Larry Birkhead Talks About Being Home With Dannielynn

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

Larry talked to OK! Magazine about the wonderful bonding that he is experiencing with 8-month-old Dannielynn:

Are you becoming more comfortable being a dad?

Yeah, it feels like I was born to be a daddy. We wake up, I get her dressed and I play with her and sing her songs, although I’m a terrible singer. We’re having fun.

Was there a moment when you and your daughter really connected?

When she looks up at me. And every morning when I hear her first cry and I scoop her up.

How is she adapting?

She’s doing great. She’s eating well, she’s playing, she’s made lots of new connections with family and friends.

What have you learned about her since being home?

She’s teething and biting on my shoulder all the time. She loves to blow bubbles. She’s already repeating sounds back. She’s really smart. She’s getting to be a comedian; she makes me laugh.

OK! Magazine


  1. camel says

    My god that baby is so much like her Dad, she is also so very beautiful.

    Good luck to Larry & Congratulations!!

  2. Marie Carlisle says

    She’s cute as a bug. Yes she looks like Larry. These pictures were out of pictures that OK had already taken. And so what if he does put her picture out, I want to see it and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I look everyday to see if there is anything new. I hope he writes a book. I would do the same thing. God Bless you both Abilene, Texas

  3. oriana says

    I hope Larry lets Howard stay a part of this precious child’s life! It is the right thing to do!

  4. Zbella says

    Precious. Love looking at this little duo. I was heart-broken for Dannielyn when Anna Nicole died. I have a baby girl a few days older than her and I know they need love and hugs and their mommy. Thank God Dannie has her daddy now. So sweet. He seems so devoted to her.

  5. Lisa says

    FYI Post #7: Those pics were all taken in one sitting in the Bahama’s get over it, OK is just dragging it on. There is nothing wrong with this guy.

  6. me says

    omg i think she is soooooooooo adorable-her eyes are so i think larry is just trying to act hotter than he really is……

  7. oriana says

    Most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a child!!! Beautiful is not the word to describe her, way beyond that!

    Larry, For God’s sakes, put your shirt back on!!!!!!!!!

  8. says

    awww what a precious little girl…she’s beautiful!!! i have some new favourites…august and dannielynn. They’re just too adorable… omg but this child is absoutely gorgeous:) suri and shiloh will have some competition. lol. i think larry adores her and i agree with some people here that she looks exactly like her daddy. i hope she grows up being a very happy child. awww i still cant get over her. she’s the closest thing to perfect 🙂

  9. withintemptation says

    awwwww!!! Dannielynn is so precious!! when she was younger she looked more like Anna but now she definately looks more like her daddy… so ADORABLE!!!

    I love Larry, he’s an awesome dad! 😀

  10. amy says

    ok i’m with everyone else here…this kid is GORGEOUS. she is just as cute as shiloh pitt…maybe even cuter. angelic, baby blue eyes like the water in fiji, long naturally curled eye lashes, heart shaped mouth with cute little lips, soft baby cheeks….she is stunning.

    one more comment–i hope she gets a great education unlike anna and turns out to be just as intelligent as she is beautiful..

    awww so cute!!! you just want to eat her!

  11. Ileana says

    The baby is absolutely beautiful, I hope he really loves her and takes care of her, now that her mother is not around, I pray for this child, it’s hard to grow up without a mother, godbless this beautiful child.

  12. nat says

    i agree, how can anyone not look at this beautiful child and not think of larry is the father. she is gorgeous and he looks so happy, i wish the best for them.

  13. Tia :) says

    I agree with you Carleigh. I really do believe that he loves his little girl and wants to show her off! I don’t believe in anyway that he’s exploiting her.

  14. carleigh says

    H….your comment was too funny!!!!!!!! Sorry but it did make me chuckle like a little kid…still is.

    I think Dannielynn is one of the most gorgeous baby’s (aside from my own of course—prejudiced mama I have ever seen. She does look like the spitting image of Larry, he’s so pretty he looks angelic almost. I love her beautiful eyes and precious little heart-shaped mouth, she’s just a precious little imp through and through.

    I don’t think Larry is in anyway trying to exploit HIS daughter, he hasn’t worked in quite awhile, he is a seasoned photographer and he knows how to control a photo shoot I am sure. He is taking the opportunity to put out tasteful staged pictures instead of creating a media frenzy by taking Dannielynn to the park or someplace else where she would be swarmed and frightened by the paparazzi. Kudo’s to him for controlling the environment around his daughter, he is looking out for her which is what any protective, loving, concerned Daddy would do.

    Shame Anna has to miss out on being a part of Dannielynn’s life………she’s just too beautiful!

  15. sierra says

    gross! why is his shirt always off when hes in a picture with that beautiful baby!! keep your clothes on larry…i hope he wants her or her and not for all the money she might inherit..poor howard..too bad their cant be joint custody…shes a piece of anna.

  16. hooooooooo says

    ok I get that he did a first photoshoot to sell some pictures of his baby so the paps wouldn’t constantly try to take pics of him and Dannielynn. But now that he has the baby, he can stop holding photoshoots and putting himself in every tabloid… the story is basically over, the only thing left is the whole custody arrangement. He got his daughter, he should be happy and raise her away from the spotlight.

  17. K says

    What did they tell Larry? Lets take one where you are naked with her??? Lol. That said, she is a beautiful child, photoshooed but beautiful. She will be a beauful woman, albeit plump. I guess is Shiloh was like her every one would go on and on about her looks thank god for little mercies that Shiloh is homely!

  18. amy r says

    I wouldn’t hardly say he’s exploiting her. Like she cares if her picture is in a magazine? It brings much needed money into the home, after all. She really is beautiful. I don’t know why, but the picture of him with no shirt on is kind of creepy.

  19. onatear says

    Very beautiful girl who looks a LOT like her mother, and her father. The instant I see her face, I think “Anna Nicole”. Let’s give Larry a chance, here. He spent a lot of his time, when he could have been out working, doing the custody battle, which, if you remember, began when Anna Nicole was alive. So…I think he’s in it with his heart.

  20. Just me says

    Dannielynn is beautiful. But I also think Larry is milking this for all it’s worth. No one even knew who he was until the baby-daddy scandal.

  21. Denise says

    Such a beautiful baby. Yes, I have to agree, she is prettier than the other babies on this site.

    Have to say that Larry knows the ropes on the photo thing, after all, he’s a photographer himself, right? He knows what people want in pictures. And, I hate it that he’s got his shirt off for the photo. Who cares if he’s got chest hair or not. Keep your shirt on Larry. I mean, what’s it supposed to be? Did they just get out of the bathtub, or the swimming pool, or what?

  22. Miranda says

    She is so beautiful..Here eyes are like heaven, I’ve never seen anything like it. Daddy should be REALLY proud of this little babygirl. 🙂

  23. Lauren says

    Dannielynn is sooo beautiful! I can’t believe there was any doubt that Larry wasn’t the father. She looks just like him! She’s got gorgeous eyes.

  24. Jamie67 says

    OMG!!Move over Shiloh..move over Suri,Dannielyn is the most beautiful baby i ever seen!
    Trooper,if he doesn’t who els should,i think he has the right to do what ever he likes,Howard tried and she is not even his child!!
    Larry loves his babygirl and i’m sure he’ll never do anything to harm her!!!

  25. oriana says

    I think Larry is actually using his head a little bit, he knows the lowlife paps are waiting like vultures, he doesn’t have any money, he has to take care of this child! Let him sell some pictures, she is a baby, she isn’t being abused, let him make some money to provide for her, that Witch Virgie would be the worst one ever!

  26. fifi trooper says

    i’m so damn tired of him! I swear, I think he is going to pimp his kid out all over the world! I hope that he does the right thing, and tell her that her mother loved her very much, and not dog her out! I defintely think that Virgire would do that!!!!!!!

  27. Bethany says

    She is a very beautiful little baby…her eyes are so pretty! But Birkhead looks like a big goob in the second picture…trying too hard to be a male model or something. “Okay, Larry, give me that look of sweet adoration….okay now, flex the chest muscles just so…okay now part your lips just slightly…”. He looks silly

  28. Think About It says

    No matter who ended up with the baby, they would end up in a magazine every week. Everyone wants to know how Dannielynn is doing.

  29. MIAPOCCA says

    Ho wmuch is this fool making…he wanted the baby so he could be in a magazine each week…That baby is gonna gfrow up and the drama between him and daddy Larry will be worse than Anna and her mother…stop exploiting the baby, get job and ger out of the fucking media..his clain to fame is banging a drugges up woman and hurling enough abuses to help on to her drug overdose..I find him totally disgusting

    That siad..she is one BEAUTIFUL child
    who said Suri was “pretty” agian..she shoudl have photo shoot with this princess and she will look like the chinese swarf that she is

  30. CyberKitten38 says

    holy THAT’S a beautiful baby! Such beautiful eyes! But then what else would one expect with a daddy as gorgeous as that 🙂

  31. Tia :) says

    i agree with you fully Oriana….im happy Larry is the father…but i cant help but feel bad for Howard.

  32. oriana says

    This is it folks!!! The most beautiful baby yet!!!

    Poor Anna, missing out on this beautiful child, I know Howard’s heart is broken!

  33. Alisa says

    I want to know ONE thing…why did there have to be a paternity test? That baby looks EXACTLY like him, she’s so pretty 😉

  34. Tia :) says

    Wow. Ok…seriously..she has to be the most beautiful babies on here. I think she is totally adorable! Her eyes are beautiful…i think she looks exactly like Larry…good for him! He looks happy!

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