Teri Hatcher & Daughter At World Premiere Of Pirates Of The Carribean: At World's End

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher and daughter, Emerson Rose, 9, were snapped at the world premiere of Walt Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End held at Disneyland on Saturday in Anaheim, CA.


  1. kayla says

    i cant believe u guz are talking about this i mean seousely she is a famouse girl and she doesnt have time for people like us she probably has a lot of time for others but not to us we are nobody pretty much to famouse people!!!!!

  2. amy says

    it’s a shame that terri’s jeans were so tight that she had no pocket space left for her to leave her house key…oh, hang on…what’s that on emerson’s neck???
    actually, i think emerson is going to grow to be a lovely looking young woman…i don’t know how hard terri has to work to keep her frame the way it is, but it appears emerson has a long slim body shape already…

  3. Diane says

    12. ashlei, your post sounds almost crazy. Talking about Alysssa and posed by Jen! Who cares? It doesn’t even make any sense!

  4. says

    no people im not talking about me i taking about alyssa i got this post on celebrity-babies .com and it sound filimar like alyssa and on the bottom it said posted by jen so i thought it was the same person that why os said someone is a liar

  5. Nicki says

    6. ashlei, she probably could not be bothered taking a picture with your daughter – so what?!? Is your daughter a celebrity? I doubt it!!

  6. says

    My Daughter is at the Premiere right now. She said she met Teri Hatcher,both went down the redcarpet at the same time, and she was completely rude and denied a picture with her. Dissapointing really, thought I would look up online pictures from tonight and came across this one. She is still such a wonderful looking mother, but it is sad that she has to be negative at an Event where she is bound to get asked an autograph or photo. Tisk tisk.

    Posted by: Jen at May 19, 2007
    someone is a liar

  7. Zbella says

    Alyssa – how so? I’m curious!

    Emerson is so sweet looking – fast becoming my favorite preteen celebrity ‘baby’.

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