1. Essie says

    The movie has gotten great reviews but it’s not the type of movie to be a blockbuster. I’m sure it will make money though since it didn’t cost that much to make. It really is tragic what happen to the writer.

    Keri looks beautiful and so radiant. She’s a pretty pregnant woman, for sure.

  2. Girrgirrl says

    Absolutely enchanting! She’s beautiful because she keeps everything natural without trying too hard. Way to go, Keri!

  3. oriana says

    She looks gorgeous, love the dress! I hope this picture gets good reviews and people go see it, it is tragic over the young woman that wrote it getting murdered, just made me sick at my stomach to read about it!

  4. suzan says

    OMG she is lovely.. I agree.. best looking pregnant woman ever!!! I wish I would look like her when pregnant 😀

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