Bridget Moynahan's Baby Shower

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan

An expectant Bridget Moynahan, 36, enjoyed a baby shower in her honor at a friend’s home in Venice, CA. on Saturday afternoon. Bridget is expecting her and ex-boyfriend Tom Brady’s first child together in August. Brooke Shields and Molly Sims were among those to help her celebrate.



  1. janice says

    tracey – your comments about Bridget are totally uncalled for and unfair. I don’t know her personally, but even a minor internet investigation into her history (or just being an informed person throughout the time of her career) will show you that she is the furthest thing from a press whore. This mean stuff about Bridget is manufactured out of thin air. And do you know of anyone over the age of 25 who has not had sex before marriage? I would guess very few. Don’t you have better things to do with your time than to be so obnoxious to a woman who is braving a pregnancy all by herself?

  2. tracey says

    She wanted to get preg. she is. If she did not want to be a single parent she should have gotten married before having sex. She got a baby and alot of free press. Wonder how long before she sells the babies picture? Press whore!!!!

  3. Celia says

    I think she looks great! She’s not “huge” she’s pregnant, and a baby bump is so beautiful and natural, it shouldn’t be called “huge”.
    Still, i don’t think it’s fair to be so mean towards Tom. No one knows what exacly happened between them. Of course Bridget didn’t say anythnig bad to the press about him, but neither did Tom. Plus, he never talked about his relationship with Gisele, it’s not his fault if paparazzis take pictures of them, they didn’t go to any event together, and they’re keeping low profile.

  4. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    I wonder if Giselle attended ahahha or if she sent some gifts ahhahhha..I learned her lesson first ime around..nor more giftd ehhahhahahahh

  5. fifi trooper says

    I think that she is ok! I mean, she just another pregnant chick! I think that it’s messed up that Tom Brady isn’t with her to share in on the joy! He’s to busy, kissing that model’s ass, to be in on precious memories!!!!!

  6. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    I think he look sbeautiful and I think ewww’s comments are hilarious…
    You just need to stop taking comment too personally…

  7. Ellen says

    Geezzz eww # 3 … is that what was said about your momma when she was pregnant with you?? Give it a rest! If this WAS her baby shower, I wonder if Tom was kind enough to send a gift. OMG.. what am I thinking?? He’s too self-absorbed right now to give a s*^t about anybody else but himself and his “boob” girlfriend right now.

  8. jp says

    Janice you are so right. Bridget has handled this situation with beauty and grace. Tom has not only abandontly Bridget when she was pregnant , but proceeded to think only of himself and his wants and desires at this time and brought even more media pressure on her by his very public romancing of Gisele. She deserves and is getting the support of good loyal friends and family. This has to have been a very hurtful and devasting time in her life, but she has risen above it and is findly joy in the new life of her first child. I wish her the best.

  9. janice says

    Bridget is truly one of the most attractive pregnant women out there, and those that say otherwise obviously have a personal agenda – and they lack basic kindness. Bridget has shown incredible courage in doing this all on her own and without a single bad word for her deadbeat ex. I so admire her and am glad she has good friends to help her through. It is truly so difficult to go thru this without the baby’s father being there (and to go thru it so publicly makes it MORE difficult – those that think she WANTS extra publicity are morons) I wish her only the best. She seems like such a good person…I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful mom.

  10. eww says

    She looks huge. Cubby face and thicker neck than usual. And still wearing that evil “look at me, I tried to trap a man into marrying me”. Well, he does not love you and moved on, thank God!

  11. Zbella says

    She’s radiant. Love her dress and her hair. I attended a baby shower as well today for a friend due in early June!

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