1. oriana says

    Linda, isn’t this site about babies and kids? Doesn’t Russell Crowe have kids? So yes, I brought him up for he was a part of Meg’s life, he does have kids now and I think they are both happy! What is wrong with that?

    And I never said he was Mr. Perfect, I do think he is a good father!

  2. Linda says

    Chill a bit, oriana. You are the one that brought up Russell Crowe for no good reason. Most people think he’s a jerk. I do too.

    For the rest: X17 has more sweet pics of Meg and Daisy at their blog!

  3. oriana says

    I saw the look on his face, and I saw him wiping his eyes, he was very emotional and was moved by the moment, I think he was and is, very much in love with his wife.

    What is your problem?

    It ended with Meg and him because of all the publicity and I still think they are friends and care about each other’s happiness.

  4. Elisha says

    She ended it after only half a year together.

    By the way, you must have been at his wedding too – I guess we missed eachother there – otherwise you would not know he was crying since that was not in the pictures, but only what one of the guests told. Just like the grass thing.

  5. oriana says

    Elisha, how nice for you that you were a guest at his weddding! Did you dance with him at the Reception? Did you catch the bouquet when she tossed it? It must be beautiful in Australia, how did you enjoy the weather down there?

    And to me, it has been a very long lasting on and off relationship, I think he loves her and the marriage will continue.

    And Meg didn’t seem to mind his behavior at all when she was with him!

  6. Elisha says

    They were completely off for more than six years in the nineties and on and off for about four. How is that long lasting? As for him crying at his wedding, he had been smoking grass beforehand. But who cares anyway. Important thing is that at least Meg Ryan does not have to put up with his rude and aggressive behaviour.

  7. oriana says

    I guess I was wrong then and not the first time that has happened, I thought his wife was his teenage sweetheart. I did read where they met very early and was in one of his first films with her and they have been dating off and on since then until he married her. I do think the marriage will last, their relationship has been very long lasting, and at his wedding, when he cried, that was very touching to me, I think they are a happy family and I hope they stay together.

  8. Aimee says

    I love Meg’s saccharine sweet movies ~ sometimes I gag, though. What’s up with her face? It scares me? Bad plastic surgery?

  9. keni says

    #21 H,
    Thanks for clarifying, I COMPLETELY drew a blank!! Could not remember the title for the life of me…

  10. Elisha says

    Daisy was 14 months when Meg officially adopted her.

    I will visit the site for Madeline. Such a tragic story.

  11. H says

    # 13- “that one where she screams out in the restaurantā€¦” It’s called “When Harry Met Sally.” It’s only like her most famous role, but whatever.

  12. Bethany says

    AmyY…that show is such a cute show. I agree that Daisy does look like their children. Meg is looking old these days, by the way. But I agree that she is a good actress.

  13. AmyY says

    Daisy is adorable! Has anyone ever seen the show on Discover Health called Jon and Kate + 8? Daisy looks exactly like their littles girls.

  14. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Daisy is so pretty. How old was she when Meg adopted her? Also, how old is her other kid, Jack?

    I agree with Yvonne, please everybody go to and spread the link around… time may be running out for Madeleine šŸ™

  15. Elisha says

    I would not be surprised either if she adopts another child somewhere this year or next year. She allways looks so happey when she’s with her kids. She seems to love being a mother. And I agree that her son Jack looks totally like her!

    Oriana, Russell Crowe did not marry his teenage sweetheart, They dated off and on for a few years in their twenties. Their sons are cute, but I do not think their marriage will last.

  16. Keni says

    Daisy is a cutie, I wanna adopt too…

    Has anyone seen her last movie In the Land of Women? Its so far from that one where she screams out in the restaurant…

  17. oriana says

    I think Jack looks just like Meg. Daisy looks like her hair is getting longer too, it wouldn’t surprise me either if later on Meg didn’t adopt another child also. I think she fell hard for Russell Crowe but too much paps around and ruined it, plus, I am glad he married his teenage sweetheart, I think she is pretty too and Charles is a mini Russell, looks just like him!

  18. Carol says

    Hello, yes I dont’ think that Daisy is really that cute at all but I really like Meg Ryan and I agreet that it would be nice to see more of her in the movies but I agree that her responsibilty is to her new daughter. Nothing is MORE important than PARENTHOOD. I just wish that more parents would REALIZE that in todays society. Thanks, Carol.

  19. Nicki says

    She is a beautiful lil girl. Meg looks thrilled with her.

    Oriana~ I saw an interview with Meg saying that Jack and Daisy get along wonderfully. He is a very good brother and loves her and did from the begining.

    She is very very pretty.

  20. Denise says

    I love Meg Ryan. She is my favorite actress. Wish she’d make more movies but her little Daisy comes first. She is adorable.

  21. oriana says

    She’s getting big! Very cute and Meg seems so happy with her, I wonder how her son is adjusting with his little sister?

    I see as usual, Meg’s sense of style hasn’t changed!

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