1. StarDust says

    Ruby’s mom, Jennifer Meyer, is a jewelry designer. You can see a picture of her with Ruby and Amanda Peet on this site.

  2. tricia says

    who is the mother of Tobey’s baby.. I hear what you all are saying about her but Jeniifer who? and I agree that baby has a sweet face. Tobey has a sweet face so I am guessing that is where the baby gets it from?

  3. lee says

    you no jennifer is not the kockout every one wanted tobey to be with but theres something about her looks that are not bad its just the things that i have been hearing about her i dont like but there baby is such a dall and i do think that ruby sweetheart do s look like tobey i think shes something

  4. oriana says

    Naomi, what is wrong with you? Jennifer isn’t pretty, not even cute, but she and Tobey do make a very nice couple, the baby is adorable and we all wish this happy couple good wishes so what is your problem?

  5. eminencegrise says

    It’s a good thing she doesn’t take after her mother, that poor woman’s got a face that could stop a clock.

  6. elaine says

    que bonita es Ruby y mas aun Tobey es guapisisisismo se nota q su hija se parece a el y solo a el es que es lindoooooooo 😀

  7. gw says

    Oh my gosh! That is sooo utterly adorable! There should be more close ups of Ruby Sweetheart! Love her beautiful soft blue eyes, shes gonna be a beautiful girl!

  8. Alicia says

    oh my gosh!!! shes sooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A GREAT DADDY!!!! LOOKS LIKE BOTH OF HER PARENTS… SHES SOO CUTE!!!!!

  9. Diva says

    I feel bad that I’m so surprised that baby is so cute, but I am and she is! Wow, what a doll!

  10. tootie fruity says

    I love Tobey~ he is so down to earth. Really seems to have his head on straight. Love to see pictures of him and his fam’!

  11. Lauren says

    Ruby is adorable. Her outfit and blonde hair are so cute! Tobey seems to be a devoted father.

  12. Just me says

    I was thinking the same thing, Sacha! She acts sooo snobby in interviews, too, although she really seems to be enjoying motherhood.

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