An Expectant Katie Price At An OK! Magazine Event

Katie Price

An expectant Katie Price (Jordan) was snapped at an OK! Magazine event the other night without husband, Peter Andre. Katie is due in June with her third child. ( Her second child with Peter Andre)



  1. Kim says

    Katie Price (Jordan) Is not fake.
    Compared to all the other Celebrity mums she actually is down to earth and i appreciate her for what she does.
    She doesn’t expect everything done for her and by reading all of her autobiographys i think she should be praised!
    Keep it up Kate!

  2. Openminded says

    Poor Kate, I think people should watch her show. She is a really nice person and has used her looks to make a go at life as she is the first to admit she is achedemically challenged.

    Go Kate!!

  3. gabby says

    she does not look horrible.
    Shes 8 months pregnant which is why she might not look as good as usual. However, she is stunning and i know that she is a lovely and caring mother.

  4. Nikki says

    Jealousy, Jealousy, Jealousy!! Your a complete HIPOcrit and totally ignorant, if your going to judge someone by there looks and from what you see on t.v. Get a life and stop being an asshole!

  5. Jenny says

    MIAPOCCA get a life,

    I would give my right hand,leg,hip etc to look like that and to have that kind of money and lifestyle and so would you!!!!

    She may have fake boobs but she dosent have a fake personality like 90% of your bimbos out there.

  6. hannah harris says

    well i don’t think katie is a slut or wot eva u guys call her .
    if she wants to have her fake boobs and tan let her its a free country she can do wat eva she likes so there . oh and gud luck hope baby number 3 is girlie so u can dress her up gud luck kaite . and pete u rule u the best luff ya

  7. kelsey says

    i love her and peters show…i think they are so funny…everyone who criticises is just jealous…get over yourselves

  8. came; says

    Katie & Peter are both great, My partner & I love watching their new show Katie & Peter The Next Chapter, we laugh so much!!
    I’ve never seen two celebs more down to earth or truely in love then these two.

    Oh my!! having read the above comments i’m shocked these people don’t even know the poor lady! who are they to judge? You can never judge a book by its cover. Sounds like a case of the ole green eyed monster to me!!!!

  9. dannielle says

    I think katie is beautiful and she looks lovely pregnant. just because she looks after herself and doesn’t want to look like a minger doesn;t make her a slut. i admitt she has done some crued things but if i looked like her so would i. stop giving her so much stick

  10. hanachan says

    just wondering Miapocca, but who are you to lecture everyone when you are so ignorant about the person you’re commenting on?

  11. Becs says

    OMG i think Katie is lovely, she has gone through so much. she deserves the best things in life!!!

  12. nikki says


  13. says

    Notice that Carleigh and I managed to exchange thoughts without insulting each other

    I believe Laura and Emma are both British. You are taking things a little too personally .You ruin the quality of the site with your attitude

    Feel free to write positve information in repsonse to the negative ones, but dont expect or force everyone else to agree with you

    Once again go up from the begiining and count the number of opinions who think this woman is a pure disfigured of garbage..talks like a cheap trick turner too. uneducated low class hag..she needs speeech lessons…She might want to drop a few of her measly million on a HOLLYWOOD CARWASH

    She needs image rehabilitation, what works EUROTRASH will not make her succesful IN LA

    She butchered her looks , nothing Special to begin with already and its getting worse…when your boobs are bigger than your nearly full term fetus .thats a bit much.If hers and Beckhams boob job is anything to go by, boob jobs on your isle are really low quality ..Wonder what they pumped into those implants … breast feeding..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm,.,keep contaminating her nasty milk supply

    She looks like a joke of trash baggers

    Enjoy adoring her, the blog is all yours ..will nto be coming back to read your angry tirade ahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. lauren says

    She looks great! shes a great mum, wife and she loves her career. If any of you think she looks horrible in this picture then you really dont know dress sense. Also its hard to dress when you pregnant !!!

  15. Miapocca says

    I remember a few English ppl who were happy she was Debunking to the US because they had enough of her..speak for yourself

    Frankly I am under no obligation to write only sweet words you crave to hear…

    If you want to fill in the slot do so , just don’t demand that others do the same

    My mouth is not open, my fingers are typying..\

    HILARIOUS…with such fan who needs to see any more of this TRASH bag

    GO back up and count the # of ppl who agree with me, get to work your idol is not getting any reviews..

    Who are you anyway and what got you into such a tizzy???

    nevermind dont respond..I dont want to hear anymore form that source

  16. Laura says

    Miapocca, your the one who needs to get off her high horse, and get over yourself. Emma and Carliegh are only saying show people some respect, and I was saying dont slate people u hardly know anything about. In England we have watched Katie Price change into a wonderful person from her younger days and all we wanted to do was praise her. Why can you not just be quiet, if u aint got nothing nice to say dont bother. We arent slating your women, so shut your mouth

  17. MIAPOCCA says

    Emma ..PR 101
    These celebs pay their publicist to put them in every magazine tv program and cannot avoid them.

    I have choice to write shit on any blog I choose and I will exercise that right, if it bothers you I suggest you close your eyes as soon as you see my name

    Nothing personal, however I believe all bloggers are entitled and its nto up to you to tell them what to write..No one on here know a whole lot about celebs and the blogs are mainly speculation…I believe the celebs handle negative comment better than their fans!

  18. MIAPOCCA says

    Carliegh..I dont think that all body artists do not use their brain…I think they do in their own way..its takes a lot of work to build a business wether on your back or standing up..They should not be happy to strip for some old weasels, they should demand more more more!!!and strive to own their image…

    Different strokes for differnt folks..she is not MY role model, but I think she will make a good role model for those girls who are in that line of work

    I simply think the girl has guts because she got top class money for her goodies…As I said I am not against the profession..just that is you intend to be a cleaning lady, strive to clean the white house and if you intend to be a the best HO you can be..and thats why I think Jameson deserves her fame…she was a damn good HO and built a company ..even if its on her back,.how many of Hef buunies can claim to opening a business of that proportion…

    I certainly will not be keeping Jameson around my house or mention her name out of the net for any young girl I know to emulate…but I believe in harm reduction, you cannot prevent someone from going into that line of business give them the tools to accomplish and be the best in their feild…

    However I do not think I am prepared to hear a daughter or niece of mine announce that they are going in the porn business,,.,I will clearly faint~~If I cannot prevent them, then they better do it to the best of their ability at top dollar!!!

    I have nothing agianst a woman choice of profession..if it empowers her, more grease to her elbow….some choose to be stay at home moms, some chose to strip and some choose to bang on screen…I dont pay them out of pocket, so I there is not a whole lot I can say against their profession…

  19. carleigh says

    Miapocca…I wouldn’t go so far as to emulate or idolize someone like Jenna Jamison. From the way you post about her raving about how much she’s done for the porn industry and how she founded Vivid Entertainment you make me think you idolize her or something? Jenna Jamison is NOT a proper role model for anyone nor should she be compared to anyone else. Yes, you are correct when you state the facts about Jenna Jamison’s accomplishments in the world of lewdity, nudity, and pornography…but she didn’t build her empire while using her brains, she did it by hopping on her back and that’s no kind of example for anyone. JJ is a true sleeze and she’s no pioneer! She’s the trashy one not Katie Price, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. YUCKY!

  20. Emma says

    You dont have to have it stuffed down your throats , as you have a choice not to read it if you dont like her. And you choose to read it and comment.

  21. Miapocca says

    O please grow up and think…

    She puts stuff in the media aso we know about her, so now whats the problem? we only get to have it stuffed down our throats but we cant throw it up in any fway we like??

    Get of your high horses ..its a job for her!!

  22. Carrie says

    I unfortunately sat through one episode of her dumb reality t.v. show of her and her husband and the immaturity level is astounding! Her looks certainly show this. It just goes to show you, money does not buy you class.

  23. Miapocca says

    OOH..she makes pocket change compared to Pammie and the queen of porn Jameson..ahhahha

    She is not even making top dollar on this grosteque figure..if you wann be a HO …be the best HO , not the bottom feeder…………….

  24. Miapocca says

    We dare because she put herself in the media and hired a publciist to promote her guady trash image…

    She gave us the right the minute she decided to build up her celeb status.

    She doesnt need you to defend her, she can do so herself and she can hire more publcists to do that
    All I see is someone desperate for attention and who doesnt too good to begin with…I dont know anything about her mothering since I dont live with her, but you bet the little snippets that show up in the news we will all comment on…

    you cant have it all your way, you can except ALL to adore you …not every single person can even love Jennifer Garner

    Get over yourself with the “how dare you” nonsense

    She looks like a cheap ho and she wont even get picked up at any street corner in LA, except maybe by Eddie Murphy with his taste in Trannnies

  25. Laura says

    How dare all of you slate Katie Price like this? None of you have the faintest idea who she is and how amazing she is coming from America. She is a wonderful woman, and deserves alot more credit than you give her. She has coped with Harvey in ways you could never imagaine and has alot more courage and strength than any of you. She is a fantastic person, looks beautiful and is someone England is very very proud of, and was voted 2007 Celebrity Mum of the year.

  26. Emma says

    Its nice to see such nice comments for once about Katie. She has been through so much lately ,what with her husband in hospital with Meningitis and looking after a child with disabilities and a 2 year old.As well as being 8 months gone. Its nice to see her smile . We love her in the uk. And she is far from trying to be like pamela , but im sure she wouldn’ t mind looking as good as Pam does when she reaches that age. I dont like fake boobs but its brought them lots of $ + £ . Good on them i say.!!

  27. Anzhelika says

    i know you are all jealous of her ,her body,etc.She is gorgeous ,she is always in good shape(after giving birth to 2 children)..

  28. MIAPOCCA says

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeww…Pamela anderson never looked like that…Pamela was very beautiful actually…

    this was her around Jordan age:

    If she has to look like anderson, then she is looking like an older pamela andersonnot ayounger pamela anderson..And Pmamy clothes will leave you gaping, because she is allergic to this amount of fabric…

    Jordan was never pretty to begin with and it only got worse with the extensions , pumps and attachments

  29. Zbella says

    Her belly looks smaller than in the last pictures on this site. She looks very Pamela Anderson to me – younger version…

  30. Keni says

    I think shes cute and appears to be a great mom in the programs I have seen. I dont agree with a lot of her choices but they are hers to make…

    She may appear to be “trashy” and a “bimbo” but thats not our judgement to make.

  31. carleigh says

    I don’t particularly care for her “fashion” sense or the way she dresses, but she does seem to be an extremely devoted and loving mother. She pours all of her love into her boys and if you have seen pic’s and video of her with them you would see it. Appearances can be very decieving and are very much so in her case. She looks and appears to be risque and trashy but she is 100% a wonderful mum to her boys. I hope this newest baby is the little girl she’s been wanting. She’s gone through a lot in the past two years and she hasn’t given up or given in, she hasn’t shaved her head, neglected her kids or divorced her husband, so that say’s something about her character. I wish her and her family much happiness, and maybe a little fashion lesson here and there wouldn’t hurt her either.

  32. Miapocca says

    A million pounds???thats all to look like that..she can make a hell of a lot more than that is she will tone it down

    If you are going to be a HO, you better be the best damn HO out there..whats the point in stopping in the middle…
    Jenna Jameson built Vivid Entertainment…now thats my kind of girl….to the maximum./..

    This girl here, she wasted her herself by getting the crumbs left behind for the Jamesons of this world
    If you are going to stuff bags in your body and prance around naked, you better do it in a classy enough way to earn you the big bucks..she dissapointed me…
    I am all for womens rights you know…I believe in high waged for the Entertainment HOs..she needs a new manger.seriously…

  33. Miapocca says

    Still a long way to go if she wants to break into entertainment in the US though..the ladies in her lien of work in the US are really seriously good looking, but this one is a little hardcore and she is still young…

    She over does everthing and it may work for the Eurotrash, but its not going to fetch her much…her playboy days are so over….I think her US counterpart is COCO tee’s wife and coco still has one up on her…

    Its so funny, but I wonder what the kids of Anderson and Jameson adn Anna Nicole willbe asking their moms, they will probably go 180 in the opposite direction and behave like puritans…

  34. Miapocca says

    She looks a LOT better than when she turned up here in LA…I guess she took my advice afterall ahahhahahha

  35. says

    Coming from the UK, I have followed the career of ‘Jordan’ through magazines and TV. I think she is a fabulous person and a wonderful and dedicated mum. I don’t think she really cares what she looks like or what people think of her, as at the end of the day her appearance has made her a million’s of pounds!! Go Katie!!!!!

  36. Emma says

    She might look ‘Trashy’ as some of you put it but she is a fab mum and thats what its all about!

  37. says

    I havent seen her in TV, I just know that shes a model from england. She really dosnt look good shes not like you can say a cute preg, I dont think that her belly grows as much as her boobs

  38. lia noelle says

    i hate hearing all this news about her on her. i dont even know who she is. plus, her boobs are bigger than her belly. shes a very trashy person.

  39. lia noelle says

    i hate hearing all this news about her on her. i dont even know who she is. plus, her boobs are bigger than her belly. shes a very trashy person.

  40. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Ever heard the phrase “If you get your boobs out, put your legs away” and vice versa Jordan?

    I think she’s a really good mum but she dresses so trashily! Those boobs look ridiculous.

  41. says

    this is a horrible pic of her. i heard that she is a really good mom to her sons though and her hubby is very dedicated as well. but honestly she looks really disgusting in this pic

  42. Just me says

    I don’t think having “fake” hair, etc. makes her a slut. If anything, I don’t want to see her on here, because I don’t know who she is!

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