Tom Cruise & Suri Visit Katie Holmes On The Set Of 'Mad Money'

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Tom and Suri were snapped visiting Katie on the set of ‘Mad Money’ in Shreveport, Louisiana. Suri keeps getting cuter! I’ll never be convinced that Tom is completely normal…but they are a very cute family!


  1. chinny says

    hmm, its nice to see Katie looking a bit more like the “pre-tom” days… happy and young shall i say? I can’t stand how Katie’s wardrobe now, somehow makes her look 10 years older then she is.

    Another thin, why on earth did she gove up Batman for this? **tom obviously**

    Ah the dawson days… how i miss them

  2. babe says

    #84 Anne, who are you? what are you thinking of? You have a very negative thoughts about tomkat family esp. baby suri. I think you should be fair and face the truth, be objectilve on your comments.

  3. Shadow Girl says

    Hola, girls! Catch you on the next thread where I’m sure to be laughing my guts out at how the pro Tommy people kiss Tom’s ass.

  4. oriana says

    Welcome back Xena!!!! You deserve all the fun and good times! Hoope you can get away again soon, we missed you!!!!! Glad you back amongst us!!!!!!!

  5. Libraesque says

    xena, good to see you back

    #27, get a new name this ones taken
    If you’re the tomkat fan you appear to be might I suggest a name like Anne, or Jackie, or Helen or Sarah or Hana….these seem to be popular tomkat screen names

  6. Xenafan96 says

    I posted this first in the Mommy Classess string, but reprinting it here in case I missed anyone!

    HIYA ALL!! Smooches to Oriana for the well wishes :*
    Of course, to all the other girlies here too, Mia, Amy, Libra, ShadowG,Sally-hola!
    Yes, I did disappear to the sunny beaches of Cabo for a SURPRISE Mother’s Day retreat….I thought I was going to the airport to pick up a body! By golly, that plane took my body straight to sun and sand. I was totally blindsided by the hubby and kids, and it was wonderful!! 8 whole days of no dead people, swimming, snorkeling, and other sundry delights ;). Got back and amazingly enough the business ran just fine without us. Whew!!!
    Back home now and wrapping up the day here, but I had to let you all know I was still alive lol!!
    Hi Nell! I see you have met the girls. Enjoy your visit! 🙂

  7. oriana says

    This is one of the cutest kids, and she always appears to be enjoying herself and having a good time. Fun loving, giggling, same as Violet, but to me Suri is adorable!!!! I love her hair!

  8. oriana says

    Xena, my dear!!!! WE were all wondering about you, glad to see you finally put some clothes on and came out of your backyard!!!! Ha! Thank you and wish you and your family a wonderful safe holiday weekend!!!!!!!

  9. Xenafan96 says

    Hi there everyone! Cutie pics of a little gal named Suri. I can’t even begin to comment on the parents……..only that she is a lovely child who will be well cared for.

    OH and you are right Oriana-I DON’T find you boring or annoying. You make the greatest statements without purposefully aiming at anyone and that is a breath of fresh air!!

  10. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    thank u oriana…i’m alittle biased but he’s pretty darn cute!! LOL
    i posted a link…dunno if it works…there’s a tiny pic of my kiddos…he’s the littlest one of the middle
    i don’t particularly like ppl comparing my boy w/ a girl but i think Suri is a doll so i don’t mind so much!

  11. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    hmmm..I wanted to watch the dancing with stars , i missed that as well..why wont they just pu tall these shows on the weekend instead of the evenings…hmmm

    Oh well…I wont be sad to miss AI …nothing much going on that show..I like the beginning only when its just HILARIOUS with all the crazy people

    Okay got the memorial day thing..I was confusing that with labor day, which I know is in september..easier in europe where I know there is some sort of holiday every month..ahahhahah kidding but yeah the holidays are bit more than the US holidays

  12. oriana says

    Tia, I love all the rich food with the cheese sauces, stuffed grape leaves too! My whole family goes and we take ten Special O clients with us, it is held at the Greek Church here and thankfully we get ten tickets from a friend we have that goes there. The entry fee is $5.00. We love the music and the Arts n Crafts too! It lasts for 3 days. Can’t wait!!!!!!

    Mia, it is our day to honor the fallen soldier and remember the Service men. Also Americans go to the grave sites and visit their deceased loved ones. I fly my flag year round, actually three of them! My house looks like the U.S. Embassy outside! There is the American Flag, the Army Flag (which is white), The State Flag (blue) of Ky and we have a statue of St. Francis in the front yard, so we are covered, Ha!!! Memorial Day is officially Monday so Federal offices, banks, post office, etc. closed on that day. Jails are open though! HA! For all the drunks arrested over the weekend!

    Usually after Memorial Day weekend most swimming pools at the hotels are open so Summer is Sprung!!!!!

  13. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Yea have fun.,.when is memorial day and waht is it, exactly..I have lived in so many places I cant keep track of holidays anywhere..I went work on labor day and everything was closed…..I seem to be on another planet….oh well… I need to set up a US holiday calender or something…ciao

  14. oriana says

    HI Shadowgirl, well obviously I am not sane according to some of the people on here and their conclusions about me! I am too naive, gullible, brainwashed and definately stupid to boot!!! I just didn’t realize I was in such bad shape!!!!!! Ladies, have a good time this weekend!!!!!!

  15. Shadow Girl says

    I saw that GHost Whisperer.. at the end, she looks at the guy who can talk to spirits just like she can.. That’s her bro! I’ll be watching it in the fall, such a great show!

    Sounds like Lola is brainwashed as well. Hmmm, I think Mia, Lib, and Oriana w/me are the only sane ones here..

  16. oriana says

    Angie, I bet your son is as cute as he can be! I love babies with lots of hair! I love Arkansas, love the Ozarks!!!!!

    I want to wish everyone a safe and fun holiday weekend coming up, lots of food, BBQ, traveling, drinking, etc.

    And NO, Mia didn’t brainwash me into saying that!! Memorial Day for us is a fun time weekend and the start of summer, I am going to a Greek Festival and LOVE it!!!!! Lots of food, music, kids, nice time!

    I’ll think of you Tia!!!!!!!

  17. says

    everybody keeps sayin my son looks like Suri…he has that same wig looking hair that I can’t do anything with…i trimmed his bangs cuz he couldn’t see where he was crawling!! LOL
    she’s changing so much!!

  18. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Yeah, they probably already hired someone to play the role of the brother..may be they are looking for young female viewers..must be some hunk…charmed always had some really good looking young men in and out of their revolving doors

    Lola is hilarious…she seems to think I care if she believes me or not…obviously not familair with my postings ahhahaha…
    You are nothing but an ID on a website and realise that you not very important to me or for that matter anyone on here…you remind me of JACKIE with ther insistent attacks against perceived threats rather than focusing on what she claimed she was here to do …very funny ………….

    I enjoy talking to the regulars, who are able to look beyond differences and have a fun conversation. SEE THE VERY LONG THREAD ON THE MOMMY CLASS STORY.I respect those people tremendously and we have fun.

    Now back to reading..

  19. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    By the way, who is Lola…seems to bee too deeply interested in a conversation she just happend to STUMBLE on….


    Great point Shadow…

    Ghost Whisperer update…
    Hmm Orianna, almost gave me a scare there when you said she died, had to read the next line before I could breathe.hahahha
    Wish they repeated all the evening shows on weekends. I though they were killing her off, because I had read somwhere her manger was suing her..

  20. Shadow Girl says

    Is Malayka brainwashed? OBVIOUSLY! Why don’t you go back to cave with all the other crazies.

  21. Lola says

    Cherisse, thanks for the link, those pics are precious, Suri is a doll and that father daughter moment is so precious.

  22. Lola says

    Also making silly accusation about being ex-members etc does not take away from the fact that SCN is dangerous. I am not an ex-member, simply someone who heard Cruise speak about his “religion” and bothered to investigate further. On the Scn site its jsut plain hilarious that ppl believe in this junk,…. then with time and further research , what I read wiped the smile off my face.


    This is the funniest lie ever! Wait for Oriana to believe you. She is the only one who buys your lies andobsessions. Ha! Just an interested party who heard Cruise???!!! How incredulous, what do you take us for? Fools? And the Pope is married to the queen. Bah!

  23. Miapocca says

    Orianna and myself dont exchange emails..everything I write to her is on all the boards for you to read. ASSUMPTIONS that make you comfortable in the giant pink bubble…???

  24. Miapocca says

    Do you think any of us like scientology? Why do you think that these people will bring scientology up even where it is not relevant? Even on non Tomkat threads? Why do you think they would go as far as exchange e-mails with you? Why waste time time site hopping day in day out spreading anti-scientology propaganda?


    Have you ever heard tom criuse miss the opportuinity to bring up scientology in any interview..he lives and breathes it ..and its because of clams or unsuspecting folk who dont want to think or inquire into what you see that he gets away with it.
    Last I heard SCN counts all cruise appearance as Church air if you want to enjoy your pink clouds why not do so, without bothering with folk like me who you think are so unimportant.

    Also making silly accusation about being ex-members etc does not take away from the fact that SCN is dangerous. I am not an ex-member, simply someone who heard Cruise speak about his “religion” and bothered to investigate further. On the Scn site its jsut plain hilarious that ppl believe in this junk,…. then with time and further research , what I read wiped the smile off my face.

    If you find it so unbelievable that a person can educate themselves and come to a conclusion , then I feel sorry for you..and if you also find it unbelievable that a person can be passionate about harm being done to others, then I cannot help but have this image of someone who was happily sipping tea at the time when jews were being sent to concentration camps or the japanese to war camps

    At least stand for something and make use of your given brain even if its for good or bad.

  25. Miapocca says

    This is hilarious….someone posing as another person.WHY???

    First someone comes on here to pose as LIB, then they starts the same old attack tatics of bashing Mia and LIB.
    Then anyone who dares disagree with them is the same as LIB and MIA..If I use the same ID on every single website why would I change it ,, because I am afraid of a bunch of folk whose thinking skills stretch to oohh and aahing over a a built up fantasy of a simple faced child??? Yeah right……….

    Projecting is such a waste of time, since the projector is the one who acccuses others of using names..

    Hello to the interesting ppl here…
    I know very few normal ppl who will defend scn in anyway, so those who do so vehemently are CLAMS ..apparently they send out emails to all clams to be alert on anti scn individuals and you are always guranteed to find them on any tomkat sites…first you pay tons of money to take course that are worth shit then you spend your time helping build the false looney image that cruise wants to project.
    What a sad life, no wonder you are willing to pay to attain some false sense of clarity…….

    What I see here is the same nonsense on and on about brainwashing Orianna. I dont remember telling her to READ and THEN agree with me on everything..I am sure as humans with brains we will not agree on every aspect of scn or the conclusions we draw from a reading the same article.
    When ppl sit around passively for all the dangers of the world to accur, it baffles me, and when they go as far as defending criminals , its even more baffling.If you want to PAY a psycho to reap you off your humanity, do so and feel free to write your opposing views, but do not concentrate on a smear campiagn. Scn uses smear attacks and intimidation to attack percieved threats, and at each point are incapable of simply stating what their opposing views are?

    I dont wish anyone harm, but when its time to leave your cult lets see you do it without without being subjected to mafioso style tatics …., I bet you will go seeking help on the same websites you are so quick to attack..for those of you not in the cult, I hope you never have to experience a child disconnecting from you when they join the looney bin.

    They say ignorance is bliss and I am beginning to believe it.. because it takes a whole lot of time and passion to stand for something worthwile, while others are content to sit in thier pink clouds. Eventually they will invade your pink clouds and by then there will be noone to help you because you sat on your arse while others where asking for help.

    Now back to least I read, even the scientology website….

  26. cherisse says

    If you go on and/ or they have more pictures of Suri one is when Suri is standing and looking with Tom and smiling

  27. Tia says

    Oriana- I do hope you come. I had a lovely weekend, we went to the fair and took Alyssa on her first carousel ride! It was great.

    Talk to you soon!

  28. LAUREN says

    #83 and #84 (who ia the same person)

    You are sounding very desperate! First you wanted Suri not to exist, then not to look like Tom, then to be older and when she turned out to exist, look like Tom and now look her age, you resort t such lame conspiaracy theories of multiple babies that even a blind man can laugh at you.

    Suri’s looks are so unique that I don’t think they can get several babies like that. Besides if you are coming up with a consipiracy why make it so hard that it involves 10 babies who look as unique as Suri. Move on, know when you are beaten. Don’t turn into an idiot.

    #81 Malayka, Hurray my thoughts exactly!!!

  29. LAUREN says

    #83 and #84 (who ia the same person)

    You are sounding very desperate! First you wanted Suri not to exist, then not to look like Tom, then to be older and when she turned out to exist, look like Tom and now look her age, you resort t such lame conspiaracy theories of multiple babies that even a blind man can laugh at you.

    #81 Malayka, Hurray my thoughts exactly!!!

    Suri’s looks are so unique that I don’t think they can get several babies like that. Besides if you are coming up with a consipiracy why make it so hard that it involves 10 babies who look as unique as Suri. Move on, know when you are beaten. Don’t turn into an idiot.

  30. Lola says

    # 83 . I understand what you want to say, so they have a dozen little girls, and present one each time they go out. This one is even funnier than it is not cruise baby. You people have wild imagination. The only difference i see , is last time her hair was longer and has an haircut. It could be i am the idiot.

  31. Anne says

    #81, you sound like a first class idiot.

    Why is Suri the same size now as she was back in November when they got back from their honeymoon? It’s like they switched babies or something…….she’s the same size but looks completely different
    So bizarre, because no other celebrity baby is like that

  32. oriana says

    Malayka, I haven’t read any books that Mia and Lib were the authors of. I have read some that Hubbard wrote.

    As for the other sites, I don’t know about that, I haven’t read them. What sites have they jumped from? I would like to read them.

    Flattered by the attention Mia and Lib give me? I happen to like Tia, Nicki and Xena very much, are you saying they are the same as Mia and Lib? And obviously you haven’t read previous posts from Lib to me disagreeing with me and telling me to F myself before! So if I am brainwashed, then Hubbard did it to me and the Scientol site where his articles and books are published.

    As far as exchanging emails, Mia doesn’t have my email nor I hers, Lib has not emailed me for weeks, and when she does the subject of Tom Cruise and Scientol don’t come up, so you are way off base there.

    I was astonished when I read Hubbard’s teachings, but what is more amazing to me, is that more people aren’t astonished about them! Idon’t go from site to site bashing Tom Cruise, I was in total disbelief when I read some of the things Hubbard wrote and I am not out for revenge on anyone.

    Maybe I am naive, but when I read articles, journals and books that are revered by millions of people, that teach the things that Hubbard represented, it is shocking to me!

  33. Malayka says

    It is always pleasant to visit the site and find pics of Suri. We take a long time without seeing her compared to Violet and Kingston. She is all so grown and so beautiful and I can’t wait too for another one from this family.

    Is Oriana brainwashed? Obviously, I saw this coming and I said it in a thread a while ago. She is such an impressionable person and is flattered by all the attention Miapocca and Libraesque give her. She is actually a tad naive. Of course Oraina, no one tells yyou that you are being brainwashed and the fact that you think that your views are completely independent is laughable.

    Have you ever wondered why these people jump from site to site spreading Anti- scientology propaganda? These are probably former scientologists who are disgruntled. How else do you think they got hold of so much scientology literature or sites? Heck I don’t even think they are interested in showbiz perse, all they want are recruits to their cause and you have to give it to them that they managed to get you.

    I know you think you are not brainwashed but my dear, you are. You are not thinking for yourself but repeating these people’s propaganda. Now you have become a tool. Do not forget that they are probably former scientologist well vast with the art of Brain washing. Do you think any of us like scientology? Why do you think that these people will bring scientology up even where it is not relevant? Even on non Tomkat threads? Why do you think they would go as far as exchange e-mails with you? Why waste time time site hopping day in day out spreading anti-scientology propaganda? Hasn’t it ever struck you as weird?Some of them are even paid to do so! I am not sure about these two, they may just be out for revenge, but girl, have no doubt that you have been brainwashed. You even sound like Miapocca in some of your posts I have read on this thread and if I had not read your name, I would think you were her. And you think you are not brainwashed. THINK AGAIN!

  34. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Okay ..Orianns I didnt realiuse you guys were having so much fun here\\

    I will not not address uneducated or clams on their Bigotry statements

    As long as I am concerned they need to catch up on their reading before they start pointing fingers

    Some of you clams cant tell brainwahs if it kicked you in the arse…so far as I am concerned only clams accuse ppl of bigotry without listing their clam attack 101


  35. Mimi says

    Suri is just a beautiful doll. She is definitely the most beautiful celeb baby. she actually reminds me of Angels in those fairy books. I hope they put ribbons in her hair. They should enjoy the fact that she has such beautiful hair. I could not wait for my little girl’s to grow.

  36. oriana says

    Denise, Mia asked how the second part ended, it was the end of the season, so I told her! There was no SPOILER, there won’t be any new shows until next season, so there will be a RERUN, but it wasn’t spoiled, it isn’t like it was continuing next week!

    Shadowgirl, Thank You!!!!

  37. Shadow Girl says

    Hey Lauren, I think you need to fuck off and let Oriana be her own person, thank you. Last I heard, we were free to open up about our own views on here.

    See, if she tells us something she thinks, I don’t think she should be branded as a bigot, okay? I especially didn’t see anything bigoted about it. Far as I am concerned, she educated herself and has good points about what she says.

    Get educated, all right? Don’t be a mean Jackie and spout off uninformed rantings. We’ll be laughing hysterically, I promise.

  38. Denise says

    Thanks for the “SPOILER” on Ghost Whisperer! Could have warned us. I didn’t get to watch it Fri nite but now I guess I don’ t need to.

    Oh, and this family is GREAT! Hope they have 6 more children as beatiful as Suri. People just need to leave them alone and let them live their lives.

  39. oriana says

    Tia, my husband loves the Queen and the Royal family, he likes all things British!!!! I now have my heart set on coming to Canada, can’t stop thinking about it! I wish I was up there this weekend with all the festivities!!! Have fun, enjoy all the good food and the celebration!!!!!

  40. oriana says

    BIGOT!!!! Now that is so sad!

    K, I think you are a nice person and I think you mean well in your opinions.

    I want to understand more about this situation. I do think that Suri is gorgeous and that she is definately Toms’,to me she looks just like him! And I have always wanted this family to be happy, I really do, but I have tried to comprehend the significance of Hubbard’s teachings!

    I can’t digest it! To me it is just weird and spooky! I have a difficult time accepting and understanding WHY all these good, intelligent people can believe Hubbard’s philosphy! I think Tom wants to help people, I don’t see him as a mean spirited or evil person, I think he is sincere when he says he just wants to make things better for people.

    I feel that any Religion or in Scientol case, their beliefs, they have to believe in the general guidelines and standards the Church, and in his case, Hubbard’s teachings, and follow them. IN my church, it is The Ten Commandents that we believe in, in Hubbard’s books he believes in the Spaceship and the Aliens, I can’t get beyond that, I can’t grasp how that is believed, accepted, and taught to these children, not just Tom’s and John Travolta’s but to all their children.

    I am sorry, I have never thought of being a bigot for my amazement at this Cult. I have read Hubbard’s books, I have studied for hours about it, his writings, he was a BRILLANT man, in all facts, it scares me more than anything else.

    As for Mia, and Libra, they are very vocal about their beliefs, LIbra is the one that got me started in reading up on this, she put up some links and I clicked on them. I am not so stupid to let people put ideas and stuff in my head and I just am programmed like a robot!

    I have READ what HUBBARD wrote, that is where I have formed my thinking from, not the girls!

    Lauren and Gaelle, do you really think I am that weak and stupid! I apologize for this being so long, I myself hate long posts, but I was stunned when you all called me a bigot! I want to understand, I do, shouldn’t people speak out against something that is literally out of this world! I know there has been jokes made, ranting on and on, I have never called people bitches and whores, or wish anyone would die, that is not for me, and I do think there are some bitches on here, but more so, good decent intelligent people with morals and scruples.

  41. Diana A. says

    Suri is too beautiful for words. I just wish they would just have more and more babies. She is th emost beautiful baby I have seen. She is so different. All that hair!!!!

  42. Tia says

    Oriana my dear! I am having a lovely weekend! In canada, it is queen victoria`s birthday, so we have fireworks and BBQ`s all weekend…and we get mondays off!

    I hope all is well for you!

  43. K says

    Oriana, I personally don’t think you are a bigot but I think you have been brain washed systemeatically by Miapocca. She seems to me to be a former scientologist and so should be good at the art of brainwashing. You used to have reservations against scientology but you were never as intolerant as you are today. That mere fact that you think you are thinking for yourself is rather absurd as we have all been visiting thins site and sat back as Miapocca brainwashed you. Good luck with your intolerant stance. I hope it makes you happy.

  44. Lauren says

    Suri is soo adorable. She is the mirror image of her daddy. I wonder if they’re going to try to have another one together.

  45. oriana says

    Lauren and Gaelle, Tom said he believed in freedom of speech, so I guess it is good enough for him, but not for me?

    And where does my views on Scientol have anything to do with bigotry? I don’t think I my body is being used for a shell for an Alien that came here on a spaceship.

    You two call me a bigot, I call you two Fools!

    I have gotten all my info that has made me feel the way I do from Hubbard’s books and teachings. I don’t think Mia wrote his essays for him! Are you saying Hubbard’s books are gossip? I didn’t write them, I didn’t publish them.

    Lauren, my right to be a bigot? I have a right to my opinion just like Tom does and apparently Hubbard did. Do you think he lied when he said he had the power to leave his body like he did, and to other planets and back again? Why would he write something like that for? Why would he tell those lies? Or are you saying he told the truth? Which is it?

  46. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Its freaking hilarious when scientologists accuse ppl of being bigots. why not simply answer questions rather than responding with accusations of bigotry , harrasment and intimidation

    I am sure a whole lot of ppl are waiting with baited breath to hear more about this organization of smoke and mirrors

    The thing is , the German interviewer kicked his buttt and in Germany they are smart enough not to give that org the status of a religion

    If you call someone brainwashed what about you who believes in the well packaged fantasy of the cruise family sold to you by the scientologists with the hopes of attracting fans to the cult or selling movie tickets

    Bigotry, yes indeed, if being a critic of a questionable norganization is considered bigotry, then I am more than happy to wear the label

    Bigotry..ahahha ROFLMA

    Criticizing and inquiring about a catholism/islam is not equivalent to hating catholics/ it?

  47. Gaelle says

    Lauren could not say it better, bravo. Nowadays gossip would turn any reasonable and intelligent person into a stupid in a flash. People do not think for themselves anymore, everything the media give them , they embrace with open arms. Like today i was reading about a lady in louisiana where Katie is filming ,saying and i quote” The parents of the children in the park were surprised to see how nice they were, and not at all ,what they read about them. It says a lot. Thank God my 7 year old niece will say”this not a true story when reading those crazy stories online. If a 7 year old can make the difference , why not an adult.

  48. Lauren says

    Thanks Miapoca for that thread. My favourite quotes:


    I just want to help people. I want everyone to do well.


    I often get asked similar questions about my Shoa Foundation. I get asked why I am trying to disseminate my deep belief in creating more tolerance through my foundation’s teaching the history of the Holocaust in public schools. I believe that you shouldn’t be allowed to attend college without having taken a course in tolerance education. That should be an important part of the social studies curriculum.

    And the absolute best quote!

    How did the Holocaust start? People are not born to be intolerant of others. People are not born bigots and racists. It is educated into them.

    (Having been on this site for a long time, I have watched in amazement as Oriana is brainwashed, and turned into a bigot. I have never commented on this before because th etopic bores me but let me do it for this one time. It is sad because she even thinks that it was her idea and her right to be a bigot. Miapoca and Libraesque have systematically indocrinated her with such intolerance that I begin to see why genocides and mass murders are committed by people who seemingly were reasonable to begin with).

    That is all I have to say.

  49. kim--original kim says

    Thanks for that…I was waiting for Tom to all of a sudden lose it with the interviewer (a la Matt Lauer interview)— I think the only reason he didn’t was ‘cuz Spielberg was there!!!

  50. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Scientology is not a religion..the only ppl I hear who insist on this are those in the group..There are definitive difference between a religion and a cult…FAITH in waht, LRON hubbards writings…get acquainted with Hubbards if already are not. Celebs are criticized because they put themselves up there and hire publicist to create or buil da fase image and when the real deal is revealed as in the case of Cruise melt down, its horrifying…if Tom can use his celeb status to promite his cult, then I see not INTOLERANCE in speaking against something potentially harmful and that preys on vulnerable minds…..

    6. Self-Presentation as a Secular Movement.

    Some Scientology representatives state that the so-called church is not a religion. When a Scientology branch opened in Japan in 1985, it was careful to present itself as a ‘philosophy’ and not a religion (Kent, 1999). In the United States, an article in a Maine newspaper that solicited thoughts about the “new millennium” from local church leaders reports that “Barbara Fisco, mission holder of the Church of Scientology in Brunswick, said that Scientology is not a religion and therefore not subject to the religious implications of the Year 2000” (Smith, 1999\

    The case of Scientology in Israel is quite instructive. In various organizational forms, Scientology has been active among Israelis for more than thirty years, but those in charge not only never claimed the religion label, but resisted any such suggestion or implication. It has always presented itself as a secular, self-improvement, tax-paying business. Otherwise, they offered the familiar products and deceptions, from the Oxford Capacity Analysis to Dianetics and Purification. The current Israeli franchise-holder told me rather proudly that he pays all required taxes. In its history as a commercial venture, the organization still got into legal trouble, and was charged with tax evasion at least once.

    Taken from

  51. K says

    I like the way they dress Suri too. She will grow up with a sense of style. She is the most beautiful baby I have seen in years.

    Oriana, you have a point about cults and I respect your views but with all due respect could you please spare the blog. It is a babies’ site and we come to coo at babies not obsess over cults. Am sure there are sites for that kind of thing.

  52. oriana says

    Lilian, I definately don’t think Suri’s eyes look vacant and I love how they dress her, Brooke Shields daughters are dressed so pretty most of the time also. I loved the little Green dress Suri had on around St. Patrick’s Day!

    Tia, my Dear, hope you are having a nice weekend!!!!!!

  53. oriana says

    Lola, the reason Americans are against Muslims so much today I think, is because of 9/11. There are people that cannot separate Bin Laden from Muslims and that is very sad.

    No, I just cannot ignore one’s beliefs if I don’t agree with them, not when it is a Cult! What if people just ignored Hitler’s beliefs because they didn’t agree with him? There may be even be more than several million less Jews in the world today! And yes, I most certainly believe the Holocaust happened! I didn’t need to be in the Death Camps to believe it. I certainly wouldn’t want a Scientologist for President of this country! All of our school children who are being provided lunches, might end up drinking Oil instead of Milk!

    So no offense to you at all, but as far as religions go, yes, I do see your point of view, but as far as Cults go, Jim Jones, to name one, I think more and more people should be aware and call it what they are, and Religion is not a word that fits them! Sorry!

  54. M says

    Katie is very pretty and seems very nice. She also looks very young. But she seems happy and content. I can’t wait for them to start promoting their flicks and she tells us more about herself. I am very curious about her.

  55. Janice says

    After a while without Tomkat and Suri pics we are now rolling in them. I hope this continues because they are such a beautiful family. Tom look young, not hip but young.

  56. Lilian says

    I forget to add that she looks so much like Tom. I never had any doubts that he was the father. My imagination is not that wild but she did look more like Katie the last picture I saw her. I think she walks by now.

  57. Lilian says

    Suri is so so grown, I have not visited this site in ages and to see her looking like a little woman in that pretty pink dress is a pleasant surprise. She is such a beautiful child and I disagree that her eyes are vacant. How can they be when they are squinting because of the sun. Some people take their prejudices too far!

  58. Lola says

    Oriana, more America consider Islam a bigger danger to society that Scientology. To me any one attacking another for their beliefs endangers everyone who has a different faith from what is taken as the norm. I do not for one minute support scientology or its tenents but today it is Islam, tomorrow it is scientology, the next day it is momorns and who knows when Evangelincals, Jehovahs witnesses etc will be targeted?

    You do not have to respect them or even like them but why do you obsess about them? It would be different if the thread was about scientology but it is not even about scientology! Live and let live.

  59. kim--original kim says

    She looks just like her Daddy, for sure… but, sadly, she & Katie do seem to have that vacant look in their eyes….

  60. oriana says

    Lola, I do respect other Religions, and there is no comparison between Muslim or any Faith to Scientol. I think if you asked your father what he thought of our bodies being just shells for Aliens to inhabit he might look at you like you have lost your mind!

    No, I won’t show any respect for this nutcase Cult for I don’t have any respect for it whatsoever! They are dangerous and stories on The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits written by other Science Fiction writers can’t compare with the false so called true beliefs that these followers program their kids with, it is a tragedy in my opinion. That being said, it is just my opinion, it doesn’t have to be yours. So how can you admire this organization, and Tom, or show any respect for it, when he thinks his Alien spirit inhibiting his body, came here on a spaceship thousands of years ago?

    I said he has some good qualities, and by that I meant, he provides for his family, not every man does that, in the U.S. and in other countries.

    This Cult is a touchy subject, and it should be taken personal, for it is a danger to our society!

  61. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Orianna..thanks for the update..I think people cant understand that you can like someon ans stll criticize them…so willsay ignore these people..half the time you dont kno wwho is who on here, especailly since the tomkat baords are staffed with professional freaks.


  62. Lola says

    Oriana, I did not mean to offend you. I just wish you would be a little more respectful of other people’s beliefs. I am sure you are entitled to your opinions but they are also entitled to live their lives according to their choices. I have problems with Scientology too but I don’t think it is right in any way to deride someone for what they believe. My father always insists that faith is sacred and n one should attack another’s faith or think less of them because of what they believe. As a practicising moslem in the US, I know forst hand what it means to have your faith used against you.

    I am sorry if I offended you in any way. whatever they believe, cult or religion, it is their life and I think it is wrong to encourage a culture of hate on religious grounds. I wish you lived on the other side of the fence, you would know what it feels like. Can’t you just ignore one’s beliefs if you do not agree with them? Do you have to call them names or turn people against them?

    Sorry I got personal. It is a touchy issue but usually I try to ignore people.

  63. oriana says

    As for anyone that has ever read my thoughts on Tom and Scientol and his family, they would know that I have always said I think Katie is beautiful, Suri is his child and I wanted them to be happy. I do think they look like a happy family, and eventhough looks can be deceiving, I want it to be true. I have said that more than once.

    Lola, as for my posts being extreme to extreme, when it comes to the Scientol cult and brainwashing bullshit, it has never strayed from the one focus and my take on it, and I got all my info from the Scientol website! I didn’t write it, most of it came from their Idol Hubbard’s teachings!

    So No, I don’t think Tom is normal,, I wish he was, I want them to be happy, there is always Hope they will be, I think Tom has good qualities, I have said so more than once, but I do think when he had his breakdown, he has since given 100% of himself to this organization and it would take a miracle to be the truely normal happy person he comes across as in these pictures.

  64. oriana says

    Gina, Dannielynn is getting much more beautiful as she gets older, when she was with Anna, she wasn’t as pretty as she is now, and as for Anna keeping her clothes on, well, that was a lost cause!

  65. Lola says

    I pretty confused about Oriana too. But you have to grant her that she has for long been gainst scientology. Her posts on this thread though seem to run from extreme to extreme.

    Gina thanks for the link. I have always stated that Suri was way cuter than Dannie. To me, Suri’s unique look sets her apart from any other baby, her eyes and her hair are so differrent!. Dannie is very cute too though and grows cuter each day but most of the pics we have seen lately and magazine photoshopped pics.

  66. Gina says

    I disagree Oriana. I agree with Lola, I think Dannie looked very beautiful beause of the photoshop. I agree that she is a beautiful cjild but how come you never said this with the pictures where she was with ANS? Besides, there were pictures of her, candid on celebrity when she was arriving in the US and she looked beautiful but not that beauful, I will get you the link. Sorry but I still think Suri is the most gorgeous!

  67. Lola says

    I love Katie’s hair. She should leave it like that. I think they should grow pig tails for Suri. And yes she does look a little like ANS baby in this picture but I still think Suri is way cuter. Larry is a photog, so much know how to make Dannie look very pretty since she looked rather ordinary cute in her first several pics with ANS.

  68. oriana says

    No way in hay that is Lib!!

    I do agree that they look like a very happy family and I do think Katie is beautiful, Tom looks younger to me in this picture, I have never thought he was handsome, not with that Snout, and he looks a lot like his mother also. I want them to be happy, but to me, a happy family has to be a sane family, if Tom did have a breakdown when he became OT3, he has either accepted it, or come to terms with it and I don’t think he would be doing all his recruiting if he didn’t wholeheartedly believe in it!

    I do think Suri is very cute and Dannielynn is by far the most beautiful baby of them all! Now if Larry can just keep his shirt on!!!!!!!

  69. Lauren says

    That would be beautiful if they did Gina. I wonder whether he or she will also have such long hair. I absolutely love Suri’s hair. It makes her unique. But I also want to see Katie in more movies. I am just confused. Any way, as long as we get to see them, especially Suri. She is so gorgeous. Just looking at her makes me melt.

  70. Gina says

    I think Tomkat will have another baby at the beginning of next year. I think that is why Katie has no movies lined up for the next year or so. I happy for Tom. I support adoption but it is good he could have his own biological kids. Since they have such beautiful ones, they should lots an dlots of them.

  71. Michaela says

    I am a new fan too. Love this family,they do not look like they are vulgar. Like that about them. Their daughter is precious.

  72. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    LIB is away so whoever you are you best come up with your real bet is that is JACKIE 1 back to her nasty habit..hahahahhaha,

  73. Kayla says

    Is it me or Suri looks like Dannielynn with hair in this picture? Love her hair cut but I would go for ribbons. May be scientologists don’t allow that. She is the most beautiful celeb baby though. I see she is looking a lot like Tom. I had my doubts in that area

  74. oriana says

    Mia, she died trying to save those children, but in turn, they all laid hands on her and brought her back, but she found out she has a brother! Very creepy! I do enjoy that show, guess there will be Reruns now.

    I don’t think Tom can blink without David being aware of it, and both of them are big time ass kissers to each other.

  75. Lauren says

    It is my favoutire family too. Katie is beautiful. I loved her from her DC days. I didn’t know what to think about her with Tom Cruise but they look happy and though they are not your average family, they look so normal in these pictures. Bless them.

  76. EILEEN says

    I have seen more pictures from this day and I have to join the wagon and scream ‘more babies please’ It is uncanny how Suri has Tom’s frown mixed with Katie’s expressions. She is such a beautiful thing. I thought the pictures in Vanity fair were surreal but I love these candid ones better. Never been a huge follower of celebrity lives but this baby just captivated me.

    More babies please!!!!

  77. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    what happened on the second half of that Ghost Whisperer…Missed it

    Wish they will show it saturday morning rather than friday night when very few ppl stay home .

  78. ~*Miapocca*~ says


    I thought they took miscaviage on their honey moon to induce alien insemination but apparently not even Xenu could make tom reproduce ahahahhaha

    Who’s your daddy, little girl?
    Methinks you bear a striking resemblance to LRON Hubbard ahahhahaha

  79. oriana says

    Gaelle, Tom is not normal by anyone’s standards unless they are brainwashed. He is not addicted? Pepto Bismol probably tastes better than that oil he encourages people to guzzle to cleanse themselves!

    He doesn’t go to nightclubs? He goes to concerts doesn’t he? He is not exactly the Saviour of the World, or maybe he is? After all, this world is not an important focus for him as there are Human beings here and not all Alien parasites. No, he doesn’t need to go to any club to dance and let off steam, he is too busy leaving his body like his Idol Hubbard and flying around all over the place. Let’s not forget that Hubbard went to Venus and Mars and back again on his little excursions.

    Tom with his fakey salutes with that other not Normal buddy of his, David, when was Tom ever in any type of military branch of the Service? Hyprocrites!!!!!!!!

    Yep, I do agree with you, he isn’t normal by Hollywood standards, or anyone’s for that matter.

    And those kids, all of them, not just Suri are being taught this garbage, I wonder if they have bought her the e-meter for children to play with yet? And Yes, I have seen pictures of them so no made up lies on Poor Tom coming from me! I am not a Science Fiction writer.

  80. Gaelle says

    Tom Cruise is not normal by the hollywood standard. For him to be normal , he should drive drunk, be into drugs, orgies, visit a night club everynight, and be very rude to people. If he was all of the above, he would be the darling of hollywood. Lucky for him some us have some decency left and can see clearly since we are not addicted.

  81. Shadow Girl says

    Kids gets older, she’ll need her first face lift when she’s three. Tom’s so fuckin’ vain sometimes about his own family. He himself needs lipo and more plastic surgery to get rid of his man boobs.

  82. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    When something is so obvious an others say otherwise its just hilarious and leads me to question if they are being paid to raise celeb status..ahhaha

    Suri looks different because, her oh so lovely pics were appearing in a big magazine taken than no other than Anne Lebowitz..of course it was well taken , angles, shadows, make-up and brushing afterwards..

    The paprazzi photo above tell you what she looks like..she is not exactly a looker, rather on the plain side……..and its getting worse as she ages…

    On the other hand I just found a picture that looks like this baby and I cant explain the hair phenomenon in these babies
    Unfortunaltey cant post , but is you looked at the ella travolta baby pics she had the same wig like look on top of her head

  83. EILEEN says

    What a beautiful family. I am a new fan and I just love Suri. She gets cuter and cuter every day. Tom looks young too. I don’t care what they say about him, I think he is a good person and an excellent father.

    Love Suri’s sandals and pretty pink dress. What a beautiful child.

  84. K says

    I agree she gets more beautiful with each picture and looks a lot like Tom these days. What a cute dress. The family looks cute together.

  85. Alice says

    Wow, Suri is as cute as a button! She does look like Tom and they actually have similar expressions. I think she looks more beautiful in each picture. I just love her.

  86. says

    awww she looks really cute. i like this family but they are definately not one of my favourites.
    suri is pretty but she looked a lot more beautiful when she was younger.

  87. says

    Everyone’s always so quick to jump on the Tom’s crazy bandwagon, he’s always been wacky. Remember his character on The Outsiders, a lot of that character was Tom’s own ad-libs….maybe he was just sick of his uber-glamorous and emotionless ex-wife and wanted to have fun finally…in any case they make an extremely photogenic family, hopefully for all of them it’s not for publicity instead of being for real.

  88. N says

    I think she is beginning to really look like Tom. I still think she is a cute baby….. I love babies/kids they are so fun….. just sit back…. and watch. They do and say the darndest things.

  89. says

    I think she looks like a boy, they should do something with her hair, she’s still cute but deffinatelty not beautiful.

  90. Anne says

    put her in all the pink dressses you want, that child is the spitting image of Addie from Paper Moon……….she looks like a BOY

  91. S says

    Mercy, that look on Suri’s face says it all. She looks like she’d rather be anywhere else than there with that nutzo of a daddy. Anywho, she is a beautiful child with unlimited character. Apparently she isn’t easily amused…which considering her parents, that’s a good thing

  92. Shadow Girl says

    OMG, Tom visited! OMG, Suri looked like..she was suppsoed to! OMG, Katie is just a trophy wife that Tom married ‘cuz he had a midlife crisis!

    PHEW! Something stinks and it’s Tom. Tell L Ron he should have created a $cieno way to deal with gay douchebags, LIKE TOM!

    IGNORE JACKIE, EVERYONE! She’s just spouting out uninformed rantings just to make ‘conversation’. She and Tom need to be abducted by ‘Xenu’ and endure a nice ice cold enema followed by a bigass anal probe…

    Actually, Tom would get off on it. I hope the aliens find his head up there somewhere!

  93. oriana says

    I think they look very happy together and make a nice family. I wish Tom was normal! Suri is very cute and I love all her cute little dresses!

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