Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Pick Up Maddox From School

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were snapped picking Maddox up from school (the Lycee Francais of Prague) today.


  1. oriana says

    I wish I lived In Louisiana, would love it down there, my friend lived in NC for a while, wish I lived there too!

    You are an animal lover!!!!! I love that!!!!!

    Have a good evening!!!!!!

  2. Nicki says

    Awww, Oriana, I understand the bond. All 4 of our dogs were recused from the side of the road. It was an everyday site in LA, (Louisiana) litters of pups left at dumpsters, on a loney raod, anywhere. Just heartbreaking. I adopted 5 and helped find homes for at least 8. Brought many to shelters, the pup litters, when Mom would be dead on the side of the road, knowing the pups were there. But once you get them into your heart and home, you gotta do what you gotta do.
    Ozzy will show you his appriceation for years to come…unconditional love forever. Your lucky to have him and he knows how lucky he is to have you.

    I have right now 3 cats-all indoors, and 4 dogs, go out in the fenced in back yard for thier needs. They also get walked every morning, we live on a golf course so lots of grass and trees, not tee boxes, greens or fairways,:lol:
    They keep me busy but I love them and would do anything for them, my hubby as well, when he isn’t working.
    Had 6 cats and 5 dogs at one time for a short while, I know what you mean about feeling like Sharon. I loved thier show, it was funny. The first season and a half I liked the best. But I think Sharon is great.

    Have fun with Ozzy. Take care.

  3. oriana says

    DMITZ, who is oby anyway? Everytime I see that I think of Star Wars! So please, Oby, don’t worry about me, stick with the Federation! Ha!

    Also, DMITZ, if you are Ellen posting, please, I know you give a lot of gifts away on your show, Please send me an Electric Wheelchair!!!! Thank You!!!

  4. oriana says

    Nicki, Ozzy is a chihuahua, and I think I spelled it wrong, my husband paid $136.00 at the Humane Society for him, had him home 4 days, took him to the Vet, spent $450.00 on him, he had everything wrong, Athlete’s Foot, Skin infection, respiratory infection, ear infection, allergies, had to get ear drops, special shampoo for the skin, plus the antibotics, shots, etc. I called Humane Society back and asked them why did they sell us a sick dog? They said to bring him back and they would give us another one, I couldn’t do that, he was sick and I already was attached to him! So they sent me half of the money back, and he has to go get shots every two months for his allergies.

    If I could walk, I would get another dog but they have to be walked, and it isn’t fair for me to expect others to take care of my animals, I have three adopted cats also. My bedroom is like Sharon Osbournes, they are on the bed, on my pillow, only I have a litter box, two of them, and Ozzy goes outside in the back yard out the doggie door, and is walked daily! I love him!!!!!!!!!

  5. DMITZ says

    Oh goodness, whatever will we do w/out Oby resonding to our posts, Oriana? Gosh, I just don’t think I can manage. Boo f*ck!ng hoo.

    Actually, it would make things much better. You make your posts, I’ll make mine.

    Pilar, I’m getting a restraining order on you! You just won’t quit staking. I don’t swing that way, sorry. This is how celebs must feel. I have an obsessed stalker. It’s kinda flattering actually.

    And for the record, WTF is it ok to use the word “dyke” but when Oriana used “monkey” it was so wrong? The difference is there is only one way to take “dyke”.

  6. tj says

    i love angelina joloiea and brad pitt but seriously no one really cares if they go and pick mad and z from school! i mean come on now i know that they are celebrities and everything but no ones gunna talk about “oh did you hear?? angelina jolie picked up her child to day from school!!” its not exciting at all! plus no one really knows what goes on in thier house or in the school for that matter. angelina jolie and brad pitt are amazing i loove them both but like i said we dont need to know what they do every waking moment of their lives.

  7. Nicki says

    Yes oriana it looks like she might have to do the court route. She hasn’t given up on them yet, but soon.

    I also think she could have phrased it much nicer.

    What kind of dog is Ozzy? (other thread) I have 4, and one is a little terrier-mix. He was 1.5 lb when we found him on the side of the road. That was 10 years ago. He gained weight slowly at first, but within 6 months was perfect.
    Have fun with him, they are so devoted and loving.

  8. oby says


  9. oriana says

    Nicki, I would gladly buy you a gallon if I could get it to you!

    Yes, I do realize that was a long time ago, and I only mentioned it to Pilar to point out to her after reading the term, Lesbo bitches, I just wanted her to acknowledge that even people she admires can be lesbians /bisexual also and maybe she should use another phrase to insult someone when she gets pissed off! Does she know DMITZ personally? She could be married to a movie star and have ten kids for all she knows? Or she could be “Ellen” on here posting! Oh, I do love Ellen, could never stand Anne Heche, never liked her and I think she just used Ellen too.

    Your friend may have to take the contractors to court, like that is another headache she needs! Terrible! I can only imagine there are many stories like that back there for they have had a terrible time of it this winter.

  10. Nicki says

    oriana~ hello! I know you realize that was over 10 years ago. And just because JS decided to make some money on an article or two recently-2 years ago, doesn’t mean it happened other than the time long long ago. Any and all her relationships after JS were men. Notice how after JS article or two came out, not one thing after that. Probably cause she was talking BS. JMO.

    I just wanted to say thanks for asking about my friend, S, she is doing fine, but tired. All that red tape with all the angencys she has to deal with. The people who rebuilt thier house won’t come out and fix what was thier mistake. Last month thier WHOLE basement flooded, with all the rain and snow melting from the mountians. Ruined some stuff, but she just wants compensation for the structure, to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Other than that she had a wonderful Mothers day and things seem to be flowing nicely.

    Hope all is well with you. I’ll take some Bailey’s if your still offering, ๐Ÿ˜† Take care

  11. oriana says

    And I did not mean that being a lesbian was a problem, I meant the predj with an attitude about it is one.

  12. oriana says

    Pilar, you do realize don’t you that one of your faves, Angelina Jolie had an affair with Jenny whom she said she fell in love with at first sight and wanted to marry her?

  13. Pilar says

    Save it, hon, I don’t go that way. Better discuss it with DMITZ-dyke. I bet she could give you an earful.

  14. oriana says

    LESBO BITCHES!!!!! Well now, it appears that Chica, has a leetle teeny weeny problem herself!!!!! I am going to have to call one of my faves Kathy Griffin and discuss this with her!!!!!

  15. Pilar says

    DMITZ-bitch, I told you before, I will post whatever I want to whoever I want on this blog, and that includes you. If you don’t like it, don’t respond to it.

    I don’t do lesbo bitches under any circumstances, so trust me, I have no interest whatsoever in you. But your comments have been so unbelievably stupid, it’s hard not to laugh at them.

    Ciao for now.

  16. oriana says

    Pain Reliever!!!! I guess she thinks I am in pain. I thought it was something Scitzo Paranoia! Ha!

  17. DMITZ says

    LOL @ Oriana ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s a pain reliever. I just wonder why some people don’t have better things to say on here. People may not always like my comments, but I try not to babble dumb BS like that.

  18. oriana says

    What is Panadol anyway?

    Now DMITZ can drink my cranberry juice, choc milk, Bailey’s, and Diet Root Beer for me any time she wants too!

  19. oby says

    DMITZ,pls read my comments very well.i wrote that i now understand that oriana is not racist.
    stop drinking her panadol for her.

  20. Nicki says

    oriana~~Little Taco is cute.
    I had little Monkey snot with me shopping one day. The clerk asked him what’s your name? He didn’t miss a beat- he says “Monkey snot”!:lol: The look she gave me was priceless. I then explained to her that was my nickname for him. She still was looking at me strange. I assured her NOONE else called him that, and when he is with me thats what I call him. Then he told her his real name. But she sure thought I was strange. It was so funny.:lol:

  21. oriana says

    Nicki my Dear, that is a cute saying to me also, good to hear from you, hope things are okay with your friend also, and I enjoy you very much. I do GET what you mean and will try to be “nicer”! Ha!

    I think the Litte Taco is the cutest of them all!!! Love that!

  22. Nicki says

    Hey Oriana~ I call my neices son Monkey snot. And he has has that nickname from me for 4 years. He doesn’t look like Monkey snot, but thats my nickname for him. She would be upset if anyone said he looked like monkey snot.
    There is a difference with loved ones calling you a nickname, and strangers saying your child looks like ……………….(whatever animal you want to put in here).

    You know I like you, I never said you were being rasict. I find almost all of your post very funny. Take care and hope to chat soon.

  23. oriana says

    The Little Taco is sooo funny and very cute, I would have laughed out loud for sure! And thank God no one went OFF behind it, it was funny!

    I had a friend that I worked with and she had a little boy they nicknamed Moose, now he didn’t look like a Moose, she didn’t get crazy with her neigbhor for calling him that, I don’t understand that some people can’t get the fact that kids do make facial expressions that are sometimes funny, sometimes crazy looking, sometimes just weird!

    I do see now that there are still some Black people that are very touchy and some are neurotic about the word Monkey. It is sad, very sad, that the prejudice still lingers in their minds and they automatically assume it is a Racist slur. It is sad!

    As I have stated previously, my Aunt who has been a Missionary for over 40 years, adopted a little girl from Ethiopia, she is 30 now and very successful, has two gorgeous children, she even says her kids were like monkeys jumping all over the place!

    My sister has a grandchild that her skin is so dark, Zahara looks like Snow White beside her, she doesn’t look that good because she is very obese, ten years old and weighs 175 lbs., she has problems breathing, it is terrible, but she has a beautiful face, and God knows I have spent a fortune on that girl!

    I appreciate the people that have thought logically, I wish everyone could!

    #15, I do agree with you, it is the parents that spoil the kids and it isn’t the child’s fault, white parents, ALL parents, children get spoiled and that is life.

    Now please, get over this craziness and move on! I am sure I will say something else to piss some people off and hopefully I will say something that will someone smile, even if they don’t want too! Ha!

    I hope everyone has a very nice day.

  24. Ileana says

    I believe sometimes we take things very serious, my daughter is five years old, she’s a very beautiful child, I call her my little monkey, we are a hispanic family and to us this term is not offensive, is mostly used to say she’s always jumping around, being happy and playing, When i ask her father how is my daughter doing, i sometimes say, how is the little monkey doing, I doing think this is a bad thing, my whole family and everyone I know says my daughter looks like me, including me, why would i call her a monkey, if i think this term would be offensive, i wouldn’t say this, i love my child, she means everything to me, I would die for her, she is my cute little monkey

  25. Tia :) says

    DMITZ- I akways call my daughter my “little monkey” This is what i was trying to get at too.

    I laughed about the taco comment…thats cute…when my daughter was first born i kept saying she was my little taco all wrapped up! Cute!

  26. DMITZ says

    To All –
    Even though “monkey” is a term that some people use as a racist name for african amercian people, I truly don’t think Oriana meant it that way. I’m hispanic so don’t go trying to call me a racist now either! My in-laws call my daugter “monkey” and everytime they find clothing or toys w/anything that has to do w/a monkey, they buy it for her. Why? B/C she is silly and is always climbing around and sucking her little finger and thumb and LOVES bananas. Are they racist? When I had my daugther a year ago, the VERY nice nurse staff kept calling her a “taco” and “burrito” everytime they brought her to me swaddled (all wrapped up and cuddled in her blanket). I know they meant it as her being all nicely wrapped in a “protective shell” covering just like a taco or burrito. For me to throw out a race card would be immature and stupid. It’s a figure of speech.

  27. DMITZ says

    Pilar – PLEASE leave me alone. Please quit stalking my comments. I am married and am not interested. Get over me.

    Oriana – Jenbot? LOL. Is she still on Jen? I’m so over that conversation. Sounds like somebody is obessed huh?

    Oby – how is Oriana racist? Why do you guys keep using the race card? It appears you have nothing better to say but that. Oriana can comment if she wants to as can you!

  28. StarDust says

    The monkey comment was uncalled for. Doesn’t matter if you consider yourself racist or not. Rule of thumb – do not call a black child a monkey. Period.

  29. oby says

    ORIANA,pls stop making ur comments.i am not against u but i really felt ur comments were racists just like a lot of people do.
    i now understand that u r not racist but pls mind ur comments.
    u said Z is a spoilt brat.u seem to have forgotten that she is an adopted black child,adopted at 7 months.if she is a spoilt brat like u said,it is her WHITE adopted parents that made her so.

  30. Pilar says

    DMITZ I don’t give a shit about you. You’re just another pathetic little no-life Jenbot as for as I’m concerned. Get over yourself.

  31. ileana says

    Stop hating these poor people! they are only humans, yes they’re famous, but cut them a break, that’s good that they care for their children, this shows that they don’t take their kids for granted, i’m sure they can send a nanny or a bodyguard for Maddox, but they rather do it themselves, that shows that they care, they are willing to take time from their bussy schedule to be what they decided to be, when they adopted these kids, (PARENTS). Godbless this family!!!

  32. oriana says

    I also don’t like snakes, spiders, or worms, and I much would rather have a hot dog instead of a hamburger, so yes, I have problems! And thank you, I am having a nice day! Really nice since I know you like me so much!

    Yep, I am a Racist!!! The fact that I didn’t like Hitler proves it!!! Please don’t tell my German relatives!!!!! Oops, they didn’t care for him much either!!!!

  33. N says

    O….youre funny….. I address you because I can. Until you find a way to stop me….STFU. I dont care if I dont mean anything to you. Youre still a racist. Now have a nice day.

  34. oriana says

    Andrea, I don’t have to think everyone is wonderful, beautiful, talented and amazing, or their kids! Just like you don’t have to like me! So get over it and get over yourself!

    And as for my confession, my dear, you don’t know the half of what is wrong with me! Why there are certain foods I don’t even like, colors I don’t like, music I don’t like, oh I could go on and on! Yep, I have problems!!!!!

  35. oriana says

    Nicki, I do think Alec has anger problems, severe ones, but I also thinks he loves his daughter very much and I don’t think for a minute he thinks she looks like a Pig or thinks she is a Pig, he was angry and it stemmed from Kim, not making excuses for him but he is not evil to me, just has an uncontrollable temper and definately needs help, that he admits. Kim has some problems too, she didn’t do her daughter any favors by leaking the tape to the public, and either she or someone close to her did, and I don’t think the daughter did it!

  36. Nicki says

    97. oriana ~Yes I do believe Alec does adore his daughter. But he has an out of control anger problem. That rant of his was to his daughter. I don’t give a crap who he was pissed off at, the whole thing was rage filled and to his 11 year old. Just very sad.

    Did you read the time he was at the airport (LAX) and screamed at her about the way she packed her luggage?
    The guy who works there, and they stated his whole name, not anon source, and another wittness who was named, said she was shaking and then started crying. They said he yelled this right into her face—“If you ever pack your f*cking suitcase like that again I’ll f*cking kill you.”
    Yeah nice guy. He sounds like a timebomb to me and I’d be afraid of him. (and I’m MUCH older than 11)
    So I don’t agree that “we all know he didn’t mean it.” I think he needs some major help.

    And I do hope to talk with you again.

  37. Mia Pia says

    Oh.My.Gosh. Nicki. Andrea. Pilar. Kitty. Let. It. Go. Get over it. Oriana doesn’t have to like everyone regardless of age. You guys have some control issues. Quit forcing your twisted opinions on others. There are support groups for people like you (control freaks).

  38. Andrea says

    Thank you very much for your confession!!!!!
    Now we all know what is wrong with you. You have no life so you are jealous of anyone who does. I wonder if you have children, dont think so otherwise u will NEVER said about two your old baby looking like monkey and disliking her without even knowing her! Zahara had serious health problems from day Angelina brought her home and still does! But only thing YOU have to say about her that she is spoiled brat? You dont like them? Get off this side and leave some space for sensible people to comment. (PLEASE)

    Nicki totally agree with you.

  39. oriana says

    Pilar, Chica, NO, I don’t have a life, I have said before I will slit my throat and dive head first into the ocean knowing I can’t swim if I didn’t have this site to live for!!!!! I may even go to my doctor to get some pills to keep me from sleeping so I can be up and post all night too! I have never had a life, don’t want one, this is what I live and breathe for all the time! Of course you are right!!!!!!! So don’t worry about me now that I have confessed!!!!!!

  40. Pilar says

    LOL! You “dislike” a two year old? You’ve got some serious problems, chica. I can see disliking an adult or a teenager or even an older child, but a baby?!

    BTW, do you have a life off this blog? Because from what I am reading you are posting on here ALL day EVERY day. Just wondering.

  41. Tia :) says

    me take a rest? look who’s talking! No one even mentioned the babies skin colour and look what you blew this up to!! My god, my own child even makes faces and she looks like a monkey or something. Now can we please stop this? I never ever even once said i didnt like Z…i have said numerous times that i love this family…don’t drag me into this for christ sakes.

  42. oriana says

    Kitty, you have a very filthy mouth! Shut your pie hole!!!!

    Believe me, if I hated Zahara, I would have no qualms about saying so, I said I don’t like her, and I don’t! I dislike her, if she was 12 or 20 I would say the same thing! And actually I don’t blame her for being a spoiled kid, that is Angie’s fault so I really dislike her even more! And why do I say that, because Angie said Shiloh woke up every morning with her screaming in her face, so yes, I took offense to that, and again, it is Angie’s fault for allowing that, and wimpy Brad!

    Now as for you, and to shut you up once and for all, my sister was married to a black guy, love him, they divorced after 20 years, he left her for some tramp older than his own mother, on welfare, with five kids, she has two beautiful kids, the daughter is 30 now with a ten year old girl, grossly overweight, beautiful face, and Zahara looks like Snow White beside her, I have spent a fortune on that girl! She is my niece and she is a precious girl, so again, shut your pie hole!!!!!!!!

  43. oriana says

    Nicki, I know my dear that you have never said anything about skin color, I just said that to you because I wanted you to understand, I didn’t want you to be upset about it for I do value your friendship and that is all.

    I think that basically all of their fans kind of lift them up so that was why I used that expression to you.

    And yes, Alec called his daughter a pig, and we all know he doesn’t think she is one, he adores her, so that was just an expression too, and it was definately a wrong one to use.

    I have not always used the nicest sentiments on here and I would not hurt your feelings for anything, you are definately one of my faves!!!!

  44. Kitty says

    WTF i am not talking about race now , it’s the fact that you don’t like a fucking two year old. Understand what the fuck you are reading.I am done with the race shit. I’m talking about your hatred for a child, Brad and Angelina i can understand but not Z. shit if you say you’re not racist i’m going to take your word for it.

  45. Nicki says

    oriana~ your comment can stay forever, sourpuss, etc…….but the animal names you call children is wrong, in my opinion. But if you choose to continute to use it, then that is your choice, and if you are happy, then so be it. You can not like the childrens parents, but why say ulgy things about an innocent child?
    Again your choice, and I should just let you be and not worry about it.

    I don’t lift them up, in case you didn’t notice, in the real news, they, or at least Angelina, is already there.
    I NEVER once said anything about you and Zahara’s skin color. That was other people in other conversations, I have never mentioned that!!! I mentioned the animal reference to a child, ANY child. Like Alec Baldwin calling his own bio daughter a PIG! That is completely wrong and uncalled for, even more so because he is her father. JMO.

  46. Nicki says

    oriana~sourpuss I can deal with, it is the animal references you choose to use that bother me, she is a 2 year old child. For an adult using any term for an adult, fine, if you use it addressing that adult, but to say that about a baby it is……..I don’t know, just horrible to say about a young child. And NO I’m not saying “yeah, look at her, YEAH!”
    MY point was forever you said “Show me one picture of her smiling, you can’t.” Well here you have 2 or 3 and she looks very happy. My point was if you want to nitpick, then praise when due.
    I guess we agree to disagree. Take care.

  47. oriana says

    Nicki, yes, I did see that you were very happy for these pictures to surface, I do see that you hope my attitude and comments will change and be more agreeable, I do see that you admire this family and you are sensitive to them and to rude or negative comments.

    I do feel that surely you had to wonder how long before some good happy pictures like these were published, they have been a long time in coming, that is the truth!

    I thought she was 7 months when Angie adopted her, so I should have said, from the time they brought her home, there have not been but two pictures taken of her smiling, this is the first one since she was a baby other than on the beach, and surely you can’t say those were that great!

    I know you admire you, you lift them up and good for you, but I am not knocking her just because she has dark skin, she did not smile, she was a sourpuss, and some of her facial expressions weren’t exactly angelic! Sorry!

  48. Nicki says

    oriana~ I’m sorry you got out of my post, as a fan, after 2 years (and she has only been with them for 1 3/4 years, whatever) that the whole thing was to say “I told you so!”
    So sorry, I thought you “read” me better than that, as I did you. I guess not, but no big deal, I get where your coming from and I applaude your attitude, just wish you would keep the child/animal name calling down to a ZERO. JMO.
    Take care.

  49. oriana says

    Kitty, that’s right! I don’t like her! I don’t like Angie, I don’t like Brad! I don’t have too!

    I don’t like Eddie Murphy either, and wanted him to win the Oscar, still think he should have gotten it, I am for Mel Brown and her little baby, and I think that is a very pretty baby, so try another tactic with me other than Race, it won’t work, obviously you haven’t read a lot of my posts!

  50. oriana says

    Let’s try this again, I think Pax an Maddox are very cute, always have, do they have white skin? So don’t try your crap with me about skin color!

  51. oriana says

    Kitty, let me clarify something for you on my part, I don’t like Zahara, never have, never have denied it either, I think she is a spoiled brat and have said that many times also. I have said before she has pretty eyes, I do think she looks like a monkey in several of her pictures, if you have a problem with that too bad! Where does it have anything to do with her having dark skin? Everybody always tries to say it is racial when they can’t think of anything else, get over yourself!

    Nicki, I do think it is a cute picture, she looks totally unlike herself, finally, after a clear picture of how long now, over two years, she is photographed smiling and having fun, and finally not being wagged on their hips, actually walking and enjoying herself? So please don’t act like it is has been a common occurrence or it wouldn’t be such a big deal for so many people to have noticed and picked up on!

    ONE picture smiling and every other picture practically (with the exception of two) has been frowning and scowling, so No I don’t regret anything I have said, the pictures were there to be seen of her looking like that or I wouldn’t have ben able to make comments about them.

    I am sure there will be many more pictures to come of her looking happy instead of hateful and look forward to seeing them.

    As for the negative side, I didn’t forge the pictures or make up false stories, they were negative looking pictures of her to me, I am glad, again, after two years, their fans, can FINALLY say, I told you so, and I know you all are very thankful some smiling and walking pictures finally surfaced!

    She looks like she is having a ball as I previously stated, Brad does look like he has his hands full, and I can see where she rules the house as Angie stated she had the strongest personality in the home.

  52. Kitty says

    oriana and tia, you don’t have to mention the color of her skin, yes monkey is an animal species so why are you likening her to it? By the way, i don’t have a problem being black, i am so proud to be black, but i honestly believe you have a problem with Z. She’s just a baby.It probably burns the tiny muscle you have for a heart. As for Tia, take a rest.

  53. Nicki says

    oriana~ so my #47 post with Zahara actually walking and smiling (and that great Maddox smiling at Dad shot) Will stop with the name calling about ‘what you think she looks like?’ Tell me that , and all the other pics in that link, she isn’t adorable.
    I wouldn’t try to change your views, but please tell me her smile, (and laughing) isn’t adorable. Please add more to your comments, you always do with the negative side, just let me know this pic doesn’t cover your “she’s never walking,she never smiles” posts.
    She looks like a very happy child.

    I expected more out of your comment. I guess how cute and happy she looks. I f you have any problems with the 20 something pics provided, then we will just have todisagree. Take care oriana.

  54. Tia :) says

    Dinner time is family time at my house ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s is one of my most favourite times of the day.

  55. Tia :) says

    LOL I sure will…i think my mother and my husbands mother would kill me….her being Greek-Italian and all…she comes from the best of both worlds!

  56. oriana says

    Tia, forgot to add, the only thing I like about Paris Hilton is her taste in Greek boyfriends! Both of them, but I really thought the one named Paris also was a cutie pie all the way! I wish I could see more pictures of him!

  57. oriana says

    Tia! I did not know you were Greek!!! I love Greek Food!!! We go to the Greek Festival every year here in San Jose, one of my fave restaurants are owned by Greeks, huge servings too! They always give us a hug and a kiss, soo nice and love to laugh, very nice people! Teach Alyssa how to cook when she gets older!!!!!!

  58. oriana says

    Jenner, look at Tom and Katie’s picture on this site, that is the one I respond too. Look at the one that has over 800 posts on it! I do think Katie is beautiful and I think Suri looks just like Tom, she is the sweetest thing to me.

  59. Jenner says

    That tomkatcrazy site seems to have to many bitter people. Which site do you got to Oriana. I have visited Katie’s site and it is actually very nice and well organised.

  60. Tia :) says

    hahahaha Oriana! Im Greek ๐Ÿ˜‰ So im fantab too. My Hubby is italian…what a mixture my Alyssa is.

    Im not a Jen fan..i really can’t stand her, but i don’t announce it to the world..i am quite fond of Angie and Brad…why can’t people just let things be…what happened has happened.

  61. oriana says

    Nicki, that is just an adorable picture of Maddox with Brad! One of the cutest I have ever seen!

    Jenner, I have never been on TomKatCrazy site, I just click on the site on this one, under their names, I like Katie, I like Tom as an Actor, one of the best around, and I think he has good qualities, but being a Scientol Nutcase isn’t one of them! Sorry! This is a good site and really fantastic people on here with the exception of a few, so please, continue on, judge for yourself and hope you stick with us!

  62. oriana says

    DMITZ, with anyone that has any COMMON sense (and you do) they obviously know that someone who has a relationship, romance, fling, whatever they want to call, with a MARRIED man, they are cheating just like he is!!!!

    Brad may have been unhappy, his marriage prob was on the downhill slide, but Angie was not Snow White, she knew exactly what was going on, and Brad was definately not Prince Charming either! I think they are happy together and hope they stay together!

    And anyone that has time to count my posts, keep up with me on here, must be bored themselves, or are obsessed with me! Please don’t let let that be! I cannot sign autographs! Too lazy! Sorry!

  63. oriana says

    Pilar, Please read your history books! Please!!!! Greeks have been known for centuries, worldwide, for their accomplishments and overly generous nature, the ones I have personally known are caring and very kind hearted.

    Brad said himself once that he was very proud of Jennifer for her accomplishments as an Artist, (she paints) and that she was a very caring and loving person. I don’t think her father held him captive all those years and made him stay him with her!

    I don’t what went wrong, but if she can read scripts, I am sure she has read over ten books in her lifetime!

  64. Pilar says

    I never thought the kids were delayed walking. It’s just that you always see pictures of them in their parents’ arms. I think it’s cute. They are very hands-on parents. Z looks like a little diva who has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. God help her first date when she is around 16 or 17. Brad will probably meet the poor guy at the front door with a loaded shotgun.

  65. oriana says

    Zahara looks like she is having a ball, and yes, it is one of the cutest pictures!

    My posts aren’t going thru so will keep trying!

  66. Pilar says

    Thank you N.

    Whoa, DMITZ, who’s the psycho obsessed stalker? May I remind you that this blog is about Angelina, not Aniston? You hate Angelina, yet you come in here on HER blog and bash her every chance you get. Why don’t you go find an Aniston blog and give her the support she needs? LOL, like you could find an Aniston blog. That self-obsessed cow is so boring nobody would start a blog on her anyway. What is there to talk about any more, her no-life, her tanking career, or the dog she adopted because she can’t deal with a child?

    Dang, are you so identified with that airhead that you can’t stand to hear some hard truths? She has MOVED ON, at least. Why the hell can’t you? Jeez, to hear you , you’d think it’s the end of the world as you know it because the twit lost her man. Well let me tell you something, chica, she goddamn well DESERVED to lose her man! Any woman who is too damn selfish to give her husband a child deserves whatever she gets. Brad kicked her fake a** to the curb and got a real woman who has fulfilled him in ways the airhead never could or would. So she can sit home and watch her sitcom re-runs and live her empty life in her empty house. And you can sit in front of your computer screens all day and agonize over poor, lonely Jennifer. The rest of us will get on with our lives. Just like Brad, Angelina and their family are getting on with theirs.

    Ciao, fea. It’s been fun.

  67. Tia :) says

    haha Oriana my dear…i totally underatand! I came on here and was like wtf? Who said anything about that babies skin colour? Anywaysssss….I also saw that pictures of Z walking…very cute! She looks like she wanted to take Brad for a walk…and Brad is yummy as always! Pax is a cutie!

  68. oriana says

    Tia, DMITZ, thank you God for creating some intelligent people on here! I am sorry for any mud slung your way for understanding where I am coming from! Thank You and I apologize!

  69. oriana says

    My two posts responding to Pilar, Kitty and N did not go thru. Will try again.

    N, why are you even addressing yourself to me? I have dealt with you before and you should know by now, what you think about me means Squat!

    Kitty, if you have a problem being Black, it isn’t my problem, if you are Black, Brown, White or Purple, good for you! Don’t try to project your thinking onto me. How does a comment about someone looking like a Monkey, have to do with Race? Isn’t a monkey an animal species?

    So if you don’t like my comments, don’t read them, simple as that!

    And Andrea, same for you!

  70. oriana says

    Nicki, very cute pictures indeed of Zahara smiling! Good to see she can actually walk, the pictures of both kids with their little backpacks is soooo cute! Very nice pictures indeed!

  71. N says

    I have seen interviews by both women…. That is what leads me to believe she is an airhead. E does specials on all famous stars. In these specials the words are coming directly from their months…..not magazines were things can get misconstrued easier. I never said Angie was smarter than Jenn, You did. Also, I dont think anyone is judging Jenn harshly at all. Her husband cheated on her…she survived and didnt make an ass out of herself. That does not make her special. I never said Angie was special either. Just that she was not the cheater…Brad was.

  72. DMITZ says

    Oh my gosh. I refuse to reply to an PSYCHO IDIOT(PILAR), so my comment is in general. Pilar is so obsessed w/Brangelina it’s pathetic. I’m giving my opinion on what I think of Jennifer and all of a sudden I’m an obsessed fan. Yeah, so what? I like Jennifer but if anyone is obsessed, it’s Pilar. And by the way she comments she acts like she knows Jennifer personally about her ups and downs in life. GET A GRIP girl. And if you are stating the facts you got them ALL wrong. Regardless of what you think, JEN AND BRAD WEREN’T divorced!! So if you are married is it ok for your husband to F*#K around just because “emotionally” you are through w/the relationship? What kind of values and morals do you NOT have? I don’t care if you are Brangelina or any other nobody off the street. Vows are vows and until the marriage is over (by a divorce decree) it’s wrong on both parties! AJ knows she is a public figure and based off her actions in the past, she seems to not care.

    So before you go off on me, you better step back. You are so obsessed w/Brangelina that you won’t let anyone have their opinion of Jennifer. So instead of bashing Jennifer (since this pic has nothing to do w/her) or anyone else who has commented agaisnt your hating on Jen, go to a different website, phsycho obsessed stalker.

  73. Pilar says

    LOL, Jennifer was voted “America’s Sweetheart”? Who cast those votes, a lot of teenagers? It doesn’t prove she’s accomplished or talented or anything, all it proves is she has a lot of loony fans.

    I know Jennifer’s ancestry is Greek. What does that have to do with anything? Are you trying to say Greeks are more accomplished or smarter or more talented than other people? On what basis would you make that claim?

    You know what, DMITZ, you really need to think twice before you post, because every time you open your mouth, in goes your foot.

  74. Pilar says

    Hello DMITZ, no, I never wrecked anyone’s home that I’m aware of. As far as Angelina is concerned, I’m simply stating facts, which are:

    1) She’s not the cheater. She wasn’t married. Brad was married. Brad is the cheater. (Is that simple enough for you or should I type it more slowly or in big caps so you can read it better?)

    2) The marriage was already DEAD. D-E-A-D. Jennifer said so herself in her interview in Vogue magazine. At least a year before they separated, Jen was partying alone. By the time they separated in January 2005, the marriage had been dead for months. Angelina didn’t do a thing to break that marriage up. It was already OVER. Jen’s moved on. She doesn’t want Brad back, no matter what the tabs tell you. It’s Aniston’s obsessed fans like you who can’t let go. Well, you guys are buying their magazines to read that crap, so why should they quit printing bullsh*t as long as you pay to read it?

    You guys can’t accept that Brad has found happiness with Angelina. He always wanted a family and now he has one. If Jennifer had given him a family, who knows, they might still be together. But she put her career ahead of him and now she’s reaping the rewards. Too bad for her. Maybe next time she will know better and put her man first.

    Sometimes life is a sh*t sandwich, know what I’m saying? Hey, I had a guy cheat on me. But I didn’t brood about it for years afterwards. I kicked him to the curb and moved on. Jennifer is not the first person who got dumped and she won’t be the last. She’ll heal in time just like everybody else does. The best thing you and the tabloids can do for her is back off yammering about how bad Brangelina are. She doesn’t need to be reminded of that day in and day out. Focus on something positive. Resentment and spite don’t do a thing but make you old and bitter.

    Have a nice day.

  75. Tia :) says

    yes im an ice queen. My niece is bi-racial and it had nothing to do with the Z being black. I think oriana ment the faces she makes in the pictures. I didn’t mean it because the baby was don’t know me, believe me, im the last person in this world who is racist. Did you see what i said when people were going on and on about Heidi’s babies? No probably not. So please, don’ be one of those people who are here to strart shit.

  76. Kitty says

    Sorry Tia………it’s not going to happen, you see….. i am black, and i don’t shut up at those sort of remarks. It’s definitely not nice and you and oriana should know better, at least in these times. So if you want me too shut up , too bad , it ain’t happening. As a young black woman, these remarks hurt, but they would seem funny to an ice queen such as yourself.

  77. says

    Ya know what I find funny? the fact that someone comes on here and wants to know how someone who doesnt know angelina and brad can call them all these names, then sit there and called jennifer an “airhead”… am i to presume she is a friend of yours then? Or are you just as guilty of judging as the people you criticise?

  78. Granny says

    My 49 year old sister weighs only 90 lbs. (healthy as a horse) and she has veiny hand and arms. Apparently it is the result of not being a really fleshy person. And they don’t hurt.

  79. DMITZ says

    Why is Jennifer being judged so harshly when Angelina tounged her brother and wore someone else’s blood around her neck and publicly made out w/all her exes at every red carpet event and stole someone’s husband? What other than Jennifer’s natural beauty and intelligence gets to you? Why is Angie and smarter than Jen? Because she adopts kids from around the world and travels alot? Or because she is some good will ambassador or whatever you want to call it?

  80. DMITZ says

    Again – where in any interviews have you seen Jennifer come off as an airhead? What facts do you have to back that up? Because she played one on Friends and Along came Polly?

  81. N says

    Also, I agree with Pilar. Angelina did not cheat on Jenn…Brad did. I am not saying what Angie did was the greatest. She could have waited for Brad to divorce Jenn. But she didnt… along with millions of other women/men in this country that do the exact same thing. SO I will not judge her! I agree that Jenn handled the divorce with dignity…. But I also think she is an airhead. This comment… “How could she be so accomplished and well respected if she were an airhead?” is dumb. There are many accomplished and well respected people that are airheads. Just because you are accomplished and well respected does not equate to being intelligent. Alot of these stars have not graduated from high school or received GEDS but they are considered accomplished because of their status with money. Sometimes beauty gets you were brains wont. Dont even think about throwing money in that equation…. then you get even farther. Jenns dad is also a famous actor that I am sure played a little part in her success. You could say the same for Angelina. I agree that Jessica is an airhead.

  82. N says

    I think there is something wrong with an adult saying a child looks like a monkey. Z does not look like a monkey. The only thing that comes to mind when people say Z looks like a monkey is racism. Especially when these were the very thoughts of the “racists” during the forgotten years ….. its just inappropriate. That type of talk will always cause a stir. Also… please stop saying “I said heidi’s son looks like James Brown” like that is pacifying your remark.

  83. carleigh says

    OMG..a picture of little Z smiling and walking…now wonder what everyone is going to bitch about now..she’s a cutie pie and thanks for the link to the pic on JustJared, it’s adorable. Love this family.

  84. DMITZ says

    Okay, my comment was there and is now gone.

    To Andrea, Oby, and Pilar – I think you are misconstruing what Oriana is saying. She is by far a racist and is merely saying that Zahara is a bit weird looking. I completely agree w/her. So does that make us bad people if we don’t think every Hollywood baby is cute?

    To Pilar – are you a homewrecker like Angelina and that is why you are sticking up for her? I agree that Jennifer handled the divorce w/grace and dignity and to call her an airhead is silly. How could she be so accomplished and well respected if she were an airhead? Britney and Jessica Simpson – those are some airheads. In what interviews have you ever seen Jennifer come off as an airhead? She was voted America’s sweetheart and for the record PILAR, Jennifer is Greek. Plus, her chin may be long, but Angelina has just as much forehead as Jen does chin!

    And for anyone that thinks Angie is innocent (and yes I think Brad is scum too), cheating is cheating no matter what. You should wait till someone is divorced before getting together and getting knocked up!!

  85. Joelly says

    Wow, let’s defend Angelina and trash Jen. I agree that Jennifer Aniston graciously held back and held her head high after her husband publicly became involved with Angelina within months of their separation and “oops” became pregnant….Oh but now it was planned? Planned as a way to snag someone else’s husband, Maddox was good…..but probably didn’t seal the deal like Shiloh did. Angelina is pretty clever but really not the intelligent person that all the Angelina lover’s believe she is. Having money and being able to travel and do good around the world doesn’t make her an educated woman.

  86. Andrea says

    Dear Oriana,
    i am absolutely disgusted by you calling two years old innocent child a “monkey”.
    !!!!!!!!THAT IS RACISM!!!!!!!
    I will suggest that you stop bitching about everything they do and concentrate on your own life, which must be very sad, looking at your comments!

  87. minkysmom says

    I don’t know why people want to dis Jennifer, she handled her break up with the grace that she didn’t have to. She could have tried to embarass Brad and Angelina and make a fool out of herself but she didn’t. Angelina isn’t a dummy, she knows brad loves kids so she couldn’t wait to acquire a bunch! and she said in Reader’s Digest that she planned on having Shiloh, which she claimed earlier that it was a mistake.

  88. Jenner says

    Oriana and Tia, which Tomkat site are you talking about. I would like to visit it too. I am a new fan of theirs but I came here because I googled Suri images and this site had nice pics. Could you help please.

  89. oby says

    i think it was very nasty of oriana to say that Z looks like a monkey.i am very sure that she doesnot have a child of her own.according to my people’s sayings”monkey no fine but hin mama like am”,so i believe that if u ve a child,u will not call someone’s own a monkey,even if that child is not beautiful.i also personally think that Z is beautiful and she will be a knockout when she grows up.
    i dont know much about jennifer but i like her.i think she is going thru a lot right now with all the media frenzy about her ex and his new family.i think we should be more sympathetic of one wants to lose their husband,no matter how shallow they are.
    i also donot like angelina and think she is doing all she is doing just for the public image and not cos she is a nice person.
    my only comment on brad,I HATE HIM.

  90. Pilar says

    Forgot to add: nice about your brother, that he’s concerned about people less fortunate than he is, but that’s by the by. I was talking about Aniston. Apples/oranges, know what I’m saying? I bet that airhead hasn’t read ten books since she graduated from high school, if she graduated. Angelina reads, she’s up on current events, she’s interested in what goes on in the world. And people wonder why Brad left Jen for Angelina? What man with a brain wouldn’t? Trust me, if Brad hadn’t left her for Angelina, sooner or later he would have left her for somebody else. Not because he’s weak, but because she’s shallow. Who wants spend his life with an animated Barbie doll?

  91. Pilar says

    My earlier post looks like didn’t go through so I’m posting again.

    Oriana you have a hell of a nerve saying Z looks like a monkey. Does it make you feel big to rag on a little girl? She’s two years old! I wonder what your kids look like? How would you like it if somebody said your child looks like an orangutang or a baboon?

    Wait till that child is 17 or 18. She is going to be drop-dead gorgeous. Ethiopian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They have a grace and dignity American women can’t touch.

    So Angelina’s veins stick out. So what? She still looks better than 99% of the actresses in Hollywood and that includes Jennifer Aniston with her three pounds of chin and her re-done nose. Ask 100 guys which of the two of them looks better and I bet you 95 will say Angelina does.

    Buy a vowel and get a clue, chica: this blog isn’t all about you. I know you didn’t call Angelina a whore. But others on this blog have called her that and worse. Check out #5. To judge from the number of posts you make, you seem to be positively obsessed with Angelina and her family, for someone who claims not to like them. Maybe you need another hobby.

  92. Tia :) says

    haha!! I actually bought some…not as good as the bar..but still good. My hubby likes the Reese’s ice cream.

    You are right though, it is obvious that he has an illness. I just don’t understand…like you said, with all the money they have…it’s realy sad.

  93. oriana says

    Tia, I am glad you got to see the pictures, Ella is very pretty, beautiful eyes, and I even think Sourpuss has pretty eyes too! Ha! Yes, Jett is huge for 14!!!! I had a hard time posting for I said some things about Kelly should be ashamed for not getting him some help, with their money, he could have progressed so much more than what I have read that he has, I heard he doesn’t even communicate with them that good! Terrible!

    Mars ice cream!!!! OH My!!! Oh Canada, here I come!!!!!!

  94. Tia :) says

    Oriana, I went on that tom and katie site for the first time today to see who this other Tia that Mia thought I was….thats NOT me…lol I added a smilie face to my name because she was on here too and i didnt want people to think she was me! I finally saw the pics of Jett…man he is as big as John!! I can’t decide who he looks like though…Ella looks exactly like John!

    Ps. It’s mean, but i laughed out loud about what you said about Zahara…im still laughing…haha!

  95. oriana says

    Pilar, her veins DO stick out, no one made that lie up on her, look at the pictures! Also, you have NEVER heard me call her a whore or a bitch, I have said I am not a fan and I don’t like her, and I have said she I think she still has some mental problems, but there are lots of people with mental problems that aren’t whores!

    I do blame Brad as much as her, he is weak and no where near as smart and conniving as she is. And I have always said that marriage was in trouble before Angie came on the scene, although it didn’t take him long to blink and hop onto a plane getting to her as soon as the papers were filed!

    And do you really buy that nonsense that she didn’t cheat because she wasn’t married? Please! There are lots of homes broken up and destroyed, with childen involved, with women that weren’t married so Sorry, that won’t fly!!!!!

    I do think Zahara looks like a monkey in some of her pictures, not all of them, but in a lot, she is not becoming! Sorry, and again, that is just my opinion. I think Heidi Klum’s oldest little boy looks like James Brown, but I don’t think he was his father!

    I do think that most of Jennifer’s movies have been flops, nothing like I am sure she hoped for, and I am for sure not a big fan of hers. She does seem shallow to me, and I can see why Brad got bored with her, but he is not the Great White Hope either!

    Angie comes across as a cold fish, Brad a weak wimp, but they love the kids and they say that is what is important to them, so no worries about a marriage, as for Jennifer, she has enough money, all of them do, to never work or worry about a career ever again so I don’t feel any sympathy for any of them.

    And there are more people than Angelina Jolie in this world that has heard of Darfur, my brother-in-law is over there right now, he volunteered to go for a year, and believe me, he is no movie star!

  96. Pilar says

    Wow, what is all this hating on someone you people have never even met? She’s a whore, you can’t stand their asses, her veins stick out, blah blah blah… what have these people done to rate all this hate?

    Oh, right, she’s a cheater and she stole Jennifer’s husband. Let’s set the record straight, people. First of all, Angelina didn’t cheat on anybody. She wasn’t married, Brad was married. He’s the cheater so if you want to hate on anybody for cheating, then hate on him, not her. Second, you can’t steal somebody else’s man (or woman) without their consent. Third, Jennifer said her marriage was already over in 2004. So what is the big deal here?

    From reading all these blogs (I’ve been lurking awhile) I am getting the impression that the Jennifer fans are a bunch of losers. They seem to be very bitter unhappy people who have nothing better to do than trash Angelina for just being who she is. No matter what she does she gets dumped on. They even trash her children. Damn, I can understand hating on an adult, but you have to be really low class to diss people’s children like that, especially Zahara. They actually call her a “monkey”. How low is that?

    Actually I feel kind of sorry for Jennifer, she mostly sucks as an actress and all she’s ever done is sitcoms and fluff stuff like “She’s The One” and “Along Came Polly”. She isn’t getting any younger and her career looks like it’s circling the bowl. Also she seems really shallow, like she’s not interested in anything but going to parties and shopping till she drops. So I can see why Brad got bored with her and left. If he hadn’t left her for Angelina you can bet your bottom dollar he would have dumped her for somebody else. She’s an airhead; that’s the only way I would describe her. I bet if you tried to discuss Darfur with her she’d say “duh, what’s that?”

    Hasta la vista, people.

  97. vilma raines says

    If you are irritated on what you areseing,then dont even look at it???That shows that you guys are very interested on what is going on around this family>OK? So just shot up!

  98. oriana says

    Tia, I have had trouble posting on Tom and Katie site today.

    Zbella, my dearrrrr, I have only seen the veins on her arms today,but on other pictures I, along with others, have noticed large veins on her hands, I am glad they aren’t painful for I have seen other people like that also besides her!

    The paps are waiting outside the school because they are Vultures!!!! I can’t stand them!!! I will always hold them partly responsible for Princess Di’s death!

  99. Zbella says

    OK…as I tried to post before… I don’t even see Angelina’s hands… so not sure what veins you’re talking about. But I am also thin and pale and my veins show. I never gave it a second thought – but I guess I’m a FREAK!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    They are more noticable when I’m pregnant, breastfeeding, or when it’s hot outside. And don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt.

    Didn’t anyone else notice they appear to be coming out the BACK door, probably to try and AVOID the press – at least they didn’t get any pictures of Maddox.

    I admit, I enjoy Angelina & family. Including yummy Brad without the hat!

  100. Zbella says

    Let’s see if this post goes through…

    Since when does Angelina have a monopoly on white t-shirts? ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. oriana says

    Jill, how do you know she has a “dry womb”? Have you seen her medical records where she can’t have children? Maybe you have read some of the articles “trolls” have written and you are believing it?

  102. Jill says

    #13 do you really believe all the garbage some troll reads in the tabs and repeats here? Give me a break.

  103. Jill says

    K, if you still can’t stand their asses, why the hell don’t you get off this blog and go find an Aniston blog to post on? I’ll tell you why. You can’t find one. That washed-up, no-talent, no-life, dry-womb sitcom hag is so boring she doesn’t even rate a blog. She is over. Period.

  104. MIAPOCCA says

    #5 are you serious about parents being refused phone because of this family???????

    Thats tooo wierd for me…….how can you tell other parents what to do..I mean what can the school do to the parents if they refuse…if anythign she shoudl go get her kid ahead of time and spare everyone else her nonsense….

  105. carleigh says

    They are involved parents and people need to leave them alone. It’s not like they phone up the press and “ask” them to meet them for photo op’s, they were picking up Mad from school and the press turns it into something massive, no matter what they do they will never truly be left alone to have a “normal’ life in whatever sense they might manage. Must kind of be restrictive and hindering when doing simple daily things other people take for granted and then turning around and having 60 camera’s shoved up their asses. Oh well they chose their profession and can afford the best security, but it has to be hard on the little one’s.

  106. mayra sanchez says

    la verdad es que ustedes son ridiculos,sino fuera a buscar el nino,es una mala madre,quien los entienden.
    son ignorantes

  107. jenna says

    Children get picked up from school everyday. Why do we need to see this for the third time in the past week?

  108. Jenner says

    Brad looks better without the hat. I think he had his first bath in months. I see he still shares Angelina’s color die and color theme for clothes. What a wimp. He will never get back his appeal. Has he any friends? A true friend tells you that the whole world is laughing behind your back. I guess now James Haven is his best friend. LOL. Or better his boyfriend. I think they actually have threesomes. I know it is sick on this baby site but that is the truth.

  109. oriana says

    What causes someone to have enlarged veins like this? My next door neighbor has a daughter that has huge veins in her hands, I wonder if it can ever become painful when they get older?

  110. K says

    The veins are every where and her nose has grown bigger too, I guess from too many lies, oops misquotes from the press.

    Still can’t stand their asses.

  111. Maama Mia says

    Oriana, I was going to comment about the veins too. She has them everywhere. They are so unattractive. I wonder what she will do at 40 when her looks do not get her attention and the veins are all over the place.

    Hey, its movie time so they will make a big deal out of Mad going to school. Remember in LA parents are refused phones when they come to pick their kids and they have to do it after the Jolie-Pitts. Time for a movie and they have to act nice to the public. Cheap Whores these ones.

  112. Margaret says

    These photos on another site are said to be Brad and Angelina taking Maddux for a go-kart afternoon. All I know, is that three Pitt/Jolie photo ops for one day are way too much for me. Angelina needs a bath and a shampoo seems to be like an emergency. For people so upset about the paps, they sure like their photo ops. Wonder how much they were paid for these. Remember Radar’s expose on the Pitt pics?

  113. Reeny says

    Who cares if Angelina is picking up Maddox? What is so newsworthy about that. She makes me sick and her husband that happens to be so full of himself.

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