Britney & Jayden James

Britney Spears
It may be a blurry pic, but it’s great to see a pic of little 8-month-old Jayden James! In this pic Britney is with Jayden James in the gardens on her estate.


  1. Ally says

    I think that’s Jayden, he looks about the size of a normal 8mth old baby.
    I don’t see how you can all say he looks more like Britney though when the pic is so blurry.
    Either way I’m sure with Britney and Kevin’s genes he is as cute as Sean Preston.

  2. says

    that baby is a dorable, it’s about time Britney holds Jayden, and spends more time with him , than Sean !!! i mean, jayden will probably grow up thinking that, he’s the 2nd favorite child. i definitely think it’s jayden, not Sean. i mean, he’s 8 months old, and he seems to be the right size for an infant that age. if only Britney wouldn’t do the same things she did with Sean, by putting him the carseat the wrong way, or almost drop him on his head… or even Cover him up all the time, then, he would be ok. Sean & Jayden shouldn’t be over exposed now, they should honestly be with their dad, and kept Hidden away from the Media. Kevin’s ex- girlfriend keeps Kori & Kaleb away from the media, and she’s very Smart to do that ! Anyway, ‘bye!! Frenchy92776

  3. marie says

    god people are so bloody selfish your only jealouse that its not you roling in money why would she walk round with somebody elses baby daaaa no wonder people like britney loose it shes been through alot taking the mick out of her she a bonney girl and deserves better fans she cant do anything without people saying stuff i would go stupid as well SOD THEM ALL BRITNEY your doing well girl

  4. celeste..Fan of Tori Spelling says

    I agree with poster # 10………..Maybe Britney is hiding Jayden because he’s a down syndrome boy……..Hmmmmm makes one wonder huh?

  5. N says

    i saw the video for this…. Whoever got these shots were so far away it was ridiculous……. It really reminded me of something that stalkers do.

  6. ashlie says

    i think that is jaden because i seen some pictures sp libby doesnt know what she is talking about libby is an idiot

  7. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    #10…that’s really sick…pitiful and ignorant

    my little boy is almost 7 months and he’s that size. look at where his legs are then go look a few pics up. SP’s legs are alot longer and “dangle” (sorry, couldn’t think of another word) alot further down. He looks so much bigger cuz his clothes are so bulky.

    wonder why the pics are so off color and fuzzy?? very strange.

  8. kimmy says

    libby- first of all you can’t even spell idiot- so you’re the idiot. Second of all, when and where have you seen Jayden since you’re such an expert on what he looks like?

  9. Zbella says

    Hmm. This baby could be anyone. How do we even know that’s Britney? Perhaps you’ve seen other pictures, but this is the only one I’ve seen.

    This boy looks to be about 15 months, if I had to guess. I have an 8 months old (almost 9) and she is no where near that size – but she wears baby clothes, not overalls, and has less hair too.

    IF it’s a recent picture, it’s not Sean. He’s much bigger and looks different. There is a family reseblence. Cute kid either way.

  10. says

    I think hes really jayden beacuse in other pics of the same day you can see next to brit a women carying sean, he looks so much like her brother but he has more hair than sean at that age

  11. carleigh says

    That is Jayden James, check out Perezhilton, X17 and JustJared. Britney is holding Jayden and her cousin Ali is off to the side holding Sean P. I wish the pictures were clearer but he does look just as cute as Sean P.

  12. N says

    Damn…its Jayden. Go to other websites besides this one. Also…..all babies are not the same size. He looks like a healthy 8 mth old child.

  13. kimmy says

    I think it is Jayden. Sean Preston was really big too when he was little. She had big babies. Also, boys tend to be a lot bigger sometimes. My nephew was 22 lbs at 6 months and he was very long.

  14. Just me says

    If it’s Jayden, his face and his hair definitely look like his brother’s. But it’s hard to say … looks too big for 8 months, but too small to be SP.

  15. Miranda says

    Oh maybe it really is Jayden. But what is he wearing if not a pink little shirt?! Or maybe it just looks like it. He, on the other hand, seems so sweet 🙂

  16. Lauren says

    Sean is bigger and looks more like Kevin. This looks like Jayden, he resembles Britney more. I wish there was a clearer picture. Britney needs to get over it and just go public. It’s been 8 months already!!

  17. Name not important says

    It does not look too big to be eight months and it is clear enough to tell that it is no Sean this baby is more skiny than Sean this one is also smaller in size and his face looks different than Sean. Sean looks more like Kevin in this pic I think Jayden looks like Britney

  18. oriana says

    I think it could be the baby? Well Britt, hurry up and get those pictures Sold!!!! It is just a matter of time before the snoopy paps beat you to the draw!!!!!

  19. Lisa says

    It looks just like the same baby that she was holding a couple of pics ago that was on here..I really dont know who it is..

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