Jennifer Garner & Violet At The Market

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and 17-month-old daughter Violet were snapped shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart farmer’s market on Saturday.



  1. liz says

    what wonderful, enjoyable pictures. I just love baby violet and jennifer and ben affleck. Actually I see both parents in her expressions and even in the shape of her face. Yes she was all Jennifer when born but as time goes on there are some pictures where she looks very much like her daddy. all i can say is that these pictures are so enjoyable they make me laugh out loud when I see them and I’m not a laughy person. Thanks so much for showing them, they really brighten up my day.


  2. Chrisie says

    Baby v sure looks like mom but I don’t see any BEN in her where in the world did baby v get her blond hair from?? Ben have you wonderd on that? If you were w/ me you wouldn’t be wondering!

  3. Ren says

    Violet looks like she is going to need some braces! I hope the next kid isn’t named Red, Pink, Green, or after some other color.

  4. neil says

    Question, when you and your friends are all together and one of you has a pimple do you or your friends rush over and try to squeeze it? A word of advice. If you pick at it, it will never get better. Leave the trolls ALONE! Peace.

  5. sunny says

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  6. Z says


  7. DMITZ says

    I think Violet looks like Ben in the 1st pic and Jennifer in the 2nd one. She is getting so big and looks so adorable. Jennifer looks like such a great mother.

  8. Lauren says

    Little Violet is adorable! Her hair is getting lighter. Jen kinda reminds me of Hilary Swank now that she has bangs.

  9. Lizzie says

    First…yippee….Always happy to see more pics of this family….V is getting soooo big and looking more like her daddy….Jen doesn’t look as uptight in these pics…must be a sign things are going great for them….:)

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