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Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

After her sexy performance at Mansion Sunday night, Britney hit Miami’s Raleigh Hotel before continuing on to SET nightclub, where she partied until early Monday morning.

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  1. chauncey says

    britney only if u lived where i live and i could run into u and see those hot sexy legs u should be married to a good no a great man no joke u r better than most if u where my wifey i would do anything for u not just cause u r famous but because u need a great man to take care of u.come to gloversville ny for one day and see what u could find

  2. chauncey says

    britney only if u lived where i live and i could run into u and see those hot sexy legs u should be married to a go no a great man no joke u r better than most

  3. Analise says

    SO sick of seeing her. The occasional photo-op of her holding (usually incorrectly) her kids doesn’t cut it. Everyone should have a day/night out here and there as a break from the kids. But, do we really need to keep seeing pics of her alone? Partying or not? Is this the Britney Spears adoration site or babyrazzi?

  4. Jasseline says

    i am a big!!!!!!!! fan of britney i like her a lot and also all her music she is soooooooo cool and thank god she did the right choose 2 break up with kevin after she stop seening him she looks better than ever even though she had got her hair and went a lil of with the ar acident we all have our moments but now its time to rest for a while and get bak to the singing buisness i love your songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. stacey ann bradley says

    every mother deserve change she is real a nice person hopeful she will become better and take care of her kids i love her regarless of her pain piece

  6. Zbella says

    N – you seem very kind and Iike a true fan. But look at the other people in the pictures – no one else is wearing a bathing suit or a wrap. They are wearing jeans and dresses. So it doesn’t really look like a pool party to me.

  7. Dustie says

    Where is Britney’s 2nd son?????????????????????????? Why haven’t we seen him yet?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. N says

    There are alot of singers/performers out here that cant sing. Britney is not and will not be the only one. Sometimes to be the better “performer” does not mean have the best voice.

  9. N says

    Also, Since she is divorced and Kfed would like the kids to have some sense of normalcy in their lives instead of always being chased by PAPS…. They arranged in their divorce settlement which was done without the courts assistance that this would be their custody arrangement. She gets the kids a few days…he gets the kids a few days. It works for the people it needs to work for…. THEM.

  10. N says

    If this was the outfit Britney wore to a club in Miami she would have been over dressed in some of the clubs down there. But she is not at a club….She is at a pool party where it was appropriate for her to wear a suit…..especially since she got in the pool. People in Miami walk around naked at times (in public)….depending on where you are in Miami. I dont think her wrap, which is what its called, looks bad. I think it is pretty. Alot of wraps are just the bottom part like a skirt….but they are coming out with full dress wraps now……Like the one she has on above.

  11. Angie says

    Looks like the lipo dissolve has worked, am thinking of trying it myself!!

    Just hoping the kids are with nannies who care about them…

  12. Miapocca says

    Britney is underguard …Ali shadows her to make sure she keeps on the striaght and narrow…Hope she is keeping to shopping sprees and nothing else!!

    Why are you till wearing clothes…its hot Brit, you dont need all that cover ahahahhaahahh

  13. minkysmom says

    I doubt Britney is a slave to anything. This girls problems didn’t just start, they have most likely been going on for years, now it just shows, and just because she is tan and muscular means nothing. Are all people who are skinny and pale druggies? no.

  14. fifi trooper says

    I think that just because of the way she dresses, she shouldn’t be judged! It’s Miami! I’m pretty sure that it is some good mothers out there that wear revealing clothes, that don’t make them a neglectful mother! Sorry….but it’s no more pearls, aprons, and High heels.. Maybe that’s what’s lacking in all of you depressed lonely women lives! BLAKE, RULES! Jordin, messed up on both of those songs, BLAKE RULES!

  15. Beth says

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can never take the trailer park out of the girl….

  16. Zbella says

    Put a smile on my face. I think she looks best in the third picture – where the cover is actually covering most of her breats. Yes, Ali looks better than her in every picture. I don’t think Brit has a smokin’ hot body. She used to. Sad that’s all she had going for her. At 25 she should be able to get it back but she’ll need to stop eating junk food and fast food all the time.

    I saw her extentions on another site and wow – they are a sight to see. Her hair is naturally a dirty blond (light brown) so it contrasts terribly with the bleach blond extensions. Once those things are in, they probably ruin the hair (are they glued on?) So she will have to start over again if she ever wants semi-natural hair.

    fifi trooper – you make no sense.

  17. oriana says

    #38, why should we care what YOU think either?

    Do you call it Hating someone when we say we wish she would seek professional help? Do you really think those few days did the trick? A beautiful young girl, all the money in the world to do what she wants too, and she dresses like a Hooker, has two young children that need her, that she only gets custody of 3 days a week, now that is normal isn’t it?

  18. fifi trooper says

    Who cares what you losers think! Britney, is back! I think that she looks hot! This dress sooooo cute! I know, if half of you losers could even fit into that dress, then you wouldn’t be such a sour puss! Who doesn’t strip in Miami? She can’t even get a break from you losers……Toughen up bitches, and stop hating on her!

  19. Veronica says

    I hate that I actually take the time to read all the comments, but it is addicting, And I know when it is a pic of Bitney there will be lots of them.

    I think she looks ridiculous and I feel bad for her. She is desperately trying to get her career back and making a fool of herself time and time again. Her body does look amazing, so good for her. I do hope she spends quality time with her kids when she has them. I don’t think it is bad that she is out because she only has her kids a few days a week so I am sure they are probably with their father while she is in Miami.

    About her hair, I read that she got extensions put in. They have some pictures on other sites. But because her hair is so short you can really see where they were added which is why she is still constantly wearing either a hat or head band. OK I have said more than enough.

  20. oriana says

    I would like to see more pictures of her children, Sean is adorable to me, and I think Britney will end back up in the hospital before it is over with. Very sad to me, for NO, she is not recovered and she needs professional help.

    She looks trashier and trashier all the time! This girl could be a first class act, she can afford the best clothes money can buy, wearing a bathing suit at night, with a hat on over your wig, she would be stupid to me if I didn’t know she had some mental problems.

  21. DMITZ says

    BTW, yes Britney looks great (body not clothes) and I think she should work. It’s how she makes her living. I’m just commenting on what others wrote above.

  22. DMITZ says

    I agree w/Lizzie. I see what everyone else (Sandra) is saying, but Britney seems to care more about what people think that doing what’s best for her sons. Hell, I get out w/my husband once every other week or so and I think it’s healthy for the relationship. But as far as doing something every night or every other night I would rather be with our kids. Like I said before, kids grow up so fast. I want to be w/my kids while they are babies/toddlers. Because one day they are going to want to be w/their friends and not want mommy and daddy around. Cherish the moments.

  23. Jenna M. says

    Top picture, she looks ok (from the neck down) apart from the fact that she is ery obviously posing for the cameras (whuile pretending not to).

    The dress/rag/bit of curtain she’s wearing in the next pics looks riduculous though. What is the point in even wearing it, you can still see the bikini and everything underneath. I can’t believe she would wear a bikini out to a nightclub anyway. Actually, wait a minute, its Britney so I can.

  24. Nicki says

    Britney never had and never will have any talent. She is NOT a good singer. She lips syncs. She is a gum chomping trailer parker!

  25. Just me says

    Whether or not she has good hair/bad hair, skinny/fat, trashy/classy is doesn’t matter. This site is supposed to be about celebrity babies. I can see putting on a picture or story about a mom that has done something interesting or whatever. But there’s the same darn picture of Britney wearing skimpy clothing coming out of a club just about every day. And we all write the same comments!! Boring!!

  26. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    I get that she was by the pool in her swimsuit (way to go on gettin rid of the baby fat btw) and that pink thing everyone keeps calling a dress is a coverup for the swimsuit but did she wear this outfit to the club??

    man, if i could lipsync a couple of crappy songs while prancing around w/ very little clothes on and people actually PAID me to do it (costituting a JOB)…tell me where to sign up! it must be hard work. darn it, you guys are right…she does deserve to take a night off to dress like a slut (not a respectable MOTHER) and party until the next day.
    I don’t think most single, working moms in America would appreciate people calling what she does work or that she needs to get out once in awhile cuz bein a mom is hard. This woman did nothin but party for years and she can go do whatever the hell she wants cuz she has a nanny that picks up all the slack.
    I dunno what clouds the minds of these crazed fans of hers but if it was someone else they’d be sayin what a skank she is and she needs to be taking care of her kids, etc…This woman just got out of rehab after actin like a psycho. I can’t believe K-Fed is lookin like the better person out of the 2 right now. It’s a tragedy to watch someone’s life go in the toilet in front of the whole world. When is enough enough????

  27. kimmy says

    minkysmom- I don’t think a person doing drugs would look that fit and muscular- just an observation.

  28. shifting sands says

    She’s nasty TRASH !!!! First of all she has a beach cover on as a dress ??????? Everyone around her is FULLY DRESSED and she’s in a 2 piece bikini !!!! What the hell is wrong with her ? Every night she goes out drinks and leaves her kids with some Nannyu who I but they think is there mom !!!

  29. y.b.g. says

    Of course she’s crap but apparently a lot of people love colorful crap. OK fine, as far as she alone is concerned (though the idiotic amount of money’s she’s already made for contributing what exactly? says something pitiful about us). I’m sorry, but seriously … no matter how big a fan you are (sigh): just pause & think for a moment about all the elements surrounding those poor children as they grow up … they are surely doomed.

  30. Lizzie says

    Sandra~~not sure your question even justifies me answering….Of course I don’t take my kids to work with me…But, then again, my job consists of more than 2 hours a day…And I’m so whooped after working that partying is the farthest thing from my mind…I have this thing in my life that’s called RESPONSIBILITY…I chose to become a parent so the least I can do is try to set good examples for my children and try to be a good role model for them so when they grow up I won’t have any regrets…But, that’s JMO. I know everybody won’t agree with that and that’s fine, too….

  31. Lizzie says

    Ali~~Yes I have hired a babysitter for ONE NIGHT..I have three kids (all under the age of 7) so yes, I do understand the importance of “me time”, going out with the girls, etc…However, not every freakin’ night…Not to be preaching religion, but having children is a Godly blessing…She would gain back much more respect if she started acting like a caring mother instead of a club hopping teenie bopper. That’s JMO!!!

  32. minkysmom says

    She is not back on track. Just because she can now fit in a bikini and doesn’t wear those stupid fishnets mean nothing. It’s not that easy to get off drugs and alcohol and certainly a mumu isn’t the thing to stop it. She is never with her kids because she only has them three days a week. Let her do what she wants, she always ends up looking the fool.

  33. says

    she been in the lilmelight scince she was a little girl i think she crying out for help 1 wearing no underware clubing 24/7 shaving her hair wearing little clothes almost droping sean putting him on her lap driving having two kids with a married men her mother sould be a shame of herself i must say she does have a nice body she is very busy women aleast she spend time with her two kids

  34. Karina says



  35. Karina says



  36. Sandra says

    Ali the better question would be, Do you take your kids to work? My guess is not! Why because you wouldn’t be able to work. Granted she is out partying, AFTER she worked heaven forbid! I think she looks hot and very happy.

  37. Lauren says

    Wow, Britney sure got her body back after having back-to-back pregnancies. She looks hott. She needs to re-think her priorites though. Even if there’s no harm going out a couple of nights and having fun, she’s always pictured doing that while her kids are being raised by nannies. They’re only young once Brit! Enjoy it!

  38. says

    woah Lizzie, are you saying you’ve never hired a sitter for a night without children, essentially the same thing don’t you think? I’d give anything for a nanny so I could go out, after children were asleep, take dance classes and shop, I’d give anything for her money too but that’s another story. Just had to wonder if you’ve ever been a single parent, those stolen nights out can be extremely beneficial to sanity.

  39. says

    have to say, definitely the best look lately, she looks really together….even the hair is good in these shots, has anyone seen pics of her real hair anywhere? I’ve heard it’s now at least two inches, wonder why she’s not trying out the short look..

  40. Lizzie says

    Just one question…Why in the world does God provide twits like this with kids? She has no desire to be a mom…She is about as mature as a 10 yr old…You would think her kids are her # 1 priority…wrong…her priorities are found at the nightclubs….sad sad sad when there’s so many deserving couples who can’t have children and yet this bimbo has 2 innocent, adorable babies she leaves at home with the nanny so she can go have her fun…she has to be the most undeserving “mother”i know….If some of you have a problem with that….then DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

  41. kimmy says

    Britney has proven to us( although she doesn’t owe us an explanation for anything) that she holds her kids. Her body is smokin hot and I’m very happy for her. She’s only 25 and it’s natural to go out and party once in a while.

  42. sharon says

    I don’t care what everyone else will say in the negative regarding this thread. She looks FANTASTIC. She has really put herself back on the track she fell off of. “Oh but she went out to the bar and partied, where were her kids?” I am hearing it already, well thankfully if she was out partying her kids were at home, If you are the kind of person who NEVER goes anywhere and always has your kids 24/7, and you are bashing Britney because she does go out to party, well then maybe you need to rethink your extracurricular activities. Just because we are parents does not mean we can not have a life at all. There I beat y’all to the punchline and said what I have to say. Go Brit, you look awesome!

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