Britney & Sean Preston At Millennium Dance Complex

Britney Spears

Britney was snapped at North Hollywood’s Millennium Dance Complex with 19-month-old Sean Preston on Tuesday. Sean looks so grown up!


  • Gaalbs

    Gosh! She really looks like a hore! And how come we never see her with Jayden James?

  • Miranda

    Oh, Tia, I love the name of your daughter. Alyssa is my favourite name along with a few others. If I’ll ever have a daughter I think I’m gonna name her Alyssa. :) And it’s not very usual here in Sweden.

  • Zbella

    That being said, I just saw a picture of Britney and Sean in matching hats and they look very cute together. She is wearing an actual dress.

  • Zbella

    Aimee – do you know the country music song “Celebrity” by Brad Paisley? “When I go insane, I’ll blame it on the fame, And say it’s just so tough, Being a celebrity…” Letting loose is one thing, getting addicted to booze, leaving your newborn and toddler to get plastered – that is another. Sad.

  • Aimee

    I just can’t believe that she has been working for so many
    years, starting with the Mickey Mouse Club and then she
    ‘rebelled’ for 3 months and the attack is on! Give her a
    break! She deserved to ‘let loose’ and not have her
    parenting skills put under a microscope. Where was
    Kevin during the time that she was a mom of two
    within that many years.

  • Tia :)

    I want to see Jett!!! Thats kid has been hidden forever!!

    My daughter is almost a year…it’s unbelievable how fast the time goes!

  • http://deleted desiree

    sean preston was never really one of my favourites but in this pic he looks much more cuter than he did when he was younger

    as for britney……she’s a loser and she is the worst celeb mother out. enough said

  • oriana

    Tia, beautiful name! Love it! How old is your daughter?

    I just saw a picture of John Travolta’s son, Jett, Good Lord!!!!!!!!

  • Tia :)

    Oriana, i like willow as well :) When i had my daughter that was totally a name we had in mind. We however, settled on Alyssa Grace :)

  • oriana

    I think the little tyke just woke up, and she prob woke him up ready to leave. I am just sick of her!

  • Veronica

    Okay, I did my best to read through all the post, but only have the time for a quick scan. Did anyone talk about SP’s arms being held down. From my own experience with a 3.5 yeal old and 15 month old…I bet he would pull her hat and wig right off. I know my little one would grab that right off my head in 2.2 seconds. Just a thought.

    He is also sooooo adorable!

  • oriana

    I love that name and I like the name Willow too, yep, it definately can be for both males and females, and a nice name indeed. Will has some very good looking kids.

  • Tia :)

    i like it for both boys and girls…its a nice name. I didn’t mean that it’s a girl name, i ment it was both both…lol

  • Nicki

    Opps sorry, I hadn’t realied you were answering someones question. Should have read slower. Nevermind!

  • Nicki

    oriana~ his youngest boy is Jaden. He was in Wills last movie with him. He has a little girl named Willow, she is younger than Jaden.

  • oriana

    What is the name of Will Smith’s little boy? I don’t think he is a girl and is adorable!

  • Jenna M. (UK)

    She shouldn’t be dressing that way in front of her kid. I have no probelm with parents being nude from time to time in front of their kids – thats just part of nature. Dressing like a cheap hooker in that nasty attempting-to-be-sexy outfit is another matter.

    Would she let her kids see her in a peep-hole bra and garters? Cause that outfit ain’t much better than that in my opinion.

  • Tia :)

    My friends daughter’s name is Jaiden. But i honestly dont think he would be a girl i dont think she would have a reason for hiding that..would she? lol

  • Miranda

    Oh, he obviously excists, Jayden I mean. But, why did she dress him in pink? And in the blurry picture, I thought I saw something pink too. Can you name a baby girl Jayden? Sorry, I know it’s a stupid question. But since they told the whole world the baby’s name is Sutton Pierce, I don’t know what to believe.

  • crayola

    i hope she washes that outfit. looks like it stinks. she looks like she stinks.

  • Tia :)

    I was thinking that too.

  • Zbella

    I don’t recognize SP – but it must be him, right??? I’m used to the outfit now.

  • Tia :)
  • Tia :)

    ha ha Oriana! I think i can figure out how to open that apparently might take me awhile though…lol

    Kimmy i could care less if you believe me or not. I know the truth, and thats all that matters. I really dont know what i did for you to be so ignorant to me….but what’s said has been said, and i don’t want to start an argument over something so stupid…truce?

  • kelly

    oh, by the way. sean look’s like he is terrified of you, he look’s like he want’s to jump out of your arm’s. where is jayden??? i think you are partial to sean. hoe is jayden going to feel. i never see you even carrying him,you entourage carry and babysitt your kid’s. you will never make a comeback. you have to many issue’s. and your selfish and so intreverted. it is all about you, well when are you going to step up and be a mom??? boy, i hope i am still around to read about your son’s in serious therapy,they are going to need it. i hope kevin get’s those boy’s. if you get them start looking for a therapist for your son’s. especially bringing all kind’s of men around. that is confusing enough and on top of all your crazy shit you have done. get the yellow pages out and go to therapist…..sean and most of all little jayden. you alway’s took sean everywhere you went. why don’t you take jayden? is it because he does not know you,you started running around when he was 2 month’s old. then you fired the nannie’s because he cried when you held him..GET HELP

  • kelly

    all the money she has and look at her, she is in the same outfit everytime she is photographed. and sean preton. no wonder he was named the worst dressed,look at his mom. lose the fishnet’s. you wore them out,look at all the hole’s in them. instead of shopping for another new house,try shopping for clothes’s for you that fit and get your son a haircut. he look’s like a bum,brit you have no taste or sense of fashion. when your son look’s back at all these pic’s i hope you are prepared because he will be so embarresed of how he was dressed. just wait. all the thing’s you did wrong,like almost dropping him because of your stilleto’s,facing the car seat the wrong way,sitting him in your lap, you no your country….him falling out of high chair. you sleeping all day and partying all night,whikle nannie’s are raising your children,got that,your kid’s. kevin will get custody, you can have all the children u want but, that does not make you a good parent. and you are definetly not a role model,your a loser,sleaze,scumbag, and a pyscho.

  • oriana

    Tia, I hoope you aren’t too “slow” to eat one of my Mars bars! Ha! Just had to add that one! Ha!

  • oriana

    I wonder if even her mother has got to see the little baby all that much? Prob left to nannies and cousins to take care of! And Kevin since he has had them a lot these past couple of months. She needs some new parenting skills!

  • Nicki

    #44 Angie_in_Ar~ I think you said it all there!

    #11 and #49 are not from me. I guess I will add to my name like Kim did after someone hijacked her name.

    oriana~ I agree with you- he is one of the cuetest celeb kids, always dressed cute, and he does look like he just woke up (the paps yelling to him probably woke him up, leave the kids alone.)
    But good gawd Brit, get some new fishnet/shorts, or else put on something to cover them when in public.

  • oriana

    I think Sean is a very pretty little boy, he is always dressed very cute too. I think he looks like he just woke up, I am seen some really cute pictures of him since he was a baby, to me he looks like Kevin and he is one of the cutest celeb kids.

  • kimmy

    ok- and you expect me to believe that because…..

  • Tia :)

    37. kimmy- Yes, im slow…which is why I graduated from university from an Honours BScN In Nursing 3rd in my class. Im sorry my comment hurt you so much.

  • Granny

    Those tights make me laugh when thinking about my daughter. My youngest took dance for 12 years, and I remember one year she had a leotard that she practically lived in. It was in the washer/dryer and back on her body for most of six months. She had several others to choose from but didn’t give that one up until there was little left by the neck band. I’m sure those tights will soon dissappear.

    Sean is cute, and getting very tall.

  • kimmy

    DMITZ- You’re lame.

  • N

    I think he is cute…. he is starting to look like her a bit.

  • Emma


  • Nicki

    #39 JJ – you always look dumb and you are very stupid!!

  • Emma

    “Normally he looks dumb and stupid” ( #38) . What a horrid thing to say. Do you have kids???
    He sooooooo SWEET!

  • kim–original kim

    SP really is SO cute!!! I think he looks just like her… I also noticed how he doesn’t have his arms around Mommy….maybe he’s just too tired???
    And ewwwww…those tights have GOT to go!!! They must smell…she really needs to be spending her time with her boys—and maybe in the recording studio, if she’s serious about the comeback!!! Without a new hit record, it’s NEVER going to happen, no matter how well she dances!!! People may go see her “perform,” but more for the gawking-gossip-entertainment…not a few hits she had years ago! Maybe a long stint in Vegas??
    But she better start with a STYLIST!!! Emracing her hair might be a good idea too, lose the wigs…they must smell, too! Yech!

  • Alicia

    omg hes sooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! im glad britney loves her children!!!!!!!

  • Janie

    Britney Spears is a white trash trailer parker!

  • Angie_in_AR

    What a precious little boy. Love the little Converse! Yes, she looks like a $5 prostitute but that’s besides the point. HAs nothing to do with her parenting skills. What I think needs to be brought to attention is the scared look on his sweet little face. What we don’t see in the pic is probably 10 men with big, expensive cameras screaming and yelling at her to look at them so they can get a good shot to sell to a magazine for an obscene amount of money. Yes, it’s part of bein a mega star and I don’t particularly feel sorry for her or any other pop tart that run around and act like idiots. But the children don’t deserve it. Everyone complained about not seeing Suri like it was their RIGHT as an American citizen or something, and now Jaden. And when you don’t get to see them you say “oh, he must have something wrong with him” It’s sick and twisted but it is reality and people actually profit off of this ludicrousness.
    I enjoy looking at pics of certain celebrities and their beautiful, happy children from time to time but I do not enjoy seeing the horrified looks on their precious little faces while they are stalked by menacing men that endanger their lives constantly. No matter WHO their parent(s) is/are, the children are the proverbial casualties of war and there needs to be some sort of laws passed to protect them. If a man was waiting & hiding outside my home w/ a camera, I’d call the cops and they’d take him to jail or make him leave. If celebs do it, the cops don’t do anything. How can they get restraining orders on all of the paparazzi? It would be impossible. Plus, how would they get their names so they know who they are getting an order against? They aren’t gonna tell them and the agencies sure aren’t gonna either.
    I say horray to any celeb w/ small children that keeps
    them home where they are safe and can have a relatively “normal” childhood.

  • N

    Also, i would not allow my teen to wear hotpants…. An adult can wear whatever they want. I would be more upset to see a teen wearing hotpants as an outfit than an adult. But if they are wearing this outfit to dance in……then the outfit is acceptable for a teen or an adult.

  • N

    Link to interview with Angelina in readers digest… Great interview…

    Also, I think this is the time for Brit to wear hotpants.. She is at a dance studio…. she is not at a restaraunt or an old folks home volunteering. This is dance wear. Since her routine consists of sliding around on the floor…. What sense is it to keep using brand new tights that are going to get ripped up. Just wash and reuse the torn pair until they are unusable……. Brit is only 25 at what age do you think she should have been wearing hotpants? Also Reese witherspoon is an actor not a dancer…… But if she was going to take dance classes how do you know what type of dance outfit she would wear.

  • http://TeamAniston Team Aniston

    That is not an outfit to be toting your kid around in, what is she thinking rather than trying ti reinvent herself herself as a slutty teenager, she should maybe try a mature look, you would never see Reese Witherspoon (eg) going around like that with her kids, there is a time when we all have to put the hotpants away and grow up…Britt should try it she is not a kid anymore, she is a mother, she needs to get over it!

    As far as Angelina goes I told you so….she is a useless piece of crap, Brad SHOULD get Shiloh, she has stated many times she has “trouble feeling anything for her because she seemed so spoiled from birth” What kind of dirty evil woman says that about her flesh and blood!!!! I am glad she has money cuz she is gonna need it to pay for that little girls psy bills!!!!!!


    Kimmy – I love how everyone on here knows every single thing about Angelina’s parenting and how much time she spends with her kids . Wow- I wish I could shake everyones hand on here-seeing that everyone knows her so personally. The girl can’t win either way- when she’s not holding them she’s a bad mom and when traveling across the world as a good samaritan. There will always be something. Another thing, everyone always insults the fact that Shiloh is no where to be seen. Well, frankly it’s no ones business. It’s Angelina’s right to not want to show that baby and she never has to. Maybe she’s trying not to expose her too early. Anyways, if she did everyone on here would scream ” she’s using him for publicity!” See? She can’t win.

    Kimmy -I just copied your comment and changed it to Angelina. The way you feel about Angie is the way I feel about Brit.

  • JJ

    Her son actually looks cute in this picture. Normally he looks dumb and stupid and not at all cute.

  • Princess

    19. fifi trooper.
    that is not Jaden James…. he is only 9 months old – this baby is much older. definatelly Sean Preston

  • kimmy

    Tia -I can tell that you need things really explained to you-maybe you’re a little slow. I don’t have time to explain my points to you over and over so just leave it the way it is.

  • princess

    I love Britt! Sean is a cute little boy. Keep your head up Brittney.

  • myrna

    once again readers….NO one knows what goes behind close doors….Ms Spears does not need to hug her children in public just to satisfy the curiosity of anyone…leave her in peace…!!!!!!

  • ihmb

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    I hear naomi campbell’s ex-assistant has already left a post…

  • stacey

    it really upsets me when people think that they no everything about someones life. maybe that ‘thigh bulge’ is muscle. try taking a look at your thighs. (wobble wobble) anyone thought of that? and the way brit and ange and anyone else for that matter bring up there children has nothin to do with us. what would you say if they didnt like the way YOU bring up your children? how would you feel? britney is doin so well since comin out of rehab, shes gettin her life back to normal and sean and jayden have their mummy back isn’t that a good thing? when she just came out of rehab it was shes a bad mum, never with her kids, now she has her babies with her your all complaining about her tights get a life you stupid people. there is more important things to worry about in the world.

  • Miranda

    Oh, he is cute. And it’s so great to see her holding him. You know, I’m still a bit confused. I’m really honestly not sure Jayden excists. I have never seen him, not even once since he was born!

  • Tia :)

    No, i see the point, i just dont understand how or even why Angelina was brought up. There is no comparison between the two.

  • kimmy

    We’re here to give our opinions about celebrities and since people like to pick on Britneys parenting skills they should try looking at angelinas-that’s all I was saying. Again, you missed the point.

  • oriana

    I would think that that hole in her hose would be uncomfortable dancing, I know when I have even had a hole in my panty hose it didn’t feel all that good. Surely she has more than one pair?

  • Tia :)

    that was meant for

  • Tia :)

    Let’s start picking an Angelina?? Are we here to pick on people now? gimme a break

  • Bethany

    Definitely should watch the thigh bulge going on there! But SP is a cutie, and she looks like she enjoying being with him. He looks kinda sweaty….maybe he was dancing, too. :-)

  • oriana

    Nicki my dear, here are my thoughts on the subject, I think Britt will “sell” pictures of the little one before too long and she has been waiting for Kevin to get out of the picture so he won’t get any of the dividends. And I really don’t think she has bonded with the newer baby, I think Sean is her pride and joy and that there is most definately a diff between the two of them.

    I do think that Britt and Angie are both beautiful and have always said so. Britt, too much fame, too young, too many YES people around her, including her mother.

    Angie, I think she had some severe emotional issues at a very early age and still has not overcome them. I think she loves Shiloh, but not to the degree she does Zahara or even the boys, she prob even has more empathy for Pax even. I just don’t think she can help herself, it is her nature and she feels she has a true calling to help orphans from Third World countries, and that is a blessing for them, I just don’t think she really wanted any biological children and doubt if she will have any more.

    I wish that she just showed Shiloh as much, not MORE, attention and signs of affection, by the look on her face that she has when she is holding her other kids. Britt, that girl is messed up and yes, it is good she is trying to get her career back on track, but she isn’t exactly penniless, she appears to me, to spend more time on other areas, than bonding with her kids and focusing on them.

  • Nicki

    Ooops, sorry about the double post at #’s 21 and 22. Please, it wasn’t my fault.

  • Nicki

    12. oriana ~you know I “love you” but why not the same questions about Brit and her new baby, who has NEVER been seen, let alone Brit cuddling him and holding him??????
    I do agree that Britney does seem to love Sean Preston, who is an adorable boy, IMO. But not one pic of her with Jayden and you have no problem with that, but have a big problem with Angie in the 5 or 6 pics we actually see her holding and cuddling Shiloh? Just a thought that went through my brain area.

  • Nicki

    11. Nicki — Like many of the other snarky posts on other threads are not from me. This is as far as I got, and had to respond. I personally don’t care for Britney one way or the other, I have nieces and nephews who love her, but I wouldn’t say anything except she could afford a new pair of fishnet shorts!! I think Sean Preston is adorable, this might not be the best pic of him, but adorable none the less.

  • Nicki

    11. Nicki — Like many of the other snarky posts on other threads are not from me. This is as far as I got, and had to respond. I personally don’t care for Britney one way or the other, I know nieces and nephews who love her, but I wouldn’t say anything except she could afford a new pair of fishnet shorts!! I think Sean Preston is adorable, this might not be the best pic of him, but adorable none the less.

  • Lurker

    I’m kind of going with #19 on that one..I’ve seen more pics from this on another site, and I’m just not convinced that’s Sean. And, since we’ve not seen Jayden (for whatever reason), it would make sense.

    And I still stand by my thoughts that Britney is just a mess.
    I have a hard time envisioning her with any type of “big comeback”, at least not a good one. Sad that she’s screwed it away so young. :-(

  • fifi trooper

    I think that is Jayden James! He is cute, and once again I think that is her rehersal outfit!

  • kimmy

    DMITZ- I love how everyone on here knows every single thing about Britneys parenting and how much time she spends with her sons. Wow- I wish I could shake everyones hand on here-seeing that everyone knows her so personally. The girl can’t win either way- when she’s not holding them she’s a bad mom and when she is her bulgy thighs are sticking out of her shorts. There will always be something. Another thing, everyone always insults the fact that Jayden is no where to be seen. Well, frankly it’s no ones business. It’s Britneys right to not want to show that baby and she never has to. Maybe she’s trying not to expose him too early. Anyways, if she did everyone on here would scream ” she’s using him for publicity!” See? She can’t win.

  • http://hotmail maggie

    I can believe how bid is sean and everyday more cute,and his hair is darker now. I love the shoes hes wearing

  • sammi

    he is sucha cuute little boy!

  • Mumba

    is that really SP? Gosh he looks soooo different but as my son is only a month older then him I can say from experience thy do cahnge very quickly…

  • Mumba

    is that really SP? Gosh he looks soooo different but as my son is only a month older then he I can say from experience thy do cahnge very quickly…

  • Lauren

    Sean is a cutie. He’s getting so big, he looks a lot like Kevin now. It’s nice to see Britney actually holding Sean. I agree about Angelina, she’s never photographed holding Shiloh.

  • oriana

    Sean is adorable, always has been, I think she really loves him. I have seen many pictures of her holding him unlike Angie with Shiloh but that is another story! I think Britt really enjoys wearing her tight shorts and showing off for the paps, I have always thought she was beautiful also. Good luck to her and her children! Looks like Sean just woke up.

  • Nicki

    Britney looks like an old hooker. I doubt she will ever make any sort of a come back. She has seen better days!

  • Kiki

    I can smell the stench on those pants from here. Sean P is so grown!


    Kimmy – I do agree w/you on Angelina though.


    Kimmy, what proof is that? That she is finally giving love to her 19 mo old child? What took so damn long. I’ve been cuddling w/mine since day 1!!

  • lily

    Where is Jayden? he is never seen!

  • Cristhel L.

    omg sean looks so different i thought it was jayden 4 a sec

    bbut when i saw how tall he was i knew it was sean

  • kimmy

    Ok people- here’s your proof- leave Britney alone about her children and let’s start picking on angelina jolie and her close relationship with her daughter shiloh that i never see her holding. As far as Britney’s bulge is concerned, I’d rather see that than all the other skeletons in hollywood.

  • Miapocca

    Sean can walk…oopss.will slow then down and cant get away quickly from the paps/…yeahthose tights have seen bettter days….but hey Britney finally took most of it off..left only flowers to cover her nipple…ahahha

  • rebecca

    Looks like Brit’s short shorts are a little to tight. She’s got some thigh bulge goin on. SP is really cute and good to see her actually holding him.

  • jenna

    Can’t believe she is still wearing those nasty holey tights–seriously, time to retire the tights! Surely she can afford new ones…

  • kaitlyn

    he’s such a cutie