An Expectant Sarah McLachlan At The Airport

Sarah McLaclan

Sarah McLahlan

Sarah McLachlan

An expectant Sarah McLachlan was snapped at the airport. Sarah is expecting her second child with husband Ashwin Sood. Ashwin Sood has been her drummer since 1991. Their daughter, India Ann Sushil, is 5.



  1. says

    Beauitful name,first child comes with so much joy to heart. She name her child according to her feelings. Surprise she didn’t name her “Joy”.
    I love Sarah,everything she does is very classy. All the best to you Sarah.You go girl!

  2. india says

    India is my name and I think every parents have the right to give their children any name of their choices and to me India is the most beautiful name in the world. Congrats to Sarah and her hubby for their upcoming baby.

  3. Zbella says

    Love her music. I didn’t know she had a 5 year old – or that she was expecting #2. Congrats to her! I like the name América, and I’m American! I always find names so intersting. Place names are more popular now – like Brooklyn & Ireland…

  4. Aditi says

    must say that being indian myself, calling your child india is a little bit odd :S ( ashwin sood is indian )..

    but whatever floats their boat, wish them the best..

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