An Expectant Samantha Harris At The Shrek The Third Premiere

Samantha Harris

An expectant Samantha Harris showed off her baby bump at the Shrek the Third premiere.



  1. Lizzie says

    Right on sista Katie~~Why can’t some of you just be happy for Sam? Obviously she’s very delighted in her cute lil’ baby bump. Oh, and by the way, saw Shrek 3 today….Hilarious!!!

  2. Zbella says

    I am not crazy about that outfit either. But she’s a beauty and I do like to see the pregnant mommas. She probably puts her hand there to show off her belly a little. She’s barely showing…

  3. Gaelle says

    Since that woman got pregnant, every picture she is in she has her hand under her belly. Sometimes you would think they want the attention.

  4. Sandra says

    Show us the baby bumps, afterall that is where the babies come from that we love to watch!

    I think she is soo cute!! You could really tell on Dancing with the Stars the last couple of weeks her bump being more noticeable!

  5. Katie says

    I see nothing wrong with posting pix of BABY bumps! I got an idea for you (if you are so offended) Don’t look. Plain and simple.

    Now about the pix: not to thrilled about the dress/shoes. She looks healthy though and thats all that matters.

    Good luck.

  6. onatear says

    Okay. It’s time for a separate BUMP BLOG. It’s boring and no longer cute, etc…to flash the bump, on a BABY site. It’s babies we want to see here. Pregnancy doesn’t count. Also, a lot can happen, tragically, before there is a baby to show off. Please, just show us the born, and create a new blog for bumps. Thanks.

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