Brad Pitt Dropping Off & Picking Up The Kids From School

Here Brad was snapped dropping off Maddox at school in Prague this morning.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

And here he was snapped picking up both Maddox and Zahara from school later in the day. Zahara is so adorable!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. Nikki Dai says

    Why are people coming here to complain about the Jolie-Pitt’s? It defeats the purpose coming here to specifically look at pics about this family only to complain. Get it together weirdos.

  2. bugs says

    yah, Brad looks a good dad, baby sitter, ride and mom at the same time. Those kids are very lucky to have a father figure like him.

  3. tj says

    aw thats pax with brad in the last two pics {{awwwww}} and Z looks very beautiful not only cause she’s smiling but she’s with her daddy and brother and they all look really happy together!!! and mad looks really happy too!! i think brads a good father!! =D

  4. oriana says

    Pilar, there is no doubt that her life was saved. And Maddox’s life also.

    Now I am glad that your son is fine and it all worked out for you and him. And isn’t it amazing that the man in the shoe store, instead of a Specialist, recommended it to you! The Lord does work in mysterious ways sometimes! It definately has in my life with my surgery also.

  5. Pilar says

    Most pediatricians recommend letting kids grow out of it, and not intervening until they are 4 if the condition hasn’t corrected itself by then, but a special shoe can definitely help prevent bowlegs from getting worse and can actually straighten them out. If it wasn’t for the man in the shoe store, my son might have grown up bowlegged. It was the shoe store that suggested a corrective wedge 1/8 of an inch thick be applied to the outside of the sole. The results were immediate. The wedge made my son walk with his feet pointed straight ahead instead of turning his toes in, and his legs straightened right up within a few months.

    Z was a desperately sick little girl who might very well have died if Brad and Angie hadn’t adopted her. I think it’s safe to say they not only gave her a loving home, they literally saved her life.

  6. oriana says

    Kitty, we are all sorry when we get upset and especially get angry. It is human nature.

    I want to say to you right here and now, and I am very sincere about this, I am very sorry for upsetting you and others for inappropriate comments I made! I am extending the Olive Branch and hope we can have a good night’s rest and some peaceful sleep.

    I have to take my little doggie, Ozzy, for a walk, yes, I did name him that after watching The Osbournes! I liked that show! My husband got him for me at the Humane Society, he weighs 7 lbs. now, and 3 when he brought him home, he was very sick too. So I hope you have a good evening!

  7. oriana says

    It looks like only one leg is curved and with treatment, I think as she gets older she will improve, I have looked at the pictures on the site Mia posted a few days ago, Zahara really doesn’t look that bad to me. Not to the point where she will need surgery, she may have to wear braces but the site said by four years old a lot of kids grow out of it.

    It is also obvious the paps annoy her.

  8. oriana says

    kitty, what is it that really has you so riled up? What is the matter? What have I ever said personally to you that you are upset about? What is it? Others have seen the light about my comments, even others who were critical and upset now realize their thinking about me was not the case, and Thank God and I thank them for it! So what is exactly the issue with you? Please calm down!

  9. Kitty says

    tia you go f..k yourself you stupid bitch, you’re the most simple ass i ever came across. Nevertheless i’m sorry for letting the truth hurt. idiot

  10. Tia :) says

    ok what? man you really like to start shit eh? Stop talking to me and bitching. Go f**k yourself

  11. Kitty says

    tia and oriana, the blog is about the kids so why should asking a question about the subject be a problem? Shit! Tia really licks oriana’s rear end

  12. oriana says

    yep, not to far from me, my husband is going to take a Spanish class, I am too tired and lazy, by the time I finish my rehab therapy, cook dinner, yak on here, and do my voulunteer at Specia Olympics and the Animal Shelter, then it is sleep time, and my TV time, Boston Legal, Greys Anatomy, Ghostwhisper, Medium, Law n Order, Larry King, Jimmy Kimmel, Judge Mathis, House and that is about it. Plus, have to bookkeeping for two facilities.

  13. oriana says

    Oh to me Chinese would be so hard to learn to write! My husband had a roommate in college from China and he was one of the brightest students around, super intelligent and took his classes seriously, I also think the Arabic languages would be very difficult to learn to write too, wish I had learned some more languages when I was in school!

  14. Pilar says

    I think that’s the case. She evidently reads English well, as she has no problem understanding the posts on this blog, but I’ve seen her post in English and she has a lot of problems with writing in the language.

    Most adults learning a foreign language develop passive fluency (reading and understanding) before they develop active fluency (speaking and writing). I believe the reverse is true for children. I think Brad and Angelina were very wise to send little Pax to nursery school so early. Most children learning a new language pick it up from interacting with other kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pax has a learned a good many English words and phrases by now. He looks like a bright little guy.

    Want to see some funny examples of fractured English? Check out this site: . The Chinglish is hysterical.

  15. oriana says

    Both languages, French and Spanish look very pretty written, I have to applaud the ladies that can speak and write it so beautifully, but I can’t understand a word of it.

    I have a friend that is from Vietnam, speaks French beautifully, I do think it is important for any parent to teach their children the native language from their homeland, perhaps Marya can read English but doesn’t know how to write it?

  16. Libraesque says

    YES, but this is an ENGLISH LANGUAGE BOARD. Seriously only an idiot would come to an ENGLISH board with all ENGLISH COMMENTS and post in Spanish or French on the off chance someone here writes/speaks it

    get real, it’s ridiculous

  17. Pilar says

    Feel free to post in French. I’ll use the online translator to decipher what you’re saying.

    In fact, I just did. 🙂

    Le sens libre d’écrire dans le français. J’utiliserai le traducteur en ligne pour déchiffrer que vous dites.

  18. Pilar says

    Mayra is hardly an idiot; she’s made some very intelligent comments. Since Spanish is the most widely-spoken foreign language in the US, I’d be surprised if I’m the only one posting here who can read what she’s saying.

  19. Pilar says

    Mayra is hardly an idiot; she’s made some very intelligent comments. Since Spanish is the most widely-spoken foreign language in the US, I’d be surprised if I’m the only one posting her who can read what she’s saying.

  20. Libraesque says

    no one cares. only an idiot would post in a foriegn language on an all english “speaking” site

  21. oriana says

    Exactly right! If you have something to say, SAY IT, unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to be bi-lingual, wish I was, Spanish, Japanese, French, Samoan and German would be my choice! Tofa Soifua, Goodbye and Good Luck!

  22. oriana says

    I can proudly say that I watched every episode of Seinfeld (and bought the DVD set), That 70’s Show, yep, loved it, Frazier, watch all the reruns too, and will miss King of Queens, can’t stand Leah but loved that show, and of course, Everybody Loves Raymond, hated to see it end!

  23. mayra sanchez says

    la verdad es que son pateticas,como hablar asi de un
    ser humano tan indefenso,como un nino
    la verdad es que dan asco,sobretodo orianna

  24. Pilar says

    I can proudly state that I have never watched a single episode of “Friends” or “Seinfeld”. I hate sitcoms. I got bored with them back in the 60’s. The only good one was “Soap” from the 1970’s. That one was hysterical.

  25. oriana says

    Pilar, I have never heard the word Jenbot before and now I get it, it is kind of funny to me! And everyone knows I am not a fan of hers, I loved Friends, couldn’t stand Ross, he was just too goofy for me but I enjoyed the show very much.

  26. Pilar says

    LOL that was someone’s term on the Celebrity Baby blog. Sort of self-descriptive, someone who has a robotic attachment to Jennifer. I guess the corresponding term would be Angiebots? Anyway, they are in full screaming pursuit of Angelina after that Reader’s Digest article. It’s really kind of funny. It’s also kind of pathetic. Two years and they still can’t get over it. What a bunch of losers.

  27. Pilar says

    My goodness! I’ve just been checking out the tabs web sites. I couldn’t believe the garbage the “Jenbots” have been posting about Angelina. It sounds like the Readers Digest article made them totally lose it. I’d hate to meet these people in person. I’ve never seen so much hate and spite and bitterness directed at somebody they’ve never even met. What is wrong with people? Two years and they still can’t get over it. Pathetic.

  28. tufty says

    That has to be Pax with Zahara, or else Maddox grew an awful lot of hair at the sides in a day. LOL

  29. Lib says

    They are my favorite celebrity family! They have the cutest kids. I wish this website would post more pictures of them.

  30. Tia :) says

    Oriana…you are too funny! You see, i respect what you are saying. I know you dont like Angie and Brad…but im not going to bash you. You know i like this family, but you respect me! People need to chill out and realize we are all allowed to our own opinions.

    Have a good night my dear!!!

  31. oriana says

    Tia, I don’t know why people want to keep something going and going, like that pink Energizer Bunny on TV!

    It isn’t like I have not said I didn’t like other celebrity kids also! Denise Richards oldest daughter isn’t exactly Little Miss Sunshine to me! And Kate Hudson’s little boy is far from being a cute kid! I don’t hate any of them.

    There are some people I can’t stand, dislike much more than Brad and Angie. I much prefer Simon Cowell to Brad Pitt, I actually enjoy him!

    Dick Cheney, Cold Shark, Jessica Simpson, just plain stupid, Lindsay Lohan, can’t stand her mother, Star Jones and Barbara Walters, can’t stand either one of them, Victoria Beckham, she makes me sick with those two baseballs she has for breasts! I know her money could buy better than that! Target has bras that even look better! And I have never liked sweetsie, sweeties, Katie Couric.

    As far as the word Hate, I guess the closest it would come to me to people I don’t even know, would be R. Kelley, that pervert!

    Pam Anderson, she is not my cup of tea, the nerve of her calling me and my friends bitches just because we like a good extra crispy chicken leg every once in a while! And Miss Naomi Campbell, well, I wouldn’t advise her to ever throw a phone at me, I would roll over her in my wheelchair and kick her ass with one leg!

    The Jacksons, nope, can’t say as I like any of them, and LaToya is the dumbest I have ever seen!

    So I am sure I have touched a nerve with a lot of people but I am sorry, and Please, when I hear the phrase, Bringing Sexy Back, I DON’T think about Justin Timberlake!

    So what I am saying, is this, there are more serious things in life than people getting themselves worked up and put on Prozac over something I post! Please, life should be more fun and there are good people on here, and I have enjoyed them (and you all know who you are) very much!

  32. oriana says

    Kitty, where did you EVER read the word Hate that I applied to her? I said, I dislike her, I don’t like Angie or Brad, I have said that more than once, but where did you read the word Hate in my post?

  33. mayra sanchez says

    pilar,te entiendo,pero eso va a depender de la gravedad del asunto,pues si el nino tiene los llamados pies equirobaro,necesitan incluso hasta cirugia,la verdad es que la nina esta preciosa comparada con aquella,nina que lo unico que uno p[odia ver eran los ojos por su extrema desnutricion,eso es lo que debe observar orianna si ella,no es adoptada por ellos estuviera muerta
    hace tiempo

  34. oriana says

    Tia, to you, ONE big fat Mars Bar my Dearrrr!!! Thank you!

    In all honesty, I would be so pleased to see a laughing smiling picture of Pax, I know he is being well cared for and I do believe he is adjusting quickly with the family unity, but he just looked so sad when she first brought him home, I can’t wait to see a big bright smile on his face! Shiloh is a baby, she will be just fine, but this little boy is in a new homeland, a new environment and he has bound to have been overwhelmed at times. To me, Maddox has always been playful and has seemed to enjoy himself, this little boy is different somehow, but that is just my perception and no offense meant towards anyone. I really like Pax.

  35. says

    awww Zahara is such a sweet little girl. she’s very happy in this pic obviously… that’s definately pax at the bottom. the pic of maddox and brad is really cute.i do hope we see more of angie holding shiloh or at least with her. this is one of mad’s best pic. i LOVE angelina jolie&brad pitt&maddox&pax&zahara&shiloh!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful family!!!!! my favourite in hollywood. best wishes to them always:)

  36. Tia :) says

    yay Mia! You understand what Oriana was saying….i do believe there are people here that just like to stir the pot.

  37. Pilar says

    Mayra, estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo que antes de los cuatro años el tratamiento no es indicada, pero los zapatos ortopédicos cuando el pequeño empiece a caminar pueden hacer mucho bien, tanto que el tratamiento no será necesario más tarde.

  38. oriana says

    Mia, typing without proofing again, I was saying If I believed what I had read posted about you, I would think there were five or six more like you! Sorry! Hope you got the jest of it!

    Had to laugh about Chris Rock, he would cuss everyone out, including me and I would be his biggest fan! Love him!

  39. oriana says

    Mia, I wish there were ten more just like you, I really do! And if I believed what I have posted about you, there are five or six! Ha!!!!

    Anyway, hope you are having a good day, obviously you are having a better one than me with all the compliments given my way today!!

    I did find the link about ricketts very informative, and those pictures were unbelieveable!!! I could see a remarkable diff with just getting proper amounts of Calcium, I can easily see where as a child gets older they can improve with age and treatment other than surgery. Some of the pictures very, very sad!

  40. MIAPOCCA says

    hey William H Macy looks like a that racist or is it considered racist if I apply that same statement to Chris Rock..who by the way wont give damn …………

  41. MIAPOCCA says

    Can someone please tell me why they think they can make accusations of racisms simply from a simple statement

    WE ARE ALL RACIST TO A DEGREE…in the right circumstances you will shock yourself with the thoughts that spew out…I bet the gy from sienfeild ne ver considered himself a racist and neither did Isiah Washington, but under duress it came out loud and cleaR.

    Before you go accusing other bloggers of racism where it does not exist try to figure out if you have a guilt conscience somewhere which makes you act soo it that you had he same similar thoughts/…

    Now please direct your comment at the celeb objects and leave other posters alone.

    Orianna is a great poster and I have never seen her lose her cool, so please stop the nonsense, if you are bored , try initiating sex with your husband or as Nell suggested , buy a hunky vibrator to keep your hands busy..a little self loving will get rid of the anger you harbour towards other bloggers…

    Ciao a tutti

  42. MIAPOCCA says

    #52 Orianna you crack me uo big time;;…

    There are very subjective bloggers on here and they can piss one of royally with their likes and dislikes..very annoying indeed

    I think we are supposed to sugarcoat our words to make some of these ppl happy…ahhahaha

  43. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Aww, so sweet! They’re so adorable. Although I’m pretty sure thats Pax in the bottom two pictures, he’s way too short to be Maddox!

  44. oriana says

    Tia, she is a FAB mom and does look adoringly at her adopted kids. Where are the pictures at in this video of her looking at Shiloh with the same expressions on her face? For that matter, I have never seen her in any pictures looking at her little baby with the same expressions that she has with the other children. I have looked for those pictures, and maybe they will surface eventually like the one did of Zahara smiling and enjoying herself like yesterday.

  45. Tia :) says

    I just watched that video and i believe even more than before that Angelina is a FAB mom! Look at the way she looks at those children!! She loves them!! I don’t understand how anyone could say she’s a bad mother!

  46. oriana says

    Yes, it is very clear what a “hands on Mom” Angie is with Shiloh in that video! Why she practically is holding her in every picture!!!

  47. oriana says

    Well I would venture to guess if I commented on Eddie’s kids it would have been a post about him, his baby with Mel Brown! Just a wild guess!!!

    And I would think as much as you focus on me, you would know exactly what I have said, you seemed to recall about Madonna’s cute little boy!

  48. mayra sanchez says

    a los ninos de menos de 4 anos,no se pueden poner en tratamiento,para este tipo de problemas,pues sus huesos no estan definidos todavia,soy ortopedista

  49. mayra sanchez says

    sabes orianna eres racista y estupida,el racismo,es ser
    cruel,con una nina de 2 anos,que no te ha hecho nada,si la bebe tiene problemas como dices,los de julia robert y john travolta tambien,sus padres los cargan,y nunca he visto a los hijos de julia caminando

  50. N says

    I have never read a posts from you regarding the Smith or Murphy children. You posts so much. Where is it so I can read it……. and come to the same conclusion that I already have about you. Have a blessed day.

  51. oriana says

    N, who cares what you thought or think?

    Are Will Smiths kids White? Are Eddie Murphys?

    I guess I was being sarcastic when I said those kids were very good looking also!

  52. oriana says

    Well, I guess Madonna’s little boy is White, she is Poor and he was living in a mansion when she adopted him! I have always said he is way cute and adorable, but maybe some of you have selective memory!

  53. Essie says

    Passive-aggressive . . . describes you to a T. And you know you’re a racist; you delight in calling her a monkey; you delight in calling her bowlegged. You dislike that child because you are a racist and jealous that a black baby has what you can never have . . . love. Oh, and MONEY!!!!

    Brad Pitt got it right when he said the horrible comments made about his family come from racists. And I might add, bitches like you!!!

  54. N says

    So….just go on and say it…. She looks like a happy smiling little monkey.

    Keni: I think O took offense to the hater comment because she thought you were referring to her. JMO

    : )

  55. oriana says

    Essie, I haven’t switched to calling her bowlegged, that is an observation that has been made by many people and from what I have read, it is a condition caused by ricketts, so maybe you should consult the doctors that wrote the medical journals describing that!

    And I didn’t apologize for what I said I about her, I apologized to Nicki for making her upset, as for you, I don’t apologize for Shit!

  56. Libraesque says

    priceless!!!! what a face on that kid, absolutely precious

  57. Nicki says

    44. What happened to everyone ELSE?
    Carleigh was here yesterday, you must have missed her.

    48. Miapocca – Thanks for the site. I agree Zahara has come a long way. I believe she will do fine, they can afford the best doctors and treatments.

  58. Miapocca says

    More information on Rickets:;
    Zahara has gotten way better since she was adopted and hopefullly will continue to get better since her parent can afford to do whatever is in her best interests (keepin gmy fingers crossed)

    I dont like Jolie and Pitt, but Zahara needed a lot of care when she was first adopted and Jolie has done good in that regard…way better than Kelly Preston with her natural born kid….
    Good Luck to the Kids

  59. Essie says

    When a baby is called a “monkey” by a racist adult I think it’s difficult for people with feelings to come to this site. Now, that person has “apologized” in her usual passive-aggressive manner by switching to calling the baby “bowlegged” as if it’s the baby’s fault that she had rickets and barely survived her first few months of life.

    Zahara is now and always has been a beautiful child. Yes, she has problems with her legs but she will grow out of it because she is healthy now. I personally have no idea if she is “spoiled” and I don’t care since every two-year old I’ve met in my life is spoiled rotten!! That’s just how it is.

    P.S.: it’s amazing to me how long it takes for pictures to be put up on this site.

  60. What happened to everyone ELSE? says

    Where is Carleigh, Shea, KellyMay, Diane, Paula and all the original posters on this site? Now, it’s been taken over by Oriana, Nicki and Miapocca. Guess all the bickering and name calling ran them off. Used to be a great site to come and share opinions. Not anymore. Used to be able to state your opinion without someone coming down on you if you didn’t particularly like the celeb you were posting about. If someone doesn’t like Angie then Nicki has been appointed to come out with guns drawn to take up for her without respecting the opinion of that poster. Not everyone is going to like each and every celebrity. So get over it. It’s awful what internet has made people become. Hope people aren’t like this in real life. But, I guess the internet lets you be mean under disguise.

  61. Lauren says

    How adorable. It’s nice to see Z walking and smiling. She’s really beautiful. It looks like Pax on the last pic. Mad would be taller.

  62. oriana says

    Got to watch Dancing with Stars!

    Yep, most definately, I will refrain from those comments! NO prob!!!!

  63. Nicki says

    oriana~ yes I think so. But about the animal names for a child?? Can we omit them, and just use sourpuss when the pics are so?? If not thats your choice.
    Have to sleep now, hope you have a nice night. oriana take care.

  64. oriana says

    Nicki, exactly right about praises should be sung when due, and I totally agree with that.

    So hope you can see that I am honest about how I feel in my opinions and I have not been totally critical regarding this family. I do think that she is a much loved child, I do see that she can be extremely pretty, I do see that she can walk, I also hope that she doesn’t have any difficulty when she gets older, I think she is a spoiled kid, but that is Brad and Angie’s fault. I wish they would dress her more like a little girl instead of like a little boy but again, that is Angie’s doing, not Zahara’s.

    I think the picture with her coming down the steps is sweet as can be, and I really love the one of them walking with their little backpacks, that is so cute to me.

    So hope you have a nice evening, and I am still your Pal!!!!

  65. oriana says

    Nicki, these are very, very cute pictures, no one can deny that, fans and non fans alike! She is very cute and I am sure there will be many more pictures soon like this! I was very surprised to see how cute she actually is with a laughing smile on her face! I have voiced, many times, where are the pictures of her walking and smiling, and here they are!

    Now it is only human nature for the fans of them to gloat a little bit so quite naturally that is to be expected!

    My thoughts on her were because of all the pictures, the comments Angie has made, and the fact that she never walked and they always were carrying her, even on a playground where paps weren’t up in her face, she appears to be a typical two year old, full of energy and wanting to walk and run, and I guess after being in school she was ready to let loose, I look forward also to seeing Pax smiling and laughing also, I do feel he is the most sensitive and vulnerable one of all the kids.

  66. Nicki says

    oriana~I’m sorry if you got that from me. What I got from your words, many times, “show me where she is smilimg, or walking.” Well you all have both and I don’t see anyone gloating, just asking for your much voiced comments about how (I’ll be nice of a sourpuss she is). No cameras in her face, you can tell by the angle of the shots, and she looks happier than most kids.
    As for being “thrilled” for pointing out these pics…….NO, you had asked over and over for them…………and now they are here and you seem to have limited your comments to certain things…Thats OK with me, just asking for a response for ALL the times you asked for these pics.
    I wish you a nice evening. Take care. Maybe “talk” to you soon(::))

  67. Nicki says

    oriana~I’m sorry if you got that from me. What I got from your words, many times, “show me where she is smilimg, or walking.” Well you all have both and I don’t see anyone gloating, just asking for your much voiced comments about how (I’ll be nice of a sourpuss she is). No cameras in her face, you can tell by the angle of the shots, and she looks happier than most kids.
    As for being “thrilled” for pointing out these pics…….NO, you had asked over and over for them…………and now they are here and you seem to have limited your comments to certain things…Thats OK with me, just asking for a response for ALL the times you asked for these pics.
    I wish you a nice evening. Take care. Maybe “talk” to you soon(::))

  68. oriana says

    keni, I would not have even responded to you to begin with if is wasn’t for the “cue the haters” comment.

    And believe me, it is not just here they are front page news, it is all over! Look at OK magazine, and in Prague, prob even more so than here!

  69. oriana says

    Nicki, look at the thread where Angie and Brad are picking Maddox up from school, I think I know I wrote at least three comments about it. I know you are so thrilled to be able to point out a picture of her smiling and walking.

    I don’t deny I have made those references many times, and that is how I felt.

    She does look happy, very happy, and she looks healthy to me, she also looks very bow legged and I hope she grows out of it like I have read a lot of children do. We know she is healthy as far as getting enough to eat, how many pictures of her doing that! So again, as on the other post, I am sure there will be many more pictures of her laughing, and walking, and I know all their fans tonight are saying Thank You God!

  70. Keni says

    Oriana: This is my last response to this because this is about the babies and “warm spirited girl talk.”

    CUE the haters REFERED TO MY EARLIER COMMENT(#11) on how ppl take their kids to school everyday!!!!!!!!!!! Ur Saddam and QE comment made no sense, I see what u were tryin to say, but that is NOT what u said.

    As for haters, Im goin to assume that u thought I was talking about ppl on various sites who take sides on wether they like or dislike the Jolie-Pitts…Thats a matter or opinion, its up to all of us to have an opinion.

    Also, perhaps if I had written “Cue the Brangelina haters” or “Cue the Aniston fans” or “cue the ppl who cant get over the fact that two years ago a relationship ended, a new one began and now there are has 4 chilren involved” But I didnt!

    The following is my original comment without the last line just for you: I think that the bottom two are Pax and Z, not Maddox, Soo cute, so nice to see Z smiling!! I lvoe this fam, they r too cute… I love that scenes like this occur all over the world daily but here its front page!!

  71. Nicki says

    I have been looking oriana~ nothing yet I’ve seen where you won’t call her what you have in the past. Oh sourpuss, I have no problem with but the reference to an animal makes me cringe and not really want to converse with you. I know you are a wonderful person, but it pains me to here those references about Zahara and the animal you called her MANY times. I would think with the adorable pictures in the links you would have a bit more to say.

    Zahara is an adorable and happy child. She looks like she is happy and healthy. ( just my opinion)

  72. oriana says

    keni, didn’t you write, cue the haters? What was that about?

    I was referring to the many posts of “trolls” being called by people on here that are huge fans of this family, perhaps yu haven’t read that before?

    As for Saadam and Queen Elizabeth, I thought you would get the point I was making that just because people, like me, who aren’t big fans, don’t necessairly have to “hate” someone! Sorry I didn’t make it clearer for you to understand.

    So why do Haters have to be cued for a simple comment? Don’t get it?

  73. oriana says

    Nicki, I have posted about five times how cute this picture is of her, check the other Angie link, thanks, and yes, it is a gorgeous picture of her, very cute indeedy!!!! She doesn’t even look like the same person to me!

  74. Nicki says

    CyberKitten38- there are 1 million other sites you can look at and enjoy who you want to see. Why post on this thread? A little strange to even comment on people who are boring to you.

  75. Keni says

    Ummm Oriana?

    If u will re-read my comment (11), u will see that I mentioned that parents take their children to school everyday and yet when this family does this, it is front page news!!!

    I’m not sure how Saddam and QE factor into this but since u mentioned it: I didnt respect him nor do I particularly care for her position, but I as well, refrain from hating the ppl from their respective countries.

    Also, I have NEVER labeled anyone as a troll, seems kinda childish to me…

  76. Nicki says

    19. oriana ` What about that smile on Zahara, and she is walking. Please ori, tell me if you think she is cute….or whatever.
    I think she is adorable! Actually cuter than some celebs kids, but tell me what you think, please, orianna.

  77. oriana says

    One thing about it, they can afford the best money can buy for her in whatever it takes to help her.

    That picture of Maddox is one of the cutest I have ever seen.

  78. Pilar says

    She may not need surgery. My son was bowlegged when he started walking and the pediatrician prescribed a special shoe. I bought him a regular pair of Stride-Rites and took them to the shoemaker, and the shoe guy put a 1/8th inch wedge on the outside of the sole. It made him walk with his legs straight and his feet pointed straight ahead, and he grew up with nice straight legs.

    Actually, her legs may not be that bowed because she’s not walking pigeon-toed. Bowlegs and pigeon toes usually go together.

  79. Tia :) says

    cute pictures!! Z looks very happy…she looks like she’s taking Brad for a walk!. That last picture is Pax for sure. I love the first picture of Maddox….what beautiful children Angie and Brad have been blessed with.

    Brad is also yummy….lol

  80. oriana says

    To me Zahara looks like she enjoys walking and is having fun. I think they have spoiled her so much they would rather carry her all the time. Brad has his hands full! When Shiloh starts school I wonder what he will do with only two hands! In some of the pictures, and they are all good, she does look very bow legged, I wonder if surgery can correct that later on?

  81. says

    On you can see many more of these…it looks like Brad is practically DRAGGING little Zahara! She’s so small, and maybe doesn’t walk very well? I’m not sure – take a look. It is for sure Pax in the photos, and you can see some of his face on this site too. Looks pretty quiet.

  82. MIAPOCCA says

    ZAHARA SMILING:) AND NO FOOD IN HAND..SHOCKING..seems like her non smiles are simply because she likes to give her snacks he rundivided attention ahahhahha

  83. oriana says

    keni, who are the “haters” and the “trolls” that are so often referred too? Why is it that the people that aren’t big time fans called Haters? Why is that? I didn’t like Saadam but I don’t hate the Iraqi people! I am not a big fan of Queen Elizabeth but I don’t hate people from the U.K. so again, why do you label people as Haters for?

  84. Pilar says

    Hey guys — I think that is PAX and Zahara, not Maddox. Notice how they look about the same size? Maddox is six years old so he should be a lot taller than Z.

    Just went on the Celebrity Baby site and the caption said it IS Pax and Z. They are going to the American school in Prague. Little Pax seems to be adjusting nicely. Wish we could see his face.

    So lovely to see Zahara grinning!

  85. Keni says

    I think that the bottom two are Pax and Z, not Maddox, Soo cute, so nice to see Z smiling!! I lvoe this fam, they r too cute…

    I love that scenes like this occur all over the world daily but here its front page!!

    Cue the haters…lol

  86. Dewey says

    This is the first pic i have seen with Zahara walking. Brad or Angie always was carrying her. I love her smile. Thanks fee for the link!

  87. Pilar says

    Awwww, they look so cute! I wonder what they are toting in those big backpacks?

    Brad looks like he was born to be a dad.

    Mayra, esa pequeña va a ser tan bella cuando tenga 16 o 17 años, qué tu crees?


  88. Janice says

    Can I say I told you so? I knew Z would be very pretty with a smile. Still can’t stand Brad and his ………

  89. Bethany says

    It’s so good to see Z walking and smiling….she really is a pretty little girl! And I like how her backpack is so big, too.

  90. jenna says

    These are better than the previous ones with Angie, but seriously–okay, their kids go to school. Great–we don’t need to see pictures three times a week!

  91. says

    i’ve seen these pics already.

    anyway, awwwwww brad pitt is the best daddy ever!!!! the pic with him and maddox is too cute. zahara’s smiling!!!!omg!!!!beautiful kids. really precious pics awwww 🙂

  92. fee says

    I LOVE that Zahara’s bookbag is almost as big as she is. It is so cute. She is walking and smiling as well. She is such a cutie as is Maddox.

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