Ryan Phillippe Seeking Joint Custody Of Ava & Deacon

Reese Witherspoon

Ryan Phillippe has filed a legal response to soon-to-be ex-wife Reese Witherspoon’s divorce claim, according to court documents obtained by People magazine.

In his filing submitted Tuesday, Ryan, 32, cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split, and also seeks joint custody over their two kids, daughter Ava, 7, and son Deacon, 3.

The documents ask that child visitation be “equally allocated.”

Ryan is not asking for any spousal support from Reese, nor is he blocking her from requesting any from him.

Reese initially filed for divorce in November after the couple announced their separation on October 30th. She had requested that the court not grant any spousal support to Ryan.

I still think this whole thing is so sad…it’s such a shame that they couldn’t work things out.



  1. Zbella says

    N – I agree with you here. Reese seems like such a decent person. I was 24 when I got married, which was not too young IMO but my mom kept saying I was too young! I don’t see anything wrong with getting married young(er) as long as you have a decent education and can support yourselve. I don’t know much about Ryan but Reese seems very smart to me.

  2. N says

    Well, Most marriages usually fail due to financial issues, cheating, growing apart or families on both or either sides dont get along. We know they dont have financial issues or feuding families like in Romeo and Juliet. SO…. they either grew apart or someone cheated. I dont take Reese as the type to break up her family over something like growing apart….. BUT CHEATING! I can see her getting tired of that. SO….. by process of elimination…. Im going to say this marriage failed due to infidelity. JMO

  3. Beth says

    How do any of you know why their marriage failed? Oh wait, you don’t, so talking about it is a waste of your time and is how rumors get started.

    I’m sad to see them go too.

  4. oriana says

    So if you are under 18 a person is too young, but if they are 19 they aren’t? Ryan obviously was not ready to settle down with a family,and I do think he regrets his cheating, and he is a devoted father, but he still has some wild oats to sow as the saying goes.

  5. StarDust says

    Thank you, S. And I don’t agree that they were too young to get married. Under 18 is too young. They were adults. Just like 99% of Hollywood marriages, it didn’t work out. I wish the very best for Reese and the children.

  6. S says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…..Two happy homes are better than one unhappy home…..I’m sure it’s taking major adjusting for Ava and Deacon but they’ll be fine…

  7. Lauren says

    This is sad. I was so wishing they would reconcile. I think it’s just a case of marrying to young. If they waited a little longer, they could’ve probably made things work.

  8. oriana says

    This is so sad! She is a wonderful mother and a good person, he is a devoted father, just married too young, I still have hopes it will work out down the road. Now, this was one of my favorite couples!!! He is very talented and handsome, she is very intelligent, her whole family is, very prominent family in Nashville and highly respected.

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