Bruce Willis & Daughter In Paris

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was snapped in Paris on Friday with one of his three daughters, Scout, 15, wearing a T-shirt that reads, “Prefer a Son?” I don’t get it? It also says Hmmm….



  1. Candice Morgan says

    I think the shirt is a statement on how society has, over the centuries, valued sons over daughters. One has only to look at the current situation in China to understand the shirt–selective abortions for female-fetuses and widespread female infanticide are epidemic on that side of the world.

    And, as one commenter already mentioned, he has three daughters himself. Also, in more recent posts on this site, the blogger mentions that Demi has expressed her wish to have a baby boy. It could also be a reference/inside joke with his ex-wife and daughters.

    Personally, I think the blogger of this site should open his/her mind and perhaps read some actual news. Don’t get me wrong, celebrity tabloids are a fun guilty-pleasure, but don’t forget about the real world! Perhaps then cultural references such as this one wouldn’t fly over the blogger’s head. Fun pictures, though.

  2. says

    I don’t want to sound mean since Rumer is just a teen, but….yeah, she definitely DID get her parents’ looks, but the bad part of them. She’s like the worst parts of Demi & Bruce mixed together lol
    BUT WHO KNOWS – as I say she’s still a teen, lots of changing to do, she may turn out beautiful. Though I’d advise her to stay away from Lohan if she has any hope of THAT.

    The 2 younger daughters, BTW, are GORGEOUS, IMO.

  3. Not Brit's Fan says

    LoL @ lilkunta~~~in love with Ashton? Ummm, that would be a negative. There’s nothing really about him I find appealing, sorry. That’s just me. Demi’s kids are grown? The oldest is 17 or 18, right? and the youngest is what, 14 or 15? I guess by today’s standards you’re probably correct although I still consider those babies and I admire Demi for taking her young girls to Idaho. I’m sure the few years they were there really taught them to develop into mature,responsible young ladies. Lots of times we’re taught by example, correct?

  4. lilkunta says


    U’ve concluded this based on what ?

    R u 1 of those young girls that r in luv with Ash ?

    Br-Demi left hollywood & moved 2 Idaho to focus on their girls.

    AK is in the pic now when the girls r grown.

  5. says

    the 3 girls are very pretty, but I was watchin rummer when she was small and she was in a movie with demmie, she was very cute

  6. Lizzie says

    I think all 3 of their daughters are gorgeous…I also think Demi and Bruce are wonderful actors but as far as their parenting skills…..well, that leaves little to be desired. And, that’s just MY opinion….I could be totally wrong about that but just from observation, that’s what I’ve concluded…However, I do think Ashton makes a wonderful MOD to the girls…

  7. onatear says

    The t-shirt is a joke, I bet, on himself…or us, because he has 3 daughters and when asked about wanting a son, he was always very happy with his girls..
    I think the daughter is darling. She’s just a kid. Have you seen pix of her parents when they were her age?

  8. kimmy says

    I think he looks like both. She kind of got Bruces long shaped face, but Demi’s eyes. Frankly, I don’t seee the whole obsession with Demi. She has a nice body, but her face is not that big of a deal.

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