An Expectant Elin Woods At The Players Championship Golf Tournament

Elin Woods

An expectant Elin Woods and Henrik Stenson’s wife Emma were snapped watching their husbands on the fifth hole during the second round of play at The Players Championship golf tournament in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida today. Elin and Tiger are expecting their first child this summer!



  1. Demetrius says

    Somebody wrote “they hope its a girl” I think a lot of men are hoping its a male child.

    I agree he must have a lot on his mind. with his wife being pregant. How the devil can he be calm when by the picture it looks like his wife will have the child any minute? Now what man could go to work and be calm, and be like he normally is?

    It may not be “all about money.” Maybe they would not have married each other if they didn’t think the other was a good person. Tiger won’t even hang around or associate with (or speak to ) somebody if they are not a good family man or something. Tiger said he liked other qualities about her other than her looks.

  2. carleigh says

    BTW back on topic..I think Elin is gorgeous and I am sure her and Tiger’s baby is going to be just as beautiful as she is.

  3. carleigh says

    Angie_in_Arkansas…….Katie Holmes had a strange shaped belly too and so does Bridget Moynahan if you look at her pic’s on this blog w/ Gretchen Mol. But every woman carries their baby differently…some high, some low, some cross ways, some sideways…….babies constantly move in the womb and the stomach shape can vary in shape and size on an almost daily basis, mine did. It never stayed perfectly round during either one of my pregnacy’s. It’s completely normal. Go and google Katie Holmes pregnancy pictures and see what I’m talking about, her bump was all over the place. LOL…babies are wonderful though even though they make your body do the strangest

  4. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    Is that not the weirdest preggo belly you’ve ever seen?? It looks like there’s some odd shaped object of some sort under her shirt. ????

  5. Anzhelika says

    i know one thing if he had been a poor black guy she wouldnt have married him for sure…it is all about money..

  6. Jill says

    Tiger’s father is black, his mother is Thai. The baby is probably going to be exotically beautiful.

    Kitty, you are stuck in a time warp. Tiger embraces all parts of his heritage. What do you expect him to do, deny his mother’s blood? Would you do the same?

  7. says

    Remember when Tiger first came on the scene? He told Oprah he was Cablanasian…a mix of caucasian, black, indian?, and asian….maybe this developing baby bump is responsible for his erratic play lately, probably has a lot on his mind. She’s so beautiful, their child will be lovely

  8. Zbella says

    PS Trophy wife has nothing to do with race, as far as I know. And wouldn’t he be 33.33333333% black. Oriana, where are you to make fun of this math???

  9. amy says

    I can’t WAIT to see what their baby (elin and tiger’s) will look like. he/she is going to be sooooo exotic with her swedish background and his black/filipino (is that right fellow readers?). Anyway, I predict curly blondish/brownish hair, olive skin, and very light eyes…..oh so cute!

  10. curious says

    Even though the “one drop rule” officially disappeared many decades ago, it appears that Kitty still lives by it. Kitty, do you want Tiger to deny the other parts of heritage? Do you think that all mulattos should consider themselves black, instead of bi-racial, and reject their white genetics and heritage? Just curious.

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