The Norwegian Royals Celebrate Constitution Day

Crown Prince Haakon, 33, and Crown Princess Mette Marit, 33, of Norway were snapped on May 17th celebrating Constitution Day in Skaugum, Norway. Below Princess Mette Marit and daughter Ingrid-Alexandra, 3, were snapped on the balcony together.
Norway Royals
And Crown Prince Haakon was snapped with one-year-old Prince Sverre Magnus.

Norway Royals

Before her marriage to Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette Marit gave birth to a son Marius, 10.

Here the whole family was photographed together!

Norway Royals


  1. Lesley says

    Unfortunately I have to agree with Samantha, the children do not seem very cute, although usually all children are. The half brother is the most attractive of the three. Mette Marit looks like she has gained a lot of weight.

  2. nashnash says

    The top picture of Ingrid with her mum Mette is just soooo adorable. Ingrid is gorgeous (her face is so so beautiful, almost perfect, lol), so is her half-brother Marius, little Sverre is so cute.

  3. Fitzren says

    INGRID ALEXANDRA IS SOOO CUTE LIKE HEAVEN!!! but her younger brother looks … well, something’s wrong somewhere… the odd one out i guess. And HAAKON LOOKS LIKE JESUS CHRIST TO ME!!!!!

  4. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Very sweet. I love the Norwegian National Dress. My half-sister is half-Norwegian (on her mum’s side) and lives in Norway, she was christened last year in Norwegian national dress and it was so so cute.

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