Jon Heder & Wife Welcome A Daughter

Jon Heder
Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder and his wife, Kirsten, have welcomed a daughter.

The baby girl, Evan Jane Heder, is “safe and sound and healthy,” says Jon’s rep, who did not reveal the baby’s exact date of birth.

In March, at the Los Angeles premiere of Jon’s comedy, Blades of Glory, the actor told reporters that his wife, who was with him at the event, was due any second

Jon, 29, and Kirsten met when they were both students at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. The couple announced in September that they were expecting their first child.




  1. Fan of Jon Heder says

    Does anybody know who runs this site and where they get there info? Jon Heder and his wife Kirsten did not have there baby girl in May they had her April 3,2007. I don’t know were they get there info but it’s wrong and I think they should not post info that is false.

  2. H says

    I am not a fan of boys’ names being used for girls’ names, but you never know… this may be a family name and wanted to use it-maybe they don’t plan on having more or something. You just never know.

    And all you people who are having a fit over boys’ names on girls-are you aware that there are tons of girls out there with names that were originally men’s names? Such as Ashley, Lindsay, Kelsey, Carol, etc.??? Yes, these all started out as men’s names.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  3. fan of jon heder says

    Evan Jane Heder is a very beautiful name and she is such a cute baby……I’m so happy for you Jon & Kirsten.

  4. Zbella says

    Wow – they’re like me and tell everyone the second they realize they’re pregnant!
    I don’t like boy names for girls either, but oh well. The joy of parenthood includes choosing ANY name you want. John John would be a cute nickname (like JFK Jr.)

  5. says

    Evan is a boy’s name! It irks me to no end when people name their daughters boy names. There are SO many beautiful girl names, why do people feel the need to name their girls boy names?? I just can not understand that.

  6. says

    I have two problems with that name. # 1. Evan is a a male name. It’s the Welsh form of John. And Jane is the female form of John. Her name is basically John John.

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