Denise Richards & Her Daughters Shop At Lisa Kline Kids

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Denise Richards brought Sam and Lola for a shopping extravaganza at the Lisa Kline Kids boutique. At this special shopping event 10% of the proceeds were to be to be given to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Denise spent $2400!



  1. oriana says

    I still don’t see that Denise is all that wealthy. Katie can spend ten times more than her, Tom is super wealthy. Denise gets her money from Charlie, when was she ever a headliner Star in a movie?

  2. StarDust says

    I heard that about Katie Holmes too. But their reality is sooo far from the way we live – hard to compare. Denise is a wealthy, beautiful star – if she wants to sink 2400 bucks on a few dresses for her kids, that’s her choice to make.

  3. Andrea says

    That’s a good idea to teach kids about giving to charity instead of spending all the time on themselves.
    … But $2400 is a lot less than the $11,000 Katie Holmes spent in one store for Suri.

  4. oriana says

    I wonder what they do with the clothes their kids grow out of?

    Julia Roberts is one Star that dress her kids like they went to The Goodwill store!

  5. Lynn VanSlyke says

    Instead of speading $2400 on clothes her kids will out grow in about 3 months she should have just donated that money to the pediatric aids foundation and taught her kids a little lesson on emapathy and charity. And no, her kids aren’t too young, my kids have been giving since they were old enough to talk, and they are much better people for it. Stars really aggrevate me with their nonchalant attitude towards money, not to mention the lesson that they are teaching their kids “You can have whatever you want, You are a”stars” child”

  6. oriana says

    When does she wear the flip flops? That is what most women would be wearing, sandals, tennis shoes, when they go shopping, who wears pink high heels, or any heels for that matter, with two small kids out running errands and shopping? But of course, I don’t shop in Beverly Hills either!

  7. fifi trooper says

    I swear i just saw in a magazine, they showed her closet, and it did look deserted! One, or two purses, all flip flops, no real womanly oufits, or assessories! So, maybe she went shopping, and then called the pap tp come, and take her pictures!

  8. oriana says

    What is the last movie that she made? I can’t remember it.

    I love her shoes but can’t imagine shopping, and carrying a child wearing high heels, it would be more about comfort than looks.

    I have never liked seeing a kid suck thier thumb, especially as they get older, and the doctors will tell you the same thing.

    Charlie must be paying alimony also for child support doesn’t cover everything. $2400. shopping, WOW!!!!

  9. Zbella says

    I like her hair – but not the long bangs on Sam. Of course Sam is still adorable. I think Lola is so cute – and I love how she sucks her thumb. I have a soft spot for that. TOO cute.

    I’m sure Denise is doing just fine with her finances. And Charlie should be paying child support either way.

  10. oriana says

    She must get good child support! I notice her daughter is always sucking her thumb, Denise doesn’t seem to notice it or it doesn’t bother her.

    I didn’t think she had that much money to just shop like she does and it isn’t like she is a big time movie star in high demand!

  11. Lauren says

    Sam and Lola are adorable!! I just can’t get enough of these two girls. Even though I’m no fan of Denise, she seems to be a really devoted mother.

  12. Lisa says

    Love seeing Denise out with her girls. She seems to be a handson mom. I was owndering do the girls live with mom and then visit dad on the weekends?

  13. Fifi says

    who cares how much money she spent, i doubt that stuff is cheap, and if you noticed she only had two bags so i couldn’t have been that much

  14. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    awwww…the girlies look cute for once… she finally did something w/ Sam’s hair. they are pretty girls, hair done or not. Wonder if they’ll always have such light hair?

    woohoo, $2400. REALLY!!(eye roll) like thats alotta money to her. she was probably thinkin… “i bet the photogs will be there, lets go girls!” why does she keep treating them like accesories?

    if she had some brains to go with that bod maybe she’d have a career still- although i think her acting sucks.
    Sweet girls- Kooky mommy- Asshole daddy….Welcome to Hollywood America!

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