Britney & Sean Preston Out For Dancing & Dining

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney, 25,was snapped leaving Millennium Dance Studio after another more dance fun on Tuesday in LA.

Then Brit and 20-month-old son Sean Preston stopped to refuel at fast food joint Carl’s Jr.

Britney will reportedly perform at The House of Blues in Orlando on Saturday night and Mansion Nightclub in Miami Beach on Sunday night.

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  1. celeste says

    I love Britney and Tori Spellings boobs, they are so full and perky and very firm. I’m a female that loves boobs what can I say

  2. celeste says

    Wow # 50 you sure are a poet…I know Britney and she is a very nice person, what I think is your just jealous of her…..It’s ok it’s normal for a nobody to be jealous of a very famous person.

  3. Not Brit's Fan says

    There once was a pop princess named Britney Spears. She married a loser, had 2 boys, and shed many tears. This psycho has gone loco these past few years, putting to rest our worst fears. Looks like she’s gone and done the ultimate-got after her hose with a pair of shears. Wonder what will ever come of the pop princess named Britney Spears?

  4. N says

    There is a video of these pictures…It is clear. If you want clearer pictures look for them. They are out there. These are the pictures this site put up. This isnt the only website dedicated to celebrity kids. There are many.

  5. N says

    Agree with you Sandra…. it really is pathetic. I wonder why some women do this to each other at times. She has on holey tights ….So Effin what! Is it really that serious.

  6. Fan of Tori Spelling says

    #42………I’m sorry but a fuzzy discolored picture of some kid does not count……..How do you even know that picture is Jayden? You see lot’s of beautiful pictures of Sean and they are clear as can be…….And none of Jayden, what is Britney hiding? Mothers usually want to show off there beautiful children not hide them. Even weirdo Tom Cruise let the world see his baby Suri……What’s the deal?.Oh and seeing feet stick out of a carseat draped with a baby blanket does not count either.

  7. Ms etiquette says

    I agree with you Rude, many people here have foul mouths what on earth happened to good manners and decent vocabulary? Is it a thing of the past? If so… it’s a sad world.

  8. Rude says

    There are some rude people on this site and they need to eat a bar of soap…and don’t forget to swallow it. Can’t get their point across without the foul language. Small minds, I guess.

  9. Libraesque says

    #39 what the fuck are you babbling about???
    and 40 & 41 ON THIS THREAD there are pictures of Jayden just look it up

  10. Fan of Tori Spelling says

    How come you never see her son Jayden???All you ever see is Sean……..What’s the deal???

  11. Jordyn says

    My sister is a dancer, and all her tights are bought with holes in them…its the style, I guess. If they dont have holes, its condidered prudish. I am confused why we never see any pix of the baby?? Maybe the dance studio only allows toddlers for playtime and baby is at home with the nanny??

  12. Embarrassed for Brit says

    Question FiFi? How do you get differnt tights with the same holes? I’m puzzled on that!

  13. so sick of her says

    bitch needs to run and hide away from the world for at least 2 years. right now everyone is so sick of her nasty, dirty ass. nothing she does is gonna help her WE DON’T WANT TO SEE HER ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Zbella says

    Yes, you are so much better than us, fifi, what with your name calling. Who cares if they are different tights? They are hideous one way or the other.

    Anyway, it is a nice 1/2 of a picture with her son. I’m glad she’s spending some time with her eldest.

  15. Sandra says

    fifi don’t lower yourself to these ladies levels. They have nothing better to do than rip on a woman they know absolutely nothing about. It is really pathetic I tell ya.

  16. fifi trooper says

    I think that all of you nut wipers need to leave Britney alone. What if those were different tights with the same holes? YOU JACKASSES NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!

  17. Zbella says

    I saw the first half of the first picture and was thinking “Aww, they look so cute” and then the ratty fishnets – again. Believe me – they are the same ones she’s been wearing for WEEKS. First they had a couple of small holes – then a dozen holes, now a bunch of nasty gapping holes!

    Carl Jr. That’s how I got back into shape after my babies too. Heehee 😉

  18. Sarah says

    Even if it is a publicity stunt, the baby could care less, and he probably likes being with his mom. I can’t stand Britney as a performer but I have to say her baby is plain adorable. What a cutie!

  19. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Even if she had ripped her tights in the dance studio, she could have taken them off and just gone without them. Couldn’t have looked any worse than that.

    You know, I feel really sorry for Britney. I’m glad she seems to be getting her life back on track for her kids though; she may have had a hard life (all that work so young) but she is a mother now so her priorities have to change.

  20. DMITZ says

    Carleigh – that may be true. I once read somewhere that Britney never wore a pair of panties or any bra more than once. But that was back in her single days and when she was really racking in the $. When she was asked about it in an interview she giggled and side stepped the question.

  21. fifi trooper says

    I think that’s that’s her thing! If she wanted to wear her tights holey so be it! I think that’s it’s nice that she’s holding her child! Because, if you didn’t see pictures of her doing so, then, you would be like “why, don’t I see Britney holding her baby?, So, she’s damned if she do, or damned if She don’t! So, I think that all of you guys are not perfect, so, lay off of her, She’s doing the best she can! I bet, one of you that’s talking trash about her, is secretly dancing to a Britney Spears Album!

  22. says

    i dont care what people say about britney. i cant stand her and i dont think my opinion is going to change anytime soon…sean has gotten so much cuter 🙂

  23. carleigh says

    Britney might actually go into dance class with NEW tights on and by the time she finished dancing around rigorously, obviously she’s going to have run’s in her fishnet’s. Think about it??? There are NO before pictures here for us to use for reference.

  24. Elena says

    Sean P is too cute. I just wonder why there are no pictures of Jayden. It fuels the gossip about him having a disability.

  25. Denise says

    Sandra, I don’t wear tights but if I did they wouldn’t have holes in them. I surely don’t have the money she does but I can afford a new pair if I did wear them. Maybe she’s trying to start a new trend or something. Got to get uncomfortable with them pulling.

  26. N says

    Exactly, 10 -15 cars following you everday. Even Gwen Stefani her next door neighbor said in an interview…. I think that the PAPS are at her house everyday starting early morning. X17 said they have about I think 5 people geared for her only.

  27. Libraesque says

    okay people, when Britney was photographed every other day months ago what was that for?
    This isn’t a staged publicity stunt, that’s TOMKATS arena. She’s is relentlessly followed by dozens of paps. She is NOT the kind of celeb who is going to hide away, or cover her face like some kind of jackass.
    She’s out of rehab, she’s got things to take care of, a career to repair and if you’ve ever seen video of the paps and what they do to these stars you would be ashamed at what you’re saying.
    Britney couldn’t avoid being photographed if she tried to hid under a rock….so really, enough already

  28. Lauren says

    Sean Preston is soo cute!! It’s nice to see Britney out with her kids again. Where’s Jayden? She’s always photographed with Sean and never Jayden. The poor kid probably doesn’t even know her because she’s out all the time. Change your stocking Britney!!

  29. Essie says

    Sam, I thought her album wasn’t even finished yet and doesn’t have a “drop” date. But, she is doing those small concerts that cost $300 for 15 minutes of lip synching so there must be people out there who still want to buy anything she’s selling.

    P.S.: I don’t think it’s a publicity stunt to take your son with you. If she REALLY wanted people to talk she would have Jayden with her also.

  30. Just me says

    It costs more for electricity and water to run a washing machine. Geesh, buy a new pair of $2 tights!

  31. Sandra says

    kimmy I can’t please the desperately unhappy people so they have to pick on someone else. Denise I bet she even washes her tights, afterall holes in tights usually get bigger when you wash them, you should know that though if you wash yours.

  32. kimmy says

    You guys all make me sick. Should she hold her kids? Should she not hold her kids? You will always find something.

  33. Sam says

    Hellllllllo…she has a new album coming out…can you smell the PR here? Her album needs to sell and unfortuantely, every little teeny bopper, wanna be teeny bopper and gay guy (and I am one) will buy in to the re-birth.

  34. amy r says

    The baby is very cute, but I agree that it is a publicity stunt. We’ve hardly ever seen her with her kids. And where in the hell is the other one? Most people, when they have 2 kids, are occasionally seen with both of them at once. I don’t really need to say anything about the tights, do I? I hope she straightens her life out.

  35. angie says

    suckerz!! of course she’s making sure to be photographed with her kid..she was ordered to by her publicists!! ‘it will look good, brit brit, trust us!’ this chick has got to be the most sickening in hollywood!

  36. Mia Pia says

    SP is adorable! Good to see Britney spending more time w/her child. Wish we could see more pics of them all together (w/Jayden).

  37. AmyY says

    Her stockings are hilarious. Sean was cuter when he was younger… I think hed be cuter if his hair was shorter

  38. tj says

    brittany finally looks good and shes with her boy!! but what about her onther one??? people nag and nag about angelina jolie not caring for her child {{shiloh}} but no one ever says anything about brittany like “not loving” her other son that waas born. i dont get it. but sean is TOO cute!!!

  39. minkysmom says

    for once britney looks cute, the wig and hat are okay this time and the dress, but you know how we feel about the stockings!!!!

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