1. Zbella says

    Can’t Buy Me Love – I really enjoyed that movie when I was a teenager. Grey’s Anatomy is a little too cheesy for me! Nice family. Do they live near the beach? I have seen several different pictures of them at the beach…

  2. Angie_in_AR says

    Why is our gracious host posting pics from Star Magazine? Seems kinda cheesy to me.
    I like the star blankie but not diggin the little boy bonnet or whatever it is. Baby looks cuddly…so does daddy!! LOL

  3. Andrea says

    I’d be afraid to take my baby that young to the beach for fear that sand would get in their eyes (wind, etc.).

  4. Danna says

    You know what they say about freakishly long second toes! 😉

    He’s so sexy, even just being a dad

  5. Reeny says

    I think it only looks like that because the big toe is extended skyward. Anyway, who cares about his toes – he’s cute! The baby is cute too…

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