Brad Pitt Picking Up Maddox From School

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt was snapped picking up Maddox, 5, from school in Prague on Wednesday.



  1. bennigton says

    concerned…..i do not want to believe your comments were meant to be racist but they sound very much so. My family is very mixed. My husband and i are different races and thankfully the people around us appreciate who we are and what we stand for. We have taught out children to be tolerant of small minded people and our children are so well adjusted people comment on how well behaved they are. Because of their mixedness they are very compassionate, very accommodating, very open. What does race matter? Reaching Across Continents in Equality.

  2. oriana says

    I don’t care for her and have always admitted to that, but I don’t think she is using these kids for publicity, I think she will adopt another little girl before too long, and that will be another life spared for the better, and a playmate for Zahara, I can easily see her adopting three or four more kids whether Brad is still around or not. And I see him around from now on out unless she gets rid of him.

  3. Tia :) says

    How can you say she’s not the one who’s raising them? She takes her kids with her wherever she goes. I certainly don’t think she uses them for publicity, and anyone who does is sad. Raising a child is one of the most difficult things i have ever done…and the most wonderful. Im pretty sure she doesnt wake up and say ” going to adopt a child today so i’ll look good in the news” This is a life long commitment!

  4. fee says

    Oriana, good point about the language thing. If I ever adopt from a foreign nation, I want my children to know where they come from. I read somewhere that Maddox is starting to speak a bit of his native language.

  5. nell says

    She shouldn’t be allowed to adopt any more kids because she’s not really raising the ones she has. Plus, everyone knows she uses them for publicity, and for nothing else.

  6. Alicia says


  7. Jill says

    Everyone I know who has adopted a child from overseas has made it a point of learning about the culture and traditions of the child’s country of origin. However, it’s not always possible to make sure the child continues speaking his or her original language, unless there are some native speakers nearby in the child’s community. In NYC there are bilingual schools in Chinatown where classes are taught in English and Mandarin, but I haven’t heard of any Korean schools although NYC has a large Korean population. In smaller localities it may simply be impossible to find native speakers, but I wouldn’t discourage international adoptions on that basis. Once he’s with his adoptive family in this country, the child’s overriding need is fluency in English.

    Changing the child’s name is a contentious issue and one I’m not about to take sides on. Parents are free to name their children anything they want. If the child is old enough to have a say in what he wants to be called, his wishes should be respected. This is not an issue I’d push with a three-year-old, however. One of my neighbors (a single white woman) adopted a little girl from China when the child was two and a half. Her name is Arielle. It’s a safe bet her name wasn’t Arielle in China. The little girl is now in first grade in a local public school where she excels in all her classes and speaks English all day long. I dont know if she remembers a word of Chinese. What is important is that she is very much loved and cherished and she knows it. Angelina did give Pax the middle name Thien to reflect his Vietnamese heritage. I think she and Brad are sensitive to the multi-cultural heritage of all their adopted children. However, the kids will grow up as Americans, and that is the most important thing.

  8. Granny says

    Oriana. I agree. I think that if you adopt from another culture other han you own, it is wise, beneficial and considerate to make certain that child has information and if possible some experience with his birth culture.

    Geneology wouldn’t be such an enthusiastically followed hobby if people didn’t get a lot of pleasure from knowing their past.

    Many people just have a need to know their “history.”

  9. nell says

    This family is very messed up. By the time maddox is 7 he will have gone to about 17 schools. Angelina should not be allowed to adopt anymore kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. Zbella says

    Now to comment on the picture! Brad looks adorable, but I’m not a fan of the hat. Maddox is so sweet looking.

    I would worry a little about changing schools so often. If the kids are all together, I think that would make them feel safe and be less stressful transition. On the other hand, I do think it’s great they take them all over the world and spend lots of time as a family.

    In the end, Brad and Angelina are the parents, so they get to make the decisions, whether we like them or not!

  11. Zbella says

    Concerned – where to start… Obviously you are entitled to your opinion – but I disagree on every level!

    Did ya ever think that maybe mixed race marriages fail because people like you make them all that much more difficult? IF you are married, you know that it’s not always easy and takes a LOT of work. A little support from family and society doesn’t hurt either. Mixed race couples because they are always dealing with racist or uneducated comments and thoughts.

    My sister is adopting from China, and she and her husband are white. They are connected with a great group of other adoptive families and there are even camps and activities they can attend through out the years. Our neighbors have 2 daugthers from China and participate in these activities. They also learn sign language and take classes on mixed race families. So they’re going into this with their eyes open and with hearts full of love. I applaud anyone who has a mixed race family. I think it’s beautiful. I hope to adopt as well, and I’d love to adopt a Latino child. I speak Spanish fluently so I would have no problem there. Latinos can be any race, by the way – black, white, Native American and mixed…

  12. Zbella says

    #34 Lauren – yes, refusing to have children IS a reason to end a marriage. I would have – and with the Catholic church’s blessing. My husband and I were married in the Catholic church and one promise we made was to welcome children into our union. If he went back on his word (or if I changed my mind) we could have had our marriage annulled. Thankfully we both followed through and have 3 great children together!

  13. oriana says

    The only thing I see as a concern or wrong, with adopting a child outside ones’ own race, is to not teach that child his or her own language from their country. Just to speak English is wrong to me, the child should have the opportunity to learn the language of his home country and also the customs of that country, it can be very beneficial for the child in the future and is the right thing to do.

  14. oriana says

    Meg Ryan is a single parent and she adopted her little Chinese daughter, and is one of the cutest kids ever! Meg seems on top of the world with this child, very happy for both of them!

  15. Kitty says

    i see nothing wrong with mixed families, i believe it will teach the kids to appreciate each other and not be partial.

  16. dori says

    Well, maybe this will put your mind at ease…I am a jewish woman who married a jewish man and we have raised 2 adopted mixed race Brazilian and mexican baby girls. They have grown into well adjusted young ladies. I don’t know if thats because my husband and I had this solid marriage but there were times we were standing in line in a restaurant and they would ask my older daughter(who is dark skinned ) if they could help her as if she wasn’t with us. This was very painful to her because she felt people didn’t identify her as part of our family. I used to say to her don’t be angry they don’t know or understand our family They aren’t trying to be mean. When you have a mixed race family there are issues to deal with it’s up to the parents to teach forgiveness because people can be very stupid. My kids were raised in a time there were not very many mixed race families. They were born in the 80’s and we were a very unusual family in the 80’s and 90’s. We got through it and my kids are fine upstanding citizens with good self esteem. It takes work but it’s worth it!!

  17. Jill says

    Similar racial/religious backgrounds matter much less in marriage than similiar educational achievements, common interests and goals. My godmother’s daughter, who is black and Catholic, met a white Jewish boy during their freshman year at Harvard. They went together for four years and married the week after graduation. They have been married for 37 years now and have four children. BTW, both sets of in-laws were delighted with the marriage.

  18. Jill says

    The law of supply and demand works in adoption as well as in other areas. For every health white American infant who is available for adoption, there are a thousand white families that want to adopt. Also, adoption laws in this country are biased in favor of the birth parents and many couples don’t want to go through the hassle of waiting years for a baby, only to have the birth parents return years after the adoption to try to reclaim it. I’ve personally witnessed this happening to a couple of adoptive families and it is absolutely devastating.

    In Angelina’s case, from what I have read, she didn’t go to Cambodia with the intention of adopting anyone, but when she visited an orphanage in Cambodia, she saw Maddox, then three months old, and fell in love with him on the spot. Babies do have a way of stealing your heart right out from under you, know what I’m saying? Once she became a mother to Maddox, it was easy from there to consider adopting from other countries. Only a very small and narrow mind would consider what she is doing “immoral” or “self-serving” or a publicity stunt in any sense. She has given three children a wonderful home who would never otherwise have had a home.

    “A mother doesn’t see the color of her child’s skin; she sees the love shining in her child’s eyes.”

  19. concerned says

    I don’t think interracial marriages or procriation should be illegal, but it should be discouraged for the reasons I mentioned as well as countless other reasons. Since the purpose of this blog is not to debate these issues, I will spare you some of the other reasons.

  20. concerned says

    There are thousands of poor and neglected children that need parents who are also of the same race and cultural heritage as brangelina. The reason brangelina didn’t choose to adopt one of them is because what they really wanted was politically correct fashion accesories.

  21. fee says

    Concerned, you live in a very narrow minded world. Immoral is not the right word to use there. If that is how you feel, then should interracial couples have children? Because,according to you, they would have indentity issies.

  22. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I meant to write Pax there, not Paz.

    Oh and by the way, my half-sister is of a different race to me. I haven’t grown up badly or with “issues” because of it and neither has she or our brother.

  23. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Concerned, who are you to decide what is morally right? Maddox, Paz, Zahara and Shiloh should all grow up well adjusted as a result of having siblings from different race, they will certainly be more open-minded than people like you.

    So, should Angelina have left Maddox and the others in an orphanage because they’re NOT white, would that have been more moral? Leaving them at risk of being sold into child labour, dying of starvation or preventable diseases? Well as long as they aren’t been subjected to *gasps* mixed race families! Death is a far better alternative for these kids! (Please note my sarcasm here)

  24. Tia :) says

    If it’s immoral giving these poor children a home, then whats right? I don’t understand how this could be wrong.

  25. says

    immoral?????????? thats a bit harsh.
    i dont see anything wrong with adopting a child outside ur race, y anyone would think so is beyond me

    these parents clearly love all of their children

    brangelina fan all the way:)

  26. oriana says

    Immoral, Whaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!

    I do think that relationships have a better chance of lasting, but not so much because of race, but more because of common interests and to some degree, education.

    Don’t know anything about statistics, but I would think there are more Caucasian couples adopting black children than there are the other way around but I do see that changing more and more.

  27. Jill says

    Marriage partners with similar backgrounds, values and interests have a better chance of staying together, that’s no surprise to anyone. But what does that have to do with immorality? You said it was immoral to adopt children of different races. So one would assume you also think it is immoral to marry someone of a different race and give birth to children of a different races Do you think Heidi Klum is immoral for marrying Seal and having his children? She looks like a very proud and devoted parent. What do you see immoral in that?

    In response to your other question, I don’t have any hard numbers, but one of my cousins, who is black, adopted a Vietnamese orphan. The whole family dotes on the kid. In the agency where I work, a black foster parent adopted a Korean child she had cared for since he was four days old. I don’t see anything “immoral” about it although you probably do, but for the life of me I can’t see what.

  28. concerned says

    Interracial marriages fail at almost twice the rate of intraracial marriages. Do you think that it is just a coincidence? No, it has been proven that marriages are more likely to succeed when the husband and wife have similar backgrounds in things such as race, class, education, culture, religion, etc.

  29. concerned says

    How many Asian families have adopted poor White children from Eastern Europe? How many African American families have adopted poor Asian children from Southeast Asia (like little Maddox)? Be honest.

  30. Jill says

    Immoral in what sense? Do you think interracial marriages are immoral too? What’s immoral is your racist attitude. Maddox is part of a loving and caring family who accept him for who and what he is. There’s nothing immoral about that.

    I feel sorry for anyone as narrow-minded as you.

  31. concerned says

    Sadly, Maddox will have identity issues for the rest of his life. It is immoral to adopt children from other races. Non-white couples rarely adopt children of another race. It is only naive politically correct whites who think that race and culture do not matter.

  32. oriana says

    Nicki, you I am sure do admire her and see her as a good person who has overcome some difficulties, but I have read many, many times, that Angelina is an Angel, she is a Saint, she is a Goddess, so that is where a lot of people disagree, those Just Jared fans are fanatics and some people just idolize her, right or wrong, I have read on Perez Hilton, and he is crazy but I have a few laughs from reading him, and not just about his comments about her either, he can be hilarious as well as gross at times!

  33. oriana says

    Like Maggie, wrote fast and didn’t proof read first so made some mistakes! Sorry!

    I think ANY Hollywood fam or celeb fam should consider their kids over movie roles, far and wide, it isn’t like they are desperate for the money.

  34. oriana says

    Nicki, I did read the article Jenny wrote, or supposedly wrote, so I did believe it when it stated ten years. What Angie ever saw in her is beyond me. I do believe they probably hooked up quite a few times as Angelina stated she took her lovers when needed. Didn’t she write that article in 2005? Maybe not.

    Yes, I did read that Madonna had her fling with Jenny also, and Madonna is certainly no prize in my attention, and she isn’t even pretty to me, I think she was just slutty whereas Angie had some mental problems. I still find it hard to believe Warren Beatty messed with her, but he is one of the biggest male whores in Hollywood! And I was very surprised when he married Annette Bening, I have never liked her either.

    Pax may have adjusted to Brad by now but when she said she was going to be a stay at home mom, it was just a couple of weeks that it was announced she was signed on to go to Prague to make the movie, with all this child has endured in his short life, don’t you think a couple of weeks or even months is not quite that long to “adjust”? Just my thinking on the time frame. They definately look like a very happy family playing soccer and also with Zahara at the swimming pool.

    According to some earlier posts I read months ago, Pax has adjusted better and faster at his age than Zahara was supposed too at 7 mos., I never did understand that! How long does a 7 mo. old retain their memory?

    I am still waiting for a CLEAR picture of the kids standing and playing, with Zahara in them. I haven’t seen that yet, just a shadow here and there. I am also still waiting for a picture of her without a frown, haven’t seen that yet either. The one on the beach, in her diaper, that was a terrible picture of her! I do think Pax is very cute and I hope he is happy and see no reason why he shouldn’t be.

    And yes, my Dear, we do agree to disagree!!! No problem there!

  35. fee says

    Granny, it sounds like you grew up the same way I did. And yeah, if you grow up with it, its normal to you-there aren’t huge adjestment issues.

  36. Nicki says

    oriana~I’m not sure if this is the thread or not, I tried looking for it, But didn’t you say Angelina was in a “10 Year” relationship with Jenny Shimizu?? (I know you didn’t name her, but who you meant, right?)
    How could that be? She did Foxfire in 1995, came out in 1996. She was married to JLM in 1996, divorced in 1999. Yes I understand they might not have been together for the last year or so of thier marriage. But she married BBT in 2000 and they divorced in 2003. And maybe her and JS hooked up once or twice, but to call it a 10 year thing is just wrong.
    It is 2007 now, she has been with Brad for 2 years. So whatever you believe from JS mouth isn’t crediable. It was a tabloid story and she made money off it. She knew Angie wouldn’t say anything, anyone who has followed her would know it was BS.
    Did you know Madonna was “with”, or hanging out with JS for quite a while before Angie did the Foxfire movie?
    JS used to be a model, (not sure, but I think Calvin Klein?)

  37. Nicki says

    Jill~ Very well said!!!!

    Mary, Mary, Mary, you are kinda scary.
    No fan of Anelina calls her a saint. They admire her, big difference. I admired and adored my 1st grade teacher, I might even have loved her, but never did I think she was a saint.
    In an “actual” interview with Angie last year or so, she said no matter where they are bedtime is always the same. They might be in different time zones, but 8:00 is 8:00 no matter where you are in the world. (Yeah and I’m sure it is hard flying on your own private jet).
    Why no concern for the many other familys in showbiz who do the same exact thing? Dustin Hoffman ALWAYS took his family no matter where he was filming. OK OK he not the major star Angie and Brad are now…But he was when his kids were younger.

    Here comes the scary part—Oceans 12, sucked. Oceans 11 was great. I think Oceans 13 will be real good, they, George and co. said it is entirely different for O12. They learned from thier mistakes. And it is a bit sad you would deprive yourself from all the beautiful men in this movie. I mean us women don’t get too many movies our husbands enjoy with a whole cast of gorgeous men! 😆

  38. Jill says

    Essie, if Jennifer’s fans treat her like a victim, that;s because it;s how she wanted to be treated. She was throwing one pity party after another when she and Brad broke up. “Waaaah, look what he did to me!” It got old after a while.

    I’ve given up on her fans ever seeing reason. They are never, ever, ever going to accept that her marriage was over before Angelina ever arrived on the scene. They have to make out poor Jen as the innocent victim, Brad as the bumbling dupe of an evil woman, and Angelina as the devil incarnate. It’s good for some laughs and I’m sure Brad and Angelina are getting some laughs out of it too. That’s probably a large part of what infuriates the Aniston camp so much — knowing that neither Brad nor Angelina gives a damn what they think. In their place, neither would I.

  39. Nicki says

    I am a fan of this family. But I have NEVER looked at Angelina as a saint. Most of he fans don’t….they admire her for the way she turned her troubled youngers years around. People who admire someone for what they have acomplished in thier 31 years of life doen’t mean they think of them as saint.

    She NEVER said she would be a stay at home Mom. She said she would be there to help Pax adjust.
    If you read HER Readers Digest “actual” interview (not chopped up half quotes from some snarky websites) She did say that Pax has adjusted. Once he meet Brad and saw how the kids trusted and loved him, he felt comfortable with him and knew he could trust him. And if you read the Readers Digest interview, actual words from Angie, you would know by the third day, he was very comfortable with her.
    Oriana~ yes he was scared getting onto thier “private jet”. I’m sure he was terrified. He has been in an orphanage for 3 years. I’m sure the grocery store, or the mall would terrify him. Do you think he was ever on a plane before? I can assure you the answer is NO. The first time I flew, I was 6 years old, I was crying and shaking like a leaf. Oh yeah I was with my Grandma and Aunt, who I knew from birth and loved to death. It was a scary experience. All thier comfort, and I was still scared. So yes Pax was scared.
    They look like a happy family.
    I wish this site would get more pics of them. The one with Brad and Shiloh, you can see Zahara and Pax playing, the HQ pics. They seem to be doing just fine.
    Remember, we agree to disagree!:lol:

  40. Tia :) says

    I love Angie, and i love Brad. Maybe Angie puts him in school to be around children his own age? I went to my fare share of schools…i turned out

  41. Granny says

    I was an army brat and changed schools a lot. And several military towns where we lived grew so fast that although we never moved addresses, we did in fact move schools.

    If you grow up used to this, is just isn’t an obstacle. None of my siblings or my military friends seemed to have any trouble with it. It was a fact of life. I imagine these kids will be used to transferring around also. And if they have any education delays they can probably easily afford tutors.

  42. maggie says

    JILL, for your information I read a lot, is just that I write very fast and I dont review my comment before I post it, so I really dont need your advices

  43. oriana says

    Enjoyed Oceans 11 but was disappointed in Oceans 12, will see 13 for love the boys, George, Matt, also really like Bernie Mac, he is one of my favorites!!!

  44. oriana says

    Mary, I really believed the beach shots in Kenya were taken by an over zealous paps, I didn’t know they were posed for! I did think it was sad for Jen to see so soon after the split, any woman would be hurt by that!

    I do think she is prob aggravated and pissed by people feeling sorry for her, she has moved on but she just seems sad to me in some of her pictures.

  45. Essie says

    Lauren, if Aniston knew the “true Brad” whey did she stay with him for all those years? And, why would she be “hurt” by the breakup? She should be happy and enjoying her new life as a single woman.

    If I were Jennifer Aniston I would be really, really upset, not because of Brad and Angelina but because of the people who think she cares about Brad and Angelina!! Her fans treat her like a victim and that’s really sad.

  46. Essie says

    Jill, you are so right, Ethiopian’s as a whole are beautiful people. The men are just as gorgeous as the women. Beautiful eyes, especially. Zahara has beautiful features so she will grow up to be very beautiful, I think.

    In my opinion “stability” means being with your parents and other people who love you. It doesn’t matter what house you are in when you wake up, as long as your parents are there to hug you and feed you breakfast!!! I think all this “worry” about these kids being maladjusted because they are traveling the world is really silly. I’m a big tennis fan and I remember that Andre Agassi’s kids traveled the world with him and his wife from the time they were born. In fact, both of his babies were born in the month of October (they will be 4 and 6 this year) and the day after Christmas they were on a plane flying to Australia!!! They would spend a month there, going to a local nursery school and then go with their parents everywhere else he played (they usually spent about 6 weeks in Europe playing the Italian, French and then Wimbledon). Those kids seem well-adjusted to me and I see pictures of them all the time because their mother Steffi Graf is like a goddess in Germany and the German paparazzi are worse than any other and cameras are always in these childrens’ faces. Of course, you don’t see them on this blog. (Goggle them if you’re curious.)

    Anyway, my point is, Brad and Angelina’s kids will be just fine traveling the world and I’m certain they will be outgoing and smart and, unlike most American kids, know their geography!!! Maddox will be find with being the big brother. Most children think that’s a great thing (somebody to boss around). He’s bright and he will adjust well as will the others.

  47. Mary says

    Oriana, remember that ‘perfect’ family photoshoot before Jen filed for divorce after the separation, then the beach shoot in Kenya, those pcitures were posed for by these two insensitive louts. I can’t stand the way he dresses nowadays, I can’t stand anything about him lately and I would be lying if I said I would watch Oceans 13. Loved 11 and 12 though.

  48. oriana says

    I do like Brad’s new shoes!!!!!

    Lauren, I do think that Brad and Angie didn’t give two cents about Jen’s feelings, what was it, one month or less after the filing of the divorce he was photograped with Angie and Maddox? But again, the snoopy photogs did follow and spy on them around the world, but he didn’t wait too long before hopping a plane getting to her!

  49. oriana says

    Lauren, truth be told, I am not a big fan of all three of them. I enjoyed Friends, thought Jen did a great job in that movie she made with Jake, clearly, Angie is the better actor/actress than any of them, haven’t seen Babel yet but did hear Brad did an excellent job there. I do think that Brad and Angie will stay together, I don’t see Jen as being as happy as she says she is, and Angie is still mentally unstable, I think she has come a long way, but now with her mother gone, it has only added to it, her focus on these kids is just a way of her coping with her problems, and Brad has to know she suffers from some insecurities. He is looking older by the minute and appears to be tired all the time to me.

    I am also sure her brother is very aware of her problems, and Jon Voight is also.

  50. Mary says

    Lauren, you are spot on about Aniston and Brad, there was always something about their marriage that somehow did not click. She did not looke like she trusted him and I agree the whole humiliation after the break up hurt her more than the break up. She should be glad it did not last. Though Brad at least had more than one court and did not wear that hideous hat. Who are his fashion advisors?

  51. Mary says

    Nicki, the schools may be international and the same but most stars slow down when kids come along and settle down somewhere so that the kids can get a routine. However bright Mad is, he needs to make friends and needs to wake up and see the same things like all other children. I find it strange that a s people who love these kids, their happiness takes second fiddle to your desire to paint Angelina as a saint. Blind devotion never got any one anywhere, look at Blair and his devotion to push, it finally cost him a legacy. Even if you are devoted to someone, they are not perfect and like all humans, they can be wrong.

  52. oriana says

    Lauren, her nose kind of looks like Cameron Diaz’s nose in the picture when she was younger. Still pretty girl though, I don’t understand why she was unhappy in highschool! And a lot of her fans are not fans, most of them are like fanatics, it is amazing to me!

  53. Lauren says

    Oriana, I personally think that Aniston knew the true Brad and that is why she hesitated to have kids with him. If a man can treat his former wife of 5 years and a woman he has woken up next to for seven years the way Brad treated Aniston, then she should be grateful she never had kids with him in the first place.

    Kids are a big commitment and you do not walk out on a marriage just because your wife will not have kids. Remember is through sickness and health. Besides that is no reason to humiliate her like Janice has said. Personally I think Jen was himiliated and that was the reason she took the divorce badly but I don’t think she was ever in love with Brad Pitt. I think she is not opposed to having children but not Brad Pitt’s children otherwise she would have jsut had a kid to make him happy if she truly cared that much. Much as I don’t like them, I think Brad and Angelina are perfect for one another. They are selfish and Angelina thinks Brad is a prize which quite obviously Aniston did not think and he is the only person I know who can let her be a mother of his children with a past of mental illness. Besides, they are two of the most selfish, self absorbed people on this planet.

  54. Jill says

    Interesting comment on Z, Janice. I’d like to see this child 16 or 17 years from now. Ethiopian and Somali women are some of the most gorgeous women on the planet. They have a grace and elegance I’ve never seen in any other women. Check out David Bowie’s wife Iman sometime.

  55. oriana says

    Nicki, I do agree that most kids in Kindergarten usually don’t have the same set of classmates when they start First Grade, and I have read that Maddox is very bright. I think he is very intelligent and will have no problem adapting, I do think he will have and has had, a bigger problem adjusting to the fact he isn’t the Little Prince any more, he has to share the love with Pax, and I think Pax is much more vulnerable and needs love and reassurance. For that reason alone I think they should have stayed in one home environment longer, like she said she was going too. Zahara, she is so spoiled and undisciplined it probaby wouldn’t matter where they are at as far as she is concerned, as long as she gets her way, and Shiloh is too young, she doesn’t get it, she is a baby. I think that Pax needs security and I saw his little face crying as they boarded the plane leaving with him, he really needs a lot of love and attention to me.

  56. Lauren says

    Angelina’s fans think she is a saint and can’t do wrong which is rather stupid on this case supporting the fact that she is hping around the world with these poor kids. Any child psychologist will tell you that kids need stabilty and a routine. Yes though I don’t like Angelina much, kids are innocent and I cannot help but care that they are beginning their young lives like this. Oriana, Angelina had Surgery on her nose and cheeks.

    Just google Angelina Plastic surgery and you will see.

    I would not be surprised if her brother did too as Janet and Michael can testify to sibling surgery.

  57. oriana says

    Janice, I do think Angie is very cunning but Jennifer had how many years with him? She lied obviously about wanting kids after knowing that was important to Brad, every time you saw her practically she had a cigarette dangling from her mouth, I really think her career was more important to her than having kids, and I really don’t think she wanted kids to begin with.

    As for Angie, yes, I have wondered also about some of her statements, it is clear in all of the pictures of her with Maddox from Day One, she adored him and was not only smiling but laughing with joy in many of them. I did find it strange also, she knew her mother was in the latter stages of cancer, she has said she was her best friend, but yet, she was all over the place, if my mother was dying, I would want to be with her as much as possible, I didn’t see that from her in the last weeks or months, I am not saying either that she didn’t really love her for I have no doubts she was devastated when she died, but I think Angie is not the Saint her fans make her out to be. Sorry!

  58. Nicki says

    essie~I read your posts. I’m sure these kids will be just fine. The school Maddox is enrolled in are all over the world. Besides all the other countries they are in the U.S, LA, NY, Chicago, etc. Jodie Foster went to one.
    Everyones worried about friends, with the way Brad and Angie are talking about more bio and adopted kids, Maddox will have many “friends”. 😆 Plus he will have many friends all over the world. Most kids in kindergarten don’t have the same friends in 1st or second grade. (Maybe if you live in a rural area.)

  59. Louise says

    Jolie & Brad’s kids are all very cute. They both doing a great job to take care those four children.

  60. Janice says

    Essie I mean that these kids have special needs. Pax is adjusting to a new family, Maddox is adjusting to three siblings and a father. They have bonding issues. May be they suppliment their schooling but that is a maybe. Besides kids have an issue with being a spectacle all the time. It affects their self confidence when they sense that they are an object of attention from people they don’t know. Brad and Angelina should try and limit their exposure to all these inquisitive strangers.

  61. oriana says

    Tried it again, and yes, nice pictures, she looks just like her brother to me and he has the same nose to me, so surely he didn’t have a nose job too? I know she definately loves dressing in black constantly but that is a cute jacket she has on.

    My thoughts about her having them in so many different schools can be difficult but not necessairly a bad thing, these kids will be world travellers and who knows, may end up working for the U.N. one day.

    I just have a concern where she said she was going to be a stay at home mom and that was important, to me, she clearly lied about that, she also stated that when she is gone for a few hours Pax gets upset, she should have considered him going thru some emotional changes after just adopting him, and then off to make another movie (don’t they have millions) instead of bonding with him, showing him some stability and much needed security, she can always make movies, he is very fragile and she knew that, and yet she uprooted them once again, to go halfway around the world, after Brad stating how happy they were in New Orleans, why couldn’t she stay put for a few months, not a few days or weeks, especially after she said she was going too? It is clear, she will always do as she wishes, just like her ex-girlfriend said she would, I am inclined to think she knows Angie very well, after a ten year relationship, it is too be expected.

    She needs to stay put with these kids, especially Pax, to me, anyone that adopts a child, would want to reassure him and be settled with him until he got more secure.

  62. Janice says

    Oriana you are wrong, however strong that married would have been, Brad would have strayed because Angelina was determined, She is a very cunning woman and what I can’t forget is what she said in an interview that she used to feel lonely with Mad and she had no one to share his milestones with (Wasn’t she supposed to be close to her mother and brother???!!!). Then she said that when she met Brad, the attraction was instant and she feared that because he was married they may never get together. I think she laid her plan to get him and it helped that the marriage was not solid and Brad is a weak character. That is all history, my problem is that they did not stop there, they went on to humiliate Aniston who had done nothing to them and Angelina looked like she enjoyed every minute of it.

    I find all the kids beautiful. Shiloh looks like Brad and I think when he holds her he thinks all this is worth it. I don’t think she will be a great beauty but for now she is cute. Z has nice eyes and if she smiles more we will be surprised at how beautiful she is. I wish they could just give them some stablity. It means so much to children. I taught at a day care for years and I saw how intoverted new kids were and how it took time to open up and make friends. If kids move around a lot. They give up on making friends only to lose them after a couple of months. Also exposing them to the media is rather absurd as adults have admitted Paps give them nightmares, what about kids. Home schooling would be a temporary solution they should explore.

  63. Essie says

    Veen, how do you know their education is not being supplemented with some home schooling by a nanny/tutor? But kids need other kids around them to play with.

  64. Essie says

    Janice, why do you say her kids have “emotional issues”? I’ve never read anywhere that any of those kids have issues of any kind. Angie said that Pax cried the first couple of days but she then hired a translator so she could communicate with him to help him and now he’s adjusting well. They all seem to be doing very well, at least from the pap pics we see of them.

    I guess nobody read my entry about my niece and nephews doing very well while changing schools on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis. They did quite well and while I understand that not all children do as well I believe most of them do just fine. Children are very adaptable. Besides, it’s better to be with their parents in whatever continent/country they are working on/in than to be left behind.

  65. Veen says

    I am not a hater but why don’t they homeschool the kids till further notice. All this craziness is going to take a toll on them. If they as adults are aggravated by the paps, what about the kids.

  66. Nicki says

    oriana~:lol: you were suppose to scroll up for the pics of Angelina. I saw them at another site but forget where now. Plus JustJared always has tons of pics, not just one or two like here.

  67. oriana says

    Nicki, I clicked on the link and read the Just Jared craziness, those fans are nuts!!!

    Jill, still waiting on the picture with Zahara smiling? One that isn’t months old that is! And I have no doubt she can get her way with Brad, she is a spoiled Brat!!!! Again, with the word “Haters”. Why? My best friend’s brother has a little girl 3 that is a spoiled Brat, I don’t hate her, why do people have to hate Angie when they disagree with her for? Why is that?

    I don’t think Kelly has a problem with them holding their children, I think she has wondered, like I have, why they are carried so much. Especially Zahara, her feet never touch the ground, and she is very big for her age, I don’t believe ricketts has anything to do with her being wagged and attached to their hips constantly.

    Maddox, Pax are so cute, Shiloh is very cute but I don’t see beauty, looks just like Jon Voight, and Zahara does have beautiful eyes, but that sour hateful look ruins her!

    For everyone, I have never blamed Angie for breaking up that marriage for I think it was on a downhill slide before he met her, if anyone, I blame Jennifer, Angie, as seductive as she is, if that marriage had been solid, I don’t think Brad would have strayed, and I do think he is happy with the family,and it is a family.

  68. Lee says

    Being a new boy in school every two months cannot be fun. Remember how it felt being new, now imagine Mad has to do it every three months. Brad looks worse for wear lately

  69. Janice says

    Hater or no hater school hoping kids is wrong and traumatic. Jolie should mean what she says and take time off work for these kids. I know she is not the first to have four kids but her kids have emotional issues which she needs to pay attention to.

  70. Jill says

    It might have been better if you had “changed up” from the school you went to, Maggie. You might have learned to spell if you had. It’s F-R-I-E-N-D-S, not “frins”.

    Read more.

  71. says

    I think that is bad for a kid changin up schools all the time, they become this shy kids who dosnt have frins because they are afraid to lose them. I hope mad isnt one of them

  72. Essie says

    You are absolutely right Nicki. I mis-spoke!!! Maddox is going to the french-speaking school and the little ones are at the Embassy school. It’s great that the three of them get to meet new friends.

    Kelly, I can’t read what you wrote since it all seems to run together. You might think about using paragraphs, periods and commas when you write something. Makes it much easier to comprehen.

  73. Jill says

    Kelly, read the article again, will you? Angelina said she is the disciplinarian with the GIRLS (plural), while Brad is the strong father with the boys. She also said Z can get her way with Brad whenever she wants to. Well, that’s fairly typical of two year old girls who have Daddy wrapped around their little fingers. Shiloh isn’t even a year old yet. She hasn’t learned how to play up to Daddy yet. Give her another year or so and she’ll have Daddy wrapped around her little finger as well.

    Did you actually see the picture posted above? Brad is walking Maddox home from school. Pax and Shi are kind of young for school, don’t you think? And I don’t know if you need trifocals or what, but Maddox seems to be walking very well on his own.

    Brad and Angie are very hands-on parents who like to pick up and hold their kids. Do you have a problem with that? Maybe you didn’t get picked up and held enough when you were little, but don’t hate on Angelina for loving her own children.

    God, you haters crack me up. Whatever Angelina does, you’re on her case. The real problem is you will never forgive her for Brad and Jen’s marriage breaking up, which she had absolutely nothing to do with. What was she supposed to do, wait until Jen got over being dumped before moving in with Brad? Suppose Jen never got over it? Are Brad and Angie supposed to put their lives on hold until Jen decides to get a life? She’s a grown woman, time for her to move on. And time for you to move on, too. Go post on the Aniston blog, if there is one, and if there isn’t, ask yourself why that boring bovine doesn’t even rate a blog of her own.

  74. Lauren says

    Maddox is adorable. He’s getting so big. It must be hard for him continually having to travel everywhere and go to different schools. He’s only 5.

  75. Sandra says

    I personally wouldn’t school hop at that young age. I would hate to be the new kid every month and have to start all over again finding friends. But hey they have plenty of money and they can afford the child’s psychologist when their kids need it!

  76. kelly says

    i agree it has to be hard on him, he need’s stability, a routine. i feel so bad for him. he meet’s all new freind’s and soon as he get’s use to new freind’s and a new teacher he is up rooted again. and angie want’s the best for her children…, angie want’s it her way. she does not allow the kid’s to play with any violent plastic weapon’s and her and brad decided against any movie’s with violence. they did not want the children to think of them in a bad way. o.k. this is the same mom that said she wanted to be a stay at home mom while pax was getting adjusted in his new surrounding’s and his new life. and did anyone read the interview in reader’s digest about angie telling everyone even reader’s,that brad has a more softer side with his daughter’s, she mentioned daughter’s,but, only Z was mentioned…. i thought they had 2 daughter’s. well poor shiloh is left out again….. and make Z walk. i see everyone carrying her and babying her, she need’s to learn to be able to grow up,and make some decision’s on her own.. stop pampering her,she know’s how to get her way.. and do you also notice when they are out as a family, angie is either holding mad, or z. maddox should be walking to he is almost 6.. and where is pax,shiloh in the family outing’s??/// i cannot like angelina at all. and now brad is pissing me off. he put his foot down about angie wanting to give the 2 girl’s buzz cut’s. well he need’s to put his foot down about pax, shiloh being left out. i guess angie know’s best. those kid’s (pax, shiloh) they are the one’s that are going to be alienated, not z, that is just an excuse to adopt again from chad.those kid’s will all be fighting and arguing because z and maddox get all the mommy and daddy time. i hope it back fire’s in angie’s face.

  77. oriana says

    Maddox is really getting tall and he looks very cute with his haircut. He is a cute little boy and so is Pax.

    Jenna, is that all you have to do is “sit and wait for the haters?” Why do you label a person a Hater just because they may not idolize this family? There are good things about them, many, but I am not a big fan of Angie in some areas, and I have noticed that when someone doesn’t praise her or says something negative, they are labeled “haters” and even worse. Why is that?

  78. Nicki says

    Essie- I thought Pax and Zahara were going to the U.S. Embassy school and Maddox was going to Lycee Francis de Prague school. (He went to Lycee one in New Orleans when they were there.) This school Maddox is going to there is a video at TMZ, looks different from where they drop Pax and Zahara.

  79. Essie says

    I don’t see how changing schools is so bad. My brother has three kids who have gone to schools all over the world (Europe, Africa, the Caribbean) and they speak French, Spanish and German like natives. They are also outgoing and smart. He worked for the State Department and could have sent his kids to school on the Embassy grounds but chose to send them to local schools instead. They are now all adults and look back on their childhood and laugh all the time. (They especially love to tell the stories of how “dusty” they would get while playing outside in Zaire.) They still have friends from the countries where they lived plus knowing other languages has gotten them far in their jobs.

    Anyway, Maddox is going to school at the U.S. Embassy so the language is English. I think Zahara goes there also.

    When will Angelina’s interview in Readers’ Digest be posted on this blog? It’s really interesting.

  80. Tiffany says

    They are so cute sharing Daddy and me time. I don’t think changing schools so often is got for him socially but it’s a great experience so he can see how other kids got to school around the world. I would’ve killed to have that experience.

  81. says

    This kid will probably have gone to 100 schools before he turns 21….he should probably just join teh army and get it over with 🙂

    So when is the big media fest break up??

  82. Cheetah says

    That boy is growing up so fast!!

    i do feel sorry for him somehow.. i cant imagen how it has to be for a little one like him to switch school every 3 months. Love his hair!!

  83. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Aww! Maddox is so cute! I can’t believe how big he is now. He always has that adorable cheeky grin.

    Anyway, *sits and waits for the haters*

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