1. Emma says

    Looking at this picture i do think he looks small, but my son is quite little for his age too. I just love the way she dresses him. SOOOOOOO sweet. But she has the money to do so, so why not!

  2. N says

    I want Gwen to have a girl too….. When Britney was pregnant the 2nd time I wanted her to have one just to see what it would look like. But I am glad she had another boy. Some women just dont need to raise girls. I want Heidi and Seal to have a girl too.

  3. N says

    I hate the way she dresses this child…. At least he is a cute baby. I actually hate the way she dresses too.

  4. Miranda says

    I’ve always thought he looks so small in the pictures. I’d never guess he’s almost 1, he still looks like 7-8 months. But he’s too cute! 🙂

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