Denise Richards & Dayna Devon Take Their Daughters To "Little Mommy" Day!

Denise Richards

Awwww…this sounds like so much fun!

Mattel, in honor of its popular baby doll brand Little Mommy – and in celebration of the special time that moms and daughters share – designated today, the day before Mother’s Day, as the first-ever “Little Mommy Day.” Inaugurated by several celebrity moms and their daughters, the new special day also recognized the importance of nurturing role-play for girls. To kick-off Little Mommy Day, Dayna Devon, host of “EXTRA,” and actress Denise Richards were on hand with their young daughters to co-host the first official Little Mommy Day Tea Party in Beverly Hills and share fun “mini-mommy” activities together.

The Little Mommy Day Tea Party brought three generations of women – mothers, daughters and their Little Mommy baby dolls – together to celebrate mommy-hood over tea-time and play-time. Each girl of honor “adopted” her very own Little MommyTM Sweet As MeTM doll – available in a variety of ethnicities with hundreds of combinations of hair color, eye color, facial expressions, outfits and more so each girl can find a baby she loves. Girls were then treated to a grand English-style tea party where they enjoyed a “three-generational” brunch with their mom and new Little MommyTM doll and took an “oath” to nurture and love their new doll.

“We know little girls look up to their moms as role models and observe all of the nurturing and caring actions they do each and every day. Little Mommy Day celebrates the special bond between moms and daughters and encourages mothers to be an active participant in their little girl’s world of imaginary role-play,” said Stephanie Cota, vice president of marketing for Mattel Girls. “Mattel is proud to offer a range of high quality, thoughtful Little Mommy baby dolls to help awaken the nurturing and caring ‘little mommy’ in all girls and facilitate this incredibly important play experience.”



  1. oriana says

    Mia, her friends are trying to say that SHE broke it off with Richie so he could focus on spending more time with his daughter! Bull!!! She wasn’t so concerned about the focus being on his daughter when she stabbed her mother in the back! I will never have any use for her again! Not that I think she will lose any money or any sleep over that!

    I do think she is gorgeous though and a good mother.

  2. fifi trooper says


  3. MIAPOCCA says

    They have been keeping up appearances till the annoucement…ahahhahah

    this is such a hilarious week

    1; Joe francis goes to jail..for his girls gone wild videos

    2: His BFF skank hilton is sentenced for 45 days

    3: Splitsville for Richie and Richards

    4: Next??? Brangelina splitville and pitt hooks up with std infested Denise ahahhahahah

  4. oriana says

    Oh I thought they were together recently, but I am glad, Richie can do better than her! I do think she is gorgeous, a good Mom, but she is phoney to me and a backstabber!

  5. says

    denise looks really pretty in this pic but i still dont like her. and the girls look cute. i think that sam is much more prettier than lola though

  6. N says

    Denises children are precious… just normal looking. Not that special. Now that Suri or Shiloh…..Those are some beautiful babies. Oh….. and I forgot my favorite of all……. Sean.

  7. says

    i’m tired of her pimping her kids out!!!! DENISE RICHARDSON that is! I think that she doesn’t have talent at all! I think that she got real lucky when she got with Charlie Sheen, that probably was a calculated move on her part, just as in messing around with Richie! SHE is trailer trash……in my opinion! Pimping her kids, and then acting like she didn’t do anything wrong…..Bleep off!

  8. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    “…Little Mommy Day celebrates the special bond between moms and daughters and encourages mothers to be an active participant in their little girl’s world of imaginary role-play,”
    I think that’s where Denise Richards a world of imaginary role play!!
    Dayna Devon looks so different in natural light.
    Sweet little girls- both of them. I love the dresses and I want those leopard shoes for my little ones! I’m gonna go on the hunt for them right this very second!!

  9. Tia :) says

    lol Zbella, my little cousin was like that when we were younger…he grew out of it. My aunt gets kicks out of showing pictures to his girlfriends…haha!

  10. Zbella says

    Dayna’s daughter is beautiful and Denise’s eyes are stunning in the picture.

    Some boys are not so into dolls – some are though. Mine is not into dolls; he loves high heels. My husband is worried…

  11. says

    I like lolas shoes too, and the other girl in the pic is very cute. I dont like too much lola, shes cute but her hair is too white, is more cute her sister

  12. oriana says

    Cute little girls, love Lola’s shoes, I wish Denise would encourage her to get that thumb out of her mouth so much!

    The dress Dayna’s daughter has on is very cute! Lola’s doll looks like her!

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