Tom Cruise & Suri Adorableness!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Suri, 13 months, were snapped in Shreveport, La. on Thursday, where Katie is working on her new movie Mad Money. Awwww!



  1. Kate says

    OMG! I love that picture of Suri peeking through Tom’s legs! Such a sweetie and what a great picture! 😎

  2. Aliciasweets85 says

    This is a cute picture. Despite feelings on Tom and Katie, and Scientology, and whether or not Suri is an ugly kid or not…this picture AS A WHOLE is adorable…like a postcard or something…

  3. Shadow Girl says

    Yay, Xena!

    If I ever have kids, I will teach them that $cieno is a dangerous cult. For now, my kids are my dog and the various animals I care for at a local shelter. Maybe I should move to Germany, where they highly consider it a cult there? LOL

    We Americans are too keen to please. We don’t look at all the BLATANT OBVIOUS facts before we register such and such as a religion. Whatever happened to sticking to our guns and holding to our constitutional rights? I mean, just because they SAY it’s a religion doesn’t mean that it really IS.

  4. Xenafan96 says

    You are all quite welcome, i wish I had a video camera then, trust me! 🙂

    Oh yes I can see Jackie(or whatever they decide to use namewise) attacking me. VERY BLATANT WARNING-If ‘Jackie’ has a comment to make she will be a priviledged few who knows how awfully bitchy I get. Esp. when it concerns my baby girl.To clear up the confusion for her and all other Scientology related matter from my POV:
    Believing in the writings of a sub-par author gave way to the most insidious of all religions, and potentially dangerous. We didn’t come via space ship, nor are we of an alien hybrid experiment. If I am proven wrong on that, I will lick Hugo Chavezs’ toes clean. My daughter can read very well and has seen the ‘clams’ references here, and put two and two together!
    No matter how much Scien does to ‘help’ people, please google Lisa Mcpherson and see how a starved schizophrenic ended up dead with other Scien’s in the room with her.
    While Scien’s shun modern meds, a woman in abject terror and needing/ wanting to go to her familary. In order to do this, she be heavily dosed with anitbiotics and a handler to escort her all around. Apparently words were exhanged with the handler and Linda was driven to a ‘safe’ friend.

  5. Xenafan96 says

    You are all quite welcome, i wish I had a video camera then, trust me! 🙂

    Oh yes I can see Jackie(or whatever they decide to use namewise) attacking me. VERY BLATANT WARNING-If ‘Jackie’ has a comment to make she will be a priviledged few who knows how awfully bitchy I get. Esp. when it concerns my baby girl.To clear up the confusion for her and all other Scientology related matter from my POV:
    Believing in the writings of a sub-par author gave way to the most insidious of all religions, and potentially dangerous. We didn’t come via space ship, nor are we of an alien hybrid experiment. If I am proven wrong on that, I will lick Hugo Chavezs’ toes clean. My daughter can read very well and has seen the ‘clams’ references here, and put two and two together!
    No matter how much Scien does to ‘help’ people, please google Lisa Mcpherson and see how a starved schizophrenic ended up dead with other Scien’s in the room with her.
    While Scien’s shun modern meds, a woman in abject terror and needing/ wanting to go to her familary. In order to do this, she be heavily dosed with anitbiotics and a handler to escort her all around. Apparently words were exhanged with the handler and Linda was driven to a ‘safe’ frined.
    No one thate thst she was placed om”

  6. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Thats hilarious Xena…ROFLMAO

    Jackie will be back here telling u off about teaching your child to be a bigot..seems its a favorite scientology word….I dodnt even hear the native americans using the word often..ahhahahhahaha

  7. Xenafan96 says

    Mia-you will LOVE this one! My daughter(the six-almost 7- year old) was asking me today why I love crabmeat. I was trying to explain how yummy it is(she is severely peanut allergic so shellfish right now is a huge NO-NO until she has her allergy testing this summer.) and how refreshing and light it can be. We walked past the seafood case and she pointed and asked,”What are those?”. I explaned to her that they were clams. She then ROLLED her eyes and said, “So they are food for scientologists then. No thanks, I’ll pass!!” Even the lady behind the counter had tears rolling down her face from laughing so lard!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  8. Gaelle says

    I like it when people come and puke in a thread about somebody they do not like ,and then chasing people in a thread about somebody they like. Do i make sense ANALISE. Lesson do not do, what you do not want people to do to you.

  9. Analise says

    Eww, eww. The last place anyone should want to be! That’s actually the first pic I’ve seen of her where she looks decent. She certainly resembles her father, Mr. Klein. :-p

  10. LIBRAESQUE says

    126, I can’t help you if you’re too idiotic to see the obvious. I believe it was Sarah Jessica parker who decided to take control of the paps snapping the first pics of her kid when she called all of them and said she’d be here at this time come on over.
    Stars are taking control now. Instead of having some lunatic pap lurking about they did something positive by accepting money for the first pictures and doing something great with it instead of handing over the power to these animals who invade their lives on a daily basis, so that they could profit on something as huge as those first pics

    If you’re too stupid to comprehend that then there’s no hope for you!
    you’re probably in the same category of dumbasses who think ALL charity work should be silent and annonymous.
    Do me a favor… time your church or whatever needs to raise money, lets say….by having a bake sale, have the sale…in your garage….with the door closed….and don’t tell anyone about the sale, don’t put signs up…..then come back here and let me know how much money you made to help whatever charity, etc.. you’re involved in
    Then when you realize what an asshole you are maybe you can shut your mouth!!!!

    Tom C never said look at me????????

    Does anyone remember the video of all of them at one of those games, when TC got up and started kicking the ball around, and was trying to get people to “play” and no one did? Then you see a “handler” go over to Katie, whisper in her ear, she LEAPS out of her chair, runs over to him and throws her arms around him and starts kissing him

    Yea…..that couple is SO not about “look at me”

    Bottom line, NO ONE but an absolute media whore would do something as HORRIFYING as making out constantly in front of your teenage kids, their friends, and other parents AT A SPORTING EVENT


  11. Shadow Girl says

    LIB-I love that link!

    Thanks for sharing and Jackie, I can’t say I hope something happens to you because you will get all paranoid. I hope you’re still $cien-ing for the freak fest when it sucks out all your cash and you have to live on the street.

    $cien is a dangerous cult and I can’t applaud the German press enough! I also can’t applaud the mom who’s kid was trampled by Cruise’s mugging for the camera. She really let him have it! Is there a youtube vid I can watch her screaming at him? I would applaud very loudly.

  12. ??????? says

    Tom Cruise never said look at me, i adopt two children, one is black ,and in need to have another person in the house who looks like him. Those statements are questionnable and does not sit well . What are her motivations, she is such a media whore. Tom goes to public places to see his children, and has the right to do so. Blame the paps.

  13. Martina says

    At least they did not sell pics. A lot of people find it revulsive. You are rich ,give your own money do not use the children. Some of us find that it is a kind of exploitation.

  14. Libraesque says

    why don’t we talk about how TC used his childrens sporting events EVERY DAY to make out with his beard to prove to the world what a “real” couple they were.

    MAKING OUT in front of their kids, in front of their kids’ friends, in front of the other parents

    It’s revolting and SO WRONG to do that to teenagers.

    Then the douchebag gets YELLED at by a mother when one of the 75 paps that cruise courts at these games knocked down one of her kids

    He is the epitomy of a media whore, using his children that way, at the expense of normal families

  15. Libraesque says

    123, and please share with everyone what they did with ALL that money.
    They take CONTROL of the paparazzi and do something positive, and you come here spewing your ignorant shit.

    shut up you ignorant cunt

  16. Dominique says

    Pimp their child , this word is for Brangelina. There is nothing worst than selling your children pictures. By constantly talking about their adoptions and selling pics, they lost me has a fan.

  17. amy says

    Mia, it was very VERY creepy to see that old TMZ link and to see ‘jackie’ at work on you….
    creepy..but NOT suprising….

  18. oriana says

    Sweeney did look like a wild maniac raving like he was, I know he regrets losing it like that!

    I have to agree with Jackie that these are great pictures of Tom and Suri, I think she is the cutest kid, I used to think she was the cutest but I think Dannielynn is going to be a Beauty!

  19. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Jackie..its quite obvious that you have been got at your n@sty games….thanks to lib I realised you have been trailing me on T-M-Z as well..however since you wrote just sheer crap I was never interested in your sh!t….and it funny how you respond to all posts by claiming I have clones..your lack of intelligence is just amazing enough that I am stuck for words…if you have been tailing me around, you should know by now I have no need do I waste my time cloning…Projection is a form of mental instability you know…as is lack of self indentity//

    Once again you are on a campaign to descredit cna do it all you want but I will send post as much information anywhere I now Jackie the clam , find something else to write about ,………..

    I hope the regulars note that you have been present all along , because immediately I bring up your name and clamming , you rear your #gly @rse head…you are slipping clam……don t you get tired walking in my shadow…Enjoy monitoring the site ahahhahah

  20. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    This is the version scn released before the above aired..its really funny..sweeney looke dlike he was crazy..till you watch the whole thing in context above..and they deliberately doctored this video to get public opinion on thier side….unfortunatley , they assume everyone is a practiced liar like ther top guys….its pretty hilarious when you compare the 2

    Now they have a another tape out called BBC exposed and for that you have to order it and give them you address , but they were able to send out the above to all media outlets to try to descredit the BBC.,..hhah

  21. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    A clam is a scinetologist who habits websites to defend the cult an d attack percived threats.

    According to an ex scientologist, they send out alerts to members an wah tto look for and watch for on sites…

    So in anycase the first indication is when they begin by telling you dont know anything about the cult because you are prejudiced and have not bothered to read, then they offer you websites and information on the cult..I offer wesbites and articles that analyses the cult ./

    If it doesnt work they start trying to descrdit you on the websites , their favorite thing ot do is to piack up any personal information and use it against you. 🙂

    This a general MO at SCN.,the last they tried was against Sweeney and in my opinion they failed miserable (and jackie will be back to defend her cult on this, you can tell who is a scn based on their response to this )

    Sweeney is a BBC reporter who tried to do an documentary on SCN , however he was tagged and harrased everywher e, eventually he lost his cool bigtime. What scn did was distribute a doctored video of him losing it big time, so everyone was shocked..however BBC aired thier version and gave a more complete picture which put the anger into perspective for viewer…Since SCN assumed BBC operated like them, they were caught of guard when BBC included the full flare up, so thier initial smear campaign tanked big they brought out thier repressed fairy travolta, hhe preceded to call thehead of BBC, who in turn refused to take his call..the program aired and majority where disgusted , however scn keeps going with their smear campaign by still following the guy around…they turned up at his wedding ahhah

    I am a great fan of the BBC and their program changed drasticlaly due to the inability of the reporter to do his job, however what they put out was a great show!! not according to the cultists..they are still going on about how sweeney had his mind already made up before he started his documentary…hhhah

  22. Jackie says

    Quit obseesing about me Miapocca and your clones. I have not been online in a while. Saw these pics on KH. Beautiful pics. Nice father daughter moment. Love them.

  23. Perry. says

    I admit Suri made me start likeing Tom and Katie. At first they were just annoying but fascinating but you have admit there is something about Suri that you can’t ignore.

  24. Shadow Girl says

    I’ve never seen a Hollywood couple pimp their own kids out just for the shallow self centered egomaniacs that they are. It should be outlawed!

  25. Perry says

    What can I say? this is picture perfect and the links even have more adorable pictures. I see another baby soon for this couple. Love them too.

  26. oriana says

    Xena, looked at the ticket wrong, it’s NEXT weekend!!!!! My mouth was watering and I have ten tickets, will be a 3 day Festival starting next Friday!!!! So now taking a group to see Shrek 3! Now my kind of movie but promised them!

    Have a safe weekend Everyone, and don’t start any fires with the BBQ!!!!!!

  27. Megan says

    Been away, so I had missed these pictures. Suri is so cute and her expression reminds me of Katie a lot. I too often wondered about what Tom’s biological child would look like. I hope the rumours are true that they are having another one.

  28. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Oh my..check out another clam attack on TMZ..I never noticed them;..they really are quite obvious in thier tatics..ahhhaha

    84. FalconEddie,

    Looks like you need to get a life since all it seems that you do is post to all these different website, especially reality websites and looks like you are currently looking for love on, so better be careful out there ladies. Otherwise you will end up with a very unhappy young man, who was jealous of all those kids that had soccer moms out there, since they payed attention to their children while his mother obviously did not pay attention to him, since he has very intense mother issues. Even possibly woman issues with all the profanity and disrespectful ways he insults women. Peace out brother but try to come back down to earth and calm down a bit.

    Date of Birth:
    September 19, 1981
    United States

    Posted at 7:59PM on Nov 16th 2006 by Irish shiner

  29. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Jackie..whatever ID you are using now..I hop eyou will come out and be truthful for once.CLAM

    You statements above are so wrong its not even funny…scn a religion in italy, really???hahhahahhaha me , uninformed, really???


    These clams are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ~*Miapocca*~ says


    I jsut realize jackie was shadowing me way back on that link you gave from TMZ…I am shocked..since I never took notice of names if they had nothing important to say

    See here:
    45. At least most of you see this incident for what it was…NOT Toms fault.
    Miapocca says…
    “he is a scientologist and he cruise considers it a religion, that enough for any catholic priest to cringe.”
    That’s funny…you should be very embarrased by your comment. If the Governments of the US, all of Europe, Asia, and ITALY recoginze Scientoloby as a religion, who are you to denounce it? Have you ever attended a Scientology service? Are you aware of the help given by members of the Church to disasters from the World Trade Center bombings to Hurricane Katrina?
    Those who don’t have a clue, other than what they have heard from the lying media should either find out for themselves or keep thier mouths shut lest they humiliate themselvs.

    Posted at 2:38PM on Nov 13th 2006 by Jackie

    Wow, no wonder she was desperate to find out who I was hahahhahah

  31. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Lib..that was hilarious…I know exactly what you mean..unbelievable right…well I guess the earth needs the diversity in opinion hahahahahhaha ROFLMAO

  32. Libraesque says

    Dana, you’re kidding right???
    biological child

  33. Dana says

    I agree that is one hot butt and Suri is as cute as a button. I still find Tom as sexy as hell especially when he has short hair. I am happy for him that he now has a biological child. Every one deserves one.

  34. Shadow Girl says

    LIB-some woman went off on Tom and he stood there like the microdick he is? OMG! I gotta see it! If I went off on him, I’d make one of my friends stick a dildo up his butt for fun!

    He likes to grab cell phones out of paparazzo’s hands for fun and answer them, for sure. One guy was livid about it!

    High fives to the German press! I still love that article for attempting to talk sense into him. He’s so willfully ignorant.

  35. amy says

    mia – who said scientology was a rip off – i mean, that oil can come in handy for LOTS of different things…

  36. Miapocca says

    oh my xenu..amy yoiu are hilarious…yes the position does bring THOSE thoughts to mind ahahahhahahhahah..I hear he likes it after the hot sweaty wrestling matches….doesnt go all the way though…just like to indulge in his fantasies with lots of touching

  37. Miapocca says

    thanks amy hahhah…I just made a comment feel free to adore all you want..I personally adore my mother not an unknown simpleton..

    Love brisco and green…I had a call from an old roommate and the first thing she asked was are you still watching that ding dong bell police series ahahahha…remeber that sound in law and order…

  38. Read the name of the website!!! says

    #72, ITS A BABY SITE and yes we’re here to adore and appreciate celebs babies if you’ve problem with that then this is not a site for you.

  39. amy says

    i have a feeling tom has bent over in this position many many times before….
    i hope he doesn’t crush little suri’s toes with those giant heels of his…ouch!

  40. Xenafan96 says

    Oh Miss Oriana-you are so right. Law and Order just isn’t the same w/o Lenny Briscoe. Jerry Orbach was old Hollywood, a rapidly dying breed.

  41. Denise says

    I live in Southeast La. and it’s been great weather. Around 86 but will get around 90 this weekend. It’s been very cool in the mornings. Great weather for La.

    Cute picture of Suri. Love this family.

  42. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Has anyone had any experience with “Green Burials”? Green burials are where bodies are buried without first being embalmed. This is no vault and no traditional casket. There may be a biodegradable container or perhaps just a shroud to cover the body.

    Pro’s include cost savings, religious beliefs and being more environmentally friendly, because chemicals normally used in embalming are not introduced into the soil and ground water.

    Has anyone had experience in dealing with “Green Burials” or know of a good reference? Any help will be appreciated

  43. Sarah says

    Yeah she’s better being raised in a cult than the twins in your later post or Mary Cheney’s baby. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You are so ignorant it isn’t even funny.

  44. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Hmm I saw bits and pieces of rescue me..I though tit will b egood, but once again I have to stumble on it…I think its a defensicve mechanism so I dont get hooked on a show and decide to forgo something in order to watch the show….Plus dont spend money on anything electronic gear that isnt a computer ot IPOD hahahha so no tivo for me…I figure there are too many distractions in life to cry over missing the show..besides I get to watch the entertainment news that fills me in on th epopulat shows…and of course you guys are very helpful..Orianna has the news on Ghost Whisperer and I outgrew charmed…I love watching law and order mainly because they show it back to back all the old ones on one of those repeat channels..that my kind of me the whole season in one day!

    Xena did you get my ffwd question on the Green Burials thingy!!

    I bet the Clams are recording all my preferences ahahahhahhaha for midget miscaviage

  45. oriana says

    I can’t stand Ann Coulter, talk about a irritating voice!!!! And Baba Walters makes me want to puke anyway!

    I think Suri is adorable, cute as a button, and I love the name too! I do think Katie is gorgeous, Tom looks like he has lost some weight to me in some of the other pictures taken with this one, Suri is always dressed so cute!

    Is that true about Hubbard’s bird named Suri? That has to be a joke! Anyway, it is a cute name, Oh My, I wonder if he named his dog Ozzy!!!! Ha!

  46. Xenafan96 says

    Doy! My bad, that was ShawdowGirl that said that about the cell phones. Good Gawd, I don’t even want to go down the Screen Name Drama Game again, esp. in a TC thread!!

    Nip/Tuck-moved to LA, but not before Julian’s character ended up working on Rosie’s character(she won a lottery and her hubby left her for her daughter, soooo trashy!!) and she ended paying him $100,000 for 15 minutes of sex. I’m sure it is on You Tube somewhere, but THE best part was this:
    Rosie:You know, I can think of this and that
    Julian:Um, that’s great Dawn, but you HAVE to shut up if I am going to finish (paraphrased a bit but classic)

    It comes back on in September on FX on Tuesdays. Right now I am gearing up for Rescue Me.

  47. Miapocca says

    hahaha..I dont think I care wether Rosie is gay or straight..My issue with her is that she comes across as overbearing and the self acclaimed mouth piece of liberals and gays, which she is not…I think there is serious diversity among all communities and she is best representing herself alone..and for the bullying if she did that to me, I guess the show will go off the air while we sort it out…Elisabeth was a dissapointment in not standing up for herself all this while..Rosie is talking about leaving before her 3 weeks are up…seems she can dish it but cant take it…Elisabeths hormones are working to her advantage..ahahahhahahhah

    Oh well…I like watching Nip Tuck…McMahon likes to play the bad guy..speaking of which I hardly get to watch it,because I dont know which day or time it comes on,so its usually by trial and error….I know they both moved to LA but I missed all the story inbetween of Julian gettging engaged and I bet Rosie would have been hilarious on that show…rather than using elisabeth as her scape goat

    Still thinks she needs Anne Coulter to dust her up a bit…I would pay to watcth that…Elisabeth is a disspointment to all college grad, just goes to show that you dont always have to have that degree to sound intelligent or in her case DUMB.she sure wasted money getting educated…but then who knows, it could have been worse..ahahhahah

    Anyway, not heard about the cruise cell phone thing….but whats not to expect from this psycho
    I have a brain freeze…back to work…till later..

  48. Xenafan96 says

    ROFL Mia-I never heard of the Cruises’ liking to grab cell phones. Mine has Carlos Mencia and when it rings all you hear is:
    “DEE DEE DEE-Somebody PICK up da Phone!
    If you gonna put me on vibrate, put me in your front pocket. We’ll both like it!!”
    I always seem to end up watching Mind of Menica right after a really long day and it is total stress relief!

    EH-on Rosie, I dunno. I have always liked her and will go to MY grave thinking she is the LUCKIEST woman around for getting to do a supposed-to-be-but-not sexy scene on Nip/Tuck with his fine-ness Julian McMahon. I think her primary reason that she catches so much heat is that she is paid to. She is a very articulate woman who also happens to be gay, and I think the whole View thing has been run solely by Barbara Walters to re-energize a show that just isn’t as vibrant as it once was. Pit a conservative with a liberal and fireworks are guaranteed.

  49. libraesque says

    what kind of name is Suri???? she’s named after the city where cruise was born syracuse

    yea he’s a tool …let me see if I can find the article
    there was a video at tmz I think, it was HELLA funny, the lady went OFF on him, he just stood there like the douche that he is

  50. Miapocca says

    Frankly do ppl on here spend time adoring their kids as much as this simple child from psycho egotistical cultist Lron worshing parents….

    Spend this adoration on your own chidl and you will see wonders,,,,Xenu help us all!!

  51. Shadow Girl says

    Lib-that in an article somewhere? The Cruiser also likes to grab cell phones out of paparazzo’s hands and answer them. If that were me, I would have yelled, ” Gimme my fuckin’ phone back you microcock!”

    Run Suri, run! ANd what kind of name is Suri, anyway? It’s the name of L Ron asshole’s pet bird! Yeah, Suri, you’re named after a loudmouth fuckin’ BIRD! That won’t get you on dates when you’re older.. assuming Tom lets you out of your house..

    Blackberry phones are crackberries….hate ’em w/a passion.

  52. libraesque says

    JOSIE…….what are you talking about?????
    who “whores” their children out?????????
    I mean besides the Cruises……using their childrens sporting events for photo ops and make out sessions in front of everyone including their kids and their kids friends……that is until tc got YELLED AT by one of the mothers because he encouraged all the paps to swarm around and her kid got knocked down by one of them

  53. Marylou says

    Awwww, this is the cutest thing EVER! The most eye watering pics on your site! That pic where she is under Toms legs made my eyes misty. It is sooooo cute. I have no words. Someone should give Tom and Katie a copy. It is beautiful. It should be on a bill board for ‘HAPPY FATHERHOOD’

  54. Marion says

    What a gene pool, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, I was curious what she would look like but I never for one moment doubted she would be a beauty. Nice Kodak moment.

  55. Sandra says

    Suri is a beauty. I find he rmother one of the most beautiful people in hollywood. Tom does not age, does he?

  56. Becky says

    Awwwwwwwww, what sweetness!!!!. I agree her name is unique for a unique child. Never thought of that before but I have never heard any one with it before. He feet are so cute. Always feel like tickling her.

  57. Tia says

    Awwwww this picture is so adorable. I think I agree with the person who said her name suits her very well. A unique name for a unique child.

  58. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    She has been wearing those shoes since the honeymoon…I guess her feet didnt grow in the last few months or mommy is to busy feeding her emptiness with her shopping addiction…ahhahaha


  59. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Rosie is a bullying liberal withtout the facts to back her opinion , its just her sayso because she is intimidating with her speech..she does not represent all liberals

    Elisabeth is dumb as they come and overly niave and conservative, I wonder if her role is scripted..she does not represent all conservatives

    However another woman should not make it habit of bullying the other every morning for no reason other than that she has a different opinion. Rosie likes to kick her around and I am glad elisabeth stood up for herself, because she deserves respect form her co-worker..more of those Elisabeth, time you learn how to bark at that thing!!

    I dont even see what there is about the view that is a view..Barbara never has a view and is afraid of voicing her opinions , because she has to go kiss ass for interviews later, then you have Joy , whose contribution doesnt count because she tags on to Rosie…so that two stupid ones get to go at it

    They need to have a Ann Coulter and Rosie just to show rosie her opinions are just that not facts…she is uneducated in hers as elisabeth is stubborn in her tunnel vision conservatism

    Hopefully that show will go off the air soon…mothers are better off reading the newspaper than watcing a bunch of empty headed women foolishly air ‘views”

    Dont want to offend anyone but I have a few choice names for Rosie, her overbearing voice and face alone puts me off my food…disgusting entity….

  60. kerry says

    those shoes are hiddious, but then again tom and katie are hiddious. it looks like they just put plates on the child’s feet. for them being big time celebrities i would think they could get her shoes that look and fit right. # 36 so true and funny.

  61. Nirvana says

    had anyone watched the view today??this bitch Elisabeth must stop defending the idiot Bush!! good job Rosie you are the best!!

  62. Lola says

    Zbella, I uderstand what you mean. Kids will always throw away their shoes and the best shoes are those that are strapped on their feet. Suri’s shoes are super-cute but am not sure whether they are child-friendly, may be it is because they are on set and her parents are wary of the dirt and germs around. Lets not forget that she is almost always bare foot at those basket ball games and if I remember correctly the same dissenting voices on this thread complained about her lack of shoes when those pictures came out. Save for Xenafan, the other complainers I don’t think care at all if Suri has shoes or not. To them, ‘anything to bash the Cruise family’. Not to worry, most of us are used to that and if you noticed their snide remarks have been ignored. But I myself detest shoes. lol. Though you should not let the kids wander too much without shoes. Am not sure how true it is but some say they get really large feet which may not be good especially for girls who may want to wear sandals in future.

  63. Zbella says

    I know – people did look at me funny because I let my little ones go barefoot so long. But true, they were never on a movie set!!! 🙂 Actually, they still go barefoot whenever they can and my daughter’s preschool teacher has to remind her to put her shoes back on. But they take after me and my husband both. I have invested in a pair of Crocs for the older 2 and adorable Robeez for the baby. When/if they wear anything, it’s those.

  64. Lauren says

    What lovely pictures, all of you should click on the links and check out some more Suri adorableness. She is out so she cannot be bare foot people. Besides Bella is in L.A and only Connor is in Australia.

  65. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Oh my, I finally got something on TV..the american idol finale…I guess as usual they will drive me away with extended commercials

    But now I am quite happy to listen to Gladys Knight..I saw her last at the NOLA jazz fest..

    By the way is very hot and humid so Midget must either have been in a chilled trailer to feel comfortable in those clothes and shoes…doesnt he have to work at his new studio or whatever he does these days ahahhaha

    Note that Connor and Bella are in Australia and Nicole isnt doign photo opps with her kids at every opportunity …..hahahah poor tom, he must be starving from being out of the limelight this long…ahahha

  66. oriana says

    I know it is HOT in LA. this time of year! They should get her some of the cute little shoes Violet wears, they do dress Suri very cute most of the time! She is pretty!

    The humidity will have your jeans sticking to you, Tom looks like he has lost some weight, I don’t like Katie’s hair in all those curls either. They have some goooood restaurants down there also!

  67. Kimi says

    I live outside of Shreveport, it is 96 today, not cool at all to whomever said that, humidity is 90%, soooooo. . . take it for what it is worth. . . . cute pic !!!!

  68. Shadow Girl says

    ALicia, you mean Xenu bless them forever, right? LMAO.

    Haha, Oriana! Suri is asking her ‘daddy’ whether her head can fit up his asshole too. He pulled his head out for fun then put it back in!

    Hey Suri, RUN WHILE U CAN!! I hate the fact that she doesn’t know what religion is and they’re already $cien-ing her. I think they should let her make her own choice when she’s old enough. Cruise is a dictator control freak in his own home.

  69. Xenafan96 says

    Libra, I am with you on the shoes point. When children are just starting to walk, I have always believed that barefoot is better, since they can actually balance better by feeling the ground beneath them. My daughter of course wore shoes if we went walking or to the store, for both safety and health reasons, but at home, she was barefoot most of the time and stumbled far less than my nieces and nephews that always had shoes on.
    And-I am not making fun of Suri at all when I say this, it is actually endearing to me, but she has the same wide feet as Barney Rubble in the Flintstones.

  70. ileana says

    She looks adorable, how can you not look at her and think what a beautiful little girl, she seems to be a happy child, godbless her and her parents.

  71. Libraesque says

    but…..I know someone else who has hair like that too that she looks WAY more like in the face, etc..than TC

  72. Libraesque says

    I’m sorry this kid looks nothing like TC
    maybe the sloopy stringy hair but that’s about it

  73. Clare says

    I found these pictures on the and I could not stop looking at them. Suri is abslotely echanting and Tom looks like he is around her little finger. Here is the link to where I found them

    But for full pics, you will have to have permission.

  74. Elle says

    wow! I can really see the family resembelance between Suri and Tom Cruise! Her face looks EXACTLY like his ass!

  75. Marti says

    This is one of the cutest pictures, of Suri, that I’ve seen. She is very cute, but unusual looking, as well. (*) Unique, is the best way to describe her, I guess. 😉

  76. Libraesque says

    I have just never seen shoes like that for young kids barely one year old, it seems odd, like they would throw her off balance and not be flexible and bend

  77. Zbella says

    Wow – now I agree she looks absolutely adorable. The cutest since her VF pictures for sure.

    The sandals do look wide. I let my kids go barefoot until they are walking really well – for them that was about 16 months.

  78. Alicia says


  79. Libraesque says

    #15….cool….cool for what Africa??
    It’s 86 where they are

    cute, but WHAT is up with those huge sandals? I’ve never seen sandals that wide for a little girl. Wouldn’t those make it hard for her to walk????

    mommies, anyone know???

  80. Lola says

    There is another where she is laughing, Babyrazzi, you should get all set of those pics. They are breathtaking.

  81. Malayka says

    Babyrazzi, this is one of the cutest pictures ever on your site. I actually could not stop looking at Suri’s cute little face. It is a precious father daughter moment.

    Nice butt Tom!

  82. Xenafan96 says

    This is actually one of the best pictures I have seen of Suri. Her little face looks well rested and it’s sweet to see her acting a bit cheeky!
    Gah-Tom is so short, Suri will be taller than him by the time she is three!

  83. AmyY says

    #13, Didnt you catch the first pics of Suri in Vanity Fair? There were several of the three kids together

  84. Rachel says

    She is really cute and she seems happy, and you cant get a baby to fake being happy so to all those haters out there, BUG OFF!

  85. Kelsie says

    # 2-Louisiana is actually kinda cool right now, i just hate when the summer comes.This is such a cute picture

  86. Lauren says

    This is 2 cute for words. Suri is adorable!!! It’s nice to see Tom is not hamming it up for the camera, as usual.

  87. Shae says

    Suri is so sweet. She looks just like Katie. I do not like Tom Cruise, but I have to admit I like this side of him. He seems to be a good father to Connor, Isabella and Suri. Coming to think on it, I do not believe I have ever seen the three of them together….

  88. lagirl says

    She is adorable but I would still like to see some sort of barrette or bow in that kid’s hair. I don’t care what kind of birthmark she has on her forehead.

  89. CLaire says

    Geez webmistress, the other sites had these pics of Suri up days ago, and they’re not even Baby-Specific webpages like yours is. And you call yourself “BabyRazzi.” You’re doing a terrible job, shame.

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