Jason Priestley & Wife At The Silver Spoon's Annual Dog & Baby Buffet

Jason Priestley
Jason Priestley, 37, and wife Naomi were snapped at The Silver Spoon’s Annual Dog and Baby Buffet. They are expecting their first child this summer!

The booty short that Naomi is displaying is by Puella Petit. The cap that Jason is displaying is by Little McNeal. Both lines have corresponding women’s wear lines – and the patterns for Peulla Petit run throughout Puella (for women) which means you can get some adorable “mommy and me” outfits. Puella Petit can be purchased online at www.puellagirl.com; Little McNeal can be purchased at Planet Blue Kids in LA.


  1. Aleisha says

    Holy crap eminencegrise. Bitter much? Since when is it not OK to say a couple is pregnant? It may have been my body that was pregnant, but my husband worked very hard to take care of me while I was pregnant. We each contributed in our own ways. Lighten up! Sheesh!

    In other news… they look very happy and I’m so happy that THEY are pregnant. They look like they’ll make good parents.

  2. eminencegrise says

    They’re not pregnant. Because it’s impossible for a male human being to become pregnant.

    She is pregnant.

    And he’s midget.

  3. Lauralin says

    Jason Priestly was the star of Beverly Hills 90210 — he’s been on other things too, but that’s what he’s famous for.

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