An Expectant Milla Jovovich Discusses Her Cravings

Milla Jovovich

Marc Malkin of Planet Gossip brings us the following scoop on the gorgeous Milla Jovovich!

I met Milla Jovovich last night. (May 14th) And she couldn’t have been nicer.

A couple of weeks ago, I broke the news that Jovovich, 31, and her fiancé, director Paul W.S. Anderson, are expecting their first baby.

I first got the baby-bump tip about Jovovich a couple of weeks before when Anderson was overheard in an LA diner talking to his mom about the big news. However, at the time, Jovovich’s rep declined to comment.

As much as I love being the first to break news, sometimes I just can’t run with it. In this case I chose to risk losing the scoop because, as we know, first trimesters can be tricky.

About three weeks later, though, I got an email from the rep thanking me for holding off. And they gave me the exclusive to break in my column.

Fast-forward to last night: Jovovich and Carmen Hawk were celebrating their new Jovovich-Hawk fashion collection at the Stoli Hotel party space in Hollywood.

“That was so sweet of you to hold off,” Jovovich said to me. “But I have to ask, Were you the one in the diner?”

I told her I wasn’t. She poked Anderson and teased, “Big mouth, big mouth, big mouth!”

Anderson also thanked me for being “so cool” with everything.

And I have to thank Jovovich. She told me I was “quite handsome.” Thankfully, it was dark enough that she couldn’t see me blush.

Don’t start thinking flattery will get you everywhere with me…But it will get you pretty far.

Now, back to the happy couple. Jovovich’s slight baby bump was barely visible. She was wearing a loose-fitting Jovovich-Hawk minidress and superhigh heels.

Even so, Jovovich says she’s put on 25 pounds in just the first four months of the pregnancy.

Her cravings? Steak and potatoes, spaghetti carbonara and Sprite! “I’ve been drinking Sprite like crazy,” Jovovich said. “Like, six cans a day.”

Anderson piped in, “We go through a case a day. I make a lot of trips to the kitchen.”

Their nuptials, however, have been put on hold. “We would love to, but maybe after the baby,” Jovovich said. “Because I don’t want to do, like, a white-trash wedding with a big belly.”



  1. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    proud to be one of those that had a “white trash” wedding…I was 8 months preggo. I thought it was much more important to have the same last name as my child and her father (the love of my life) than to worry about how “white trash” it would be. I would have LOVED to wait so I could look stunning in a white gown and all that crap.
    It was rude of her to generalize it like that. I think it’s white trash to wear “superhigh heels” when you’re pregnant. She wouldn’t think it was so great if she slipped and fell on her stomach.
    Whatever though, she’s still a gorgeous woman and I wish her a healthy pregnancy. I bet she’s gonna get huge- craving all that heavy food and pop!

  2. Zbella says

    I didn’t read the whole thing… but why say it’s white trash to get married with a big belly… but it’s OK to have a baby out of wedlock? I don’t have a problem with either, but to NOT get married just because you’re pregnant seems stupid to me.

    Sprite. Does it have caffiene? Maybe less than the others – but certainly lots of sugar and the carbonation is bad for your teeth (which are already at risk when pregnant). But – hey- we all have our things to keep us going during pregnancy, I guess…

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