Tori & Dean Enjoy A Night Out

Tori Spelling

Tori and Dean enjoyed a night out, leaving 2-month-old son Liam at home, to host the Cosmo and Midori Cocktail Party at Social Hollywood on Thursday. Tori looks great and I love her Princess Leia-esque hair!



  1. celeste says

    # 25 This is celeste, i’m not a fake. What is your problem, i’m not a fan of Tori i’m just a fan of her boobs that’s all, Get a grip people there is nothing wrong with that. Geez

  2. kerry says

    tori’s #1 fan fuck off and get the help u need. I get on this site and you are always causing shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the first and only time i will blog, so keep to yourself and we won’t have to put u in your place. Thank u!

  3. kelly says

    # 23 fake ass bitch don’t be trying to act like your celeste # 1, because we all know you are not. you are that stupid bitch who tried to say stuff about celeste. we all know you are that dumb bitch who says you are the number 1 fan of tori’s. so get a life and stop trying to say you are someone you are not!

  4. celeste says

    What is with you people? I love Tori’s boobs. They are so nice and perky and very firm. They are so beautiful, and i’m getting so sick of people bashing Tori’s boobs…STOP

  5. N says

    Marina… dont assume that the all the bitches are american! Some are…but not all. I find it funny how some people on here try to say this is how americans act or how brits act…… The charateristics described on these blogs can be demonstrated by any race, culture, country, etc….. In other words……You dont have to be american to be a bitch.

  6. marina says

    geez i can’t believe how rude people can be here.. who are you? are you friggin perfect? doubt it. Leave the poor girl alone, who cares if she wants to dress up for her husband and look good once in a while. So what, she’s a mommy now, does that mean she has to wear flat shoes and cut her hair off. Is this bitchiness an american thing?!

  7. S says

    This is a really good pic of Tori and Dean although they do look a little sleep deprived…They both seem to be wonderful parents to lil Liam…can’t wait to see more pics of the 3 of them together….By the way, loooove Tori and Dean’s new show….They really seem genuine, down to earth, crazy country foks…LOL!!!

  8. Zbella says

    I admit, the boobs need an adjustment – but who cares what her son thinks in 10 years??? Why live your life according to what your preteen will think of you someday? Silly.

  9. kelly says

    They are so cute together (not her tits). I really think that tori needs to go back to the Dr. that did her boob job and ask that they go in and stretch the skin more round and make them look normal. That cave she sports is not right!!!! sorry ladys if you don’t like what i said but every bitch has a right to speek her mind….and no i am not gay we all look at tits its part of the competition to look good for ourselves and our men.

  10. Sheena says

    ewwww. Whats up with that ” cute ” look? As if she could EVER go there. I think they are both totally disgusting!

  11. Lauren says

    Wow, Tori looks great. She could’ve worn a dress a little less revealing. She’s a mommy now!

  12. Kelsie says

    Yeah see if i were Liam,i’d hate to be 10,11 years old, and find a pic. of my mom with boobs hanging out.No offense to Tori,but she could cover up just a little more

  13. Sandra says

    That was weird I posted a comment and now its awaiting moderation. There is nothing bad in it! Not any worse than Tori’s boobs hangin out!

  14. Sandra says

    lol she must have used a lot of tape to hold those suckers in! Her hair is ugly though, I hate the whole sticky bun look on the sides of your head!

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