Britney Stops At A Beverly Hills Salon

Britney Spears

Britney stopped at a Beverly Hills salon on Thursday before reportedly heading to Florida to continue her concert performances.



  1. Steph says

    I’ve never left a comment on a website like this before, but I was compelled to say something. You guys are the pitiful ones, not Britney. She’s not posting crap about you. You all are saying such rude things about her, and why?. I don’t defend everything she’s been doing lately either, but you guys might be just as bad. You have to admit, the girl is beautiful. Stop hating on her clothes and get a life.

  2. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    “Britney stopped at a Beverly Hills salon on Thursday before reportedly heading to Florida to continue her concert performances.”

    she musta been dancin in the salon while they were fixin that rag on her head.
    Brit fans are FUNNY!!!

  3. Zbella says

    Did anyone read the caption? It says she’s going shopping – not dancing. Anyway, those are some large earrings to wear dancing – not safe. And put your hair in a ponytail if you’re going to dance – not in some weird scarf headband. The shirt is a terrible style – giving her the man shoulders everyone is talking about.. The shoes don’t even fit – and that bag paired with leg warmers and blue shorts??? Hunh? But I forgot, she can buy all of us, so it’s OK.

  4. N says

    Well Im not superficial… I will wear my gym clothes out of the gym because I dont shower in public bathrooms and Im not going to put clean clothes on a sweaty body. My gym attire is not a matching outfit. I dont put that much thought into an outfit that is about to get sweaty and dirty. As long as the lady parts are covered correctly….put on some shorts and a top….and work out. Also, she is very aware that the paps are on her ass everyday….. it is very obvious to me that she does not care. She is going to do what she wants, how she wants, when she wants regardless if the world is watching.

  5. says

    I understand wearing dance clothes for dance class, but come on…she knows she’s going to be photographed as soon as she walks out the doors…I know I don’t wear my gym clothes out of the gym…this girl needs to hire a stylist or fire her current one, she seems to have lost all fashion sense when she hooked up with fed-ex.

  6. N says

    Wow….you guys crack me up. She is going to a dance class…. She is going to get sweaty, dirty from being all over the floor, and her hair is going to get messed up with all those head tosses. Does she need to look like she is attending the Queens Ball to do that. She doesnt have to be dancing in the heels…. one of her minions could have brought her some other shoes or she could be dancing barefoot. She has to walk from the car to get in the building so your going to see her outfit…..she shouldnt be made to change at the studio if she doesnt want to. Why bring a bag of dance clothes when you can just wear them?

  7. Pilar says

    You should see the pic on showing her extensions falling out of her head. Somebody left a comment that she looks like a moth-eaten rag doll.

  8. Diva says

    LOL, oriana…

    Yeah, I must have missed the pic of the pirouettes she did with those heels and her handbag right outside the door of her car….

  9. oriana says

    Well it is obvious she loves the attention and she knows exactly what she is doing dressing like that, she just looks trashy to me.

  10. Amy says

    Just when I thought Britney could not look any worse – this picture comes out.

    Oh my goodness, I feel so sorry for her. Homeless people livng on the streets look better than she does!!!

  11. mommy says

    Give her a break, photogs follow her everywhere–of course she will be caught not looking her “best” sometimes.
    She looks great for having such young babies!!!!!!

  12. StarDust says

    Some people really think she looks good here? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG – are you BLIND?
    Her hair, lips, face, body, clothes, shoes, bag… She looks awful.

  13. N says

    I agree with FiFi…. Damn she is going to a dance class for petes sake. There is no pleasing this crowd.

  14. fifi trooper says

    Don’t you know that dancers wear leg warmers, when they dance? I guess not since you spend all of your time bashing her! SHE CAN BUY ALL OF YOU! and give you free dancing lessons!

  15. kim--original kim says

    ewwwwww… she’s showing off one her self-perceived better assets (legs)—at least she’s not wearing the nasty fishnets!!!
    All the dancing won’t help her career as much as a hit record, so hopefully she’s working on that just as intensely.
    Poor little boys…………

  16. oriana says

    Why the leg warmers? It isn’t cold outside! And wigs are hot and itchy, and those hair extensions take time and are bound to be uncomfortable. She is obviously ashamed of her head but I thought Bald Britney was cute, she should just let it be and give her poor head some breathing room!

  17. AM says

    Her boys must be so proud of their Mommy! I hope she has enough money left over to pay for their therapy…

  18. Diva says

    When I scrolled down and saw this picture at a glance I truly thought it was a transvestite.

    Her shorts are cute, and her shoes. The leotard is fine, she is coming from dance class, right?

    But could someone explain to me why you would wear shorts and legwarmers? I mean, if your legs need warming, you would wear pants, no? And, likewise, if it’s hot enough to wear the smallest shorts you can find (which, again, I think are cute, so that’s not my issue, lol) wouldn’t you want to not wear heavy knitted tubes on your calves?

  19. fifi trooper says

    she’s coming from dance class! maybe, she just slipped on those shorts, because lord know’s if she came out in just her leotard……. SO give her a break! I know, that all of you are not the best dressers, maybe, you need a stylist!

  20. fifi trooper says

    she’s coming from dance class! maybe, she just slipped on those shorts, because lord know’s if she came out in just her leotard……. SO give her a break! I know, that all of you are not the best dressers, maybe, you need a stylist!

  21. Sheena says

    Sweet jesus! What is she thinking? Everytime I thnk she can’t pull anything worse out of her closet….she totally out does herself, again! Somebody buy this girl a full length mirror….and not a funhouse extra!

  22. kimmy says

    sandra- you don’t see anything wrong with this outfit? Do you want me to start with that cheap wig or the ugly leg warmers?

  23. Aimee says

    Wow. Beefy. Transvestite-ish? I actually just about dry-heaved. She may need a new stylist but I feel bad that she gets such a bad wrap!

  24. DMITZ says

    I’m having trouble posting to this thread… Hmmm.

    Anyways, this is awful. She used to dress so tasteful but now it’s just tacky. She’s bringing ugly back.

  25. Sandra says

    um guys she is wearing dancing clothes. She has her boobs covered up and she got rid of her boots, now what is the problem?

  26. kimmy says

    Oh Britney dear, I want a comeback as much as the next person. But c’mon now- you can do better than this.

  27. says

    She should go to the salon more often and she needs a stylist she looks ridiculous in all of the pictures I have seen lately, poor girl.

  28. Bethany says

    OMG!!! I just had to contain myself from throwing up just from looking at this pic. What is she thinking?!?!?!

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