An Expectant Salma Hayek At The Costume Institute Gala At The Met

Salma Hayek

PPR CEO Francois Pinault and a heavily pregant Salma Hayek, who wore Balenciaga, were snapped at the Costume Institute at the Met last night.


  1. StarDust says

    Oh yes, breasts can change from D to triple F with pregnancy. Happens all the time. I have many friends who had this happen and only one has had a boob job. She had a breast reduction, and after having her daughter, they are huge again.

  2. says

    Those pics were taken lon before pregnancy…once she got pregnant it blew out of propotion and thats when ppl started taking notice…in one of the pictures she was not tha tmuch bigger, …

    I guess to each to their own thoughts, but her body screams boob job to me.

    I have friends ho is very slim but with BIG natural breasts, and no it did not change suddenly from D to triple F even with 10 pound of weight gain…

    Every person varies, but in Salma case she deluding herself into thinking she got her nose and breasts from God…she looked almost like JLO before the
    the nose job….not totally, something about the face………….hahahha

    Surgery enhances in any case and she stilllooks beautiful, however she looks like a lady bug or one of those russian stackablle wooden figures without the feet…

  3. Zbella says

    I agree with Annaleigh – she is a beautiful woman, but not as stunning as some like Naomi Watts and Keri Russel while pregnant. They are blessed!

    I don’t know or really care if she had a boob job. I like Salma. I have liked her from the beginning of her American film career. She is petite – I believe she is shorter than 5.2? Anyway, it makes sense that she shows the pregnancy much differently than the tall gals. Her hair looks great!

  4. RockinMama says

    She’s gorgeous! I don’t think she had implants. When she was younger, she was thinner. With a little more weight, and pregnant, she would obviously get much larger. She wears styles that support and push up. As someone with naturally large breasts, this is exactly how it goes. I’m 3 months pregnant now and my breasts are already huge.
    She’ll have a beautiful baby. I hope she is pro-breastfeeding.

  5. says

    Salma cannot be pertually pregnant..she grew some hige boobs in a very short time way before her pregnancy

    I may be wrong and she may have have extremely high estrogen levels to grow those in that short a time..but I dont se eth epoin tin lying about her surgeries and they dont stop at a boob job..she was alwyas beautiful, she simply enhaced herself , yet would like the rest of audiecce to think shE is real ahahhaha

    OH..HOW I LOVE JAMIE LEE CURTIS for staying REAL to herself and showing all her womanly glory …good , bad all..its all hers to enjoy…..

  6. Annaleigh says

    My large-ish boobs blew up like crazy from 3 months on. We had to joke a lot when I was nursing, with reference to the old line, “Never eat anything bigger than your head” (poor child)! We all get differently pregnant … We can’t all look and feel as fabulous throughout as Naomi Watts, bless her.

  7. Keni says

    LOL!! Yes u can nurse with implants if u get them put in beneath the muscle…Its the more painful approach but best for those who would like to breastfeed or are afraid of saggin..

    I like her, I think she is exotic

  8. Andrea says

    I didn’t know she had a breast job. She is quite abnormally big, if you’ve seen other pictures of her with cleavage.
    That’s what I wondered too: Can you nurse with implants?

  9. says

    I bet she is regretting that boob job…she looks like she is ready to pop long has she been pregant????

    Can you breastfeed with breast implants??

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