Britney Heading To Florida

Britney Spears

Britney and her matching hoodie pals were snapped on May 18th heading to Florida for Britney’s performance at The House of Blues.

And here she was snapped at Teddy’s nightclub on May 17th. She looks sort of sad.

Britney Spears


  1. Anne says

    jenner, you’re an idiot.
    Maybe britney should invite the paparazzi into her home so YOU can see pictures of her with her children.

    god forbid she go out with some friends one night

    and just a few days ago she was photographed with SP, and on that thread idiots like you went on about how her other kid must be retarded because he’s never photographed, even though just days before that there were shots of her with JJ

    idiots, all of you

  2. says

    OH – and Lauren – isn’t that amazing that people NOW say the boys should be with KFed, and that HE would be the better parent?!??! Who would have thought THAT!?!??!?! LOL

  3. says

    Serious Q – why is Britney here on babyrazzi when she is NEVER with her children? I’m not a Britney hater – I’m a Britney “dislker” no doubt, but not a hater. Sure, they can’t take pics of her 100% of the time, but they take pics of her 99% of the time, and 98% of the time she is without her children.

    Boggles my mind. Give birth to them, then give them to someone else. Yeesh.

  4. Lauren says

    I have no respect for Britney anymore. All she seems to care about is herself. Those boys should stay with their father, they’ll have a semblance of a normal life.

  5. JJ says

    If BS is looking for a stylist. I’ll take on the job. Seriously. I’m an image consultant and I can definitely help her look her best. She just needs some guidance and discipline. Once upon a time I really hated BS but now I just feel sorry for her.

  6. N says

    I think she is said because she was denied the vip table sge wanted by the promoter. I think he should have given her the table. In the long run we will see if it was a dumb move on his part. I think her new cd is going to be nice. I think she is going to make a big comeback. She was never the best singer (comparing her to CA)…. but she is the best dancer/performer amongst the other pop stars.

    Also, Keni and Sandra, You wouldnt know that I was being sarcastic. I assumed you read my other posts on Britney. You may not have….. But for future references.. I have never bashed any of the celebs on this site or any other site for that matter…… I may have gotten into it with a couple of posters. But thats it. Im a very easy going person….. : )

  7. Cay says

    Compared to her recent pictures, Britney looks like she use to in the old days. I think she looks a lot better and she probably does look sad because of the constant media frenzy.

  8. N says

    Um Honey, The comment was sarcastic….. I can see the flip flops arent pink. I was being sarcastic towards the other people that complain about everything she wears, does, etc. Hence the : ) ………. Damn….. Have to explain everything on this site.

  9. kimmy says

    Sandra- I agree with you 100%. YOU ARE ALL HATERS!!! Argue with me all you want but if you weren’t you wouldn’t obsess about making comments all the time. Britney has a hot body- face it. Stop the bitterness- it’s like so unattractive.

  10. Sandra says

    Umm look again hunny she isn’t wearing pink flip flops! Her last photo with the purple top is hot! I love that outfit, minus the hat. I assume she keeps wearing hats to keep her wigs on!

    People just don’t get it, if you don’t like her don’t comment on her. It makes you REALLY immature! Much more than BS herself! Get a life!

  11. Keni says

    I’d look sorta sad if ppl followed me everywhere I went taking pics. When I want them to, when I dont, when Im in my yard, when Im running errands, when Im with my girls or my kids.

    I’d look sad if ppl who have never met me judged me on my life, my children, my clothin, my hair, my parenting, my body and my looks.

    I’d be sorta sad if someone who had never met me called me a skank b/c I wasnt walking with my kids, b/c my pants were big, or b/c Im holding the hands of my friends..

    I’d look sorta sad if I went away to get help b/c it was too much to deal with and came out to even more scrutiny.

    Thats just my guess….

  12. N says

    Oh MY …… Why is this skank wearing clothes…. I cant believe her. Why isnt she walking with her kids. Why is she holding her friends hands? Why are her pants so big. I hate her pink flip-flops…. She is such a bad mom. : )

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