Kate Hudson & Ryder At The Park

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson

The luminous Kate Hudson, 28, and Ryder, 3, were snapped at the park this weekend. They are so sweet….I hope Kate Hudson has another baby soon! She would be sooo cute with a daughter!



  1. says

    ryder is the print of his mother…the only thing that he has in common with his dad is the length of his hair… he’s an ok looking kid. i like KH in her movies but she looks like a really bitchy person in real…. i dont know…she’s pretty though

  2. oriana says

    Ryder is the spitting image of his homely dad, I don’t know what Kate ever saw in him! She loves this little boy though ,both of them are loving parents but Ryder has an “old Man” look about him to me!

  3. amy says

    i think he has a cute little face and if they want to keep his hair that ‘long’ they should get it shaped a bit better to show off his features…

  4. Pink Poodle says

    WOW – I agree that the father is disgusting but don’t be a baby hater, Ryder is innocent. He does need a hair cut but I think that whole family thinks it’s still the 60’s or something?!

  5. diva says

    Why do you need a daughter to look soooo cute. Your right #8 a stupid statement. She looks soooo cute with her son. Duh…..lol

  6. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    “….I hope Kate Hudson has another baby soon! She would be sooo cute with a daughter!”
    that was a stupid statement… yeah kate…whether you’re with someone or not, u need to get pregnant so u can look cute…(eye roll)

    Ryder’s a doll! He looks like a little Cali surfer kid. Love it!

  7. Nicki says

    With all those pockets on the chest and leg, you would think she would have a place for her wallet and whatever she is holding in her hand.:lol:
    She is adorable and Ryder is getting so big. I think he looks like his dad but with blonde hair.

  8. Bethany says

    I must say, I’ve never thought Ryder was that cute, but I think this picture is a good one of him, and that he is getting cuter. And his hair isn’t so bad in this pic. Kate looks great as always, but I’m not sure about those overalls. What’s with the big luggage thing hanging off the front of them? haha

  9. Sissy says

    I think he is so cute with his hair that way. It would even be cute in a ponytail. Just because he is a little boy doesn’t mean he has to have short hair.

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