1. says

    I had a dream to begin my own firm, nevertheless I did not earn enough of money to do this. Thank heaven my close fellow recommended to utilize the loan. Therefore I took the bank loan and made real my old dream.

  2. Cassie says

    its called anorexia, folks. my god she is scary looking for a mom. same with victoria beckham. i swear, that woman’s legs are toothpicks!

  3. Patti Donndelinger says

    Kelly Rippa started out ok on “LIVE” but as time goes on
    she is getting more and more narcisstic and obnoxious.
    If she dials it back a few notches and remembers its a
    talk/interview show, not the ALL ABOUT KELLY BEING A
    MODEL, then it would be ok. Otherwise there’s days when
    I want to throw up , she gets so bad.

  4. StarDust says

    She does look a bit too thin to me. So does Angelina Jolie. They are probably stressed with kids and work, and it shows in their bodies. I have nothing against Kelly and she appears to have a very full life, good relationship with her husband and balances it all much better than I could.

  5. tricia says

    Kelly is a very petite female and has obviously taken care of herself even after giving birth. Her husband is a handsome man and neither one of them has ever appeared fake or phony. She has a bubbly energetic personality but certainly not fake. I believe she is 100% genuine as he is caring .

  6. Molly says

    I can’t stand Kelly Ripa. She is so self-centered. All she does is talk about herself all of the time!!

  7. oriana says

    I like him, can’t stand her, but she is the major breadwinner in the family, they have some beautiful homes an gorgeous kids.

  8. Fifi says

    I love Kelly! And I’m pretty sure that Regis is the one who does most of the interupting…the only time Kelly gets to talk is when Regis isn’t there. And I think that she looks great…don’t be jealous just because she’s thin

  9. Amy says

    I do not like her at all. She is always mugging for the camera.

    Every time a guest on her tv show is talking she always interrupts them and the story somehow switches over to something about her!!

  10. princess says

    I love kelly! She has a wonderful personality. Her husband is a hottie. I always see pictures of her and her husband out with the kids. She is a lovely woman.

  11. Andrea says

    I like Kelly. She may interrupt Regis, but a New York friend of mine told me that’s the NY thing.
    I hope they post some pictures of her and her husband with all 3 kids!

  12. Bethany says

    She really grates on my nerves….I can’t stand to watch her on TV. Her husband is a hottie, though!

  13. Nicki says

    10. Kelly~your exactly right. She seems like someone you could have a great time with. I loved her on AMC and when I do tune in to Live with Regis and Kelly, she is the one I want to see.
    7. Nicki _— Was not me, I wish this person would not use my name…….but they have for the last 3 or 4 weeks and I would hope the regulars would notice it isn’t me.
    Should I change my name or not???

  14. says

    I love Kelly (and her name). I don’t think she is fake. In fact, she seems like a girlfriend that would be easy to hang out with! I also love that she is FLAT as a pancake and doesn’t feel the need to run out and get a boob job. She breastfed all three kids even while working and talks about pumping and all that good stuff.

    She’s the real thing.

  15. Sandra says

    hehe Way too skinny, come look at my son his shoulder blades are like speed bumps! I think she is at a perfect size!

  16. Nicki says

    I cannot stand Kelly and her huband. They are so fake. She constantly interrupts Regis when he is talking on their TV program.

    She is so self-centered – always looking for attention!

  17. oriana says

    She is way too skinny, look at the bones in her back! Her husband is very handsome, I wish that show Missing was still on, I enjoyed it!

  18. DMITZ says

    His name is Mark Consuelos. He was on the tv series 1-800-MISSING and All my children. He’s good looking!

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