Jaime Pressly & Eric Cubiche Welcome A Son

Jaime Pressly

My Name is Earl star Jaime Pressly and her deejay fiancé, Eric Cubiche, welcomed a baby boy, Dezi James, today!

The Emmy-nominated actress, 29, who also designs the clothing line J’aime, told People magazine the name is part of a running joke – the Cuban-American Eric, 33, does a Desi Arnaz impersonation, calling Pressly “Luuucy” when he comes home at night. James is her father’s name.

The couple were friends for more than nine years and dated for a year and a half before getting engaged in October, when Eric presented Jaime with a ring they had designed together.

“I was just kind of peeking around every corner and searching in every drawer to see when I was going to get it,” she says.

The couple are in no rush to get married. “I do want to be a princess for a day,” Jaime told People magazine last year, “but it’s not necessary to do that before you have kids. A lot of women do it later.”




  1. Zbella says

    Sally – The beauty of naming your kids is you can name them anything you want, spell it any way you want and pronounce it any way you want. I admit it’s an odd choice and an odd reasoning – but he’s their baby!

    We named my daughter after my grandma. Her name is Anna Lucy. Pronounced Ah-na and we use both names. People think it’s odd – good! I didn’t want another Gracie or Maddie. And we spelled it like my grandma’s name and pronounce it like her name as well (she was German). Probably won’t be another Dezi in his class either 🙂

  2. sally says

    ugh. what a dumb reason to name your kid that..and at least spell it the same. my husband calls me honey, should i name my kid that too?

  3. pika says

    LOL…Doesn’t everyone of a certain age say “Luuuucy, I’m home!” when they come home? We often do…
    I do like Dezi Cubiche tho–the name has a lot of character!

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