1. Reeny says

    Sarah Jessica Parker looks like Ruth Buzzie – if you can remember her! I don’t think her son is cute at all and the way she has him dressed is rediculous.

  2. says

    i disagree that sjp is a classic beauty. i dont find her good looking at all. her son is kind off cute though, looks like his dad. i do agree that she looks like the olsen twins grown up- the long face, light hair and very noticeable eyes

  3. Lizzie says

    Well, I think Sarah Jessica is a beauty…Loooved her in Sex and the City…She’s stylish, talented, intelligent, and very chic all rolled into one….Not an easy task to accomplish but she pulls it off well….and lil Matthew is totally adorable…I bet he’s quite a character too…Oh, and the photographer in the 2nd pic behind SJP….wonder what he’s looking at? Hmmmm. 😉

  4. Zbella says

    I have never found SJP pretty or attractive at all. She does have style – that is a fact. Cute little mini Matthew.

  5. JJ says

    SJP is not an obvious beauty but she definitely knows what suits her. She generally knows how to put an outfit together. Unlike some celebrities. ..and we know who those are! Her son’s outfit is quite avant garde and preppy. Personally, I like it – even though you can tell that his parents intended it to look like he dressed himself. The shoes are a bit off in terms of the whole look though.

  6. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Olsen twin all grown up huh never heard that one before..its hilarious..and sooo true hahahahah

    If you took SJP apart, you wouldnt find any part of her body beautiful, yet all together looks amazing ans will make you take a second glance…her imperfect body parts make a just a perfect woman , so full of personality and down to earth ..

    She said something about her character CARRIE, which was so true…she said a life like that was not normal and she was aware of portraying a fantasy..yet so many young women ahve taken on the sex in the city lifestyle and it leads to a terrible lifestyle

  7. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    I am sorry but SJP is not a classic beauty in any land..she just knows how to put it all together FABULOUSLY…

    She got style, definetly..who care who picke dout Jmaes clothes, you has the best accesory, a smashing older woman…hahah

  8. amy says

    i have to say that to me she appears to have a long horse face…BUT i think her son looks really cute…he seems to have his daddy’s ears….and he has a real ‘fun and naughty’ look about him…i love little boys that come across as ‘little boys’ if that makes any sense…

  9. Jenna M. (UK) says

    He’s cute, but his outfit looks a bit silly. I don’t like kids in suits, let them be kids!

    SJP’s dress is cool though.

  10. Pink Poodle says

    I don’t get the whole SJP thing, I did enjoy her in Sex in the City and she’s cute ?! I think she looks like the Olsen Twins all grown up.

  11. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    SJP is really lookin her age..she’s not decent lookin w/out gobs of makeup and special lighting.

    James looks like a mini grown up! Has such a sweet demeanor and gorgeous hair!

  12. AmyY says

    SJP is definitely not pretty… my husband says shes a butter face… her body is good but her face… anyway i dont think her son is too cute either and his outfit is horrendous.

  13. Nicki says

    Yeah, classic beauty doesn’t come to mind with SJP for me either. Her dress is gorgeous, shoes and bag look great with it. James is a cutie. He looks just like his Daddy. I love his tie.

  14. oriana says

    Sarah is far from being a classic beauty, she isn’t even pretty, the little boy is very cute however and looks just like his father. A classic beauty is Halle Berry.

  15. Andrea says

    Finally, a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker with her son! I’ve been waiting to see her kids. He looks a lot like Matthew Broderick.

  16. Lizzie says

    Love Love Love SJP…Such a classic beauty…There’s no denying lil’ James isn’t Matthew’s clone…Sarah just provided the incubator for him…lol…I agree he does look like he dressed himself but he is sooooo adorable….it’s about time they provide lil James with a playmate…*hint hint* 🙂

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