Liv Tyler & Stella McCartney At Bergdorf Goodman

Liv Tyler, 29, was snapped with Stella McCartney at Bergdorf Goodman.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler has vowed never to become a size zero.

The beautiful actress has worked hard to lose the weight she gained while pregnant with two-year-old son Milo, but is now happy with her figure and has no intention to carry on slimming.

She said: “I have lost a good ten pounds now and I feel great. But even now that I’m a US size 6, my back and shoulders are still broad, so there is absolutely no way I will ever be a size 0. I am really quite sensible about all that.”

Liv has signed on to star as Betty Ross in the sequel to 2003’s Hulk, opposite Edward Norton. Betty Ross was played by Jennifer Connolly in the first film opposite Eric Bana as the Hulk.


  1. dori says

    well, only Stella and Heather know for sure. Anything you or I might say is just speculation. We have no inside knowledge of their life or their feelings about one another.

  2. oriana says

    dori, I thought you knew I was a personal friend of Stellas!!!!! I dated Paul for years, he was in love with me!!!! Ha!

    I do think that yes, he was in love with Heather, and she was in love with him also. I don’t think for a min. she was Just a Golddigger like many people believe.

    I have eyes, I can see, Stella is not pretty at all to me but beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I don’t think Stella is just a mean person, I think she was resentful and jealous of Heather, Sorry!

  3. dori says

    I didn’t realize Stella was a personal friend of yours. I suppose thats why you think you know her so well?
    She is the daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney and she has some pretty features . The severe hairdo is not good on her but she has her moms pretty blue eyes and in other photos she is not unattractive. To make generalized statements about someone you don’t know is sheer foolheartedness.
    to say she’s mean…. I don’t know …. it’s all hearsay. She and Heather never got along. Perhaps she saw something in Heather neither you or I know anything
    about.Maybe she saw heather as a golddigger all along. Paul married that woman without a prenup because he was truely in love and naive enough to believed love is forever. Perhaops his daghter thought he should better protect himself and it caused a riff between them? There can be many versions to a story. This is one scenario. Stella wasn’t just mean to her because she’s a mean person. Thats ridiculous.

  4. oriana says

    Essie, the only thing you and I will prob ever be in agreement on is that yes, people are still being mean to Heather and Stella in my opinion was probably one of the worst!

  5. oriana says

    dori, yes, she is very successful and is Paul McCartney’s daughter, too bad she is still a “plain jane”. Just because she is Paul’s daughter doesn’t mean she is pretty, which she isn’t.

  6. Essie says

    Stella is a very happy person. She adores her husband and two children (I think she has two boys). She is smart and very funny with a great sense of humor. She cares deeply about the environment and animals and will talk about that intelligently. During the European fashon weeks there are often interviews with her on various American (mostly) cable networks (Style, E!, etc.) and she is a very interesting person. It’s too bad she is being judged by a photograph.

    I have never thought of her as ugly but then I don’t think of many people as ugly. We are who we are and if people don’t like it then, tough tit!!!

  7. dori says

    Born and raised in London, Stella McCartney graduated from Central St Martins in 1995. A signature style of sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity was immediately apparent in her first collection. After only two collections, in 1997, she was appointed the Creative Director of Chloe in Paris and enjoyed great success during her tenure. In 2001, Stella McCartney launched her own fashion house under her name in a joint venture with Gucci Group and showed her first collection in Paris in October 2001. A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her designs. Her collections include women‘s ready-to-wear, accessories, eyewear, fragrance and skincare. Her first perfume, “Stella,” launched successfully in September 2003. Stella McCartney operates 3 flagship stores, in Manhattan‘s Meatpacking District, London‘s Mayfair and LA‘s West Hollywood. Her collections are now distributed in over 40 countries through 300 wholesale accounts including specialty shops and better department stores.
    The critically acclaimed sports performance collection “adidas by Stella McCartney,” has since successfully grown to include several sports categories including running, gym, yoga, tennis, swimming, and most recently dance for the autumn winter 2007 collection. In November 2005, the hugely successful one-off collection “Stella McCartney for H&M” sold out worldwide in record time. In September 2006, “Stella In Two,” a new interpretation of her successful fragrance “Stella” introduced a new way to customize fragrance by splitting the notes of the original fragrance into the liquid Peony and the solid perfume, Amber, which can either be worn alone or layered. In 2007, Stella McCartney unveiled CARE by Stella McCartney, the first luxury organic skincare line, containing 100% organic active ingredients which took more than 3 years to develop, in collaboration with YSL Beauté. The following awards have recognized Stella McCartney‘s achievement in fashion and social awareness: VH1/Vogue Fashion and Music 2000 Designer of the Year award (2000, NY), the Woman of Courage Award for work against cancer at the prestigious Unforgettable Evening event (2003, LA), the Glamour Award for best Designer of the Year (2004, London), the Star honouree at the Fashion Group International Night of the Stars (2004, NY), the Organic Style Woman of the Year Award (2005, NY) and the Elle Style Award for Best Designer of the Year Award (2007, London)

  8. dori says

    Stella McCartney is paul McCartneys daughter . She may seem plain to you but she’s a brilliant fashion designer who has a clothes line of her own and is very successful.

  9. CHANELLE says

    Can someone pls tell tell Stella to find sum bangs and apply it to her head, for a moment I thought she was bald but then I realized…nope………….its just her hairline.

  10. Shae says

    why does Stella always look so miserable…she hardly ever smiles. She is extremely successful in her own right, has a lovely family and comes from a loving family. If anyone has a reason to smile…it should be her….get rid of that nasty puss girl!

  11. Anonymous says

    I don’t think this hair style is very flattering to Stella. what’s with her foot? Liv looks lovely.

  12. oriana says

    Zbella, in Lord of the Rings she was beautiful and looked like a Goddess. She is truely a beautiful girl. I remember when she was with Joaquin Phoenix, I think they were really in love, I hated to see them break up. She has a cute little boy too, I used to not think so when he was younger but he is really cute now. Stella does look like Paul and she isn’t pretty to me at all, she is a successful designer and has made a name for herself but I do believe she was hateful and rude to Heather also.

  13. Zbella says

    Liv, so beautiful. Stella, never heard of her, but she looks severe in this picture, and her heels have got to go.

    I’m a size 6 after 3 kids – maybe some day I will slim down to size 4, but never size 2 again. Liv looks amazing. Did she used to be size 0???

  14. oriana says

    Liv is gorgeous, always has been, but Stella, plain and simple looking, not pretty at all and looks snobbish to me.

  15. Pika says

    Wow, look at the heels on Stella’s shoes.

    And….I’ll say it again. Size SIX is nothing to be
    ashamed about, Liv. Hollywood’s just wacky.

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