An Expectant Elisabeth Hasselbeck At The 2007 Children's Champions Awards Ceremony

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

An expectant Elisabeth Hasselbeck was snapped at the Meredith Corporation’s 2007 Children’s Champions Awards ceremony.

How cute and springy…she looks like a daffodil!



  1. sarah says

    Yo Annie, wow you are crazy and ignorant. If people were not allowed to live as they choose as long as they are not hurting anyone than we would be in trouble. Ever hear of World War 2 and the Holocost because thats what your ignorant views lead to. It still shocks me to know that there are people like you still out there who even though they have had access to education still end up so full of ignorance. Open your silly mind.

  2. Annie says

    Elisabeth is the one conservative voice on that show that is hated by all and she still talks her views eventhough she has had to yell it to be heard over Rosie ! America needs some one to stand strong for good moral christain values that are soon vanishing from the foundation of most young people . She will be unpopular because christian views will not pat you on your back no matter what your lifestyle. There are certain laws from God that man is supposed to respect and when he or she goes against it , it will start creating havoc and confusion and eventually utter disaster of mankind. The more people distance themselves from the ways of God the future of this generation will be darkness beacuse life does not end on this earth. There is life after death and there are two paths after death , hell or heaven. Stop and think where are we headed as a nation ! Where are our core values ? The very basic family unit is being restructured…partial birth abortion is being viewed as a woman’s choice… meaning killing a viable , living human being is ok , but killing a stray dog is not ??! People think , please think about your stand on such intense and mankind -defining topics. If gay marriages are ok, why are they adopting babies ? What I mean is why can’t they be gay and live totally as gay and accept that they cannot procreate and therefore they should live without progeny ? They want it all… but the children come from straight people… think about it… society should have well defined lines in terms of basic moral issues and if people decide they want it all and everything is acceptable , every lifestyle is right and people can live as they chose we have created a recepie for disaster and the very foundation of our society will slowly but surely crumble ! Elisabeth holds some of those core values in high regard and people don’t like hearing they are wrong and therefore she will be unpopular &I hope she stays strong and unpopular !

  3. sarah says

    You can educate someone all you want and it doesn’t mean they are intelligent. Besides, what does she have an undergraduate degree? Bottom line, this woman is not smart enough to be a cast member of the view. I expected a young woman like herself to be open minded and capable of thinking criticalling about issues but she is just the opposite. I mean really, when Lisa Ling left she was replaced by Elisabeth, yikes what a contrast.

  4. MIAPOCCA says

    She certainly does bring freshness to the stale “view”..I think Rosie was jealous of her ahhahaha or rather wanted to abg her but knew she had no chance in hell…ahhaha

  5. Andrea says

    #3 JJ
    Your words are so hateful it should shame you.
    I’m not saying I’m a Democrat or not a Democrat but to put yourself above others just because of your party affiliation shows what little of anything you have.
    I’ve met pretty mean folks and pretty nice folks on both sides of the party line.

  6. Miapocca says

    RR,..People who project “PURITY” are kinky as they come and the facade is a desperate attempt to delude themselves about what they are up

    Why do you think several priest turn out to be sexual predators…Elisabeths day is coming and if I were her, I will be less judgmental and keep under the radar, but if sh e is found out in her nasty habits, the media will have a feild day…

  7. RR says

    She is pretty stupid, but she is the worst kind of stupid because she thinks she is smart. I hate her whiney nasal squeeky voice. – She is so irritating and so all mighty with her holier than thou attitude. Way too “pure” for my liking!! (I also hate that her daughter has the same name as mine)

  8. Miapocca says

    Here come another of those, who has to make up an excuse that someone is a democrat simply because they cant grasp the fact that she is dumb as hell

    She was on fox news the crown seat of republicans and even that she was dumb…I dont have to be democrat to make that observation and neither did the fox guy talking to her, she had this smirk that translate to” why the heck is she on this show when she cant even state a clear opinion”..It was embarrasing~!!

    Fact she is used to being babied b y Walters who cannot take a stance on anything as well, because she has to kiss ass to get interviews….Elisabeth is better on a very early morning show, making cookies and dreaming away about life in pleasantville..and I will that show because it sure will be an escape from reality …

    You dont have to have a certain political view to realize the shortcoming this broad

  9. julie says

    She is great!!!! You all sound like typical democrats,hating everyone. Oh I am sorry,you all want the US to get blown up again, pansies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MIAPOCCA says

    awwwwwwwwww..I heard that from afar….

    I dont think she is smart enough to know what her views are..I feel sorry for her, because one day when her horrid reality comes , its goign make a loud bang in the media, and its going to be sso oo bad because they woll be airing all her prime proper view points..

    Sorts of reminds of of a young spears and Holmes claiming they were saving it for marriage only to end up like now…..always need to try and keep a lid on it, till one is a little wiser in their thoughts.,..

    Poor any case I wish her luck and the strength to carry on with her views for as long as she can…

  11. JJ says

    I can’t stand this chick! I call her “Elizabitch” because she is one. She’a a damn, Bush supporting Republican, red neck, imperious piece of shit. The kind that old-fashioned American dreams are made of!

  12. Miapocca says

    This woman is sooo dumb ,I watched her on Fox one might and it was a total embarrasment…

    That show they called the view is a total disaster with Rosie constantly bullying this girl because she knows Elizabeth is nto strong intellectually

    They need to have a view for Rosie and Anne Coulter, now that woman should kick Rosie’s uneducated behind to her wesbite with tear jerkers…PLEASE ,i will totally watch that show,..

    NO HOLDS BARRED featuring the outspoken duo on opposite sides of the political aisle who are not afriad to use any word and go smash political correctness in their battes……featuring O donell and Coulter
    hmmm Dirrrrrrrrrrrrrty!!..Love it.. Rosie will be crying every day ahhahahahha..I bet Hasselback will be cheering,ahahha..she tolerated Rosie too well..I would just bash rosie over the head if she was that disrespectful to me

    Its sad that Hasselback is the College grad and Rosie the Drop out , yet rosie cleans the floor with her…tells you a lot about some college degrees…ahahha

  13. Andrea says

    Not too crazy about the bright butter color. On a sidenote, glad Rosie’s leaving The View. She’s too opinionated and intolerant of views other than her own.

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