Debra Messing Opens Up About Motherhood In Redbook

Debra Messing

Debra Messing, 38, of Will & Grace opens up in this month’s Redbook about life in LA, love, and motherhood. Debra is starring in the upcoming USA miniseries The Starter Wife. Her son Roman is 3.
Below are a few excerpts from the interview:

On being a new parent:
“I remember the first few months after I gave birth, I was enraged that my closest friends and family did not tell me how hard it was. I said, ‘Obviously it’s a miracle and I love my child, but why didn’t you tell me how exhausted I was going to be? And how difficult the hormonal changes are?’”

On L.A.’s celebrity culture:
“In L.A., celebrity is valued more than it should be. So I’m invited regularly to charity luncheons where all the ‘wives of’ are in attendance. They’re expected to be there. And you very quickly see the unwritten laws of that world. There’s an appropriate way to dress, to have your hair, and a required thinness. It’s basically a cultivated casualness that’s hard-earned, and it’s expensive.”

On her 16-year marriage to writer Daniel Zelman:
“We attempt to grow every day. But I’m not one to give out marriage advice. Circumstance has so much to do with whether or not your relationship survives and evolves. Daniel and I are very different–he’s levelheaded, whereas I’m more the fiery, emotional one. But over the years we’ve grown to be more alike.”


  1. says

    Ahh! I love Debra Messing. I am going to have to pick up this Redbook. I didn’t know she was married that long either. Wow — that sure is impressive in Hollywood. I miss seeing her on TV — really looking forward to checking her out in “The Starter Wife.”

  2. Winter says

    Has she been married 16 years? I thought they had been together a long time but only married a few years ago.

  3. Andrea says

    She used to be really, really flat like a pancake but in this photo, her chest looks abnormally huge (at least one side). It looks odd.

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