Angelina Jolie & Her Brother Pick Up Maddox From School

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina and her brother were snapped picking up Maddox from school in Prague today.



  1. smendez says

    angie u are the greatest thank you for helping so many children in need, which is something I’am aiming for in texas for foster children.

  2. Melissa says

    I believe Angelina has serious issues. Her past shows how mentally unstable she is. I believe she is using these children to try and find something good in her life. How can you make someone else happy when you keep fighting your own demons?
    Shiloh wasn’t even a year old and she was off adopting Pax. Where did she find time to bond with Shiloh. She just popped her out and moved on to the next kid. How pathetic and selfish. How are these kids even being properly educated. She drags them around from country to country, the education system is different in every state here in the US, imagine in other countries. She has plenty of money, why not stay home for a few years and educate and raise them properly.
    No, she wants to adopt more and flaunt them all over the news. “Look at me, I can save the world.” She is still the same person, who wore a shirt written in blood to her first marriage, exchanged blood vials in her second marriage, was very open about her need for sex partners, exposed her sexual positions with Billy Bob, she even had a lesbian relationship, has fallen for almost every one of her co-stars, made out with her own brother, refuses to forgive her father but believes family is the most important thing. Get over it bitch………..

  3. anna says

    i think that people dnt have anything better to do then talk about people i say this angie u look good and your kids are beautiful and if your happy so then its just haters hating but thank them all for thinking of u and yours

  4. tj says

    omg angelina’s brother is hott!!! lol but so is she. and well WHO CARES if her kids wear black, and its GOOD that angelina doesnt give a fuck about what people say about her. i love angelina jolie she’s simply amazing!!! and her brother is a good uncle im sure.

  5. oriana says

    Do millions of people wear Black ALL the time?

    I never read where people wished Shiloh to be stillborn or maimed, and glad I didn’t read such hatred. Now that is hatred, but insane hatred that Essie said people had for Angie, where is that written?

    She does look cold and calculating sometimes. She is into the gothic look, she has been for years, she has said that herself, she has also said she was weird in high school, where is that insane hatred?

    Absolutely right about Laura Dern, her, Julia Roberts, Stephen Speilbergs wife, Tori Spelling, none of them are Goody Two Shoes, Angie just doesn’t give a shit about what Hollywood or the world thinks of her and she says so. I have never understand why she was soooo in love and in lust with Billy Bob, he looked old enough to be her father, she married him, and yet he wasn’t gung ho over adopting, now Brad kisses her ass, loves the kids to death and is devoted to all of them, but yet, she married BBT and won’t Brad? Although I do think BBT is much smarter than Brad is and he has his mental hangups too, she said she had a lot in common with him, not surprising to me at all for I have heard his interviews on TV even talking to Jay Leno and he is weird!

  6. Essie says

    I don’t thinks that’s Maddox, I think it’s Pax being picked up from nursery school. Look how small he looks. I think it’s Pax in Haven’s arms.

    Millions of people wear black. In fact, black and white are the colors for Springs. Of course, most of you have been too busy complaining about Angie and calling her names to see what the latest fashion is. Besides, it’s so much easier if you travel a lot (which they do) to keep the color palette as basic as possible.

    I think that pretty red and white dress that Shiloh wore when she was with Brad was her COSTUME for the movie she was in with her daddy.

    That’s all I have to say for the moment, until there are more pics of the Jolie-Pitt family on this blog. I love to read the comments because some of you are truly insane with hatred for this woman. It’s hysterical to me, but fun to read.

  7. Alicia says


  8. Nicki says

    Petra- I only read a 3rd of your post……I don’t know, but maybe Angelina fans are pissed about Aniston’s fans wishing death to Angelina. They also wished Shiloh to be stillborn, maimed, or any other outrageous horrible thing to happen to her, and Angie. Now tell me who is the wrong party????
    I saw Laura Derns name there, not sure what you said, but don’t forget Billy Bob Thorthon was married to Petra, and had two young boys, when LD got with him. And please don’t forget she hooked up with Ben Harper, a married man with a baby on the way, and got pregnant. She couldn’t marry Ben for quite a while because he only left his pregnant wife, after she was pregnant. Yeah, lets hold Laura Dern up as an example!!!
    I don’t know what else you said………but it doesn’t matter, oh yeah look at Angie’s quote about Pax. She said she would be home to help him adjust. NEVER said she would be a stay at home Mom. Get your facts from the source, not a tabloid, or the internet.

  9. Petra says

    Why do Angelina fans imagine that people don’t like her because they are fans of Aniston? I am an Aniston fan as such, I have nothing against her but my problem with Angelina is her ability to tell lies without any qualms. She said she would take time off as a mother to a new pax, she said she finds it sick that people read more into the kiss with her brother yet that her definite intention, to get attention but people speculating, then sthat she would never sleep with a married man, I don’t care what any one says but whatever she had with Brad was not a proper relationship in anyway, lets not forget Laura Dern and that she slept with her co star Olivier Martinez when he was in a relatioship with Kylie. Now Shiloh was a mistake and then she was planned. I think this woman is the great PR manipulator of our time and am glad most people are not falling for it. Fame is screwed her already screwed mind and I wonder what will happen when she is 40 and cannot dazzle the world any more with her cosmetic surgery enhanced looks. Can’t she see that all the Julia Roberts and Sharon Stone once had the world around their finger with their looks and now no one looks twice? A time will come when she will not make news headlines even if she peed on the white house lawn, that is Showbiz, what will she do then, even adopting the 17 child will make thrid page news. I don’t think she can get away with her manipulations for much longer. When Babel and good shepahrd were being released, new pictures of Shiloh Surfaced and they donated to Darfur and Cambodia and run around Panama not to forget the numerous interviews of ‘happy families and Brad completes me’. Now the interviews are here again, we may see Shiloh’s birthday pictures or Maddox. The donations to Darfur and New Orleans are also powering at this time conveniently. How vile are these two people to use something humane like charity for their self promotion? It is about them and not about the people they are helping. Iam keeping my fingers crossed that their movies flop. Then they will know that the public is not that naive or stupid.

  10. Romana says

    Lord have mercy, there are some bitter hags posting on this blog. Why don’t you go find an Aniston blog to post on? Oh, wait — she doesn’t have one? Wow, that’s funny… maybe you should ask yourselves why none of you finds that boring, narcissistic beeyotch interesting enough to start a blog about. All you can do is come in here and bash Angelina. Do you know how old and bitter that makes you look? The last thing Jen needs is fans like you.

  11. Zbella says

    I didn’t even notice her breasts (or bra) until you all mentioned it. How is she ‘throwing’ them around?!?

  12. Zbella says

    Oh, I did think the switch from OOPS to planned pregnancy was strange. All my babies were planned – but it’s still a surprise every time you get pregnant – you know? Maybe that’s what she meant??? Also, she may be so happy to have Shiloh that she can’t imagine NOT having planned her? Simple theories, feel free to rip them to shreads. 🙂

  13. Zbella says

    M- Wow, now THAT comment was cold! Damn!

    I think she looks like a warm and caring person. I prefer browns and greys, whites and solid colors (but don’t have much time to spend on my wardrobe) and I’m a really friendly person, love holding my kids and so on. I can’t see reading into her clothes. I like her sense of style – but I would like to see her put on some weight.

    Her brother looks handsome in this picture. I admit that kiss was weird and I have no idea what was going through their minds to do it! Hope they’ve worked out that issue a long time ago. It’s nice for kids to see their uncle as long as he’s a good guy. I have no idea, but would not assume he’s some sort of molester. I think Brangelina are good parents, why would they allow him near their kids if that was the case????

    Her hair is getting so long. It’s very pretty.

  14. M says

    I always wondered what bothered me about Angelina. It is the ability to look cold even when she is smiling or laughing. She looks the kind to kill some one in cold blood and dance over their grave and say she is just being honest. At least she gave those kids a home. Though I don’t kid myself that it was out of any kindness on her part. I think it is all a self promotion. I think nannies for them are better than Angelina hersef raising them.

  15. dori says

    emma calm down I wasn’t even talking to you. Read the post again It was a general statement and not directed at anyone in particular and certainly not you, you just happened to have a post before mine so get over it ok? .

  16. snazzy says

    I wonder why now she is admitting that her pregnancy was planned. I am not sure I would admit I was planning a pregnancy when the father was still legally married to someone else at the time of conception.

    Also, she says its sick that people make a big deal out of her “friendly” kiss with her brother. Its just that most people don’t kiss their brother with their mouth open and for that amount of time.

  17. Just me says

    She looks cold and calculating. She only looked warm when she first adopted Mad. She talks about Pax as needing all the time in the world and crying the first two days constantly and yet that did not stop her from changing his name and flying him across the world not to forget jetting off to Chicago for an audition. Those are not actions of a good mother. May be she is doing things the best way she knows how but her way is too selfish and self centred.

  18. Aimee says

    Frankly, in my opinion she just looks so …. cold.
    Gut instinct? I wouldn’t want her as my mother.
    Maybe she should stick to adopting boys?
    I’ve never seen one photo of her holding
    Shiloh. What is that all about?

  19. Emma says

    Now who’s being personal. When you write comments in post #32 be expected for a response. I will not have my parenting skills spoken about as a lousy parent and not comment back. Especially when you dont know me. I was commenting on Angelina i woulnt dream of judging someones parent skill when i dont know them. Anyway i think we are suppose to be talking about this post not me! Lovey family and what sweet children.

  20. dori says

    oops don’t take things so personal and for god sakes stop nit picking it’s immature and annoying.

  21. Emma says

    #32 sorry have i got it wrong i thought thats what this site was all about discussing celebs and there babies. We dont all have the same opinions and have the freedom to express how we feel.I like this family and just cause i add a few quotes on here does not make me a ‘lousy’ parent. LIGHTEN UP!!

  22. Jenna M. (UK) says

    mary, how can you assume he is a paedophile just from that picture? Its pretty damn sick of you to suggest that, makes me wonder what the hell is going on in YOUR head.

    Anyway, I like those pics, very sweet. Angelina looks a lot healthier than she has done in a long while!

  23. Jackie says

    Weird is as weird does. This family is interesting. I wonder why the fans insist that these two are deeply in love when the people in question havwe never said it apart from sleezy tabloids. It is not like the words are difficult to say. I am yet to hear Angelina in a broad cast interview saying ‘I love Brad and that is why am with him’ or Brad saying Iove Angelina. They both did confess dying love for their former spouses quite often you know.

    When they are together, they look more tense than happy. Haven should get a job and stop leaving off his sister. I find him creepy too.

  24. ???* says

    #21 im Angelina`s #1 fan and I never kissed my brothers I don`t have any adopted kids and im not gothic…

  25. dori says

    After all is said and done these 2 are making a life and it looks like they are happy .The kids look well nourished and dressed so why all the complaints? Yes they are odd, yes Angie is gothic always has been too. But they are good parents so whats all the complaining about?
    All these nasty little comments are petty and unnecessary
    It shows that you need something more to do than sitting around here and thinking of ways to pick people apart. Better to spend your timewith your family. Maybe right now someone is saying what a lousy parent you never know????

  26. Keni says

    It is SOO entertaining readin the comments on here…
    Girlfriend is wearing what she wants, working, mothering her children, picking up one from school, being with her man, hanging with her family, making more than all of us make, GIVING away more than all of us make and adopting children from thirld world countries…

    Its a good thing, she doesnt ask US how to live her life, she wouldnt be able to please HALF of u!

    That being said, Mad is a cutie!!

  27. MIAPOCCA says

    so when are these two tying the knot..I am sure they will give birth to more mini voights even more so than shiloh..ahhaha

    Angelina is crazy, once you accept that you can pretty just wait for the bang to happen

    When she was away and mam pitt was with shiloh , she go tdressed in preety pretty clothes, soon as she arrived, mam pitt dissapears and back with the torusers , shorts and t-shirt…dont know if they are recyling maddox wadrope

    Maddox was always a cute child as are the others…somehow I think of him as Angelina’s…they have quite a bond , especially at teh time that she adopted him…

    oh well..wait and see..

  28. Carmen says

    Gee, I like Angelina and I’ve never kissed my brother passionately, adopted a child (yet), dated a married man and I have a very boring past.

    Well, I do wear black a lot so maybe there is hope for me yet.

    BTW, K… if I was as freakin’ stupid as you, I sure as hell wouldn’t advertise it all over a public web site. Sheesh.

  29. Noemi says

    I think all you haters need to move over to the Aniston blog. Oops, wait a sec… you mean there isn’t one?? Guess not… poor empty-womb, no-life, no-career Jennifer doesn’t even rate a blog. Maybe if she adopted a dog or a cat…

  30. Tia :) says

    I don’t think Angies brother looks creepy at all!! I think he looks like a sweet caring uncle. Maddox seems to love him. ..Besides, James is reallly good looking. hehe~

  31. K says

    Brangelina supporters are strange, they do all the things Angelina does, kiss their brothers passionately, adopt 3 babies in a week and continue working, have wild pasts, go out with married men, can’t hug aafter being formerly too huggy with their husbands …….. now they wear gothic!!!! GEEZ

  32. Kitty says

    No matter what angie does it bothers people, nothing is wrong with her wearing black, that is her choice , nothing is wrong with her brother going with her to pick up his nephew either. This is something that doesn’t even need to be in the news dammit.

  33. mayra sanchez says

    me encanta que como,siempre james esta muy unido al fin y al cabo,ellos solamente se tienen ellos,pues no cuentan en su vida con el desgraciado de su padre que se pinta como una blanca palomita,cuando no lo es realmente.

    adoroooooooooooooooo a angie,y su familia

  34. oriana says

    I thought most hippies liked bright colors? I am from that era.

    Obviously Angie thinks colors other than black and gray are silly also.

  35. Diva says

    My mom is 50, she’s a hippie and abhors “girlie” clothes, thinks they’re silly, and loves dark and warm colors. All three of us (her daughters) were dressed in blacks and browns, and of course denim, and I was born when she was 16, and the youngest when she was 40. Not wanting to dress your daughters like Holly Hobbie doesn’t mean you’re “goth”.

  36. Veen says

    When I see Haven, I remember the kiss and his unprivililaged childhood where he did not drive a car to the prom and his father drove him, can you imagine that in Beverly Hills high? This is the father they now loath so much when he could even take time to drive him to the prom. He should be around kids I agree. Is he now living off Jolie?

  37. Sandra says

    Sheryl Crow adopted a 2 week old baby boy named Wyatt Steven! Why is this site so slow on updating!!! Congrats Sheryl!

  38. Janice says

    Not getting her boobs being all over the place while she is picking a child from school. Thanks for the falsh back interview Kalista Brat. Her fans are already saying she has never said that Shiloh was not planned just like they insisted she never said she would be a stay home mum. I think she is doing damage control because of the backlash about the way she commented about Shiloh. Most mothers admit babies being a little boring but they do not say they feel less inclined towards them.

    I notice too that in the new interview she does not talk much about her interraction with Shiloh. Her intention is to remind us that she is kind and took in homeless kids. That is why she goes on and on about them like some sort of advert.

  39. Sandra says

    I don’t care for her, but DAMN her brother is HOT HOT HOT!! He actually reminds me of my ex-boyfriend!! Yummmm

  40. Kalista Brat says

    Angelina Jolie is a freaking liar! She said in Elle Magazine that she got knocked up with Shiloh and she never even planned to have children and in the new interview she said that Shiloh was planned, total bullshit! She can’t keep up with her lies!

    Angelina Jolie Says Shiloh Was an Accident, Oops, No – She was Planned

    By Cathy Beers
    May 10, 2007

    Angelina Jolie is ready for some good press. The serial adopter has been dragged through the mud by every entertainment weekly under the sun and has even been taken to task by shows on CNN for skirting the law in the adoption of a boy she named Pax Thien Jolie. There are also a lot of reports that she just doesn’t pay enough attention to her natural born little cutie Shiloh. But maybe Jolie just gets confused. She certainly can’t seem to keep her story straight when it comes to if Shiloh was planned or not.

    Angelina Jolie Says Shiloh Was an Accident, Oops, No – She was Planned

    In the February issue of Elle U.K in an interview released earlier this year, she said that Shiloh was an accident. She told the magazine, ” I wasn’t planning on getting pregnant. I’m the one that got knocked up!” That must not have ‘focused grouped’ very well and that interview and her adoption was right about when the Jolie backlash took hold full bore. And it has yet to subside. So what’s a pillow-lipped momma under pressure to do? Get a fluff piece out. This month’s Reader’s Digest is on newsstands and in mailboxes now and it seems pretty sugary and when it comes to Shiloh she claims the exact opposite. Well – except for the knocked up part.


    She now says having Shiloh was actually planned. The story says: “Before I met Brad, I always said I was happy never to have a child biologically. He told me he hadn’t given up on that thought. Then, a few months after Z came home, I saw Brad with her and Mad, and I realized how much he loved them, and a biological child would not in any way be a threat. So I said, ‘I want to try.'”

    So – which is it? At times you feel sorry for Jolie. She desperately wishes to be taken seriously, but her wild past and her tendency to just blurt out whatever is on her mind in interviews really costs her credibility among all except for the most ardent Angelina Jolie followers. Especially when they run the exact opposite as these two interviews have. Every woman knows if their child was planned or not. It looks as if Angelina wants it both ways and she comes off as looking like – well an empty headed Hollywood actress. And that’s okay – unless you are shooting for saving the world ‘one child at a time’ as the article says.


    Remember she even dissed her little natural born baby Shiloh pretty seriously in that Elle interview. That’s the same interview where she called her little baby privileged and a blob. That really brought the heat from critics.

    “I think I feel so much more for Madd and Zee because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her…I met my other kids when they were 6 months old, they came with a personality. A newborn really is this…Yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality…I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs, just because I think the others are more vulnerable,” she said in February. Perhaps it’s time Jolie skips interviews for a while. She is better off as the dark. Mysterious type.

  41. Dewey says

    Ok look, her brother doesnt look unsafe 2 me. He is probaly annoyed with the paperazzi. I think it is sad that
    Angie is making her kids wear black. Does anyone know her brothers name?

  42. maggie says

    ohhh what a cute pic, mad loves his uncle, I`ve never seen him with his nephews, I want to see pax

  43. oriana says

    Oh I think her brother prob really loves Maddox and vice versa, he seems like a nice guy to me but has to be aware of her hangups.

    If she is so into wearing drab colors, black and gray, she is an adult, but I wish she wouldn’t force them on the kids, they do wear black a lot, even Zahara, and Brad doesn’t have enough guts about him to speak up or buy them some pretty clothes.

    Look at Princess Leonor and Brooke Shields daughters, they are beautiful in their pretty and so sweet looking clothes, saw Shiloh one time in the white dress (when Angie was not around) and she finally looked like a little girl! Once again, Angie is morbid and dresses the part!

  44. Andrea says

    #3 Lauren:
    I think they could photograph Angelina with Shiloh more if she were actually with her more.

  45. says

    Interesting look for picking up your child at school! Haven’t seen too many moms wearing see-through tops at my kids’ schools!!
    Otherwise, good for her for doing it herself rather than make the nannies do it.
    Why is her brother so creepy? They both kissed eachother, if that’s what you’re referring to, in which case they’re both creepy. What else has he done?

  46. sally says

    the kid is probably crying because mommy made his creepy uncle carry him…not that angelina isn’t a weirdo, but her brother appears to be a kook.

  47. Mary says

    Her brother is so creepy he should not be anywhere near kids. He just seems like a paedophile. I am serious.

  48. Lauren says

    How cute. It looks like Mad is asleep on his uncle. I wish Angelina was photographed more with Shiloh.

  49. onatear says

    Hooray! Hooray!! Thank you for this great picture. Obviously, Maddox knows and loves his uncle, vice versa. Mom Angelina, looking back to make sure he is safe in the car….I LOVE them.

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