1. angie says

    Brad and Angelina And her kids look like a great family they all look so cute together but the only problum is that jen keeps on getting in the way. she sould just butt out i hate her really bad! Angelina and Brad deserve each other and jen you suck just get a new man!!

  2. Sherry says

    Hold your head up Brad. You’re a terrific father and I am sure, a great partner w/Angelina. You have NOTHING to be
    ashamed of.
    This family makes me want to be a better person. Do some of you NOT get that? Why so mean & hateful?

  3. Zbella says

    Anne, Welcome to the pyschotic, deranged freak club. I think you’ll fit right in. Everybody else, Don’t you WISH you had neighbor’s half as interesting as the Jolie-Pitts? 🙂

  4. Alicia says


  5. Anne says

    all you freaks on here, cackling on and on as if you’re gossiping about a neighbor family that you actually see in person and know because you’ve actually met them.

    It;s completely psychotic

    you all sound deranged

  6. Granny says

    I was an army brat and grew up moving all the time. We got good educations, made many friends, became adaptable and as far as I can remember we considered it a great adventure. None of us three kids ever felt burdened by doing it. These kids will consider it natural too.

  7. traveller says


    I think you’re forgetting something honey. They are in Prague because of Angelina’s work. The woman has to work. How else would they afford food and a home. Unfortunately, her job takes her to different locations. I don’t think it’s something that will adversely affect the children though. Lots and lots of kids in this country deal with the same lifestyle (military brats, children of diplomats, etc.). It’s much better that they take the children with them on location rather than leaving them in the U.S. with nannies. As long as they have their family, they’ll be just fine. In fact, I wish I could give my kids the experiences that the Jolie-Pitt kids have!

  8. says

    It may be selfish but I wish I could offer my kids that life…the best clothes, schools, nannies, travel, foundations named after them to help people in their home countries…call me crazy but I don’t see where Maddox, Pax, Z, or Shiloh will miss out on anything.

  9. Malayka says

    I think children deserve stability, including Angelina’s kids and though the school may have 1000 locations, the friends they make are not there in each of these locations and being a kid in school every few months is never easy. Angelina is selfish, so I guess it is all about her and what she wants.

  10. oriana says

    Oops, I meant absorb the languages and learning, not Absurb! Ha! Have to proof read! But again, this school is wonderful and I think it is a fantastic idea! There is one in San Francisco also!

  11. Granny says

    Oooh. My comment is awaiting moderation? Curious. Nothing in it was added, deleted or modified. Wonder what I could have said?

  12. oriana says

    I clicked on the school that Maddox goes too, it is worldwide, over 400 locations, it is a WONDERFUL opportunity for him, I hope those kids, all of them,Shioh too, learns as many languages as they can! The younger they absurb it and pick up on it, the better, not big fans of Angie and Brad, but they have to be applauded when accolades are due!

    It is better for them to be around friends and have some education on whatever subjects, than sitting home with a Nanny in front of a TV! I bet Maddox is already speaking French, GOOD, GOOD, for him!!!!

  13. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Yeah Ahfak because sending him to an English-speaking school to help him learn English, make friends, socialise with kids his own age, get a god damn EDUCATION is such a terrible thing for them to do… what are you on?

    Its been proven time and time again in studies that children pick up new languages far easier than adults or teenagers and one of the best ways for them to do so is to be around other kids speaking that new language.

  14. ahfak says

    im sorry but thats just WRONG! pax is only just newly adopted, he doesnt speak english, is scared of being alone (by jolies own admission) and they send him to SCHOOL!? stupid angelina, yea if i had THAT much money i could adopt the while world too- but has she never thought that wat these kids want most of all r PARENTS? stupid idiots.

  15. oriana says

    JJ, Gotta Run, but must say, I think I like you, Yep, am sure of it, I do!!!!!! You have a good evening!!!!!

  16. oriana says

    Princess! Wow!!! Well I have been called much worse than that lately, so I will just Shuck It!!! Thank You!

  17. JJ says

    Orianna lovey, you can think anyway and anything you like.
    You can even think that you are flying to the moon in a toaster- and I won’t stop you. So dream BIG princess. The world is your oyster. So shuck it!

  18. oriana says

    JJ, it doesn’t take a Nitwit to understand that Norman Rockwell’s paintings depicting the Apple Pie way of life that so many Americans wish was true but was not reality for everyone, had nothing in common with Brad and Angie’s way of life traveling all over the world with their Citizens of the World lifestyle. Don’t try to intrepret my way of thinking for me. Thank you!

  19. JJ says

    Norman Rockwell paintings tend toward idealistic or sentimentalized portrayals of American life— which has led to the often-depreciatory adjective “Rockwellesque. ”

    Orianna, I’m not comparing NR per say to Brad and Angelina but rather, everyones idealistic interpretation of Brad and Angelina’s lifestyle.

    Oh, why do I bother – clearly I’m dealling with a nit-wit! Ta!

  20. oriana says

    JJ, be glad Norman Rockwell can’t come back to life and SUE you for slander for comparing him to Brad and Angie!

    He was used to his Rocking Chair and going to church on Sundays, and his idea of excitment was Fishing or going for ice cream at the local Soda Fountain. Well, Brad did go to Baskim Robbins so maybe they have something in common after all!!!

  21. JJ says

    StarDust, I call it like I see it. Mark my words, 15 years from now there will be “issues” at play between the Jolie-Pitt siblings. One day, in the not so distant future the “Norman Rockwell” family life these people are leading will come tumbling down. I know I’m smug and I don’t give a damn 🙂

  22. N says

    Naomi is not american….. She is from Britain. Her agent found her while she was still in high school….so …..her diva ways are only going to change through some type of therapy, I believe.

    I agree, Iman is a totally different person compared to Naomi. She seems more humbled than Naomi.

    But, Naomi has a killer runway walk….. and her body per modeling standards is flawless.

  23. Pilar says

    West Indian children are generally very strictly disciplined, much more so than American children. I get the feeling Campbell found too much success too soon, and it’s all gone to her head. She’s shown incredible staying power for a model. In a career where you’re usually a has-been after a couple of years, she’s been going strong for decades. She’s been a spoiled diva too long to be anything else now.

    On the other hand, Iman shows what class in modeling is all about. God, that woman is gorgeous! 53 years old and still drop-dead beautiful, and classy as well. She makes Naomi look like a bag lady.

  24. N says

    Maybe if her mother was around when she was a child and put that foot up her butt …. She wouldnt act the way she does as an adult. Im sure the nannies did not discipline her like a parent would.

  25. Pilar says

    Therapy-schmerapy, what Naomi Campbell needs is a foot up her butt. “Mom had to work so I turned into a phone-throwing beeyotch with an attitude.” Puh-leeeeze.

  26. Pilar says

    I think that hat symbolizes something for him… remember when he was with Jennifer, how he was always looking like a boy toy? I think now he’s saying he’s older, more laid back, he’s his own person now and screw anybody who doesn’t like that hat.

    (I wonder what Angie thinks about that hat, but I’m sure she’ll take Brad with it or without it.)

  27. says

    The more I see of this family the more I like them. It will be interesting to see how all of these children blossom in the world Brad and Angie are able to give them. The humanitarian work that they are so divoted to is bound to make their children far more understanding of troubles of the world and accepting of the differences in each other. I wish people would give them a break though. All any of us know is what the press gives us, we don’t know that Angie broke up Brad and Jen, we don’t know that Angie isn’t spending time with Shiloh, we don’t know what happens with them behind closed doors, and every time they leave those closed doors they have photogs in their faces…how “real” can they be. I wish them all the best and will continue to watch them and their beautiful kids from afar, and pray that Brad wakes up one day and hates that hat as much as I do.

  28. says

    i agree with #10 all the way.

    in the first pic pax looks a little scared, but zahara seems to have gotten used to them. omg, that looks like a pink shirt that Z has on under her jacket. lol
    these kids are too sweet!!!!! beautiful……..

  29. traveller says

    Obviously thinking Jen is a narcissistic airhead is someone’s opinion. However, Jen did state that the marriage was over before Brad ever met Angelina and she did make the statement (while they were married and before Angelina) that Brad was not the love of her life. If my spouse made that comment to millions of people, I’d definitely be filing for divorce too.

    It was clear that she didn’t want kids (her comments about her god-daughter are a testament to that). It’s absolutely fine if she doesn’t want kids. Better to admit that to yourself before you have them. Unfortunately, her husband did want kids and therein lies the problem. It was obvious that they were moving in two different directions and divorce was the only answer. Neither one of them should’ve had to sacrifice what they felt was important in life just to remain together. Sometimes, marriages just don’t work. That’s life.

    Pax and Z are adorable. I always find myself especially enamoured of Z. Maybe it’s because I’ve been to Ethiopia and plan on adopting from there myself. Maybe it’s because she was so sick when she came home and was so strong in overcoming it. I always have a special place in my heart for those that can overcome adversity. Anyway, what a beautiful family!

  30. N says

    I read comment number 10…. Numbers 1 & 2 look like opinions ….. While #3 is the information from Jenn. I dont understand what is so hard about reading the comments…… READ THEM THOROUGHLY…. then comment.

  31. Shae says

    finally a picture where Zahara is not scowling….I actually saw a picture where she was smiling and she was SO cute!!! Who knew? They are a lovely family……..

  32. onatear says

    What ever happened to “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? ” Is that too much to ask on a site about the innocent?????

  33. N says

    Great Comment #36…. I think Brad & Angie are a great couple. At this moment they are in love…..who knows that might change or it might remain the same. I thought that Brad & Jenn were a great couple when they were together…. But since they arent together anymore…. I respect his new choice. I am sure that he is not being bullied by Angelina to be in this relationship.

  34. Jordyn says

    Yikes, can you say bow-legged?? I know, I know, that will correct itself as she gets older dont beat me up. Im a nurse and a mom of 3, just stating the obvious!! She is BOWLEGGED!!! Cute too!

  35. mommy says

    ok “pilar” first your “information” was from what Jen has said to the general public, then when called on it, became your “opinion”….ok, i’m done with reading or making comments–this is ridiculous and immature.
    I’m going to get my life back now…good luck!

  36. myrna says

    come on!! they are children I agree…but far from been cute or pretty!!! let’s not be hipocritical about it please!!!!

  37. ALINA says


  38. says


  39. Pilar says

    Lacy, look at the top picture, all three of them are facing the same direction looking mad about something — maybe at a photographer who wouldn’t let them alone?

  40. Pilar says

    Lacy, look at the top picture, all three of them are facing the same direction looking mad about something — maybe at a photographer who wouldn’t let them alone?

  41. Lacy says

    pax looks terrified!!!
    zahara looks so adorable..maybe it’s because of the fact that she’s walking……i’m so glad they finally decided to let her walk in public…she even looks happier about it too. she looks mad in the picture where she is being caring, but looks preety when she is walking….how cute….both of them!

  42. StarDust says

    Well, JJ, you sound kind of smug. Most children deal with jealousy issues when a new sibling joins the family. Has nothing to do with being adopted or biological. And every 2 year old is interested in babies – many prefer their munchies. Z and Naomi might both be black, but that’s as far as they similarities go in my book. A dad is allowed to ‘spoil’ his daughter. It called giving lots of love and attention – not teaching her to be a brat like Naomi.

  43. JJ says

    I think that Z is going to be like “Naomi Campbell” as an adult. I think she will get so used to hired help and the easy life that she will expect to be treated like a Diva. Yup! i see it coming. If Brad is already giving into her demands, she is going to become spoiled. Just my speculation.
    Also, I’ve never seen Z show any interest or affection towards Shiloh. Whenever the two are together in a tandem stroller, Z is completely absorbed with her snacks and munchies. Angelina once mentioned in an article that Z was quite jealous of Shiloh in the beginning. Z was used to being daddy’s little girl and now with Shiloh in the picture I think Z might be prone to jealousy. I’m curious as to how it will alll unfold as the girls become older and Z begins to realize that Shiloh is the biological daughter and not adopted. I sense resentment on Z’s part over Shiloh. We shall see.

  44. Pilar says

    I’m not sure who’s wearing the pants in that house, but you know what — I think there’s a line past which Brad cannot be pushed, and I think Angelina is smart enough to know where that line is.

    She’s been accused of being a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

  45. Pilar says

    Aimee, you’re right, she’s very bowlegged in her left leg at least. When Angie and Brad brought her home she was extremely malnourished and suffering from ricket and God knows what else. It’s a safe bet that if they hadn’t adopted her she might very well have died before her first birthday. I don’t know what kind of treatment she is getting for her legs if any; most pediatricians counsel doing nothing and seeing if the condition corrects itself; in most cases it does. If she needs surgery they won’t do it before she is four years old because the bones haven’t set yet.

  46. oriana says

    I can easily see Z as she gets older bawling out the photos, and throwing rocks at them! She may have her good days and smile and wave at them sometimes, but mostly they irritate her and she doesn’t care for all the attention. Pax and Maddox take it all in stride and they seem pretty calm about it all.

    I still think they are as cute as can be with those backpacks!

  47. Aimee says

    Is it just me, or is little Z bull-legged. She’s darling either way … a little firecracker. I must get something off my chest. I have seen a grand total of 2 photos of Angelina (gag) with Shiloh since after her birth. What is THAT?

  48. Pilar says

    LOL, Pax seems to ignore them. Z looks like she’d like to whack the paparazzi upside the head with his camera!

  49. Pilar says

    Hey “mommy”, you are welcome to your opinion of Jennifer and I have a right to mine. To me she comes across as narcissistic as she shows no interest in anything but partying and shopping till she drops. If you have any evidence that she’s interested in something outside that whole fake Hollywood scene, please share it with us.

  50. oriana says

    Pax appears to be adjusting just beautifully, I bet he will be closer as a playmate with Z than with Maddox. I think they have really bonded together and gotten close and he doesn’t look upset by the paps, he actually seems to ignore them. Lucky little boy!!!!

  51. Nicki says

    16. Administrator ~ Thank you for correcting the caption. I apprieciate it, and I’m sure the people who complained about it do too, as did Pilar. Thanks again.
    Pax and Zahara are adorable, just wish the paps would leave them alone for a day or two.

  52. oriana says

    I definately think Brad is a big time Wimp and a Yes man to Angelina, but not because of the kids, he loves them and enjoys being a Dad, I think it is a huge part of his life and he is very happy with his family. I think they will be together for a long time, maybe forever, unless she throws him out, and I think there will more adopted kids for him to grow to love and be a Father too.

  53. mommy says

    “pilar” I guarantee your comments did not come from Jen…why would she call herself a narcissistic airhead like you stated?!? Pure speculation on your part, my friend.

  54. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I would love to visit South-East Asia. I was hoping to go to Cambodia to do some voluntary work this summer before college starts family stuff came up and my plans had to change.

  55. Pilar says

    “Mommy”, all I know about their personal lives is what Jennifer has already shared with the general public and what common sense would tell anyone.

    (That is one family I really would like to know in person, though.)

    P.S. to the Administrator, thanks for changing the caption!

  56. Pilar says

    Cambodia and Vietnam do share a border, but ethnically Cambodians are closer to the Thais (who tend to be brown-skinned like them) than they are to the Vietnamese, who are lighter-skinned, more like the Chinese. Southeast Asia is a fascinating place with a lot of different ethnic/cultural groups.

  57. mommy says

    #10, that’s cool that you are personal friends with Brad & Angelina & know so much about their personal lives 🙂

    What a cute & diverse family they are!

  58. Pilar says

    Angelina said in the Reader’s Digest interview that Z can do anything she wants with Brad. It’s evident she’s daddy’s little girl and he spoils her rotten. Angelina probably spoils the boys. Mothers are usually easier on their sons than they are on their daughters while fathers are tougher on the boys.

  59. Jenna M. (UK) says

    It must be so bewildering for Pax, having the cameras around him all of a sudden, whenever he leaves the house. He’s got enought to get used to as it is.

    You know, the British press recently agreed to stop photographing one of the Beckhams’ kids when it was revealed he had epilepsy. Maybe the worldwide press should have done the same when Pax was adopted, it was asuch an emotional, personal and private thing in that family’s lives. I still get shivers when I remember hearing about the paps banging on the car windows, throwing rocks under the wheels and trying to get into the car when Pax was picked up from the orphanage.

    How would they feel if someone did that when their kids were in the car?

  60. Administrator says

    Sorry folks! I totally knew in my head that that was Pax, but due to being overtired and distracted made the mistake! I meant no disrespect to either Pax or Maddox! Thanks for pointing out!

  61. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I feel ignorant, but I assumed that with Cambodia and Vietnam being so close (I think they even share a border) Maddox and Pax would look a lot more similiar (in terms of ethnicity).

    Maddox is darker skinned than Pax and Pax looks more Far-East Asian.

  62. Pilar says

    I don’t think Brad’s a wimp, I think he’s a wonderful dad! And I’m sure he doesn’t care if some idiot calls him a wimp. He’s secure enough in his own masculinity to enjoy being with his children. He’s a great role model for the kids.

    My dad used to pick me up from school every afternoon when I was a child because he worked evenings then. My mom took me in the morning. They shared parenting responsibilities and were very happily married for 35 years until my dad passed away.

  63. Team Jolie says

    At first glance (In pic #1) I thought it was Mad, then I saw the mark under his eye and was like, “That’s Pax, not Maddox!” But in the second pic you can really tell, no excuse for that. But have you guys noticed that when they’re out and about, Zahara smiles when she’s alone with her daddy? (alone being without Angie.) Not trying to start anything, just something to think on.

  64. StarDust says

    My husband picks our daughter up from school every day. WE had them to raise them TOGETHER. That means we SHARE the child rearing responsibilities.

    How sad is it to say a man is a wimp because he supports his wife and family aside from making money.

  65. Pilar says

    Adri… After all this time, you still can’t see why he left Jennifer for Angelina? I can think of at least three good reason:

    1) If he had stayed with Jen, do you think he would have ANY children, natural or adopted? You can bet your sweet bippy he wouldn’t.

    2) He was sick and tired of living with a narcissistic airhead who didn’t share any of his goals in life and who was too concentrated on herself to give him a family.

    3) He didn’t love Jen any more and she probably didn’t love him any more. At least a year before they separated she was partying alone. By her own admission the marriage was dead before he ever met Angelina. I’m absolutely certain that if he hadn’t left Jen for Angelina, he would have left her for someone else.

    Angelina adopted Maddox three years before she ever met Brad and had already started the adoption process for Z before she and Brad became an item, so don’t try the she-trapped-him-through-the-kids crap. It doesn’t fly.

    Don’t kid yourself thinking Angelina was just a booty call for him. He found a woman who shares his outlook on life and his goals. She also gave him the family Jennifer was too selfish to give him.

    Oh yeah — the reason you don’t see Angelina in these pictures is because she’s working on a film so he is taking the kids to school and picks them up while she works. When he is working then it’s her turn. It’s called shared parenting responsibilities, don’tcha know? Hundreds of millions of parents do it every single day.

    I think it says something about Brad’s commitment as a dad that, with all the help they have with the kids, he doesn’t relegate taking the kids to school to somebody else, like you see so many rich parents doing. He takes them himself. Being a dad has added a whole new dimension to his life that he never would have had with Jennifer.

    And you still can’t see why he left her for Angelina?

  66. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Uh Adri, Angelina is WORKING so Brad is doing his bit by picking his kids up. Why do you assume that because a father is doing the school run that the mother is being unfair? Would it be different if Brad worked during the day and Ang did the school run?

    Brad left Jennifer years ago. She’s clearly over it, I think you should be too.

  67. Pilar says

    Dang, whoever captions these pics is probably some nitwit who thinks all Asians look alike.

    The kids are gorgeous, and Z is such a little diva. They are going to have their hands full with that one!

  68. adri says

    Doesnt it seem as though Brad has a much fuller load than Angelina. I almost never see her with her children. She only adopted to load them onto Brad.
    I still dont understand why he left Jennifer for Angelina

  69. Alyssa says

    PAX and Zahara are adorable!!! =)

    and it really isn’t hard to tell Maddox and Pax apart. Pax has the more asian look to him. NOT trying to be racist or anything I am just stating the obvious. =)

  70. Jenna M. (UK) says

    That’s Pax, not Maddox. Why is it so difficult to tell them apart lol, Pax is about half Maddox’s height!

    What is underneath Pax’s eye in the top photo, is is a birthmark or something?

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