Princess Letizia & Prince Felipe Present Baby Sofia!

Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia

Hello magazine reports:

Proud parents Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia showed off the latest addition to their family in Madrid on Friday evening.

Greeting the large crowd of well-wishers who had gathered outside the hospital, the beaming parents presented five-day old baby Sofia to the world. Their daughter, dressed in white and with ribbons at her wrists, slept soundly in the arms of her mum, who was the picture of health after giving birth on Sunday by cesarean section.

While 34-year-old Letizia, elegantly attired in a smart rose-pink suit, cradled the newborn – who is named after her grandmother, Queen Sofia, Felipe carried their elder daughter Leonor. And the 18-month-old youngster was evidently not going to let her little sister steal too much of the limelight, amusing onlookers by grasping a pair of media microphones, much to the delight of those present.

Such a beautiful family!



  1. ummuhurairah malaysia says

    everytime i look at this royal couple and jordan,i cant help feeling sad that our queen diana spencer was not able to be in her hubby’s arms or dodi’s to represent a loving family.

    i wish diana the love felipe gives to his family…

    i just hope all royals do not waste our money…

  2. says

    Leonor is beautiful!! I cant take my eyes off that cute lil girl. The baby Sofia is cute for a newborn…cant wait to see if she is as cute as her sis when she gets older. Lovely family!

  3. says

    this family is beautiful. they look so down to earth.letizia is gorgeous and leonor is most adorable. i hope sofia looks just like her when she gets older

  4. Isabella says

    Really, just a gorgeous gang. Leonor is very cute as you all said and that baby is cuter than Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Shiloh’s cute but over-rated. Since when did Angelina become so beautiful in theory? Oops! Very off topic. Anyway adorable fam.

  5. oriana says

    Absolutely adorable!!!!! And Leonor is gorgeous, I love the way they dress her! So pretty! Love and admire this family!!!

  6. Ariana says

    Looove Letizia & Filipe I think they are the most beautiful couple i’ve ever seen!!

    Leonor is a ADORABLE girl! she precious
    and the newborn is just the same!!

    I’m happy for them

  7. says

    sofia is so loveley but she dosnt look at all to leonor, who is also adorable and funny. Very cute family, I hope they had more babies.

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