1. Anne says

    If Tori and Dean are happy, then that is all that matters. I am Canadian and watched Dean’s x wife’s TV cooking show and she came across as one heck of a bitch to her gay co-host with her smart-ass mouth. He found love with Tori and even if her breasts are fake, so what!! Most of the stars have been enhanced so much that their parents hardly recognize them. I like Tori and believe she has a warm and sincere heart and her mother was unkind to have the will changed when Aaron was so ill because he loved his daughter.

  2. says

    i love torie and her show with dean in it they are such a cute family.i think torie will be a great mom,iam a big big fan of gwen stefani i want to stay at your b& your baby stroler.

  3. celeste says

    Ok the cats out of the bag i like toris boobs. so what. its ok for females to like other females. anybody got a problem with that they can take it up with tori.

  4. MIAPOCCA says

    30 is an example of a non thinking fan who pretty much beleives all teh crap they are fed in the media ..and have to get on any ones back if they say something they deem negative towards theri idol

    That behaviour gets tiring, its extremely stupid and I wish people like that will spend all that uselss energy on the more deserving name it,

    Even mothers criticize their children…so wake up , get off the tori drugs and think for yourself instead of attacking ppl and making assumptions you have no clue about

    What an arse…
    Celeste ignore this fool and write some more original posts for our enjoyment…
    this stalkarazzi fans have nothing on you

  5. crayola says

    #30 the only thing we can explain is that you need you head checked . because i bet if celeste was in front of you, you would hide your head up your ass. and you would’nt talk shit. you don’t know if celeste has big boobs or not. and besides how would you know, you don’t look at boobs remember.

    you just kicked yourself in the ass by what you said on #31.

  6. celeste says

    fuck you from they way you talk you are the one that licks snatches. oh by the way go fuck yourself, better yet go fuck your momma. from what you hear how the hell can you say from what you hear. my gosh go lock youself up with tori since your such a big fan and eat her carpet. because we all know that is what you want. to eat her up. Ha ha ha ha

  7. oriana says

    Dean has certainly worked his butt off on it and it is gorgeous! I bet he is a better cook than she is!

  8. MIAPOCCA says

    yeah..the B and B was was my first episode….I wonder if she came up wiuth all the decorations..if so she is talented.she can always become an interior decorator…oh well

  9. oriana says

    I do think Randy Spelling is cute, cuter than Tori but they seem to be a close brother and sister, his house is all glass and modern, huge too. I love Tori’s B&B, just beautiful!!!! I hope they keep it!

  10. says

    ahahha..leave celeste alone..I am a woman and I look at boobs a lot, especially when its on display and no I am not gay as of yet…ahahhah

    Orianna..never seen that show..I have seen clips from the entertainment news and they usually report on the stewart kid….frankly if this is how kids i hollywood turn out..I am too happy to be poor..I dont usually know what channels and what times…I flip through channels till I get a good shoe..I dont like getting hooked on a show…But I found the Ghaost whisperer, know its on Fruday right before outing time , have no idea what channel flips in the 20’s get me there eventually..hahaha

  11. Fan of Tori Spelling says

    I think Celeste is jealous because Tori has boobs and she does not. I guess the best are blessed with breasts…lol.And your not

  12. Fan of Tori Spelling says

    Awwwwww Celeste did I hit a sore spot? It’s ok that you like….From what I hear about you these day’s your a carpetmuncher…It’s ok things happen in life that we can’t explain…………….You go girl.

  13. oriana says

    Mia, have you seen Tori’s brother’s show, Sons of Hollywood? I can’t get over that house! He is cute, seems like a good guy too. But that Sean Stewart, he has some issues, he is cute though but definately needs counseling, I guess he doesn’t need to have a steady job either?

  14. says

    I watched their show last night on which Liam was born..amazing show. SHe makes up alo tin look with her HUGE personality..very lovable person.

    I felt sooo bad fo rher that in all their challenges at no time could they call family members…I gues sits what they brough tonto themselves with their cheating actions…

    But its sad when you hav eno family to count on, and its sad when a pregnant daughter cannto call her mom to help smoth over her fears…I really dont understtand Candy, but afterall she came through in the end…but it was sad when Tori was crying about being afraid and thats when she needed a mother

    Without any faimly support, these two have grown closer and closer and they are everything to each other…It comes across that they really dont have anyone to count on but themselves…it was evident that Tori ,missed her mother a lot, she mentioned her all the time , but yes her actions led to all the rift etc

    I am glad Candy finally behaved like the adult and is goign to play grandma…I was beginning to hate her as I watched the episode, not because they said anythign bad abou ther, but because she only said good things about her mom

    Goodluck to these 2..hope they can keep smiling through the challenges…Tori is quite the Trouper and adjusting quite well despite her previous lazy life and lazy friends…

  15. oriana says

    Mia, Victoria Beckham looks absurb!!!! I honestly didn’t know that Beyonce had any plastic surgery done, she looks natural to me! And definately a diff in Angie’s nose than from when she was younger!

  16. celeste says

    look #18 go fuck yourself. you can’t tell me that by looking at this picture you did not look at her tits. you do not have to like girls to look at the tits, they are only there. I have news for you i love dick dick dick dick and more dick. you are probably the snatch slapping bitch. now go slap snatch or what ever the hell it is you do with it and shut the f***-up!

  17. Fan of Tori Spelling says

    Hey Celeste it seems like you love looking at Tori’s boobs.What’s the deal????? Tori is beautiful inside and out, I don’t think it matters what her boobs look like….It matters to you though……..Why don’t you concentrate at looking at men instead of women.

  18. Lauralin says

    Her boobs are definitely fake — it was a big to-do when she got them done in the 90’s, along with her nose and who knows what else.

  19. oriana says

    As for your reference, she is Jewish and has big breasts, I know several Jewish women and they don’t have large breasts, now my Greek friends and my Italian friends, Oh Yea, big butts, big boobs, and the butts are to be proud of, the kind that only fat people get that comes naturally to the Greeks! Yea Greeks!

    Too bad, mine is just simply big, too many beans and cornbread and peach cobbler! Poor Me!

  20. oriana says

    dori, are you joking or just trying to get a response? Is it possible you never saw her on her TV show? My Dear, those boobs are so fake, even Tori has to laugh about it!

  21. lauren says

    dori, you are freakin’ hilarious for actually thinking that those atrocities she calls breasts COULD BE REAL. lol. look at those things. if you don’t believe it, watch some of her old made for tv movies, or heck, look at her when she guested on saved by the bell and had NO BOOBS WHATSOEVER.

  22. dori says

    the boobs don’t look real to you because you are so use to seeing fake boobs that when you see a woman with real large breasts that are natural you don’t know what to think!
    Hers are probably real… she is jewish and big breasted and probably breast feeding so thats what real ones look like girls!!!
    They look happy . I am glad for them. I have not seen their show yet. Is it good?

  23. oriana says

    I love the name they chose for the baby too, but do have to agree with Celeste, those boobs don’t look real at all to me! But they don’t look any worse than some I have seen. Janet Jackson’s looks like hers are shifting and Vivica Fox’s are too!

  24. oriana says

    I do believe that he married her because he loved her, of course the money won’t hurt, and there is plenty to go around. I think her brother is cute too!

  25. Lauren says

    Tori looks like she’s losing the baby weight. She looks good for her baby being barely 2 months old.

  26. fifi trooper says

    I don’t think tori’s as ugly as she use to be! BEVERLY HILLS 90210! I think that they make a good couple, it’s good to see people that truly love each together!!

  27. celeste says

    sorry but tori has the most ugly tits out there. they look like two water balloons, after you fill them with water and hold it to tie it closed the way it sags. when she takes her bra off they probably travel to her sides and rest under her arms.

  28. crayola says

    i like to watch their show. tori is so dorky, but fun to watch and him, well there is not much to say about him. he is just a freak how the hell does someone get three tattoos of his wife on his body? we all know that they are not gonna last now what will he do then? no other women is gonna want a man with another bitches picture on him. she does’nt want to be doing the deed and having tori stare back at her.

  29. Amy says

    Does Dean ever work? We all know damn well that he just married his ugly wife Tori for her money!!

  30. Meg says

    Tia …I agree ..he seems fake and creepy…and Tori looks like she’s had too much done to her face…

  31. Tia :) says

    I agree that they do look happy..but there is something about Dean i makes me feel that he’s a fake..i don’t know what it is…

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