility treatments are amazing and I have good friends and family that have needed to go that route and some that have adopted. This is a abuse of that technology and should not have been allowed to happen.

    I will get off my soap box now….

  24. Reina says

    kimmy –

    That’s why I said that I understand if family wanted to keep the same race in their house. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But look at this:

    “When a couple seeking to adopt a white baby is charged $35,000 and a couple seeking a black baby is charged $4,000, the image that comes to the Rev. Ken Hutcherson’s mind is of a practice that was outlawed in America nearly 150 years ago — the buying and selling of human beings. ”

    and this was on the bbc website:

    “No adoption is simple. And black children are losing out because most people want to adopt a white baby.

    Is it better to hold out for a family who matches your cultural background? How do black kids manage out and about without the ‘protection’ of their adopted white family?”

    It just seems that white babies are more coveted than any other race…and by babies I mean newborns 4 weeks and younger. There are plenty of white families that take in children from every race under the sun [Angelina and Brad, Madonna, Meg Ryan], but that’s a very small percentage of families. Before I ramble any longer :] all children of all races deserve and need love.

    I really don’t intend to offend anyone or any race, but I’m just sharing my opinion.

  25. kimmy says

    Reina- I understand what you are saying, but don’t make it sound like all whites are waiting for a caucasian baby. Do you really think that a lot of blacks want white babies? Or how bout asians? You don’t think that most would prefer an asian baby? We are all like that. Don’t pretend that it’s a white thing.

  26. Brit says

    There are a lot of valid comments on this board. Everyone has their own opinions. At the end of the day, do we want someone else telling us what to do with our own lives? Not really, if we are honest.

    People may battle with in-laws and relatives on how to raise their kids, and are adamant on raising their kids their way.

    From a child’s view, I don’t know how I would feel if my mum decided to have another child (which is quite impossible now anyway). I had my child at 33 and am now approaching 40 and considering having another. Should I just not bother because someone else says so? I think not.

    It is interesting re the adoption issue and race. How many times have you seen someone of another race adopt a child who is white? Some people prefer their own race and colour – maybe American Black over African Black etc., and others are happy to have any child, no matter the race or colour.

    Maybe we have too much choice – but isn’t that what this great country of your is built on?

    Hmm – maybe when the other countries totally clamp down on international adoptions, will women consider motherhood much earlier or even later.

    The overpopulation comment is silly – how do you maintain world population when the Bush administration does not want to promote condom use in African countries, does not support abortion rights, but prefers to promote abstinence – especially when some women in underprivileged countries are being persecuted daily – go figure!!

    I waited into my early 20’s to lose my virginity, but that is not the same for all women. I could have had a child at 15, but as one teacher told me, the best contraception is no!!

  27. Reina says

    totally off subject, but…

    There was nothing wrong in Sarah’s post…there are a lot of [white] adoptive parents out there, that although they can’t have children they choose to wait for a newborn caucasian baby rather then take one of a different race, or an older child. I completely understand that you’d want to keep the same race in your household…but some people are just ridiculous with it. If you can’t have kids you should be grateful that you even have the option of adopting a child. I personally don’t think people should be picky when adopting…makes you look like you’re shopping around for shoes or something.

  28. Reina says

    I honestly don’t understand why people are so against this woman and her right to have children at whatever age she pleases. I mean, she has kids already, but what if she always wanted another addition and couldn’t because the timing was off? For Christ’s sake she’s a psychologist! She had to go through years of school and years of building her practice. Now its her time to relax and have time for her and her family…plenty of people live to be in their late 80s these days. Nobody wants their parents to die, but at least they have a chance to know their mother for 20+ years. And instead of calling her selfish, you need to look at all the parents out there that commit suicide, or kill their spouse/significant other with whom they share a child. Geez, people…you should be happy that these children were wanted and loved before they were born.

  29. onatear says

    Helllooo, the woman already had 3 children!! She wasn’t infertile. She is selfish. The money spent on this pregnancy, could have provided for other families who are poor, or for other couples who want to have children but can’t..she is just taking care of her ego. What happened to common sense? Just because she wanted to, is a reason? Think about it. Just because she WANTED to at age 60???

  30. Anzhelika says

    i dont want judge her ,it is her choice….lets people do what they want,we cant judge anybody,because we are not immortal.We all die one day,so enjoy this life and do what you want to do

  31. Sacha says

    First, this woman already had children. So it’s not about fulfilling her wish to have children as she already had them. I feel that she has not thought enough about the consequences for these children, but more about her own need to prove herself.
    Second, ofcourse these children will be pleased they were conceived in the first place, but that’s not the point is it. If they weren’t conceived they wouldn’t have been here and no discussion would be possible. Furthermore, has anybody thought of overpopulation here? Women are just not meant to have babies past a certain age. Too many people on this earth will just ruin it for next generations as all our resources will run out. How about that for selfish!

  32. Sarah says

    And since a 13 year old (actually, some as young as 10) is biologically capable of having a child, that is something better than women undergoing fertility treatments? I would really like to know what being biologically capable has to do with it. It’s about AGE. And I think a child who is planned for by a 60 year old woman is better off than the unplanned child of a 13 year old. Maybe I am alone in that… Who knows.

    The twin boys, I’m sure, will be grateful that they were given a chance to be born. Everyone has hardships in their lives. For some it has to do with their parents– kids get made fun for having fat moms. Should fat women not have children? One of my bestfriends growing up endured a lot of torment because her mom was heavy.

    If you have a problem with fertility treatments, you have every right to NOT have fertility treatments yourself. It’s one thing to present these stories and allow people to draw their own conclusions, but the constant imposition of your personal beliefs (are they religious beliefs?) is disrespectful not only to those you are reporting about but to the people who try to enjoy this blog. You don’t know if cute little Violet Affleck was conceived naturally. Or lovely Suri Cruise. Do you think Rowan and Greer (Brooke Shields’ daughters) are selfish mistakes? I guess I ought to read up on what you had to say about that selfish woman.

    I’m also curious about the judgements against celeb fathers such as Larry King, Donald Trump, Kevin Costner, and all those men who have fathered children within the last 5 years who are over 50 years old. Donald Trump’s son is 1 years old and he’s already an uncle. Where’s your outrage? I suppose it’s only directed towards women, other mothers. Shame on you…

  33. **** says

    good for her to each their own. i know the kids will be very loved and no one has to pay for their bills so leave them be and let them enjoy their twins for the little time they have left on this earth. but then again they might live to be 100.

  34. Michelle says

    Well, here’s your “flack” you wanted to catch! Some of it may be duplicative, since I don’t have time to read the previous 35, but simply put: I would rather be alive with a 60 year old mother than not alive at all. I think that there’s this bit of a dumb attitude that there are “baby souls” floating around waiting for the bullet to hit the target, and women like this “take a baby away from some nice young couple”. Babys are a product of a sperm and an egg at a given time and during a given 9 months gestation–period. And as I approach 42, I hope nobody is going to deny me the privilege of having a child whenever fate may allow (though I too am bound to catch flack, even though my childlessness isn’t a result of any past decisions I made to not have children earlier). Life is precious no matter what; and if mom dies at 70, that’s no more traumatic to a 10 year old than a 40 year old dying; we can go at any time. One would only hope that “arrangements” are made by mothers like this, since they obviously do have higher odds of demise. If nothing else, at least if they’re retired they won’t need daycare!

  35. JJ says

    I don’t have kids and I’m not sure I want them right now. If a woman decided that she wants to become a mother later in life, more power to her. I might decide that I want to have a baby when I’m 40. Should i feel bad or guilty about my decision? Should society condemn me and make me feel like a freak or an outcast…certainly not!! Women should have control over their bodies and not allow judgements from society tell them what they should do with their own bodies. Remember the Tampax revolution, remember the legalization of abortion…Our bodies…Ourselves!!!

  36. Sad for them says

    According to the bible, shortly after Sarah and Abraham were finally blessed with their children, God decided that no one would ever live past 120 years – and they never have.

    No matter what people say, women are not designed by nature or God to have children past menopause. Biologically and socially it is irresponsible. I fully understand that even a 25 year old mom can die in childbirth and leave a baby motherless, but that happens a lot less often than a 65 or 70 year old dying.

    I honestly believe that we are changing the course of the earth’s natural order when people go to great lengths to get pregnant. We have taken the evolutionary component out of our future generations. While I agree that people who cannot support their children should not have them, I also don’t think that people who can’t have children should be biologically enhanced to do so. I have PCOS, but haven’t tried to get pregnant yet. When I do try, I may be crushed to discover I can’t, but that means I wasn’t supposed to. God doesn’t make mistakes, people. Adopt; you may still be a great mom, but to someone else’s baby.

    Being open-minded about motherhood is amazing, but to do it in a way that is detrimental to the development of the children is disgusting, selfish and cruel. Who will be there for those boys? Who will they go to when they need help as teenagers? Their almsot 80 year old parents? How’s that for a generational gap? It is highly unlikely that they will be there to see their children’s weddings, or college graduations. Those boys’ children will not have grandparents.

  37. Reeny says

    Didn’t Kevin Costner just have a baby and his wife is 30 I believe. I don’t remember anyone bashing him and he is 52! The double standards for men and women astound me.

  38. Zbella says

    Nicely said, Brit. Her age doesn’t bother me. I’ve known older moms (having babies in thier late 40’s and early 50’s). Wasn’t a problem. Little kids keep you young. Gives you a reason to live too! Bet she’ll be in super shape compared to those who will be great-grandmothers at her age!!!

    My FIL died of a heart attack at 51 – when my husband was 23. He was in his 27 when my husband was born. By your logic, I guess he should have had kids as a teenager so as to not cheat him out of anything. But he gave my husband LIFE. Just as this couple gave their children (whether 30, 20 or newborn) life.

    Congratulations 🙂

  39. brit says

    Hey what about those grandmothers who raise their grandchildren from birth? My grandma was 30 when she had my mum and 50 when she raised two grandsons left with her by another child. She is still alive now at 90 and those boys love her dearly. So don’t judge unless you are in someone’s shoes. What may be your choice may not be for another person.

    Obviously they have the means to raise more kids – they could have adopted but they chose this route.

    We need to focus more on healthy reproductive rights for all women. Provide better opportunities for working mothers to be able to support their kids and balance home life – adequate good quality daycare for every income level, not just for those who can afford it.

    There are some who give birth virtually every year, and may live very far away from relatives or be estrangede from them. Do we admonish them because they thoughtlessly brought more kids into the world?

    What about those parents who die quite young. Who’s to say that someone will not be around and another person will?

    Come on people, let’s stop dragging down women and raise them up.

    Plus what’s up with the double standard re men – these 60 yr old actors with younger wives have their second wave of kids!! Go figure!!

  40. brit says

    Hey what about those grandmothers who raise their grandchildren from birth? My grandma was 30 when she had my mum and 50 when she raised two grandsons. She is still alive now at 90 and those boys love her dearly. So don’t judge unless you are in someone’s shoes. What may be your choice may not be for another person.

    Obviously they have the means to raise more kids – they could have adopted but they chose this route.

    We need to focus more on healthy reproductive rights for all women. Provide better opportunities for working mothers to be able to support their kids and balance home life – adequate good quality daycare for every income level, not just for those who can afford it.

    There are some who give birth virtually every year, and may live very far away from relatives or be estrangede from them. Do we admonish them because they thoughtlessly brought more kids into the world?

    What about those parents who die quite young. Who’s to say that someone will not be around and another person will?

    Come on people, let’s stop dragging down women and raise them up.

    Plus what’s up with the double standard re men – these 60 yr old actors with younger wives have their second wave of kids!! Go figure!!

  41. Malayka says

    I am sorry but this spate of selfishness is abhorrent. How could they do this to this kids??? That is mean and so self centred of them. Even gay people who have children are meaning, I don’t hate them or anything but these children grow up with such stigmas that are such a burden to them all their lives. This country seems to be filled with people who care only for themselves. From Bush, to Jolie, now to old women. Where will it all end?

  42. says

    oh please sarah, like carleigh said, we are in the 21st century. dont pretend that you dont know how hard it will be for these boys especially when they start school. they may be laughed at by the other kids for having such old looking parents.. nothing is harsh about that, its just reality and as for your white babies comment, its not a child’s fault what the colour of their skin is. so i guess everyone should adopt the “minority” babies and leave the white kids without a home….let the white babies suffer because they were born white right???let them know how the “minority” kids feel right? you cant suffer kids just to prove a point….do onto others as u would have them do onto u.
    babies are innocent ..every child deserves love

  43. anonymous says

    Raising kids takes a lot of time and energy. What miracle product is she going to take? I ‘m 53 and get worn out chasing after my 18 month old grandson. More power to her I guess, but I sure wouldn’t want to do it at 60!

  44. kimmy says

    Sarah- yeah- let’s just leave the white trash babies alone and adopt the minority babies. You are completely inconsiderate and rude. White babies, black babies and brown babies are equally precious and they all deserve good homes. Don’t discriminate against the white ones.

  45. Xenafan96 says

    Sarah, I can address a few things in your post. First, I did not become a ‘natural’ mom, ie. having a child that was mine that I was legally allowed to make all decisions for, until I was 26. I was Mom for 2 years before I gave birth to my daughter,to my 3 kids that my husband blessed me with from his first marriage. We tried 2 years for a child. That would put me at 24 when we started trying. I am part of the tail end of females born in the early 1970’s referred to as DES babies. My mother had horrible, crippling morning sickness and took DES to control vomiting. The DES babies comes from terminology that related to my age group(which you could be a part of, I do not want to presume) in which female fetuses exposed in uetero to DES have a high incidence of narrow or incompetant cervix, inducing early labor and even miscarriage(I went through 3 before carrying my daughter 34 weeks), unresolved infertility, or an almost ‘T’ shaped uterus, not a very compatible space for growing(I am lucky that I am not included in this group, for now it shows a higher level of cervical cancer).
    Adoption was my planned method of parenthood from the earliest times I could remember. I had the upbringing of a “Funeral Family”, and I got to see what people would do to a child and it infuriated me. I reasoned I would adopt as many children as I could, no matter what. It’s still our plan for our family. If it happens, it happens. I also had the desire to give birth to a child. Being ‘the’ step-parent really invoked that desire in me. I love my all 4 of my children and would go to the end of time for them, but 3 of them, I could not legally have a say in their lives, and just one time is one time too many when your child needs you and you have to tell them no because you are not their ‘blood’ or ‘I’m not allowed to keep you here unless your ‘real’ mom agrees.” My husband and I deeply believed that we needed to ensure that our children were all connected, and that has happened with our daughters’ birth. My favorite thing that my sons’ tell me is that they taught their baby sister to refer to them as ‘Brother from another Mother, but a Sister from the same Mister”. Everyone has their own degree of a gray area, and I still stand by what I said based on the experiences of my own life.

  46. Jenn says

    I am sorry, but I feel so bad for these babies. Because she is 60, and a lot of people don’t live past 70 75 max, so these kids are gonna be mommyless at age 10 – 15? Just selfish of this lady. But I agree with what someone above said, thak God they have older siblings, they can atleast be with them when the time comes.

  47. carleigh says

    We do not live in biblical times, this is the year 2007. As unfortunate as it is this sort of thing is becoming more and more commonplace. As there are more and more advances made in the medical world every single day, the average human life span has increased by 10 years. People are focusing more on career and finances in their younger years, they are waiting longer to settle down and start a family. This is NOT necessarily a BAD thing persay, but my question is this….where do we draw the line? We have the capacity to keep someone who is technically “brain dead” alive for an undetermined amount of time, we can enable premature infants from as early as 20 weeks to survive even though most of the time statistically speaking they are faced with severe developmental and physical delays and defects, is this the right thing to do persay? I think each situation is unique and different in and of itself. This woman DID not become pregnant in the US because it’s not permissable for a woman of her age to utilize fertility treatments and she wouldn’t be eligible for egg donation because she is simply too old. She’s in her 60’s and she had to go to another country to be able to do this, that’s why there are laws prohibiting this very thing in the US. It’s sad and ethically unsound, she may think she has empowered women in some form, but I beg to differ..I believe by following her husbands desire to become pregnant and have biological children she not only endangered those children but also possibly her health. Is this the actions of a responsible, sound, intelligent couple? I don’t believe so. This couple would have been to old to adopt in the US as well, they should have just been thankful for the children they were blessed with and left well enough alone. I think this woman has made a travesty out this whole situation and I feel the most sorry for those little boys whose mother will be the only one escorting them to 3rd grade wearing a depends undergarment and toting a cane. It’s simply nauseating!

  48. Reeny says

    You go Sarah! People should not be so judgemental of another’s decisions. I am sure that these 2 little boys will be loved greatly and be well taken care of now and even after their parents “go”. I support her decision to have children whenever she wants.

  49. Sarah says

    Women aren’t meant to have children at 60? Do you know how old Sarah was in the Bible when she had Isaac? Not that I’m a religious person but just because someone can’t NATURALLY have a baby doesn’t mean they are not “meant” to have one. Is a 23 year old with PCOS not “meant” to have a baby because she has a condition that prevents her from getting pregnant naturally? Is a 13 year old “meant” to have a baby because she can get pregnant naturally? Who the heck are you to judge anyone? Probably someone who never had fertility issues who can easily say “why don’t they just adopt”? Selfish? Selfish are the people who have baby after baby they can’t support; selfish are the people who shop around for healthy white babies to buy (I mean adopt) while older and/or minority babies wait for parents. If a person wants to have a baby naturally, it’s not our right to judge them for that. Especially those of us who have no experience with infertility. I think I’m done with this site.

  50. KellyMay says

    Wow, I disagree with that!?! Surely having a baby at 60 required a lot of injections and other stuff, wow I sure hope it was worth the risks for everyone involved. We go into menopause for a reason…interesting!

  51. says

    I think it’s sad for the kids there is no way that she will be able to keep up with them and play with them, I am 23 and physically fit and some days it’s difficult for me to keep up with my one 16 month old, and to think that she will be 78 when they graduate high school is just sad.

  52. fifi trooper says

    I think that it’s selfish of her to have a baby at sixty! My father was 53, when I was born, and 77 when he died, and I’m kind of bitter because I feel that I wasn’t given enough time to know him…..totally! Look at this, a 80 year old mom, walking with her walker taking her twins to college for the first day! that’s not cool!

  53. Jen says

    What she should have done is to adopt a 10 year old. The age difference wouldn’t have been too big between that child and her younger son, and at least the child would have been in their twenties when she turned 70. It’s bad enough, but if she really wanted another kid…there are so many children out there who would be better off with anything, even elderly parents. But they say they didn’t want that, so. Bottom line, though, I don’t think people of grandparent-age should have kids at all.

  54. Brandi says

    I just can’t believe that this keeps happening. People are disrupting the natural order of things like this. Mother nature cuts you off for a reason. And no matter what, those kids are not going to have the same kind of childhood that their 30’s siblings did. Their parents are not going to be there for them in the same way. Sad for them.

  55. Lauren says

    Wow, 60 years old and starting over with twins? In my opnion, this is incredibly selfish of her. She already has 3 kids. This is just saying “Oh, I don’t need you. I want more kids.”

  56. chris says

    My father was 56 when I was born ( mother was 30).
    My experiance of having an older father was not a positive one. I always felt so embarassed that my dad was an old man. I was 21 when he died and felt cheated that I had lost my dad at a relatively young age.
    In my opinion it is not a good idea for people of grandparent age to be parents.

  57. Andrea says

    I don’t call it empowerment when you encourage women to have babies past an age range recommended by doctors, BOTH for the sake of the mother and child.
    Too many complications in health arises after a certain age, and statistics confirm that.
    It isn’t about choice, like she said. Women are trying to be wise.

  58. Lovethebabies says

    web mistress again…. i am very surprised. But I can only imagine that if dear cute, gorgeous Jennifer Garner or Heidi or Kate Hudson were 60 and trying to have a baby it would be cute, oh it would be soooooooooo cute…. Look at all the men out there who have babies in their later years – there are heaps!! It is not so wise to judge the choices of others.

  59. KBaby says

    No need to judge another woman’s choice. She may have gone out of her way to conceive, just like a 25 year old woman who doesn’t have ovaries lost to cancer. Or a 60 year old man choosing to have children. Or a woman who chooses to end a pregnancy because of life circumstances. This couple seem to be well off financially. I am sure they have set these boys up for their futures. She also sounds very close to all her children.

  60. Jaz says

    Sounds like a case of this woman wanting what she can’t have. (“No children at 60? I’ll show them!”) Sometimes we just have to accept “what is”.

  61. says

    this is a celebrity baby site webmistress…. she’s not a celebrity is she??? no pics of the gorgeous brangelina family as yet for this week, im soooo disappointed… or heidi klum, tear tear or new ones of suri sniff sniff lol

  62. Xenafan96 says

    I don’t think wrong, it’s honest. That is the biggest issue I think. As a parent, you are supposed to make decisions in favor of your childs’ future, and I hold that opinion on any parent. Not what YOU may want at the time, but the bigger picture of what your child will need.

  63. says

    i think that this is realy selfish. i mean, not just the fact that a woman is not supposed to have babies when she’s this old, but think about the kids for christ sake. when they are 10 years old their mom will be 70? omg its going to affect them greatly. i agree with #2, its a good thing that they have older kids to take care of them when they are gone. horrible thing to say, but it is the truth…. anyway, im happy that all three of them are doing well

  64. Jacquie says

    This will sound harsh but thank goodness there are older children to take care of these babies when the time will come, and we all know it will. Wrong. I’m sorry. But wrong.

  65. Xenafan96 says

    It’s a wonderful thing that both babies and Mom came through ok, but I agree with the webmistress. I think biology just ensures that a woman cannot conceive without intervention after a certain age, and while I will never base anything on age, since it can be a big double standard(ie. Tony Randall became a father in his late 70’s and no one pointed out his age nearly as much as an older mom gets attention), I think that a womans’ body is just not meant to carry a pregnancy at this advanced maternal age. Way too high stakes for the outcome to not be a healthy baby or a healthy mom.

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