Prince Christian Of Denmark Admiring His Baby Sister

Too adorable!

Princess Mary

Princess Mary

Princess Mary

Princess Mary

Princess Mary

Hello magazine reports:

In the same week the Spanish royals presented their baby princess to the world, regal fans were treated to another touching portrait – that of Denmark’s 18-month-old Prince Christian gazing lovingly at his two-week-old sister.

The heart-warming snap was just one of several official images to come out of an intimate Fredensborg Palace photo session featuring the youngest member of the Danish royal family. In another shot, the little princess – who is revealed to have a shock of dark hair – nestles against the shoulder of Princess Mary, while her clearly besotted dad, Prince Frederik, gazes fondly at his younger daughter.

In line with tradition the baby’s name will not be revealed until the christening, which will take place on July 1. Meanwhile, royal watchers have dubbed the baby Lillepigen – Danish for “little girl” – after Frederik told journalists that was the nickname he and his wife have been using to refer to their daughter.

The baptism ceremony, which will be held in the chapel at Fredensborg Palace, is expected to be a less formal affair than that of Prince Christian, which took place last January in the lavish setting of Christiansborg Palace Chapel.



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  2. Fitzren says

    u know i hated mary last time.. but i dun anymore. i guess frederik saw we didn’t at first.. but i hope she is sincere and loved him and not for wealth or the style, titles and popularity…

  3. Fitzren says

    Hell no! Prince Christian of Denmark is WAYYYY cuter and he is going to be the next heart throb when he gets older. Hugh Grant is … well, the average. I’m guessing that the Princess of Denmark would be named Princess (u decide) Ingrid Margrethe Henrietta. I can’t think of her first name though.

  4. nell says

    These pictures are of a normal family, not like Angelina and her family who sold out their newborn daughter for millions.

  5. says

    awwww these are the sweetest pics that i have seen in a long time. this is a very goodlooking family lol. christian looks like he absolutely adores her. they look really different though. he has light hair and eyes like his daddy and her’s is dark like her mummy’s. this is really sweet

  6. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Sweet! What is it with all the European royals having babies? I wish someone in the British royal family would have a baby, I can’t remember the last time a baby was born into the immediate line (as in in the top 10 in line to the throne), don’t think it was even in my lifetime (I’m 17). Imagine if Kate Middleton turned out to be carrying Will’s kid, what a story that would make!

  7. Tia :) says

    ha ha Zbella i totally agree. I thought my daughter was the most beautiful thing from the first minute i saw her. I’v always thought the ultrasound pictures were freaky!

  8. Zbella says

    Love the baby pics.

    I have not seen newborn pics of celebrity children. I certainly think my kids were adorable ‘fresh from the womb’. I always found ultra-sound pics scary though.

  9. Tia :) says

    KiKi how can you call a baby hideous? Every child is beautiful in their own way. It’s a miracle…to me, that could never be ugly

  10. Lovethebabies says

    As a proud Aussie, I just love this family!! She has really grown on me. And her family are just gorgeous. Christian is adorable and just looks like a normal, naughty little kid. There are some great photos of the whole family (including old private Christan shots) on their website –

  11. oriana says

    This baby is adorable with her wee little hand! How sweet is that! And the little boy looking at his baby sister, posed actors could not do any better than this sincere picture of a loving adoring family! I envy them and wish the very best wishes!!!!

  12. Kiki says

    I disagree, apart from the picture on top of the peope magazine, the picture over Jolie’s shoulder was hideous. And remember they were airbrushed.

    These are beautiful pictures and he does look like Hugh Grant.

  13. Kiki says

    I disagree, apart from the picture on top of the peope magazine, the picture over Jolie’s shoulder was hideous. And remember they were airbrushed.

    These are beautiful pictures and he does look like Hugh Grant.

  14. lily says

    Most beautiful family. Baby girl is so adorable and Christian looks like both his parents equally!

  15. Lauren says

    What an adorable family. Prince Christian is such a cutie with his blue eyes and blonde hair. His baby sister is adorable too.

  16. Lauralin says

    Sally — I thought the same thing about him resembling Hugh Grant.

    Some people shall never be happy I guess, first the babies aren’t shown soon enough, then they’re shown too soon… and boy do I beg to differ about those pictures of Shiloh — she’s SO cute.

  17. Jenna says

    Can’t agree more Miapocca. I don’t understand why someone would show us a day old baby. Shiloh looked so ugly in those people pics staright after birth. This family is so beautiful.

  18. Essie says

    She’s beautiful and her dark hair is a nice contrast to her big brother’s blond hair.

    I’m being overwhelmed with royal cuteness this week and I love it!!!

  19. Mother of 1 says

    I love the New addition.. She is the most beautiful little girl i have ever seen. They did a great Job!!

  20. Sally says

    OMG…too adorable!!! Beautiful pictures, beauiful family.. But, Is it me or does the Prince look like he can be related to Hugh Grant? Thanks for he great pics!

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