Jennifer Garner & Violet On The Whee Whee Slide!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Wheeeeee! All Jen and Violet pics are over-the-top cute, but this one of the two on the “whee whee slide” at Palisades Park together is just especially sweet!

Note: “whee whee slide” is what my 2-year-old daughter calls all slides!



  1. Anna says

    Violet is SO adorable!! she is one of (if not THEE) cutest celebrity babies!! I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!

  2. Anna says

    Violet is SO adorable!! she is one of (if not THEE) cutest celebrity babies!! I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!

  3. LadyOne says

    I think Jennifer Garner and her baby are unattractive, and I am sooooooooo tired of seeing them at the park.

  4. Lizzie says

    Looks like V is saying “look mommy, i can do it all by myself”. Such an adorable picture. Wonder if Ben & Jen have toys in their backyard for V to play on? Seems like they’re always at the public park. I’m not complaining at all. I looooove seeing this family out and about. No fakeness at all with them. Jen is the epitome of what a Hollywood mom should be.

  5. Sandra says


    He is 5 will be 6 this summer! How old is your little one? I sure miss nap time!!! The Zoo was fun! All the kids in his class had a blast! The best part, our Zoo has a bird exibit where you can feed the birds, they fly down and land on your hand. The kids really loved that!! I am sure tired though!! lol Keeping track of 13 5yr olds for 5hrs is a lot of work! I don’t know how teachers do it every day!

  6. Tia says

    It’s ok Sandra! No worries! Nap time was excellent! haha! Now daddy is home from work and she’s having a good time with him 🙂 I can’t wait to take my little one to the Zoo….how old is your son?

  7. Sandra says


    I do apologize I never meant for what I said about being on the computer to come as an attack, so I took your comment as an attack. There is nothing wrong with popping in and out anytime of the day or night. Just those that like to attack with numerous comments, kind of like beating a dead horse. I was happy this am when I posted because we got up nice and early to visit the Zoo today with his school!! Hope naptime went well for you ;o)

  8. Xenafan96 says

    Hi Sandra-
    To quote:Would you got to a dermatologist to talk about your puss filled, nasty, creamy crotches? No you would go talk to an OB doctor.
    Actually, I think if it was that bad you would be coming to me and I would be double gloving it!

  9. Tia says

    Holy hell woman, deep breath!!! That was not a direct attack at you….my daughter gets lots of attention…like i said…if YOU can read, my baby was down for her nap.

  10. Sandra says

    I apologize for the rude comments like Psycho and Dimwit. I guess the bashing of others that you don’t know is rubbing off on me. I do apologize.

  11. Sandra says

    You ladies are psycho that is all I can say and all I will ever say. Once again I NEVER said people can’t make NEGATIVE or POSITIVE comments. I just said keep them to the people with the picture above. Would you got to a dermatologist to talk about your puss filled, nasty, creamy crotches? No you would go talk to an OB doctor. Just for the same I wouldn’t want to read about different people other than the ones at hand.

    And for the dimwit that thinks I save Britney on every single comment and lecture, I don’t. I could careless that you guys want to be so harsh to judge someone that you don’t know that just shows how shallow your life really is. When or if I comment on anyone or, on her asking WHY everyone can hate her and bash her when not even knowing her, but I guess that is lecturing with a closed narrow mind!

    Tia haha Yup I was the one on here all day today making comment after comment about why I shouldn’t have suggested what I suggested in post # 4!

    Obviously You can’t read! I am done lowering myself to your level! I didn’t make a comment all day and look at the people reaching out for attention!! Maybe you should intern go give some to your kids!

  12. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Seems I didnt catch everything ..anything I read this person comments I just cant help but commnet back”

    Where on earth did someone writing their opinio mean they werent brought up well..assuming that you are the supreme being on raising children with good manners..I really with you luck with your children..wait till they get to be teenagers then come on here and spout about ppl not being brought up well…

    And I am lying on my couch typing away before a good walk..that what I am doing at the moment ..ahhah oh and watching CSI…

  13. Tia says

    I love when people say ” Ooooh im not sitting on a computer all day im taking care of my childrennn” HELLO?? you are ON A COMPUTER TYPING THIS RIGHT NOW! You’re just as guilty as the next person!!

    and besides, my child is down for her nap, and the house is clean, i did what i had to do today and this is “Me” time…just like some of the other mommies on here.

  14. Miapocca says

    Irritating Cow:


    In my world people of low intelligence are those unexposed to opposing views and are afriad to explore beyond what they know, stuck in a trap of their own making

    Those of HIGH INTELLIGENCE: question question question, are open to other opinions . Faced with a differing opinion they will try to understand why the person had that different opinion or simply state that they disagree and support with evidence as to why they are right and the other person wrong, or ask the other person to present

    Just to let you know a child’s education is directly correlated to the mothers education level (not the father), so my closing up your minds and not aspiring to know , you are effectively limiting the choices available to your kids….THINK so your CHILDREN can think Beyond you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Miapocca says


    These celebs spend millions trying to create some image we are supposed to buy into..there is no problem if there are those who chose to believe otherwise

    For the record, I even like Jennifer Garner and since I am not her, I clearly cant be bothered by someone’s opinion on her…its what they think and are entitled to their thoughts..If you can come on here and write your sweet nothings then I think anyone else can write the opposite without a lecture from some self appointed moderator on how to shove it

    FREEDOM Of MIND IS NOT EXPENSIVE and I love those who explore their freedom…Dont imprison your mind unneccessarily!!

  16. Miapocca says

    A good funny witty Critique is certainly not hate..Sometimes a little more acidity is needed to rile you up some more. If you cannot accept comments that are different from yours, you basicaly go through life unexposed without an opportunity to explore the otherside of things.

    if you want people with similar views, you dont need to be on opinion blog. It will irritate you

    I like to hear it all ..sugary sweet and tart, it makes for a lovely day….all the pink cooing gets a bit overwhelming…

  17. Alicia says


  18. DMITZ says

    Who died and left you queen of babyrazzi? I was telling you that anyone can make any comment regardless if it has to do w/the thread or not! Is that so hard for you to understand?

    Who the hell is talking about you taking care of your child? So the same can be said to you. Someone else made a comment about Jennifer and referred it to Britney and you get all irriated like you always do when someone bashes Britney. No one was talking about your son and you brought him up in here! Why, b/c this is a baby site. So as long as you can/want to talk about your son – that’s just fine and dandy. Let others talk about other moms (celebs) all they want!

  19. Sandra says

    hahaha You can make all the comments in the world. I never ONCE have said for anyone to stop making comments in which that would make one narrow minded!

    If you can read, I clearly stated keeping your bashing comments to the particular posts of whom you are bashing! My god is that so hard to do? Nope.

    But I guess I will move on, be more mature and actually take care of my son instead of hiding behind a computer to make little comments like you all day long. Good day, have fun!

  20. DMITZ says

    Miapocca – thank you! I don’t understand why Sandra is trying to control everyone’s comments. That’s what makes this site interesting. How boring would it be if you could only comment if you had positive things to say about each picture… “I like this pic. Nice family. Violet’s hair is so cute.”

    C’mon now Sandra! It’s low intelligence people that are said to not be open minded for good conversation. So if you kids are learning that in school, good for them. But you may want to reconsider schools if they aren’t teaching your son how to have an opinion.

  21. Holly says

    i love that you all seem to have nothing better to do with ur life than log onto a website and have comment fights with eachother over some random picture! Maybe instead of sitting at a computer bickering with eachother you should go and take YOUR kids to the park!

  22. fifi trooper says

    #28, you just got your wish! I guess that, that was good that he won! They were the youngest couple there! I really wanted Laila to win! She’s a diva, and A beautiful black creature! JENNY ROCKS!!!

  23. oriana says

    Laila is a gorgeous woman who can definately dance!!!! I want Apollo to win, he is a true athlete and I think he has a good spirit about him too!

  24. fifi trooper says

    I think that this is an cute example of a very good parent! I hate that shirt! it just cute how interested she looks to be learning new things about her kid, and I can dig that!
    DANCING WITH THE STARS……SUCKS! My girl Laila ali, just got eliminated….that sucks!

  25. oriana says

    So High and Mighty, perhaps you are a littel tooo bit High and Mighty! No,, she didn’t single me out by name personally, but I took it that she included me in her statement, if I was wrong, I am very sorry to her but WHERE did you come from to think you know so much about me?

  26. Julia says

    How cute…they are so beautiful!!!
    When I have a baby I want to be like Jen!
    Isn’t she more pretty after Violet was born?

  27. Julia says

    How cute…they are so beautiful!!!
    When I have a baby I want to be like Jen!
    Isn’t she more pretty after Violet was born?

  28. So High & Mighty says

    Jen & Vi are too cute! Vi looks like she is having a blast!

    I just love watching you women bicker. I think Sandra was just telling Amy to save her bashing for other people not related to the conversation to another comment section, which I am sorry ladies but I fully agree. I don’t have to agree with what you say, but put them under the right categories. Why you others are involved is beyond me.

    Oriana do you even know what you are talking about? No one was even talking to you or referring to you. I certainly saw nothing in the other posts. These arguments are pretty pointless.

  29. JJ says

    Generally, I don’t find celebrity babies all that exciting and cute but Violet is an exception! I could just pinch her cheeks.

  30. CyberKitten38 says

    Jen appears to be a wonderful mom..thinking more about raising her child HERSELF..rather than plunging deep into her work like most celeb moms do. That’s one happy lookin mom and baby. Kudos to u jen!

  31. oriana says

    I get the implication about Mia’s “narrow minded friends” and since I am one of them, I take it you include me too and just because my views don’t agree with all the lovey dovey comments some people make, and for your info, Mia has not always agreed with me either, doesn’t make us narrow minded or mean people!

    And if you are referring to my points of view on Scientol when you say HATE, No, I didn’t teach my kids to hate just like you haven’t taught yours, and I also didn’t buy them an E-meter either!

    I happen to not think that Violet is all that cute but I like this family and I don’t have to Hate Violet to not think she is pretty, I don’t think Jennifer is pretty either but I admire them.

    So I don’t care for your snide comments but go ahead since You aren’t narrow minded and so fair in your thinking towards everyone.

  32. Sandra says

    I shrivel up and die of course. Generally if they are your friends you picked them for a reason, because you have a LOT in common with them.

    I would rather not read about others narrow-minded comments. They should have been raised properly and taught to keep them to themselves. If anything I guess I feel sorry for their kids, as they will have the negative, hating attitude their parents have! Oh I better stop, because I am lecturing again, *sigh I am sorry.

    I need to go be with my son he is getting home from school where he is educated on how NOT to hate on one another.

  33. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    This is an opinion blog..people can express whatever the heck they feel like..If you are looking for a narrow minded blog with veiws only similar to yours, then stay in your own mind

    What earth do you do when your family or friends disagree with you….lighthen up and have fun…all the comments are hilarious..good or bad…

  34. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    This child really seems to hav a lot of play time…They are always having a wonderful time…Jennifer Garner is really into her mommy role…good for the family. I wonder if she will be having another one,.,,

  35. Sandra says

    Dmitz- Because I am tired of the low intelligent people on here always bashing PEOPLE not just Britney when they don’t even know the person. And if you’re going to make the negative comments you might as well keep them to the appropriate sections, duh!

  36. says

    I think that not all the mothers have to do the same things, I accept that jen is a very good mom shes always with her child and I really adore them, but I think britney is a good mom too, maybe she dosn´t take her kids to the park, there are other things to do with your kids and we don´t get to see it

  37. Jenn says

    They are such a cute family! Violet looks like a really happy baby, and Jen seems like a fantastic mom.

  38. DMITZ says

    Sandra, what’s up w/you always lecturing people on commenting on Britney? Obviously many of us feel she is not the greatest mom out there especially lined up against Jennifer Garner. I’m w/Amy on this one!

  39. Lauren says

    How cute! It’s nice to see celeb couple interacting with their kids instead of nannies. Vi looks like she’s having an fun day with her momma.

  40. Claire says

    Jennifer Garner is the worst actress! Her movies SUCK!!!!

    Poor Ben got stuck with a lousy actress when he is such a good one.

  41. Sandra says

    Soo cute!!! Amy this is about Jennifer & Violet, save your bashing and hating for Britney to her pictures!

  42. oriana says

    This is what life should be about, parents and children enjoying themselves with just plain simple fun!!!!!

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