Another Baby On The Way For Heidi Klum?

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Gorgeous Heidi Klum, 33,was snapped shopping at The Grove in West Hollywood on Friday with her mom Erna Klum, 3-year-old daughter Leni and 6-month-old son Johan.

Rumor has it that Heidi is pregnant again! A family friend recently old OK!: “Heidi and Seal want six children and she’s ready to start trying for the next one right away.”


More pics can be found at Just Jared!



  1. ahhhh says

    the only reality about heidi is that she is still in love with flavio and resented.So,she acts as the classic child,let me go with the black man…lets play with the prejudice of the black male size and try to diminish the white one who didn’t pay attention to me or dismissed me sending the message of “you don’t fit my shoes sexually”…you have to be stupid if you don’t see that part….and in my opinion this is racism too(about the full package in oprah’s show)…it’s the same attitude of nicole kidman when tom left her and she began dating lenny kravitz…..If flavio acted bad or not is another issue but heidi’s answer is childish and moreover she is using a black guy who knows isn’t handsome and is looking for redemption…yes she is bad people too…the best is not to pay attention to her…It’s the same if I’m in love with brooke shield and she didn’t pay attention to me and I go to oprah’s show and I say that I like beyonce because has a bigger ass…that’s pain….anything else…

  2. blackbajan says

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  3. blackbajan says

    its people like you guys that makes the world so hard to live in. if you are not hating blacks , you are hating a religion,country , rich people,everything… live and love no matter what colour you are .its about the heart and the love thats inside

  4. blackbajan says

    its people like you guys that makes the world so hard to live in. if you are hating blacks , you are hating a religion,country , rich people,everything… live and love no matter what colour you are .its about the heart and the love thats inside

  5. Col. Sanders, ret. says

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  6. Mildred Wogbash says

    I have heard rumours regarding the size of seal’s “club”, and I assure you by even the most conservative estimates, and even on a very cold day, Seal is hung like an elephant, and Heidi is having the time of her life with it.

    I hope that makes you vulgar racist trolls green with envy as you picture scene after painful and humiliating scene, Seal taking Heidi through a hundred exotic positions with his enormous and hard Nubian ebony cock.

  7. BNP Forever says

    Another monkey is on the way? Wow! Will this woman ever regain her sanity?
    And if she does regain her sanity, will she send the apes back to Africa? No honourable white man will want anything to do with them.

    BNP Forever
    Portsmouth, UK

  8. Shirley Q. Liquor says

    I remember when rutting with animals used to be illegal. The law should be brought back to deal with PC morons like Heidi.

  9. lisa H. says

    How may women would have a baby that they knew was not going to be as smart as the average child? that must be hard, I could never do it, it’s almost like choosing to have a mentally retarded baby. if you have a baby that is less intelligent than the others, i think you respect them less, even if only sub consciously. I think heidi will have to deal with this, as surely Leni is much smarter than the other two

  10. Tia says

    lol christ Naomi what the hell did I do?? This wacko comes on here and starts saying that her race is the best and that we should fear the negroid race and that “she sees the offspring from a blk/white couple, it means one more negro and one less Caucasian, it’s one more negro to destroy another American city”

    But you go off one me?? Go F**k yourself!!!

    Xenafan96- How right you are!! My brother-in-law is Black. He is the sweetest man in he world, and an excellent father to my niece…my sister has been married to him for 8 years…and they are very much in love…if that is wrong, then i dont know what is right…and it’s very true what you say about someones bloodline…no one is “blie blooded” anymore…welcome to the year 2007

  11. Xenafan96 says

    Yes Tia-how dare you just think that it is ok to marry for love and procreate as you wish, no matter what heritage? 😉 If that is ignorance, then I am all bliss.
    I want to see just one, mind you, ONE person in the entire world that can show me proof that their family tree grows in a single line with no other influeneces. The closest I can think of being a true lineage of the same blood would be the Pharaoh’s-never mind the historical fact that this line is rather short due to severe inbreeding among siblings.

  12. Xenafan96 says

    Col, how nice to see you stop by again. I read your posts, and from a purely objective point, why do you keep coming back and attempting to explain yourself over and over again? This site is supposed to be about babies, and Moms having fun chatting, and Dads too if they wish. I think we all get the fact you love your race, and that’s great. MLK was a great man with a far greater purpose to bring equality to all races, and to counterpoint him, we have Louis Farrakhan who advocates that blacks expect whites to pay for the past history. It all depends on who or more importantly, what you believe in. Human beings in general have the astonishing capability to create and also destroy what we make with our own two hands. Heritage wise, I can trace my lineage back to approx. 1760 AD thanks to the superb work of my cousin who has spent close to 26 years traveling around the world to document our family. I’ve got Robert E. Lee in my lineage, and in the same line I have Sitting Bull. Cross over to Ireland and we have a few IRA members, Scotland has quite a few graveyard owners (my maiden name actually translates in Scottish as those of the cemetary on the hill), and also to Germany and, most queerly, a faint line running to Stalin. Beyond those 300 odd years I know nothing more where my family has descended from. As Africa does have ancient civilizations that have been documented to exist, I can easily conclude that my family, my people, must have originated a long time ago along the Nile. At some point, we all as a race of humans had to begin there. There is simply no further archeological (sic) conclusive proof.

  13. Tia says

    Col. Sanders, you talk about US needing to go to school?? HELLO!! We are living in 2007! I graduated from university with a Bachlors degree in nursing -3rd in my class…believe me, i am NOT stupid.

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  14. Tia says

    for christ sakes # 35- MOVE ON! Angie is a great mom…she’s MAKING A MOVIE RIGHT NOW!

    now i like Jen Aniston ( Power to the greeks!! LOL) Seriously though, it’s time to move on, Angie is with Brad…Jen is Jen…the end

  15. says

    FOR #1, nobody will ever say anything about Heidi having a million kids if she wants because:
    #1, Heidi is NOT a whore like Angelina
    #2. Heidi looks after her kids and spends time with ALL of them not just a chosen few
    #3. Heidi has class and respect
    #4. Heidi puts her kids first, she is NOT selfish like Angelina
    #5. Heidi is Mom material, Angelina is REHAB material….

    need I go on, cause I could!!!!

  16. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    For all of the amateur psychologists here, let me explain myself, then you can give it another shot, ok?
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  17. Naomi says

    Guilt, Reeny, guilt. The self-haters know that they are wrong, but think that if they say the same thing over and over again, it’ll make their perverted thoughts okay.

  18. Reeny says

    Why are people even responding to Col. Sanders? It just fuels his ego. Ignore him and he will go away.

  19. Maritz says

    So, Sanders is angry that white supermodels are procreating with chimps. Do we now assume that chimps are more attractive prospects than guys like Sanders? Or perhaps Sanders is just a lonely, sexually-frustrated man. Or both.

  20. Funny says


    LMAO.. all this neurosis because you’re too lame to get attention from a decent white chick? Stop being mad at black men and concentrate on improving your emasculated gene pool. What real man would frequent gossip weblogs? You’re probably still wondering why white women find you increasingly repulsive. I’d rather sleep with a chimpanzee than an emotinal, dickless f*g.

    Corny whimp.

  21. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    I have 4 kids…5, 4, 3, & 7 mo. I’m happily married and I get soooooo tired of people asking if we’re “done yet”. I understand that society has changed so much now and people wanna have their 1.5 kids (if any at all) but if I wanna have 20 kids, it’s none of anyone’s business. We don’t receive any government help and noone else is raising them but my husband and nannies or daycare. My body has healed just fine thanks and although I don’t plan on having anymore kids in the near future, I may when I get alittle older.
    My kids get along so well and they always have someone to play with. It’s hectic, difficult and frustrating sometimes but the good days far outnumber the bad and I love it.
    Also, even if Heidi is pg , they wouldn’t be a few months apart…people forget to do the math..9 months plus 6 months equals 15 months apart.
    Leni is about the cutest 3 yr old (other than mine!) I’ve ever seen!! Good to see model mommy doesn’t freak out about stains on the shirt…little kids need to be little kids and get dirty!! So tired of the perfectly coiffed Sheen/Richards girls…although they are sweet.

  22. Kitty says

    oh…….. as much as i love this family, i think it would be wise for heidi to just give her body some time before she gets pregnant again.

  23. Kitty says

    it really is sad col sanders, how a jackass like you could bring such a theory to this blog. You should check yourself to see what species you’re from. Thank God there are caucasians on this blog who don’t have such minds as sick and repulsive as yours. piece of shit you are, you need flushing.

  24. Tia says

    Col. Sanders, i love how you only come out when it’s something about Heidi. You make me sick…it’s scum like you that make this world a horrible place sometimes. Why don’t you just stop talking now? you have got to be the biggest piece of shit in the world.

  25. Malayka says

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  26. JJ says

    Colonel feces, where do you get your info from ?? Wait, let me guess. Oh yeah…right, from back issues of MAD magazine. Issues from the 1970s when people were taking too much LSD and imaging themselves riding a magic carpet. Is that where you got your cock-and-bull story? Well, I don’t think that the people on this blog care about Charles Darwin’s theories so get outta here, crack head!

  27. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    Did you people know that Darwin and others felt there was so much difference between humans and the negro that they if it were any other animal it would have been classified as a new species?
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    We may have to go from “racism” to “speciesism”!!!!!
    I write this to show that there are real reasons for racism, and it is not skin color, it is low intelligence, it is crime, it is sociopathic behavior. this is why it is so upsetting to see A caucasian woman breed with a negro
    quick fact: the negro kills more whites in 1 year than the number of negroes the KKK has ever killed in it’s history

  28. Maritz says

    “I never seen anyone in the media criticize Seal and Heidi for wanting so many kids right after the other. ”

    – I think it probably has to do with the fact that they seem rational and stable.

  29. Lauren says

    Heidi’s children are so cute and precious. I think she should wait until her youngest is at least a year old. Henry isn’t even 2 yet. If and when they do have another, I hope it’s a little girl. It will add balance to the family.

  30. Tia :) says

    im the same. I looovvvee large families. I come from a large family….im the oldest of 4. I hope my daughter has what I had. I would love to have 3 more 🙂

  31. Zbella says

    She doesn’t look pregnant yet – but it usually takes a little while to show 😉 You can get pregnant while nursing – happened to me! My grandma had 12 children – the first 8 were all 13-16 months apart. She nursed them all. And she lived to the ripe old age of 96. So, some women can obviously handle it.

    I love large families and Heidi does it very well. Kudos to her if she can continue to add to her family and juggle it all. I like her bag too.

  32. says

    I think she needs to rest, she has 3 kids under 3, shes going to regret later, she can have the children she want but shes still young, for health

  33. oriana says

    Doesn’t a woman’s body need time to recuperate and heal after having a baby? It takes too much strength and energy away having baby after baby not even a year a part in age. Especially if she nursing, doesn’t she need her hormones to get back normal?

  34. N says

    I was thinking the same hmm…… I want her to have a girl too. I just want her to learn how to do their hair. Henry needs a good comb through with some oil or a haircut. His hair looks extremely dry. Besides that…. I think all her children are cute.

  35. says

    heidi klum and family!!!!!!!:) i was beginning 2 wonder….its been a while since i saw any pics of her on this site. anyway, henry is the little kid in the background. all three of them were there. i love this family. they are too precious. wow, more kids already….i think she should wait a while until johann is a little bit older, but then again, its their decision. if she does get pregnant soon again, i hope she has a little girl. all the best to this beautiful family

  36. Miranda says

    Well as far as I can see, Henry is there to, in a red sweather. And I think they’re absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  37. hmm says

    I wonder if she will get the same criticism that Brad and Angelina recieve for having so many kids, the only difference is that three of their kids are adopted.

    I never seen anyone in the media criticize Seal and Heidi for wanting so many kids right after the other.

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