An Expectant Keri Russell & Martha Stewart Collaborate On A Nursery Lamp

Keri Russell

An expectant Keri Russell and Martha Stewart collaborated on the creation of a nursery lamp. Keri Russell is so gorgeous and classy!



  1. Zbella says

    Wives tale. My first was supposed to be a boy (based on the bump, and the fact that I carried her very low) GIRL. My second was also supposed to be a boy (although I carried him higher -but a very tight belly) BOY. We found out with #3 which ruined a lot of the fun – but I thought girl from the start (highest & biggest belly) GIRL.

  2. Keni says

    Is it true that u can tell the sex of a baby by the shape of the bump? I’ve heard all sorts of things…just wonderin…lol

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